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most members of the executive team have worked as expatriates themselves, hiring managers may assume that the necessity of international experience for career advancement is clear ? even if that requirement is never explicitly discussed. Likewise, employers may not be understanding when an employee who is uniquely qualified for an expatriate position turns it down. Though hiring managers ideally should spell out their expectations regarding international assignments while they are interviewing candidates, the fact that they often don?t puts the onus of clarification on the applicant: If you are potentially unwilling or unable to move abroad, it is best to make this

clear before taking a job at a global company. I NABI L I TY Sometimes, employees?personal circumstances make it difficult to take on an international assignment. In those situations, employers are less likely to punish people for breaching the psychological contract. While that idea has not been explicitly examined by researchers, it is consistent with what has been found in the reverse: Employees respond less negatively to situations in which they believe that conditions beyond the organization?s control led to the psychological contract being breached. Family concerns are the top reason for expat assignment refusal, followed by

concerns about the trailing partner?s career.

"EMPLOYERS MAY NOT BE UNDERSTANDING WHEN AN EMPLOYEE WHO IS UNIQUELY QUALIFIED FOR AN EXPATRIATE POSITION TURNS IT DOWN." So, you stand the best chance of not being penalized for saying no if you realistically can?t relocate. But be open with your employer about what your constraints are, and look for other opportunities to demonstrate your commitment to the organization in your home office.


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