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‘ I n d i v i d u a l

c a r e

i s

o u r

c o n c e r n ’

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WelcometoHadrianHealthcare... Thank you for your interest in our Care Homes... AsownerandChairmanofthe HadrianHealthcareGroup,Iam extremelyproudofthereputationwe havegainedforbeingtheNorth’s premierproviderofelderly accommodationandcareservices.

Ian Watson Chairman HadrianHealthcareGroup

Iampassionateaboutour commitmenttoexcellenceandour aimisalwaystoprovideperson centredandcompassionatecare withinaluxurious,carefullydesigned, homelysetting.

Wefocusonpreservingelderly clients’dignity,aswellasallowing residentstobeasindependentas possible. Wewillworktogetherwithresidents andfamiliestoensurethatallofour residentscontinuetogetthebestout oftheirlifeandtodothatwewill provideatailoredplanofassistance andcarewithinastimulatingand homelyenvironment. Pleasefeelfreetocallandvisitanyof ourHomesatanytimeandseefor yourselfwhywearethenumberone careprovider-Ipromiseyouwon’tbe disappointed!

Decidingtomove... Iknowonlytoowellofthedifficult andemotionaldecisionsinvolvedfor everypersonandtheirfamilywhen consideringmovingtoanewhome. Letmeassureyouthatmostpeople findthattheysettleintotheirnew homewithusveryquicklyandin mostcasestheirqualityoflife improveswithsuchamove.

Penny Macnair Operations Director HadrianHealthcareGroup

Thosewhomayhavefeltisolatedcan enjoycompanionshipandthosewho havebeenstrugglingtocope previouslycanfindanewlevelof independence. OurHomeManagerandstaffwillgive everyclientandtheirfamilyallofthe supporttheyneed,bothinemotional andpracticaltermswhenconsidering orindeedmakingsuchamove.

Werecognisethateveryoneisan individualandshouldbetreatedas such.Toachievethispersonalisation, ourcareisbasedaroundaperson centredCarePlantailoredtothe exactneedsoftheresidentandtheir family. Wewantourresidentstofeelvery muchathomeandweencourage residentstomaintaintheir independenceandwherepossible, leadafullandactivelifestylewhilst alwaysbeingreassuredthatsupport andhelpisavailablewhenrequired. Pleasedon’tforgetourHome ManagersandCustomerService Managersarealwaysavailableto spendtimewithyouandyourfamily -comeandseeusatanytime!

LivingaHadrianLifestyle... Features in a Hadrian Care Home can include:

Largeandspaciousfurnished suitescompletewithprivate bathroomfacilities.



ACinemaroomandBallroom areavailableincertainHomes.

Dining/Bistroincludingfacilities forresidentsandvisitorstomake theirownrefreshments. ■

Certainpremiersuites incorporatelargerlivingspace withfittedfurniture,afridgeanda frontdoorwithaccesstoaprivate gardenandpatio. ■

■ DedicatedHairdressingand BeautySalonwithineveryHome.

ManyHomesofferresidents theirownShopandCaféfacility. ■

■ Landscapedgardenswith privateseatingareas,raised plantingbedsandwaterfeatures.

Whilst every Hadrian Home has its own unique design and identity there are certain aspects of our care and accommodation that we seek to ensure are provided to all of our clients: Accommodation AllHadrianHealthCareHomes providemodernpurposebuilt accommodationincomfortable, homelyandluxurioussurroundings. Location Allofourhomesareinprominent residentiallocationsinthecentre ofcommunitylife,closetolocal amenities.

Talktous... Finest Food


Ourresidentchefscreateawide rangeofbalanced,nutritiousdishes prepareddailyusingthefinest producethatourresidentscanenjoy inourelegantdiningroomsand bistros.

Ourwholecarephilosophyisbased upona‘person-centred’approach. Everypersonisanindividualandit’s uptoustounderstandtheneedsand personalityofeveryoneofour residentsandtoensurethesupport andcaretheyreceivemeetsallof theirneedsandaspirations.

Ourchefsworkhardtoensureall clientsindividualpreferencesare understoodandcateredfor.

Lightrefreshmentsareavailableto residentsandvisitorsatalltimesfrom therefreshmentserveriesavailable withinthehome. ■

Social Activities Beasbusyasyouwanttobe! OurfulltimeActivitiesCo-ordinators arededicatedsolelyforthepurpose ofensuringallclientscanpreserve anddeveloptheirindividualand groupinterestsbothwithinand outsidetheHome.

