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QCF – (NVQ) in Sales Recruitment Specific What we can do for you! Edition 1

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About Expedient

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NVQ in Sales

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What is an NVQ/QCF?

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The benefit of the QCF qualification

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Available qualifications

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How it works

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How are the qualifications delivered

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Types of assessment methods

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Types of training methods

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Funding and eligibility criteria

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What next

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Further information


About Expedient • We are a Work Based Training Provider who have achieved the converted Customer First award, ensuring excellent customer service throughout the learner and client experience.

• We deliver in the North West, Midlands and South East of England. • We have a large sub contract through JHP Training (the largest independent Training Provider in the UK)

• We strive to provide a Personal and bespoke Service. • All our Delivery is Quality Focussed.

NVQ in Sales – For the recruitment industry Suggested schedule • • • • • •

Week 1 sign up and Induction (carried out by a qualification coordinator) Week 4 one to one visit Week 8 one to one visit Week 12 is one full day Training (equivalent to 5 visits) Week 16 one to one visit Week 20 FINAL one to one visit

ALL one to one visits and Training will be carried out by industry professionals who have experience delivering qualifications and training in the recruitment industry THIS IS NOT A GENERIC SALES QUALIFICATION (NVQ)

Units covered: Unit - 13 - Generating and Qualifying Sales Leads Unit - 18 - Communicating using Digital Marketing/Sales Channels Unit - 3 - Deliver Reliable Customer Service Unit - 6 - Selling By Telephone (Outbound) Unit - 14 - Meeting Customers' After-Sales Needs Unit - 1 - Time Planning in Sales Unit - 2 - Complying with Legal, Regulatory and Ethical Requirements in a Sales or Marketing Role


NVQ in Sales – For the recruitment industry Prior to beginning the cohort programme Expedient Training Consultancy will discuss with the relevant person within the organisation to bespoke the programme (i.e. which units will be achieved via one to one and which by training and testing etc.) Each learner will be allocated their own internal mentor (a member of staff from the organisation) to assist in learning towards the NVQ standards – The qualification is a partnership between Expedient Training Consultancy, the learner and the Recruitment Company (organisation) – The mentor will be supported and guided by Expedient Training Consultancy in order to achieve their role. In order to achieve all unit learning outcomes the learner must be willing to provide evidence of knowledge and competency, partake in group training, professional discussions and observations. The organisation must be able to allocate an appropriate person to write witness testimonies as part of the evidence gathering process.

Level 2 Qualification gained once all learning outcomes signed off and portfolio completed 5

What is an NVQ/QCF? • A National Vocational Qualification (Work based) • A trainer/assessor is allocated to each learner

• An ILP (Individual Learning Plan) is completed to meet the needs of individual learners

• Underpinning knowledge is delivered through SMART training (one to one, group, e-learning, etc)

• The learner will produce a portfolio of work based evidence • The evidence is assessed against the national standards

• Further training activities will be identified and addressed when required • Certification is given once Assessor, Internal Verifier and Awarding organisation is satisfied that the learner has met the National Standards

QCF & NVQ What is happening to NVQs?

‘NVQ’ is no longer a type of qualification. But the term NVQ can still be used in brackets at the end of the title, if the qualification meets a set of rules set out by the new regulator, Ofqual. Some industry areas may choose to lose the term altogether, with some keeping it as a valuable brand.

Will assessment be different under the QCF?

The types/methods of assessment available for vocational qualifications will not differ under the QCF. However, awarding organisations must ensure each unit can be individually assessed.

How does this fit in with the new 14-19 strategy in England?

The QCF will cover the qualification components of Apprenticeships, FLT, and the Additional and Specialist Learning (ASL) element of14-19 Diplomas. GCSEs and A-Levels are not currently within the QCF.

What is the Foundation Learning Tier (FLT)?

The FLT is the term that will be used for a group of entry and level 1 QCF qualifications. A proportion of LSC funding will be driven towards this provision. England

The Benefit of the QCF Qualification • More inclusive and responsive to current and future employer requirements = demand-led system.

• More flexible routes to gaining full qualifications, enabling progression in smaller steps. • Allows learners to study at a pace, place and time that suits their individual circumstances. • Introduces a more transparent naming system, bringing greater consistency and understanding across all vocational qualifications. • The QCF forms an integral part of a larger UK Vocational Qualification Reform Programme (UKVQRP). The Department of Innovation, Universities and Skills (DIUS) programme has been setup to help develop the economic performance of the UK through an improved vocational qualification system.

Available Qualifications • Sales and Telesales Level 2 • Customer Service Level 2 • Business Administration Level 2 • Team Leading Level 2 • Information Technology Level 2 • Management Level 3 (Level 2 is equivalent to 5 GCSEs Grades A* - C)

How it works • The Learner will enrol onto the programme

• The Learner will complete an initial assessment • The Learner and assessor will discuss the Expedient QCF Framework • Learner, assessor and Employer will decide on appropriate course • Induction will be carried out • Training and assessment will commence (one to one visits on a fortnightly

• •

basis for approximately 1 ½ hours per learner) Cohorts of 10+ learners will be a mix of 50% 1-1 and 50% group training/assessment. Quality Assurance activities will be carried out regularly to comply with Expedient and awarding bodies standards The Learner must achieve prescribed learning outcomes to complete each unit (each qualification has 6-8 units)

How are the qualifications Delivered • Units are discussed along with the Learning outcomes and Assessment criteria

• Planning is carried out by the Learner & Assessor to meet the unit requirements (and Learning outcomes)

• Training is delivered (bite sized chunks) • Appropriate assessment methods are used to cover the units using an holistic approach

• Internal Verifiers will audit the portfolio on 2 occasions as well as an external verifier from the awarding body EDI

Types of Assessment Methods • Observation (SMART Assessment) • Product Evidence • Witness Testimony

• Questioning • Professional Discussion (SMART Assessment)

Types of training methods 





1-1 remote

Funding and Eligibility Criteria UNTIL AUGUST 2012 All Candidates with GCSE or GSE level qualifications only will be eligible for funding irrelevant of AGE (Until August 2012)


Candidates must work a minimum of 16 hours per week and have a defined job role


What next? • Discuss with your Expedient BDM • Complete eligibility Criteria Assessment

• Book a further meeting with Expedient staff and potential learners (enrolment can also be conducted at this stage)

To Summarise… • Will the qualifications (training and assessment) add value to your staff? • Are you the employer committed to the QCF Programme and thus providing further training, assessment and qualifications? • Speak to an Expedient staff member! • Sign Up Today!

Thank you for your time!

Further Information Expedient Training Consultancy Ltd Head Office 86 King Street Lancaster LA1 1RJ 01524 874 008 Contact: North: 01524 874 008 South: 0207 993 8950

Head office 86 King Street Lancaster LA1 1RJ

Head office number: 01524 874 008 London office number: 0207 993 8950 Scotland Number: 0131 202 6242

NVQ in Sales  

Information booklet for the Sales NVQ

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