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The Oxfordshire Thames Path The Oxfordshire Thames Path runs for 184 miles, from the Cotswolds in Gloucestershire, winding through Oxfordshire, to eventually end in London.



Salter’s Steamers

Folly Bridge, Oxford

Oxford 10 1

The 51 miles of the path from Oxford to Henley-on-Thames contains some of the most striking riverside scenery in the country so why not experience it by taking a walk along that stretch.










Start your trip at- 1 -Folly Bridge in Oxford, where you could hire a punt from- 1 -Salter’s Steamers to explore the Thames. The quintessentially English tradition of punting has been taking place in the city of ‘Dreaming Spires’ since 1880 and is a popular pastime for students, local Oxonians and tourists alike.

To discover more about the town’s history, the-

Enjoy strolling along the 9.7 miles of the river from Oxford to Abingdon. This stretch will take you past- 2 -Christ Church’s expansive meadows, through the picturesque villages of3 -Iffley and- 4 -Sandford-on-Thames. Keep walking, and from afar you’ll be able to see the handsome- 5 -Nuneham House, and a few miles further on you will arrive at 6 -Abingdon Lock.

Abingdon Marina and back onto the Thames Path.

Dating back to before the Iron Age, Abingdon is England’s oldest, continuously occupied town and a great place to stop for a rest or explore. If you’re in need of food, then the- 7 -Nag’s Head, situated on the Nag’s Island, halfway across Abingdon Bridge, is recommended for both its food and views of the River Thames.

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County Hall Museum is a worth a visit. The beautifully restored building houses exhibitions detailing the town’s history from the Iron Age to its recent industrial past as the home of the MG car. A short walk back to the River Thames will take you past-


It is 13.4 miles from Abingdon to Wallingford, a journey you could continue to make on foot. Alternatively you could enjoy the river by taking a Salter’s Steamers river cruise* which would take you past- 10 -Dorchester Abbey and-



Clumps (a pair of chalk hills with fantastic views of the Oxfordshire countryside), before you arrive in Wallingford. The market town of Wallingford will be recognised by any fan of Midsomer Murders, as it is often used as the fictional town of Causton. See the ruins of-


-Wallingford Castle and

make sure you cross the 900 foot medieval stone bridge that connects Wallingford to-


-Crowmarsh Gifford.

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From the ancient University of Oxford to the rolling hills of the Cotswolds, there is so much rich history and culture for you to explore. W...

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