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drives in springtime. There are many, many, many restaurants, catering to all budgets and preferences. There is a wide variety of night life. Upmarket house clubs, jazz bars, trance parties, metal clubs, live music, live bands, street festivals, comedy clubs, theatre and concerts. A major international act (e.g. Foo Fighters, Michael BublĂŠ, Faithless, U2) will perform a concert here five to ten times a year. Anyone with education is likely to be able to afford a comfortable life in a three-bedroom home or equivalent. There is a tendency to live in large, suburban homes, although higher density semi-detached-style suburbs are becoming more prevalent. The


CBD has upmarket apartments, and there are many townhouses and apartment blocks in and around the CBD, and on the eastern side of the mountain. An educated two-income household will typically have two cars, a three bedroom home in a moderate area, creature comforts (tumble dryer, dishwasher, washing machine, microwave, tv, computer, several cell phones etc). There are many places to shop, with several large malls. Generally, anything available worldwide is available here (bar one or two extremely niche items). The roads (as elsewhere in South Africa) are policed rather laxly. Speeding is common and there is a general tendency to be somewhat lax in adherence to traffic

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Expats World Magazine - Issue 4 - Oktober 2017  

Expats World Magazine - Issue 4 - Oktober 2017