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Why Recruit

The UK's recruitment sector is one of the most established and fastest growing in the world due to the Countries fortunate position on the world stage and geographical location.

With long term economic growth, comes critical skill shortages across a wide range of industries. Most employers do not have the resources to manage this challenge and need recruiters to assist.

If you have established strong relationships with a large network of commercial contacts throughout your career, you have a valuable third party recruitment asset waiting to be realised.

Employers want to work with professionals that have an innate knowledge of their industry and it's needs. This gives you a platform to develop a valuable industry specific client base.

Recruitment is business that can generate very high revenues, moreover, successful independent recruiters can and should generate hundreds of thousands of pounds in income annually.

Recruitment is a professional service business and if you are seeking a career change, working with executives and advancing the careers of candidates then Expedient is for you!

Can you think of anything more rewarding than solving business problems and helping advance someone's career? Yes it's lucrative, but recruiting is also personally rewarding and a lot of fun. However the hours can be long but well worth it.

Why Expedient Remote Recruiter Solutions

Avoid the six figure investment and financial risks of starting your own agency by accessing an enterprise level recruitment platform with no start up costs and the best commission structure in the industry.

Say goodbye to giving the bulk of your hard earned placement and temp fee revenues to an agency or franchise group. With Expedient you keep 60-90% of the revenues you generate.

Advanced remote workforce technologies enables you to operate your recruitment business from home or any remote location, giving you the flexibility to develop a work life balance.

We offer the most comprehensive suite of tools & systems in the industry as well as the support & branding you would expect from a quality low fee, full service recruitment consultancy.

Access meeting rooms across a national network of professional serviced offices. Please contact us to find out how you can use this service to conduct interviews or meetings.

Unlike a traditional agency, you retain 100% ownership of your clients and candidates therefore you will not be subject to non compete and restraint of practice agreements.

Expedient removes the operational distraction of running a traditional business which gives you more time to generate fees and develop your recruitment desk.

No more job hopping. Your partnership with Expedient lets you take control of your recruiting career, giving YOU real career security. Alternatively after a qualifying period you can apply to work as an employed member of staff. STILL working from home and STILL receiving industry busting commissions.

Being a service provider as opposed to a traditional recruitment firm, you will retain 100% ownership of your client base and will never be required to sign a non compete contract.

Market your services and network to all corners of the UK and the globe. Operating without any geographic restrictions maximises your income opportunities.

Choose the fee discount and guarantees you wish to offer your clients and gain the flexibility you need to secure more job orders and preferred supplier agreements whilst having the option to offer our exclusive 12 month Compensation Policy.

How it Works Expedient Remote Recruiter Solutions is a turn-key recruitment business model that will empower you to work for yourself but not by yourself. You have all the advantages of running your own recruitment business without the risks and operational distractions of establishing your own agency.

     

Apply online Contact made by Expedient Representative Initial Telephone interview Face to Face interview References Obtained (1 personal and 1 professional) Associate Agreement Signed

We will set up all your remote workforce tools Before you begin trading you will participate in a remote induction and training programme which will include systems training. Ongoing training and support is available via Expedient Training Consultancy.

Access Expedient Remote Recruiter Solutions suite of systems and services and begin delivering recruitment services from the comfort of your home or any remote location and enjoy the peace of mind that you will earn 60% - 90% of all the fees you generate.

What you get Expedient Remote Recruiter Solutions is a ZERO start up cost business model that will save you thousands of pounds in ingoing capital. Unlike franchises and other associate models (where the more you produce the more you pay in commissions), Expedient is made available via a sliding scale commission structure that increases as you earn. This provides a substantially higher return on investment for productive recruiters.

You get secure access to the systems provided under the Expedient Remote Recruiter Solutions Platform. Simply login via the Expedient Recruitment Consultancy Remote Web Workplace and immediately access a secure and protected area configured to give you convenient access to all your business tools and resources.

To ensure the systems offered within the Expedient platform operate efficiently, all our systems are protected, our servers are located within some of the UK's largest data centres. This ensures enterprise level performance, multi layered disaster recovery and guaranteed 99% uptime.

