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Preparing for Kindergarten

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5 Ways to tie a scarf

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August September October Becoming Mama Taste of Fall - 10 Trying the Perfect Scarf - 13

Becoming Dad Daddy/Daughter Date Idea - 15

Becoming Couple Indiana’s Most Haunted - 19

Becoming Baby Turkey Onsie Craft - 21

Becoming Toddler Toddler Team Tips - 25

Becoming Preschooler Preparing for Kindergarten - 27 becoming family • Fall 2015 •


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Twitter Poll Would you rather have your child nap during the day, but get up early in the morning, or skip their nap and sleep in the next day? Yes 85%

No 15%

Letter from the Editor

I love the fall. I have always been a fan of cooler weather and, of all the places I have travelled, Indiana has some of the best fall views. One of my favorite photographers takes the best photos in the fall. The leaves change color, the temperatures drop down, and fall opens up a whole plethora of hiking opportunities. Fall is also the time I pull out a few of my favorite chili recipes. My sister and I get together often and enjoy a nice piece of crusty bread and our favorite stew. Fall means family! The kids get together and jump in leaf piles, go trick or treating with their friends and get to experience the change of the seasons. This fall, I wanted to make sure I added a few of my favorite things including my favorite scarf ties, toddler tips and a few of

Indy’s haunted places. Don’t forget to check out my favorite pins on Pinterest so you can see how I am celebrating this time of year. This season also marks the first time my son goes to preschool and there are some big changes happening in our household. I hope you enjoy this edition’s tips to help your family with school transitions. Enjoy the big things this season but don’t forget to celebrate the small ones too. Happy fall!

becoming family • Fall 2015 •


We Want to Know... What did you do to prevent or to help with stretch marks?

“Lotion lotion lotion! I just use my favorite Jergens Natural Glow with firming. I found they also have one that’s supposed to help tighten skin and reduce cellulite. Jury is still out on that one.” - Heidi D. “I used Elemis Japanese Camellia oil with my first son. No stretch marks! I used Palmers Cocoa Butter with my second, I wasn’t so lucky.” - Jennifer R.

“I was told that stretch marks were hereditary. So I didn’t do anything. Luckily, it worked for me!” - Barbra B. “Coconut Oil! I used it for both of my pregnancies. I still have a few, but I still lather every day and that seems to help with the fading.” - Elizabeth G.

“Nothing. And it didn’t work either.” - Alexandria K.

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becoming MAMAS

Taste of Fall 1lb ground beef 1lb sausage 1 can kidney beans (drained) 1 can pinto beans (drained) 1 can chili beans (not drained) 1 28 oz can diced tomato 1 6 oz can tomato paste 1 yellow pepper diced 1 orange pepper diced 1 green pepper diced 1 large onion diced 5 gloves of garlic diced 1 stalk celery diced 1/2 cup light beer


Seasonings 1 beef bouillon 1/4 cup chili powder 1 T Worcestershire sauce 1 T oregano 2 tsp cumin 1 tsp basil 1 tsp paprika 1 tsp fennel seed 1 tsp salt 1 tsp pepper 1 tsp honey Brown the beef and sausage together, keeping the fat from the meat. Once cooked through, add the seasoning and heat until the majority of the fat reduces. Add the onion, celery, garlic and peppers. Stir to combine and cook for five minutes. Then add the rest of the ingredients, bringing the chili to a boil. Reduce the heat to a simmer and cover, stirring occasionally for about 3 hours or until your desired thickness. Enjoy with your favorite toppings.

becoming family • Fall 2015 •


Ambassador Spotlight

11 • Fall 2015 • becoming family

Janette Osemwota How did you come up with What advice would you give to first time moms? your kids’ names? All of my children have biblical first names and African middle names. My husband’s family chose all the African names and it was important for my family to hold on to our faith and our culture. My daughter’s name is especially unique, as it has been chosen since I first became pregnant with my first child.

Enjoy every second!! Time goes so much faster than you can possibly imagine. The old advice of sleeping when your baby sleeps is such good advice. Go with your gut. You will soon learn that you have a mommy-sense. Listen to it and never be afraid to be different.

