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This zine represents a series of interventions within Inchicore which have been made after careful observations and research into the area.


Cycle Greenway

Location: The Banks of the River Camac The National Transport Authority is proposing a greenway cycle and pedestrian route along the Camac River as part of their latest Cycle Network Plan. The route which passes through Inchicore will link Dublin 8 with the city centre. It will be an off-road route that seeks to allow cyclists and walkers a connection to the city through green areas only. The map on the left shows the greenway which follows the river. Above is a sketch proposal of how the route may look.


Bus stop seating


Tesco, Tyrconnell Road

A bench outside Tesco would let someone sit out of the rain while they wait for the bus. Shopping bags could be kept propped off the ground beside them.

Intervention: Bridge in Turvey Park Location: Turvey Avenue off Emmet Road A bridge over the Camac the could link Emmet Road with Inchicore Road for pedestrians. Residents of Turvery Avenue and Camac Crescent could access the public laneway across the water. Walking distance from the park to Inchicore Road could be cut down from a kilometre to a couple of metres!

Intervention: Opening of the Boundary Wall Location: Railworks Opening the boundary wall of the works will allow for wider public access to the grounds and the facilities offered on the grounds of the Railway works. This invention will give rise to a greater use of the land and will kick-start a reinhabitation of the once active site.

Intervention: Pedestrian Routes Location: Railworks There is a large number of covered rail lines that run through the grounds of the railworks. These routes and lines could be un-covered to provide pedestrian routes across the site. They could act as a device to bring people through the old site and through the old buildings. They could act as cycle and pedestrian routes.

Intervention: Steam Whistle Location: Railworks Re-intoducing the steam whistle to the works will bring back the voice of the railway. It will be an echo, a memory of the workers and production that once happened on this site. The steam whistle, like a church bell, will link and connect a community together.





Inchicore, (Inse Chór) means Island of Sheep. It was apparently a place where sheep were herded and watered outside the city before going to the market.

Its location Dublin 8 it potentia one of the “trendier” ar

n in gives al as city’s reas.

Inchicore’s profile to the rest of the city is important for its regeneration. How does it compare to other places of a similar size and distance from the city like Rathmines, Crumlin, Rathgar, Kimmage, Chapelizod...

A large inflatable sheep that could be seen from allover the city would put Inchicore on the map. But does its profile need to be raised?

We are part of an architectural thesis group in UCD, entitled ‘Expanded Practice’. We are currently undertaking a reading of the landscape of Inchicore, it’s social history, architectural legacy and close relationship to important landscape features such as the Cammock River and the Grand Canal. Expanded Practice is a methodology of analysis, research and design that supplements the traditional design process, exploring modes of reading a place and designing architecture for it, which is associated with a more fluid set of processes and social conditions. The daily methodology of our work involves consultation with resources in both Inchicore and UCD. It is a collaboration, a sharing of information in order to plug this into the design process. It is of the utmost importance to the process that while practicing in an expanded field, the approach to analysis and representation is equally expanded, or expanding. We endeavour to use as many varied methods of representation and analysis as possible in order to achieve a more expanded analysis of Inchicore. This methodology is developing as it is being applied, it is a learning and absorbing process that requires testing, experimentation and tweaking. It is our hope that this analysis will contribute to the on-going discussion of how space and resource is used, in Inchicore and in a wider field. This is a collection of thoughts, drawings, ideas , suggestions, interventions and history.

W H O ARE WE? We are a group of five UCD architecture students called Expanded Practice. We are doing a collaborative project with the people of Inchicore. Our goal is to generate a public discussion about how space is used in the area and what could potentially happen there to tap into its potential.

JOIN IN THE DISCUSSION! Visit us for a chat and some tea! Give us your thoughts or stories, learn a bit more about Inchicore’s history and development, see some old and current photos of the railway works or propose your own changes in the town. We will be in: Common Ground, 15 Tyrconnell Road. Monday - Wednesday 10am-5:30pm (24th March - 2nd April) Inchicore Sport and Social Club, Inchicore Square 2-5pm, 5th April See exhibition boards in Inchicore Public Library Library opening times, 7th - 17th April



Tear out this page, draw or write down your ideas or comments and drop them off at : Expanded Practice Common Ground, 15 Tyrconnell Road Pop into our Ideas Exhibition for a chat and some tea and biscuits! Saturday April 5th 2-5pm Inchicore Sports and Social Club (Former CIE Hall) Inchicore Square

Inchicore Interventions  

A series of interventions for Inchicore, imagined by five architects called Expanded Practice. Come to our Ideas Exhibition for a chat and...

Inchicore Interventions  

A series of interventions for Inchicore, imagined by five architects called Expanded Practice. Come to our Ideas Exhibition for a chat and...