Our associates enjoy access to a cutting edge "Applicant Tracking System" (Recruitment CRM). The speed, features and workflow of this system is designed specifically to support the busy, multi-tasking environment common to the workflow of a results-driven recruiter. The System includes both sales CRM and applicant tracking system functionality, integration with our advertising management system and its own integrated email system making this the most mission critical system within the Expedient recruitment platform.

Your capacity to source candidates is the key criteria to success as a recruiter. associates are given access to job board advertising across many of the UK's leading job boards such as Reed, Jobcentreplus and CV Library. The job board advertising packages bundled into our agreement provide effective savings on the very expensive retailing price of these services.

Expedient provides access to an advanced multi job posting system called Jobmate to help you post and manage job board advertising via a single interface. This outstanding productivity tool can post job ads across more than 125 job boards simultaneously and link applications directly into Zoho which is the most efficient mechanism for managing external applications and creating efficient workflows.

To enhance your candidate sourcing capabilities, Expedient offers unlimited access to "Reed" candidate databases with over 100,000 candidate records along with CV searching facilities with many of our job board subscriptions. This complements the candidates that reside within the Zoho Applicant Tracking System giving associates direct access to hundreds of thousands of searchable candidate records.

Email and calendaring is another one of those mission critical systems that needs to be protected and efficient at all times to prevent disruption to your workflow. Our powerful email servers enable Zoho mail, Calendaring, Contacts and Tasks to be accessed directly within our remote web workplace interface and offers enterprise grade protection to ensure your email system remains virus and spam free.

Our enterprise grade email servers have been configured to synchronise email, contact and calendar information with any smart phone using a windows mobile operating system or iPhone with the Exchange Server application preloaded. This further enhances the remote workface capabilities of the expedient business model.

One of the most distracting and time intrusive elements of managing a recruitment business of your own is invoicing and collections. The Expedient business model provides a centralised invoicing and collections service that allows you to focus on the productive elements of your recruitment business.

Have your calls answered professionally and messages forwarded to you anywhere in the UK. Our staff will announce all calls before taking a message and forwarding them, thus enabling you to maintain a professional image and manage your incoming call quality. We also offer a variety of messaging options such as email, SMS and voice mail to ensure you never miss an important call.

Expedient has a national phone number directing all calls to a centralised answering point. This enables you to market your services nationally using one, easy to remember phone number or you may use your own direct telephone number. The use of national numbers also enhances the size and quality perception companies have of the brand you are working with.

To keep you connected with other associates working with Expedient, you have access to advanced business intranet software that allows you to communicate via a Secure Instant Messaging interface. (coming soon)

Associates receive access to the corporate intranet which provides a centralised document management system for all documents such as, draft fee agreements, recruitment worksheets, training material, advertising order forms, marketing collateral and much more.

Expedient provides a complete "back office" resource which includes the necessary insurance coverage, VAT registration, payroll funding and processing, billing, collections for your contract and temporary placements. Generating additional profit without additional work.

To complement the tools provided under the Expedient Remote Recruiter Solutions platform, associates can instantly market their services under the Expedient Recruitment Consultancy low fee - full service recruitment brand. This transforms Expedient into a bona fide turn-key business opportunity with all the advantages of buying a recruitment franchise less the capital investment requirements and restrictions.

Recruiters can access cutting edge Candidate Behavioural Profiling services. This service can add value to your recruitment process by helping clients identify the strengths and development potential of candidates in all positions and in any industry.

We offer comprehensive remote induction training that introduces you to all aspects of delivering third party recruitment services and includes comprehensive system training across the many systems offered under the Expedient platform. Ongoing training is also made available via Expedient Training Consultancy with many options, delivering self paced recruitment skills and systems training, and we continue to add more content to ensure our associates are equipped with the skills to succeed.

Access meeting rooms across a national network of professional serviced offices. Please contact us to find out how you can use this service to conduct interviews or meetings.

