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A comedy web series. Expats: Paris - A comedy web series about expat life in Paris. Shot on location, Expats: Paris chronicles a group of unlikely friends as they zig zag through the difficulties that await foreigners living in the City of Light. From long distance relationships to driving a manual shift car. From learning the proper way to cut French cheeses to resisting sexual temptation. From performing stand up comedy in another language to converting the French population to pickle consumption. Visiting Paris is easy. Staying in Paris is hard. Project Description The scripts for an entire tenepisode season (6’ each) have been written. The first two episodes were completed in early 2013 and are now available for private viewing. Expats: Paris is scheduled to premiere in 2013 on the website as well as on international social media and entertainment channels. In addition to the series, the website will be constantly refreshed with new content including expats video

profiles and in-character mockumentary-style tours of real-life Parisian neighborhoods, restaurants, bars, sites and attractions. Plans are in place to roll out the series concept to additional European cities using the website as a platform.

Expats: Paris was created and is executive-produced by Corneliu Dragomirescu, Sebastian Marx and Alan Slavik, filmmakers and dedicated expats.

The first season follows the core characters on the path of their personal challenges in interwoven story arcs: accepting life in Paris for Harris, struggle for recognition for Vlad, finding a companion for Magnus, and becoming an American for JeanRoger. Meanwhile the strongminded Stéphanie and the newagey Clémence compete for Harris’ attention.

The humorous situations are often triggered by a different understanding of the everyday realities of life in France. Living in a Parisian apartment building is never easy,

but what happens when one of your neighbors leaves a pair of underwear in your mailbox? All arts have their place in Paris, but strange things happen when a performance artist gets inspiration from a jar of pickles.

Pitching a new type of food to French buyers can be tricky if you don’t appreciate the famous andouillette. The hardships and hidden advantages of the famous gastro infection constitute a true French initiation ritual for the newbie.

dreams to dissipate or soar as couples reevaluate their feelings and reform. Target audience As the number of expatriates grows each year, so does interest in their lifestyle and mentalities, accounting for a true world-wide phenomenon. The primary audience for Expats: Paris is urban 18-34-year old college-educated professionals from all around the world interested in expat living, travel, Paris, different cultures, languages and comedy. The secondary audience is 35-55year old college-educated individuals interested in relationships, situation comedies and the Parisian lifestyle.

And lastly, festive moments such as Fireman’s Ball and Bastille Day are the perfect backdrop for Twitter: @Expats_Paris

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