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Located in the northeastern part of Germany, Berlin is the capital of the country and one of the major cultural centers on the continent. It is the second most populated city in the EU, with approximately six million residents from over 190 different nations. Berlin has long been a popular destination for expats because of the high living standards, affordable living costs, and excellent infrastructure it offers. Cosmopolitan, relaxed and stress-free The city is modern and non-conformist, widely known as one of the most liberal cities for minorities in Europe. Famous for its ?Berliner Luft? (a joking reference to the mythical, magical air of the city that has even been eulogized in song), Berlin has a free, cosmopolitan atmosphere where creative people and artists thrive. Migrants and expats in Berlin can live here without fear of being judged or marginalized. The city is innovative and is known for its modern architecture, nightlife and art scene. Berlin encourages an active outdoor lifestyle with plenty of parks, forests, and beaches. Tempelhofer Feld, Berlin?s former airport and largest public park, is buzzing with activity on weekend afternoons. Also, Berlin has the best street art in the world. If you walk through almost any neighborhood, you can?t miss it.

Street art is something you?ll see everywhere in Berlin. L ar ge expatr iate community One-third of the population in Berlin is made up of its expatriate community. Westerners, in particular, will feel at home here, but there are expats from all over the world. You?ll usually find that connecting with other expats is easy, as they may be in a similar situation to you. Sharing experiences and bonding with the expat community will lend support and make life easier. Many in the expatriate community love sitting outside in the biergartens, or in the parks, or down by the Spree at the beach bar. Most Berliners are polite and considerate and will switch to English if they find that you are struggling with German. However, although English is widely spoken, German is the preferred language of communication. Finding a German

speaker in your group and practicing with them will help you learn the language more quickly. Affor dable living costs The cost of living in Berlin is lower than other large cities in Germany, and the city is, in fact, the most inexpensive capital in Western Europe. A decent quality of life is comparatively affordable here. Rent, transport and food are easy on your pocket, which means you can do a lot more and stretch your Euro the furthest in Berlin. Wor k-life balance As we just mentioned, expats in Berlin enjoy an excellent work-life balance that allows them to not only travel, but simply relax, enjoy the city, spend time with friends and family, and indulge in hobbies and other activities. To some extent, this is a cultural phenomenon, but in addition, the German government gives great importance to a healthy


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Expats World Magazine - Issue 4 - Oktober 2017  

Expats World Magazine - Issue 4 - Oktober 2017