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Functional Skills WHAT ARE FUNCTIONAL SKILLS? Functional Skills are practical skills in English, mathematics and ICT that enable learners to deal with practical problems and challenges. They allow individuals to work confidently, effectively and independently in everyday life. For example, they help us recognise good-value deals when making purchases, write an effective application letter, or use the Internet. Functional skills are a key to success. They open doors to learning, to life and to work. These skills are valued by employers and further education and are a platform on which to build other employability skills. Better Functional Skills can mean a better future - as learners or as employees. Functional Skills form part of Diploma, Foundation Learning and Apprenticeships.

MATHEMATICS ENGLISH Functional Skills English Functional Skills qualifications in English assess three components: Speaking, listening and communication Reading Writing

Functional Skills Maths Functional Skills qualifications in maths assess three interrelated process skills:be assured that latest developments have been incorporated within the programme of study. Representing - selecting the mathematics and information to model a situation. Analysing - processing and using mathematics Interpreting - interpreting and communicating the results of the analysis

ICT Functional Skills ICT Functional Skills qualifications in information and communication technology (ICT) assess three interrelated skills areas: Using information and communication technology systems Finding and selecting information Developing, presenting and communicating information



Product Portfolio 12 Months Recruitment Apprenticeship L3 Fully Funded* (Junior Roles/Entry Level) Modular Advanced Recruitment Training Programme Fully funded* (existing staff) Recruitment Apprenticeship for Graduates L3 - £2995 + VAT Premium Apprentice Recruitment Service - £699 + VAT Graduate and Rec2Rec Recruitment -10% of salary Certificate in Recruitment (Technical Certificate ) £995 + VAT

Shaping careers in Recruitment *Fully funded for 16—under 19 Funding highly subsidised for 19-24 year olds and 24+ (Full Funding worth over £7,000)

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