Associates have access to electronic brochures and flyers to assist with client marketing. We will also design a personal profile page detailing your desk speciality, contact information and testimonials (coming soon). Finally, we also provide you with a starter kit of stationery material such as letterheads, (soft copy) and business cards.

Whilst you may be an experienced recruiter, sales or business professional, having direct access to a management team and a network of like minded professionals is going to give you the edge in any competitive environment. As a management team we are committed to supporting you with the necessary advice, mentoring and strategic planning required to grow a profitable recruitment business.

With any technology based business model, users need to feel comfortable that support for any IT issue is available. We will respond to any IT issues that relate to server connectivity and system access within one hour, Monday to Friday to ensure that any interuption to your business is kept to an absolute minimum. We can be contacted at any other time and will endeavour to deal with the issue ASAP.

Commission Structure

You Keep: 

60% of the first £9,999

70% from £10,000 to £19,999

80% from £20,000 to £29,999

90 80 70 60

Percentage 50 Commission 40 30 20

90% from £30,000+

10 0 £0 - £9,999

£10,000 £19,999

£20,000 £29,999



Frequently Asked Questions Expedient Remote Recruiter Solutions is a turn-key recruitment business model that will empower you to work for yourself but not by yourself. You have all the advantages of running your own recruitment business without the risks and operational distractions of establishing your own agency or buying into an expensive franchise network.

Nine out of ten independent recruiters fail in the first year because they don't have the infrastructure, systems and support mechanisms to compete. Also, clients and candidates traditionally prefer to work with established organisations that perceivably offer them more security and accountability. Expedient Remote Recruiter Solutions alleviates the pitfalls of recruiting independently whilst offering the freedom and profitability you desire.

The profile of our associate is ideally as follows: 5+ years of recruitment sales, commercial or management experience A successful track record of achievement An established business network Exceptional business development skills Strong communication and relationship building skills

We offer Expedient Remote Recruiter Solutions under a Zero set up model to provide users with greater flexibility, transparency and a higher return on investment. Unlike traditional recruitment franchise models, our model does not pay commissions in the favour of the agency, no marketing levies, no non-compete agreements, no geographic / industry restrictions and no onerous operating procedures. In short, you get all the tools, support and training to succeed without the costs and risks.

Our associates can work from the comfort of their own home, office or any remote location. Whilst our associates are offered a pre-allocated number job postings across our national network of Job Boards every month, the aim of the Expedient Remote Recruiter Solutions model is to provide a full scale remote workforce business model that gives you the ability to run a profitable recruitment business whilst achieving an enviable work life balance.

Once an associate creates a placement, it is registered in our applicant tracking system and a client invoice is raised and delivered electronically via our accounts department. As fees against related invoices are receipted by our accounts department, they will issue the associate a fee statement and the associate will raise an invoice against the entire placement fee including VAT. Upon receipt of this invoice, the placement fees are transferred into the associates nominated bank. We pay associates 1 month in arrears in line with our terms and conditions issued to clients.

No, we recommend that you begin operating as a sole trader (registered self employed) and if your business grows substantially, we would then recommend a Ltd company structure to help you minimise your tax burden.

You always retain 100% ownership of the client relationship even after the agreement is terminated. Should you decide its time to start your own recruitment firm or join another firm, we will export and package your client information in a manner that enables you to import it into any database or application tracking system.

All associates have access to job board advertising across all commercial job boards such as Reed, Jobcentreplus and CV library via our multi job posting partner Idibu. Once your agreed allocation is used you will purchase job board advertising on an ad hoc basis.

In most cases the answer is no given that over 90% of every day interactions with candidates are telephone based and almost 100% of client meetings are held at the clients premises. However, should you need to conduct an in person meeting, you can meet the candidate at one of our network of office locations throughout the UK.

There are NO non-compete restrictions in our associate agreement. Under our unique model, you enjoy the peace of mind knowing your client & candidate relationships stay with you.

Yes, all associates have a 3 month minimum term.

