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Perhaps I may be slightly biased, but my favourite view in Oxford is the view that greets me every day on my way into work. As I walk into the castle yard, I never tire of seeing St George’s Tower here at Oxford Castle that has stood here for over 1000 years. If I stand and close my eyes in the Oxford Court Yard, I can imagine all the history that’s happened here; the Viking attack in 1009, Empress Matilda’s daring escape in 1142 and the 17th century Civil War which destroyed the castle to the old gaol and the executions. All through these 1000 years people have lived and loved, worked and died here. Not to mention the years spent as a gaol and prison.

Tracy Slator, Tracy Slator plays Elizabeth Boswell at Oxford Unlocked OxfordCastle Castle Unlocked tour guide

St George’s Tower still stands proud today and welcomes thousands of visitors all year round. At the top of the tower there is a panoramic view of Oxford where, if you close your eyes, you can imagine 1000 years of history unfolding. St. George’s Tower, the oldest building in Oxford

As Oxford is a busy city, it is nice to have a place to rest for a little while. For me, St. Edmunds Hall, right in the heart of Oxford is one of those places. It is considered to be the oldest academic society and also was once one of the ancient Aularian houses. Today it is the only existing medieval hall, respectively a college since 1357. Emanuel Lorenz, Research Intern at the University of Oxford Radcliffe Camera

To have a seat in the sunny and peaceful quad in front of the college library, formerly a Saxon church, lets you energise for your next stops. Then after a long day, try to find the well-hidden Turf Tavern. To get to this very old pub, you have to find your way through a small, winding alley. To have some drinks and something to eat outside surrounded by remaining sections of the old city wall is always a nice way to end your day. Duke Humfrey’s Library, © Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford, credit Greg Smolonski

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