Has having children taught What is the best thing about you anything profound being a mother? about yourself? Parenting in itself is really rewarding. But for me, because I homeschool, I think the fact that I can see them grow, learn, and blossom into young men and women is such an amazing thing. My oldest son struggled with a developmental delay as a toddler. My dearest friend, his therapist, taught me that being an active participant in their learning, that means getting down on your hands and knees, acting completed ridiculous, is the best thing I did. I became an amazing mother the moment I threw out what I thought I knew about parenting and got down on the floor and actually played with my son. Being a mother is hard work! With four kids, I have little time to do my makeup, take a bath alone or even read a book, but I do get to watch them grow before my eyes and be an active participant every second of it.

Having kids has taught me that I have a lot more patience than I actually thought I did. I have had my feet stepped on more times than I can count, had my hair pulled harder than I thought possible and my earrings ripped from ears but I have survived!

Is there any difference between your 1st or 4th child? My youngest is my only girl. She is a trip! I had no idea that having a daughter could be so fun. She is silly and sweet and temperamental and so much like me. When I had my first I was in the dark about having children. It was a whole new experience. Now, I can confidently say that I have had 4 completely different children, 4 completely different scenarios for a single situation.

becoming family • Fall 2015 •


5 ways


to tie a


this fall 2




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becoming DAD

7 Foolproof & Frugal Daddy Daughter Dates

by Gretchen Lindow and brought to you by

In the best way possible, of course. Since he is a SAHD, they’re basically glued at the hip, and that’s 100% fine with me. But even though I miss her while I’m at work, and really cherish my weekends with both of them, I still usually need a few hours on Saturday and/or Sunday to get some work done on this little thing called me blog….ahem……. And inexpensive Daddy-Daughter dates are the best way to make that happen. So, since we’re operating on a budget at the Lindow household, I’ve come up with 20 Foolproof & Frugal Daddy-Daughter dates that we swear by! Bear in mind, our daughter isn’t yet two, so if your daughter is any older, you’ll have to tailor theses a bit!

15 • Fall 2015 • becoming family

Think dating and frugal don’t go together? Think again! These 7 Foolproof & Frugal Daddy Daughter dates are sure to please!

The Donut Shoppe – There’s this awesome little donut shoppe around the corner from our house. It’s a family-owned, sell donuts until we’re sold out kind of place, and it’s cheap. It’s not much to look at, but its legendary for how delicious for their donuts are! The Big Guy and our daughter can head over there for a bit and buy a glazed donut +10 donut holes for $1.00. Seriously, it’s that cheap! Our daughter flirts with literally everyone in the place and is exhausted by the time they come home!

Park Picnic – When the weather is nice, our girl would spend every single moment outside if we would let her! I have no idea what exactly she’s thinking, but she just wanders, plays with the grass, throws a stick or two, and generally just explores. Add in a homemade lunch and you’ve got yourself one fun Daddy-Daughter date.

Aquarium Trip – This trip is good for all ages – and in St. Louis, it’s free! Kids of all ages are fascinated by fish at the aquarium, and there is no better way to bond than looking at strange and new breeds of fish.

The Swings – Check out a park near your for an awesome swing set. Again, this one is geared for a younger child, but between the swingsets and the slides, daddy and daughter will be entertained for hours!

Zoo Date – If the weather is nice, check out the local zoo! Even if it’s not free, like here in St. Louis, most zoos offer discount days, or let children under 5 in free! I’ve never met a child who didn’t love

the zoo – no matter whether or they’re 1 or 18, so having a daddy-daughter date a the zoo makes perfect sense!

Swimming Date – Depending upon age, scope out local swimming pools! Most communities have a free or low-cost place to swim. Not only is it a great place to get in some exercise and bond with your daughter, it can be a great place to meet friends!

Home Depot Workshops – We haven’t actually done this one yet, but here in another year or two, we definitely will! Even if you’re not crafty or a DIY-er, Home Depot hosts these amazing kid workshops where they will teach your child to build something like a birdhouse, toolbox, or something else cool like that with you, the parent! No matter what you choose, know that the fact that you’re taking time and putting thought into these daddy-daughter dates has a bigger impact on your daughter than what you actually do with her.

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“Connecting fathers in and around the Indianapolis area through meetups, blogs, podcasts, workshops, and more.”