Yes, Although the key role of Expedient Remote Recruiter Solutions is to deliver a workable and efficient operational infrastructure, client and job order development is the sole responsibility of our associates. However from time to time we will pass job vacancies and/or clients to you. (Expedient operates these situations on a 50/50 split). This keeps the costs of delivering the Expedient Remote Recruiter Solutions platform to a minimum and enables associates to own their client relationships.

Data entered into your Applicant Tracking System and documents saved within your Remote Desktop are 100% protected and confidential at all times. Absolutely no person has access to your data except you. Your data is held in a secured SQL Server environment and housed at our date partners state-of-the-art Security Operations Centre.

This is a very difficult question to answer because we are dealing with such a wide range of occupational categories, industries and seniority levels. Some associates secure placements at an average of ÂŁ3000 per placement and others average ÂŁ8000 per placement. Across the board we are experiencing an average over ÂŁ5000 but as indicated, any business planning and budgeting must take into account the market you will be focusing on.

Given that recruitment is essentially a sales driven business, the biggest challenge associates will always face is that of acquiring job orders and convincing high quality candidates to work with them. This process becomes measurably easier over time as your client and candidate base becomes established. Like most high fee industries, recruitment is very competitive and only the persistent, goal driven and tenacious operators with a willingness to market and network aggressively will survive. The good news is that recruiters with these qualities invariably become big billers, generating substantial six figure incomes over a long career.

Yes, we have gone to great lengths to ensure we have the systems and communication tools to extend your reach globally. In reality, new technologies have given recruiters the ability to connect with people in a way never seen before. Email, online job boards, social networking sites etc. All these are tools that can turn your local business into a national and global practice. There is one disclaimer though, dealing with international clients can be risky in terms of receiving placement fee payments. Be sure to do your due diligence if working on a contingent basis. We have limited scope to take fee recovery action with companies that reside outside the UK.

If you are new or experienced in the recruitment industry, the Expedient Remote Recruiter Solutions platform offers comprehensive remote recruitment systems training. This enables you to become familiar with our systems at your own pace and offers a permanent reference point to access refresher training when and where you need. Expedient Training Consultancy can offer NVQ Level training.

The key requirements are that you have a relatively current model PC or MAC running Windows XP, Vista or 7. You must have a broadband connection with a minimum 1500 kbps (1.5 mb/s) download speed and a PC camera. Most ADSL and Cable providers will provide access to this speed for less than ÂŁ20 per month.

Absolutely, in fact that is one of the major benefits of being a member of a larger recruitment network. Sharing job orders and doing recruitment fee splits (usually 50/50) has been shown to increase productivity and income by up to 40% for some associates. We are also associated with split fee databases such as Perms Connect.

As a recruiter you can make a placement within your first week and be paid within 1 month of this in most cases, but the real question should be, how long does it take to build momentum? i.e. the type of momentum that has you working on several high quality job orders with the ability to place 2-3 candidates regularly every month. This momentum usually takes between 2-3 months, depending on the type and size of network you start with and the marketing effort you put in over the first few months, and of course your commitment and experience.

In short, we don't and that decision was quite strategic. Unlike the motivations that drive a traditional agency, we decided to create a self regulated model that encourages entrepreneurial effort and broad based networking, both geographically and via industry verticals. Whilst we appreciate that from time to time, associates may cross paths, the advantages gained from promoting a flexible, entrepreneurial structure, far outweigh the advantages of creating a system that controls and regulates who owns client and candidate assets. In short, this is the domain of a traditional recruitment firm that needs to create specific desk specialities and sales patches to be able to control its salaried recruiter base.

We do offer a pathway to salaried roles which are presented with different terms to the above, however you have the freedom to decide whether this is a route you wish to take.

