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Trails For Horseback Riders, Bikers & Hikers

150 m/500 ft. elevation gain

elevation gain

FORAN GRADE 3.2 km one way 240 m/800 ft. elevation gain

Foran Grade parking lot east of Sheep Wildlife Sanctuary

Best hiked from east to west, this ridge climb has excellent views of the Sheep Valley and Windy Point. An easy 8 km loop by descending Windy Point Trail and returning to trailhead via Sheep Trail.

GORGE CREEK 11.8 km one way 410 m/1350 ft. elevation gain

Gorge Creek parking lot

A scenic trail along Gorge Creek with difficult sections west of Bluerock Creek. Combine with Volcano Ridge and Volcano Creek Trails for 23 km loop, or with Bluerock and Indian Oils, 23 km.

GREEN MOUNTAIN 10.9 km one way 260 m/850 ft. elevation gain

0.5 km past junction of Junction Mountain and Sheep Trails

A gently rolling trail over a low pass. Wildflower meadows near east end.

INDIAN OILS 8.6 km one way 400 m/1300 ft. elevation gain

Indian Oils, or Sheep River Falls picnic areas

Pleasant, but strenuous hike with excellent views. Combine with Gorge Creek and South Gorge Creek Trails for 18 km loop.

JUNCTION MOUNTAIN 13.5 km one way 790 m/2600 ft. elevation gain

5.0 km up Sheep Trail from Indian Oils picnic area

A scenic trail following the Sheep River. Angling opportunities. Signs describe the river environment.

MIST CREEK n 13.2 km oneoway 1555 m/1800 ft. elevation gain

10 km up Sheep

A steep, mostly forested trail crossing

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Price Camp, Green This trail passes through beautiful meadows. MOUNT MCNABB 6.5 km one way sa tsuj s’ti eruMountain, sneTrails ot dornaPhone yrenecs ehCan t fobetnmuddy. emyojne ruoy ecnahne oT Line 310 m/1000 ft. elevation on gain evael dna tcapmi ruoy eziminim esaelp ,tisiv uoy emit txen eht lufituaeb NORTH FORK 5.4 km one way 240 m/800 ft. elevation gain

Threepoint :seCreek icilopTrail, dna or Ware Creek Trail

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.skcabhctiws no stuctrohs ekat ton od ;sliart no yatS • Extremely boggy in wet years. Mostly Junction with Sheep emitoflla ta hforested. sael a no step peeK • Trail, west or.ssouth .stcSandy ejbo lMcNabb arutan evomer ro srewolf kcip ton oD • u o y r e t t i l l a n o i t i d d a y n a s a l l e w s a , n i k c a p u o y t a h w t u o k c a P Runs from one end of the Sheep Valley • to Sandy McNabb, SHEEP TRAIL the other. Segments Windy Point, Indian 44.8 km one way .dnif ofyathe m trail are used in combination with other trails. Oils, Sheep Falls or 720 m/2400 ft. elevation gain retaw a morf seJunction rtem 06Creek tsaepicnic l ta flesruoy eveiler dna hsaW • areas .elbaliava ton era seitilicaf nehw ecruos This trail is primarly used by equestrian Gorge Creek, or Indian SOUTH GORGE .slamina users dliw as ynpart a deofeaf tloop. on oMostly D forest; wet • Oils Trails CREEK sections. Great flowers. 5.3 km one way d e t c u r t s n o c e s U . s k r a P l a i c n i v o r P n i d e t t i m r e p t o n e r a s e r i f n e p O • 210 m/700 ft. elevation eragain seitilicaf eseht nehw evots elbatrop ruoy no kooc ro stiperif THREEPOINT .detibihorMesa p si Butte doowerif rof gnigFollows nevacSThreepoint .dedivorCreek p tonthrough rolling Campground CREEK foothills. 12.3 km one way .dewolla ton si gnipmac modnaR • PRICE CAMP 5.4 km one way 45 m/140 ft. elevation gain

270 m/900 ft. elevation gain

For up to date information check trail head signs and the Visitor Information Centres

dThis ertrail apconnects erp the og syand aw lA Volcano Creek, Gorge THREEPOINT Elbow Sheep Creek or Big Elbow MOUNTAIN Valleys and offers excellent mountain views. Trails 9.8 km one way Ford across Elbow River required. 150 m/500 ft. ,doof artxe ,tik dia-tsrif ,pam ,thgilhsalf :tik lavivrus cisab a gnola ekaT elevation gain a ta egnahc nac rehtaew eht ,rebmemeR .raegniar dna ,eltsihw ,gnihtolc .eciton s’tnemom

WINDY POINT 6.2 km one way 200 m/659 ft. elevation gain

Windy Point Trailhead parking lot, or Foran Grade or Death Valley Trails

Winds through mixed woods and meadows from the junction with Death Valley Trail to Foran Grade Trail. A drop through meadows with views to the Sheep Trail.