The Indy Dads Group is a diverse community of fathers who take an active role in our children’s lives. We meet several times a month; with out kids at parks, playgrounds, museums, parent-and-me classes, and living rooms across the Indy area. We’ll also organize parenting workshops and “Dad’s Night Out” events to give our members an opportunity to socialize, learn, and support each other as we navigate parenthood.

becoming COUPLE

Indiana’s Most Haunted Indiana Repertory Theatre Indianapolis, Indiana To avoid cold and rainy weather, a former artistic director used to jog indoors, around the upstairs mezzanine. He was killed suddenly when his nephew hit him with the car as he was jogging on a foggy day. Now, on cold and rainy days, witnesses say you can hear the floorboards creak as his ghost jogs around the mezzanine.

Rivoli Theatre Indianapolis, Indiana The 1927 Rivoli Theatre is rumored to have been built atop Indian burial grounds.

Indiana Central State Hospital Indianapolis, Indiana The 1848 Indiana Hospital for the Insane turned into the Central State Hospital in 1926. It is said to be haunted by many patients who suffered abuse here in the hospital’s dark past.

Hannah House Indianapolis, Indiana Some of the ghosts at this historic house are said to be hidden slaves, one of whom accidentally tripped over a lamp, igniting a house fire. Those killed were said to be buried in the very cellar where it happened.

James Allison Mansion Indianapolis, Indiana Built from 1911 to 1913, the mansion is said to be haunted. Sources may be a little girl who was visiting and drowned in the basement pool, or James Allison himself.

Paul Ruster Park Cemetery Indianapolis, Indiana The ghost of a little boy who was killed beside the nearby train tracks is said to walk along the paths or the nearby roadway playing his harmonica.

Avon Haunted Bridge Avon, Indiana It is said to be haunted by a ghost (or maybe two or three) who moans or cries tears onto the bridge. Some legends say it’s Henry Johnson, a construction worker fond of the drink, who slipped during the bridge’s construction and died with his face stuck in wet cement.

O’Neal Bridge Holiday Drive Bridge Zionsville, Indiana Legend has it that around this spot, a KKK lynching took place, and hauntings way stem from it. Witnesses have reported disembodied screams in the wee hours.

For more haunted attractions, visit

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becoming BABY

Little Turkey No Sew Thanksgiving Onesie by Sarah Vanderkooy and brought to you by

Supplies: White onesie or shirt Various colors of cotton fabric Heat n Bond Ultra Heat Transfer Vinyl Iron Silhouette Cutting Machine I created a long oval and a circle on my Silhouette to create the turkey feathers. No need to buy a cut file, you can size basic shapes to your liking. To prepare the fabric for cutting, first adhere the Heat n Bond Ultra to the back of the fabric. This acts as a stabilizer for your fabric and allows it to be easily cut then adhered to the onesie. The instructions on the Heat n Bond packaging are very clear, it is so easy to use. Once the Heat n Bond is adhered to the fabric, place it paper side down onto the Silhouette cutting mat and cut out the turkey feather shapes.

Fall is all about crisp air, beautiful colors, and savory food. I love every moment of it. By the time Thanksgiving rolls around at the end of November winter is here in Wisconsin. Inside, however, that warm colorful atmosphere is still abundant. So while I’m enjoying this month of perfection I am starting to think about Thanksgiving and how I can keep that fall atmosphere around. I’m sharing my first Thanksgiving craft of year with you today, and it’s oh so cute. On top of an adorable little craft, I’m teaming up with some of my crafty friends to show you 25 fall projects created with a Silhouette.

The front of the onesie is a simple phase cut from smooth black Heat Transfer Vinyl. Be sure to mirror the words before cutting them. I started with the back of the onesie and ironed on the feathers one at a time, slightly layering them, adding the middle circle last. Before adding “Little Turkey” to the front I added a piece of cardboard in the middle of the onesie. Put a thin piece of cloth over the plastic that holds the HTV and press firmly for 45 seconds. Wait until it cools then remove the plastic blacking. This adorable little onesie is for Baby Girl, who is celebrating her first Thanksgiving this year. A quick and easy project and oh so cute!

