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Waddesdon Manor

A remarkable patron, and collector of the arts, designed and built the enchanting Waddesdon Manor in the late nineteenth century. Ferdinand de Rothschild modelled his house on the Valois chateaux of the Loire Valley in

France, and proceeded to fill it with some of the best collections of eighteenthcentury French furniture and porcelain, along with English portraiture of the same period. Ferdinand was a pioneer in politics. He was one of the first Jewish

Blenheim Palace

Broughton Castle

In addition to these leading figures from artistic, literary and political change, Oxfordshire’s country houses have been forged through historic conflicts. At Broughton Castle, the story of the English Civil War is told through the clash of personalities between the Royalist cavalry commander, Prince Rupert, and the Parliamentarian defender of the besieged Broughton Castle. The monumental Blenheim Palace, built on lands given to John Churchill, First Duke of Marlborough, was constructed as a gift from a grateful nation to thank Churchill for his defeat of

William Fiennes

Members of Parliament and friend of King Edward VII. We will never know just how influential Ferdinand was, for he requested his papers to be destroyed at his death.

Ferdinand de Rothschild

Louis XIV’s armies at the start of the eighteenth century. John Churchill even put a bust of his enemy, Louis XIV of France, on the top of his palace. Oxfordshire’s country houses and gardens are remarkable storehouses of stories. Within their walls, fascinating characters printed controversial books, thought great thoughts, designed beautiful things, and collectively managed to change the world in which we live in today.

Sir Winston Churchill

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