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decide to travel on your own without contacting a tourist agency. It?s only natural to see the Eiffel Tower if you?re in Paris, but instead of wasting your time on waiting in long lines in front of it, you should make your own path. Don?t be afraid to wander the streets and get lost. There?s a certain amount of magic in exploring an unfamiliar surrounding by yourself ? it will lead you deeper into the culture of the local people, which you wouldn?t have discovered otherwise. Par ticipate Before you start your journey, I?d advise you to do some in-depth research on the culture and history of the places you?ll be visiting. In order to truly understand a nation, you need to get to know their ways ? how they celebrate and party, which causes they fight for, how their city is structured, etc. Therefore, while you?re doing your research, pay additional attention to events that are in need of volunteers, happenings organized by the city and

possible festivals where you can go party. Think Big The majority of travelers usually decide to go with world-famous locations, most of which are metropolises. If you decide to follow my guidelines, you?ll be able to overcome most tourist cliches. However, there?s one more thing you should put on your checklist ? you should visit the outskirts and the rural environments near the city you?re in. To truly connect with a culture, you must find out more about its roots. The whole point of traveling is getting out of your own cultural frames, sort of speaking. If your mind is closed for new experiences, you won?t get everything you want out of your journey. Probably the most important thing you should do before you even start packing is opening your mind ? you won?t believe all the amazing things that can happen if you do this. Bon voyage!

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Expats World Magazine - Issue 4 - Oktober 2017  

Expats World Magazine - Issue 4 - Oktober 2017