Every Home, and we as a Group, have a robust Quality Assurance Policy which means our standards in every area are constantly under review and check - this includes regular forums, both formal and informal, where residents and relatives can feedback to us, confidentially or otherwise, their views on the service we provide - and how we can improve.

ManorHouseLiving... “Five Star accommodation and care for the discerning elderly client”

Our Manor Houses cater for the most discerning of individuals. Theyaretypicallylocatedinhigher valuelocationsandmakeavailable certainpremiumfeaturestoclientsat anadditionalcost. Allsuitesincludefittedfurnitureand offerlargerlivingspacestoeach resident. Withlargerprivatebathroomsand communalfacilitieswhichinclude cafés,abarareaandshop,theManor Housesofferthatlittlebit‘extra’.

CompleteCare... Residential Care

Dementia Care

Respite Care

Clientstypicallyenjoythekindof independencetheydesirewhilst havingthecomfortofknowing24 hourcareisavailabletoprovidethe helpandsupporttheymayneedat anytimeoftheday.

Werecognisethespecialneedsof peoplewithdementiaandother memoryimpairments,atalllevels.

Respitecareishelpfulforindividuals whoneedashortbreakawayfrom theirhome.

Nursing Care

Our‘Chesters’accommodationis specificallydesignedtoprovidesuch clientswithsurroundingsthatare homely,safeandstimulating.

Clientswillenjoythebenefitof qualifiednursesbeingonhand24 hoursadaywhilstalsoenjoyingthe comfortoflivinginanon-instituted andluxuriouslyappointedhomely environment.

Ourstaffat‘Chesters’arespecially trainedtohelpmanagetheunique needsofresidentssufferingfrom varyingdegreesofdementiaandat alltimesensuringourcaredelivery remainspersoncentred.

Alternatively,theymaybeuncertain aboutmovingintoacarehome permanentlyorrequire convalescencefollowinghospital treatment. Wewillalwaysseektoaccommodate theseneedsandbeasflexibleas peoplerequireintermsoflengthof stayandensuringalloftheirneeds andexpectationsaremetduring theirstay.

HadrianOffices·6Bankside·TheWatermark·Gateshead·NE119SY Telephone: 0191 460 5219 Fax:01914605217··

‘ I n d i v i d u a l

c a r e

i s

o u r

c o n c e r n ’

The Manor House Barnard Castle

‘ I n d i v i d u a l

c a r e

i s

o u r

c o n c e r n ’

The Manor House Barnard Castle

the Manor House at Barnard Castle seeks to provide five star accommodation and care for its residents.

A beautifully spacious and well appointed interior, helping to create a feeling of luxuriousness within a homely and domestic setting ■

Private shopping and tea room

Hairdressing and beauty salon

Library room

■ Dining/Bistros with varied daily menu choices

Most importantly, every resident is recognised as an individual and as such we guarantee to provide the highest standard of person centred care to every client.

Premium accommodation with private front door and garden area, is available for clients requiring larger living space

■ Large landscaped gardens with private seating areas, water features, greenhouse and raised planting areas for residents’ use and enjoyment

This beautiful purpose-built house offers clients a unique level of comfort and luxury and includes all the following features:

■ Social ‘hub’ areas where refreshments are available for residents and visitors to enjoy at their convenience

all the above facilities are further enhanced when incorporated in our resident focused social events programme.

All clients enjoy very spacious private rooms with en-suite facilities

■ Internet access for all residents, including internet corner

Complete Care residential Care

dementia Care

In our ‘Teesdale’ Suite, clients typically enjoy the kind of independence they desire whilst having the comfort of knowing 24 hour care is available to provide the help and support they may need at any time of the day.

We recognise the special needs of people with dementia and other memory impairments, at all levels.

nursing Care In the ‘Bowes’ Suite, clients will enjoy the benefit of qualified nurses being on hand 24 hours a day whilst also enjoying the comfort of living in a non-instituted and luxuriously appointed homely environment.

Our single storey ‘Chesters’ accommodation has been specifically designed to provide such clients with surroundings that are homely, safe and stimulating. Our staff at ‘Chesters’ are specially trained to help manage the unique needs of residents suffering from varying degrees of dementia and at all times ensuring our care delivery remains person centred.

Call 01833 630 555 for more details on ‘Manor House living’ at Barnard Castle...

The Manor House Barnard Castle

The Manor House • John Street • Barnard Castle • County Durham • DL12 8ET Telephone: 01833 630 555 Fax: 01833 630 666 • Email: • Website: Registered by the Care Quality Commission.

Barnard Joined  

Barnard Joined

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