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Specialist Recruitment Services Finding high calibre recruitment talent has always been the main challenge for recruitment businesses wanting to grow and develop.

The industry is awash with many excellent opportunities because companies in many different sectors and of all sizes need to build their teams with the aim of gaining market share.

In today’s recruitment industry and with expected growth of over 30% (industry wide) to take place in the next 5 years how do you fill the gaps and grow whilst managing natural attrition?

The answer is New Talent Expedient are specialists in sourcing and training graduate and trainee recruiters. We offer a detailed, measured and precise recruitment service which includes video interview, competency interview and psychometric/ personality testing. Our online candidate area allows candidates to track and measure applications, offering a streamlined service with additional capabilities and real added value. During the consultation process with our candidates (graduate, junior or experienced) we help them to map out potential new employers. It is at this stage that we will recommend opportunities from our client portfolio. Working with Expedient allows you access to exclusive candidates who have been sourced for their suitability for the recruitment industry. Expedient will also proactively promote your company brand and opportunities to our relevant candidates, giving you the best chance possible of securing great new talent.


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Product Portfolio Graduate Recruitment including a 7-12 month Recruitment training programme* – Fixed fee applies

Non Graduate Recruitment including a 12 month training programme ** – Fixed fee applies

R2R (experienced) - 20% of salary (to £25K) - 25% of salary (from £25K)

Add-on Products available (Ask for details and eligibility)

* Does not include functional skills (Maths, English & ICT) ** Includes Functional Skills (Maths, English & ICT)

Enhanced Value


Includes Dedicated Recruitment Training, valued at over ÂŁ6000* * Source - SFA simplified funding rules -2014-15 Training delivered by 3rd party training provider

Complete R2R services, to identify the best Graduates and Trainees for your business. We offer the following as standard:

Our recruitment and training offering is designed to offer you:

5 point detailed recruitment and selection process

Lower attrition rates

Candidate psychometric reports identifying key sales strengths

Faster consultant integration

3 minute candidate presentation video

Increased performance results

Access to exclusive Expedient candidates

Reduced internal costs (management time, training)

Candidate online portals Placed candidate access to Recruitment Juice training platform

A stepped fee structure providing greater confidence

Industry recognised recruitment training package and ongoing support for up to 12 months

13 week rebate policy as standard

Our training results in two nationally recognised recruitment specific qualifications at Level 2 or Level 3 | 0333 3442 660 |


Higher Performance Traits How Expedient identifies the very best candidates for you Expedient’s recruiter evaluation process is designed to identify candidates who naturally possess the higher performance traits seen in successful recruiters. The ‘High-Performing’ skills and traits we look for are: Coach Ability The ability to absorb information, a sponge rather than a rock Wanting to Learn Top performers talk about wanting to learn and progress, have ability to accept and implement feedback and change Emotional Intelligence Top performers have the ability to understand and manage their own emotions and accurately assess others’ emotions

Self-motivation A drive to achieve, tenacious and persistent with a never give up approach when things are hard

Ability to prioritise Top performers have the ability to identify those tasks that are key to continued success and can prioritise well

Wanting to be the best they can for THEMSELVES Top performers don’t talk about wanting to be successful for others, or to prove someone wrong, they want to be the best they can for themselves

Recognition Want to be valued / recognised for their achievements and what THEY are capable of

Solution focused / Like a challenge A top performer will assess the task in hand to identify the best possible solution and respond well to challenges, finding them enjoyable

Want to make a difference Top performers are keen to add value to their work and a business

Candidate Evaluation Flow 1 - Candidate Attraction Partnering with top/red brick universities and utilising a variety of sources to identify and attract the very best graduates, along with non-graduate attraction tools to identify quality, employment ready candidates.

2 - Assessment We use a measured process to screen all our candidates fairly and effectively to ensure we only work with the best candidates. Our virtual presentation software helps assess your candidate’s suitability and sales style.

3 - Consultant Evaluation Our consultants are trained to assess each candidate through a series of competency based questions to identify the skills and traits of a successful recruiter.


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4 - Psychometric: We employ the use of psychometric testing designed to identify each candidate’s selling style that helps identify specific training and support needs. .

5 - Candidate Ready Only after successful completion of each stage of our recruitment process do we have an Expedient candidate ready for client submission, ensuring you receive the very best available candidates.

6 - Workplace Training Each placed candidate begins the Expedient 12 month dedicated recruitment training program, with support and mentoring.

Recruitment Training Programme There are real business benefits to Workforce development




Work based training programmes are designed to help trainee staff and graduates to achieve industry and nationally recognised level of knowledge and competency.

Training and assessment is delivered to the latest Recruitment Industry Standards, resulting in nationally recognised qualifications (Level 2 or 3).

The programmes form part of Expedient’s product offering and are fully included in the fee for recruitment services (Not including experienced staff recruitment).