21 • Fall 2015 • becoming family

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becoming TODDLER

Toddler Team Tips

Helping Your Toddler Stay In Bed Tonya: Helping your child stay in bed is the key to any great and successful parent because if they are getting their rest you are getting your rest an that makes for a much more successful morning when the night has come to and end. If your child is coming out of their bed I will suggest problem solving 101 first and foremost STAY CALM if your get irritated or frustrated they can feel this and however made up your feel their reason for wanting to get out of bed might be they need to feel that you understand them and also know that they are not going to get a rise out of you your stronger willed I’m just doing this to test your child will keep it up because they now see they have gotten to you. Second you need to understand why they are coming out before you can know what to do. If your child is old enough to communicate that to you beside to ask them about it. They really will feel better already just knowing that you are asking for their voice to be heard. In my house our faith and trust in God is important so if they were scared for example I would remind them that God and his angels are watching over them keeping them safe, maybe read some bible verses (my son has 3 to this day posted right next to his bed) and then I pray with them before I go. Most of the time this works sometimes it doesn’t and then I go back in a reassure them that mommy and daddy would never let them be in any situation where they were not

25 • Fall 2015 • becoming family

safe and that they “can trust me to do just that we are right here in the house too you are safe”. It’s also important to have a check list of things that could go wrong at bed time. Do they need to potty? Has a fever hit? Does there stomach hurt? Bad dream? etc. Doing this will help you to be a little more compassionate with them especially if you are losing your own ZZZ’s as a result of them coming out of bed. If all else fails set up a bed next to your bed (we never allowed co-sleeping) and move that bed closer and closer to their room and out of your room as the days go on that way at least everyone is

Jana: To keep him in his bed resting, I told my son that his beloved stuffed bear “JellyBean”, was very tired and needed a nap, but needed a little boy to snuggle him. When my son would get out of bed I would tell him that JellyBean was sad because he is so sleepy and needs a cuddle. It worked about 55% of the time

becoming PRESCHOOL

Preschool to Kindergarten: An Exciting Step! By Melissa Sterrett Transitioning from preschool to kindergarten is an exciting change! No matter if your child is going to be entering into a public school, private school or homeschool, there are many things you can do to get your little one prepared. Back before I had kids, I taught first and second grade at a public school in my hometown of Sequim, Washington. After that, I taught preschool for a year in Kodiak, Alaska. There were so many kids that came into school really ready to learn and grow. Now, I have two of my own, four and six. My son just finished up kindergarten at a school here in Alabama (yes, we are a military family!) and my daughter is in preschool now. There are some really simple things that I have done with them in these early years that have prepared them for the steps ahead. Here are a few:

Read with them each day, everyday.

When I was teaching this is the most important thing I could tell parents to do. Reading is the basis for everything ahead. Small children pick up so much from listening to others read. Head to the library once a week and join their weekly story time if they have one. Then check out some new books. This also teaches your little one to focus and listen!

Do flash cards/games. Take a few minutes out of the day and work with flash cards and games that focus on shapes, numbers and the alphabet. Help them learn their basic shapes, counting to twenty and their ABC’s. You

27 • Fall 2015 • becoming family

can also find fun workbooks for them to do at the store or print activities online (think Pinterest) ABC Mouse is a great online program that kids love.

Teach them to be independent. Help

them learn to get their coats and shoes on and off by themselves, blow their nose and cover their coughs, use the bathroom independently and wash their hands and zip zippers and button buttons.

Teach them to be responsible. Create a small (very small) chore chart. Each day, have them complete a couple tasks. My daughters’ is to make her bed and empty the wastebasket in her bathroom. This teaches them to follow through and complete a task. Have fun with art! Let your child glue,

practice cutting, make “books”, play with playdo, color…etc. Not only is all of this fun for your child but it also helps them sharpen their fine motor skills and creativity.

Interact with other kids. If you don’t

have relatives near by (like us most of the time) join playgroups. You can always find ones like MOPS (Mothers of Preschool Children) around communities. Take trips to the park too! This helps preschoolers become social with kids their age and also teaches them to share. It’s especially good for kids that may be the only child or have a much younger sibling.

Explore. Take your child out for walks and

bike rides. Listen to all their questions they may have of our big world. They are all full of wonder at the preschool/kindergarten age. Kindergarten is fun! It’s the beginning of a learning journey through the childhood years. The more we do to help children create a solid foundation, the better learners they will become. The biggest thing to do before your child enters into kindergarten is to have fun with them! These years are precious and you are the one that will guide them through. Enjoy your time learning with your little one!

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