Keep your communication costs LOW Below we have outlined how you can keep your communication costs as low as possible. Please see the plans and providers we have found to be cost effective Telephone

Mobile – Choose a sim only plan for around £20 this should give you between 600 – 700 Minutes (O2,T Mobile, Vodafone, etc) per month to call other MOBILES. If you use more minutes calling MOBILES you can opt for a £30 per month tariff which should give you unlimited calls (Tesco Mobile)

Landline – We recommend Vonage ( they operate a £5.99 per month tariff for free LANDLINE calls to anywhere in the UK or £7.99 per month for free LANDLINE calls to 15 most popular countries (including UK, European Countries, Australia and the US.) This service is VOIP (Voice over internet protocol) which enables you to use the phone from any location in the world.

To get the best value out of the providers above you MUST remember to call mobile telephone numbers from your mobile and landline telephone numbers from VONAGE. This will ensure costs are kept to a minimum. Broadband

If you do not already have broadband we recommend you use a price comparison site such as Broadband Finder. We can however recommend Virgin Media or BT where packages that would be suitable for frequent use are around £20 Per Month Fax to Email

Although Expedient have 2 fax number (1 for UK and 1 for Scotland) if you are getting faxes regularly you may want to look at Soho66 who charge just £2 +VAT per month for a virtual fax line + outgoing usage costs. If you choose your providers carefully your communication costs should be no more than £50 £60 per month. Remember also that you can set these business costs against your tax when self employed If you would like any further information about any of the suggestions above please call Paul Deen on 0207 9938950

Low Fee/Full Service Schedule of Fees 

Permanent Placement/Retained Assignment = 10%, minimum £1500 fee (standard 12 week compensation policy)

Permanent Placement/Retained Assignment = 12%, minimum £1500 fee (exclusive 12 month compensation policy)

Head Hunting Assignment = 13%, minimum £1500 fee (standard 12 week compensation policy)

Head Hunting Assignment = 15%, minimum £1500 fee (exclusive 12 month compensation policy)

Fixed Fee Recruitment = £899 per placement (multi-supplier status)*

Fixed Fee Recruitment = £699 per placement (sole-supplier status)*

Bespoke solutions and preferred rates can be quoted upon request

Temp and Contract Assignments quoted individually

* Fixed fee solutions are also available with our exclusive 12 month compensation

policy at a premium of 10% of the fixed fee

Offices in England & Scotland. Expedient Recruitment Consultancy is a trading name of Expedient Consultancy Group Ltd

Email: Web:

Company Registered Address: 86 King Street, Lancaster, LA1 1RJ

Tel: 0131 2026242

Reg No: 06465140 VAT Reg No 983 8173 74

Fax: 0131 5100036

Why become self-employed There is encouragement from the government for people to become self-employed and at first it seems attractive, especially if you have recently become unemployed or redundant. One of the main attractions of becoming self-employed is no longer having to work for somebody else.

How to trade The different ways of trading and which would be most appropriate for your business. The business could take one of three legal forms:• a sole trader. This is the simplest way of starting a business • a partnership. This is similar to a sole trader except that two or more people run the business • a limited company. This gives the business a completely separate identity from the people who run the business. It is more complicated to set up. In addition to one of the above legal forms, self-employment can also involve one of the following trading practices:• a co-operative. This is a business which is collectively owned and controlled by the people who work in it. At least two people must be involved • a franchise. A franchise is an agreement which allows the person buying the franchise the right to run a branch of a business that someone else has set up.

Finance As a self-employed person, you will need enough money to live on as well as money to start up the business and keep it going. You may be able to get money from the following sources:• family or friends • grants from charities or trusts • loans from banks and building societies.

Book-keeping and accounting It is extremely important that accurate and detailed records of the business are kept. You may be able to keep your own books or employ a bookkeeper or accountant, but if you are trading as a limited company you will need the help of an accountant.