Recruitment Specific Qualifications Employees (Graduates and Trainee/New) who complete this programme will achieve knowledge and competency based qualifications. The Frameworks have been developed by The Council for Administration (CFA) with input from Expedient The institute of Recruiters and other stakeholders such as the REC. The Recruitment Training Programme lasts 9 months for Graduates and 12 months for Non Graduates The Training Programme has been designed to offer a high evel ongoing support, industry specific training and assessment to all candidates. Assessors will visit the employee on a monthly basis in the workplace. In addition training will be delivered via webinars and e-learing. However, to minimise the impact on business, trainingis delivered as bite sized learning. Employees will learn by a combination of study and learning on the job. Many candidates find that this is a much better way of learning, by doing things rather than having to remember many facts or by taking extended time out of the office. Employers find by participating in Workforce training and development, retention rates increase. Employees feel more valued thereby increasing motivation which will have tangible effects on the bottom line. The increased investment in employees will benefit, not just business, but will also help cement your relationship, leading to greater motivation and loyalty. Expedient offers training services on a national level via our 3rd party training partner. Employees will be trained to do a job to agreed standards, which have been set by the Council for Administration - the Sector Skills Council. They will gain qualifications that show they have the skills necessary to do the job, unlike those who follow a formal academic route.

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Level 3 Certificate in Principles of Recruitment Knowledge Based Qualification Unit Title Understanding sales for recruitment Understanding legal and ethical requirements in recruitment Understanding relationship management in recruitment Understanding recruitment operations Understanding the recruitment market Understanding the principles of assessing people

NVQ Diploma In Recruitment (Level 3) Unit Title Identify client recruitment requirements Pre-select candidates Assess candidates


Mandatory Units

Competency Based Qualification Unit Title Advise clients on operational recruitment planning Develop resourcing plan for recruitment services Sustain customer-focused relationships with clients

Match and present candidates to employers

Co-ordinate flexible workers

Attract potential candidates

Conduct market research

Brief and support candidates

Negotiating, handling objections and closing sales

Carry out candidate debriefing

Buyer behaviour in sales situations

Administer recruitment processes

Analyse competitor activity

Develop working relationships with colleagues

Developing sales proposals Preparing and delivering a sales presentation Develop, maintain and review personal networks

All training delivered by 3rd party provider. Non Graduates must complete functional skills. Please ask for details.


| 0333 3442 660 |

Level 2 Certificate in Recruitment Resourcing Knowledge Based Qualification Unit Title Support the recruitment processes Researching candidates to support the recruitment purposes Use of Client Relationship Management (CRM) for recruitment purposes Researching candidates through social media networking Contributing to the development of a recruitment resourcing plan Identifying client recruitment requirements Pre-selecting candidates Building and maintaining relationships with candidates Develop working relationships with colleagues

NVQ Certificate in Recruitment Resourcing (Level 2) Unit Title Support the recruitment processes Researching candidates to support the recruitment purposes Use of Client Relationship Management (CRM) for recruitment purposes Researching candidates through social media networking


Mandatory Units

Competency Based Qualification Unit Title Manage diary systems Deliver customer service Make telephone calls to customers Exceed customer expectations

Contributing to the development of a recruitment resourcing plan

Resolve customer service problems

Identifying client recruitment requirements

Deliver customer service to challenging customers

Pre-selecting candidates

Manage personal performance and development

Building and maintaining relationships with candidates

Selling face to face

Develop working relationships with colleagues

Preparing and delivering a sales presentation Generating and qualifying sales leads

All training delivered by 3rd party provider. Non Graduates must complete functional skills. Please ask for details. | 0333 3442 660 |




Paul Rosson – Eurobase - Sales Director

Sak Awan – Director of Employability and Skills

Expedient has been a thoroughly reliable and professional point of call for all our trainee requirements and could not have provided us with a better service. Expedient have provided top class trainees who are beating every target given. Our first trainee made 5 placements last month. We would have no hesitation in recommending Expedient to other companies and will certainly be in contact regarding any further trainee requirements that we have.

Eurobase employed a candidate sourced through Expedient and she is doing extremely well. She currently has 10 contract placements already and only started with us 4 months ago. She is hitting and exceeding all KPI targets. Communication between Expedient and Eurobase People has been very clear and I would be happy to recommend Expedient within the Recruitment Sector.

Expedient is our chosen partner when recruiting trainees. They provide a decent number of candidates of which I always manage to select a suitable shortlist from. Our current trainee has made 7 placements in her first 3 months. I would be happy to recommend Expedient and actually already have. I am looking to employ a further 3 trainees in the next 6 months and Expedient will be my first port of call.

David Barwick - Regional Manager - Travail Employment


The time taken to interview the candidate prior to submitting his details was apparent, as you had an accurate knowledge of both his demeanor and experience and were able to describe his personality accurately. The interview was virtually a formality, as it merely served to confirm your assessment of the candidate. In my opinion, your service is far superior to that offered by many Recruit to Recruit agencies, who simply work on a numbers basis leaving the customer to undertake the real selection process.

Shafiq Ahmed - Trainee Consultant



Paul Wheeler – HCIG Learning and Development Director


Client and candidate feedback

Karis Loone - Trainee Consultant

Expedient has been a really pleasant company to deal with; the actions are what they promised to do as a company “does what it says on the tin”. they had taken time out to meet with me and through processes of interviews provided additional support. Not many companies meet with their candidates but Expedients approach to candidates and clients is very unique, they treats candidates as individuals and tailors to their needs, this in turn gives a client company the right individual for them.

I was placed by Expedient and once I started my employment my trainer came to my place of work regularly. He was available for me to call if I had any questions or queries too. I received regular support during my qualification. I learnt a lot about sales and how the whole recruitment cycle works. I started billing very early on however my billings increased significantly as I progressed through my training. I was rewarded with a pay increase at an early stage in my employment. Thank you Expedient!

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