Big Elbow Recreation Area, Volcano Ridge, Threepoint Creek or Hog's Back Trails

A popular mountain biking and equestrian route, this trail crosses rolling foothills to a spectacular black-shale canyon.

"9999" 6.8 km 91 m/300 ft. elevation gain

Mesa Butte/North Fork campgrounds

Follows Threepoint Creek, then turns south to open meadows along Ware Creek. Can be muddy.

Trails For Hikers TRAIL




Bighorn day use parking lot

A short stroll through meadow to the bermed viewpoint for the Bighorn Sheep meadow. Trail signs explain bighorn sheep biology and management.


Hwy. #546 at Bluerock Creek or west end of Bluerock Campground

Views of mountains, river valleys, impressive creek canyons, water erosion and rock formations, as well as the remains of a sawmill.

JUNCTION CREEK INTERPRETIVE 1.2 km loop 213 m/710 ft. elevation gain

Junction Creek parking lot

A pleasant stroll with nice views of the Sheep River gorge and up Junction Creek. Signs describe area's natural and cultural history.


Sandy McNabb Interpretive Trail parking lot

A pleasant walk through mixed forest and meadow with viewpoints over the Sheep River valley.

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Backcountry Campground Facility THREEPOINT


An easy, scenic foothills trail, often combined with Windy Point, Foran Grade and Sheep trails (16 km).


Sandy McNabb Campground, Ware Creek Trail or 9999 Trail


DEATH VALLEY 12.6 km one way 220 m/720 ft. elevation gain


Summer Trails


Sheep River Valley

Trails For Horseback Riders, Bikers & Hikers

noitaercer fo krowten s’atreblA nihtiw etiS ytilicaF noitaerceR a sa deganam si yellaV reviR peehS ehT TRAIL ACCESS REMARKS TRAIL ACCESS REMARKS lacirotsih dna ,larutluc ,larutan tnacififingis yllaicnivorp sti taht serusne sihT .saera detcetorp dna BLUEROCK strenuous hike wth d excellent .srotisiv rof seJunction cneCreek irepxe lanA o itacu de na lscenery. anoitaercerVOLCANO ytilauqCREEK gnidivoThreepoint rp elihCreek, w ,detcOpen etomeadows rp ernear a Threepoint secruMountain/ oser CREEK 12.8 km one way Gorge Creek or Gorge Creek junction. Descending along parking lot Bench at the height of land (4.5 km from 9.7 km one-way 125 m/400 ft. Volcano Creek Trails creek, there are excellent views of trailhead) has great views of Bluerock valley. evom ereh ees uoy efildliw ehT .metsysocE niatnuoM ykcoR lartneC eht fo trap si yellav Volcano ehT 265 m/2060 ft. elevation gain Ridge. elevation gain ,metsysoce eht fo htlaeh eht dna slamina eht tcetorp pleh oT .metsysoce egral siht tuohguorht WARE CREEK Ware Creek parking Three creek fords within 1 km of Ware CURLEY SAND Mesa Butte or North Climbs Mesa Butte with good views of front way lot, and Creek trailhead leadin toiam series of a meadows .t14.1 nm/150 ekm mone n t orn9999 o tc apmi ru oyWare ez im es elp 3.6 km one way Fork campgrounds ranges. 50 ft.orivne ehDeath Valley Trails along Creek.


If you require Fire, Ambulance, Police or Mountain Rescue assistance, immediately call 9-1-1. Tell the operator you have an emergency in Kananaskis Country.

For More Information Kananaskis Information Centre (Barrier Lake) . . . . . . . . . 403-673-3985 Peter Lougheed Visitor Information Centre . . . . . . . . . . . . 403-591-6322 Service Alberta Call Centre (toll free in Alberta) . . . . . . . . . . . . 310-0000 Backcountry Camping Permits. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 403-678-3136 Campground Operator . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 403-949-3132 Group Campgrounds . . . . . . . . . .3.56./I.:..oN. ..bu.P. . . . . . . . . 1-877-537-2757 5102 yaM detnirP 1-9315-2377-0 :NBSI

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2018 Kananaskis Winter Trail Maps  

Popular Snowshoeing Trails and Cross Country Ski Trails in Kananaskis

2018 Kananaskis Winter Trail Maps  

Popular Snowshoeing Trails and Cross Country Ski Trails in Kananaskis