Income tax As a self-employed person, you will be responsible for paying income tax on your earnings and will usually need the help of an accountant. There are special tax reliefs and allowances which self employed people can claim. If you are newly self-employed, you should register with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) by calling the helpline for the Newly Self-Employed. The helpline number is: 08459 154515 You can get more information about income tax for self-employed people from the HMRC website at:

Value Added Tax Value Added Tax (VAT) is a tax on goods and services which is paid to HM Revenue and Customs. Whether or not a self-employed person has to pay, and in some cases has the right to choose to pay, VAT depends on the type of business and how much the business sells. You can get more information about VAT from the website of HM Revenue and Customs at:

Health and safety As a self-employed person you have a duty to make sure that your business premises and working environment meet health and safety requirements. Further information about health and safety requirements is available from the local health and safety executive or environmental health department of the local authority. In Scotland, local authority refers to the District and Islands Council.

Insurance Depending on the business and how you trade, you will be required by law to take out certain types of insurance. Other types of insurance are not compulsory but it is important to consider which ones are appropriate. The types of insurance you may need are:• employer’s liability insurance. If you employ other people you must have this insurance. It provides cover for claims made by employees who are injured or become ill as a result of their employment • vehicles insurance. Vehicles used for business purposes must be insured even if already insured for private use • public liability insurance. This provides cover against claims by members of the public who have been injured or had property damaged as a result of carelessness at work by you or your employees • premises insurance. Insurance will be necessary for the premises you work from, even if you work from home and there is already a policy. This is because the insurance will usually only cover residential use • contents, stock and materials insurance. This insurance will be necessary to cover the replacement costs of stock, materials and the contents of the premises even if is work is being done from home and there is already a home contents insurance policy • health and accident insurance. These will pay a regular income or lump sum if you are unable to work because of an accident or sickness.

Pensions As a self-employed person you will get state retirement pension if you have met the contribution conditions.

Immigration status Setting up in business may affect your immigration status and you should therefore consult an experienced adviser before doing so.

Employing other people If you employ other people you will be responsible for paying wages, tax, national insurance contributions and Working Tax Credit where relevant. You will have to meet the requirements of employment law and health and safety regulations.

National insurance contributions As a self-employed person you may have to pay national insurance contributions for yourself and any employees. Whether you have to pay contributions for yourself, and if so what type, depends on how much you earn. Whether contributions have to be paid for any employees depends on what they earn. The payment of contributions will affect the benefits a person can claim in the future. You can contact a telephone helpline for information about national insurance contributions, statutory sick pay and statutory maternity pay on 0845 7143143

Benefits and Tax Credits As a self-employed person you may be able to claim benefits or tax credits, depending on your income and other circumstances. If you are self-employed you should consult an experienced adviser, for example, a Citizens Advice Bureau, for help in working out how much benefit or tax credit you are entitled to.

Trading names and licences You need to consider whether you wish to use a trading name for the business. If so, there are restrictions on the names businesses can use. You may also need to get a licence depending on the type of business. For organisations that can advise on trading names and licences see under heading.

Working with Expedient Recruitment

Working as a Talent Broker/BDM with Expedient Consultancy Group We would like you to prepare a business plan/presentation based on the criteria below. Please feel free to produce PowerPoint, PDF or Word presentations. We have included a possible proforma you may wish to use. Feel free to be creative. There will be no overhead projectors at the interview hard copies are preferred. 1. How would you begin to set up your recruitment business under the umbrella of Expedient? 2. What do you think are Expedient’s USP’s? 3. What industry sector would you specialise in? Would you concentrate on Temp business, Perm business or both? Please elaborate on your answer. 4. What strategies would you use to get through the ‘gate-keeper’ and reach the decision maker in a business? 5. How would Expedient compete with the other agencies in your area? Include other agency information - charge rates, pay rates, local sector info. Please provide a brief feasibility report. 6. What potential threats are there to the business in your region and how will you overcome these? 7. How do you expect Expedient to assist and support you? 8. From what you know, what do you think Expedient does well and what could we improve? 9. What would you expect to be invoicing after: 6 months, 12 months? 10. What specific qualities do you have to offer that will make your business a success? 11. Where do you expect to be in your career in 1, 2 and 3 years’ time?

Head Office 86 King Street

Head Office Number:

01524 874 008


London Number:

0207 993 8950


Scotland Number:

0131 242 6242

Internal recruitment booklet  

Internal recruitment booklet

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