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HOW TO TRAVEL DEEP INTO A CULTURE the same place where hundreds and thousands have already been, you?ll take pictures of monuments and tourist attractions known worldwide and you?ll end up sharing the same old memories with many others you don?t even know.

BY: IVAN DIMITRIJEVIC SOURCE: LIFE HACK There?s a ton of generic articles about traveling and different aspects of it ? how to travel under budget, what are the main hot spots around the world, what attractions are a must see, etc. The problem with those tricks and tips is that they result in the same experience for different travelers. All of us have a different perception of our surroundings and we all have a unique idea of what makes us happy. That is why I believe it?s necessary to find your own way of getting to know a foreign culture and sink into it to find your own unique impressions. The next few tips, which I found to be more than helpful, are more guidelines than rules, and this makes them simple to apply and modify in whichever way you want, so check them out. Per sonalized Tr avel Ar r angements Traveling enthusiasts who decide to set off on a journey by joining a tourist group will actually miss out on the really important things that one has to see and experience. Just think about it ? you and dozens of other people will go to


So, instead of becoming a part of someone?s routine, you should do some serious research and create your own route. Naturally, you?ll want to leave some room for spontaneity, because the best moments happen when you least expect. Go to the Food M ar ket Dining in restaurants is another way to eat what you?d normally eat at home, but you?ll probably pay more for it, because the chances are you?ll enter a restaurant that caters to tourists and makes a hefty profit from them. Sure, there will be a couple of new dishes on the menu, but the fact is most people decide to go with familiar foods. One of the genius ways to get to know another culture is going to the local food market. There?s a whole lot to what a people eats ? it defines their habits, their way of life and particular flavors that make them unique. I?m sure you?ll be able to find recipes prepared by local households that you can make on your own by simply looking around a bit. There will be a time when you prepare that same meal back home, and I?m sure its taste will trigger a number of wonderful memories. Get L ost Following a map for tourists will take you to all those same places a ton of people visited before you, even if you

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Expats World Magazine - Issue 4 - Oktober 2017  

Expats World Magazine - Issue 4 - Oktober 2017