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“Welcome to my World, Welcome to Exotic Flights”

UPDATE SUMMARY 2005 – 2017: History Long-time bodyguard Rudy Gonzalez was working with a pop icon singer when the pop icon asked him if there was anything he could do to relieve the headache of finding a reliable private jet charter service for her world tour. The rock star and celebrities Rudy Gonzalez worked for seemed to be in the same boat. They didn't want to buy special memberships for fractional ownership of an airline, nor deal with the fees attached to charter companies. Often all that was required were seats for the star, staff, and entourage. No five-star amenities, gourmet food service, on-demand flight scheduling, flexibility and more importantly privacy. It was from that frustration that a pop star's request Exotic Flights was born. Operating out of Falcon Trust Air at Tamiami-Executive Airport – complete with an 18,000-sq.-ft. the luxury terminal which included a private movie theater, private suites for VIP’s and a recording studio – the company was unlike anything you've ever seen before.

Incredibly beautiful flight attendants resembling Hollywood starlets appeared to have just popped out of some 1940's pin-up calendar with red, sexy mini-skirted uniforms. Clients like 50-Cent, Marc Anthony, Akon, and Rihanna could relax in climate-controlled, cushy, tastefully decorated interiors that look like a posh living room with luxurious leather seats. Clients had the choice to fly on any one of the superior technologically advanced jets in the Exotic Flights Gulfstream Fleet, such as the: G450, G550 and G650. Flights included all-inclusive features like in-flight gourmet food, beverage services, and door to door upon the client’s request, for a flat, per hour rate with no hidden fees.

Exotic Flights has provided an elite platform of travel for top celebrities and musicians for the last ten years. This regal like, personalized, newly formed venture within the music industry is destined to change the private jet industry and set new heights.

The company has continued to grow from its operations from Miami, Florida and in 2010 Exotic Fights moved its headquarter to Beverly Hills, California with operations at Burbank Bob Hope International Airport (KBUR) and Van Nuys (KVNY) giving the companies coast to coast operations.

In 2013, R&B recording artist, Akon approached Exotic Flights with interests in the company’s future and an agreement was signed making him Vice President of Entertainment and allowing Exotic Flights to use his likeness in our marketing and Ad campaigns.

Also during 2013, Exotic Flights signed a network television deal with NBC Universal (E! Entertainment). The pilot and season one was filmed at our Hollywood Hills estate mansion and is to be aired in fall 2016.

From 2013 through 2014, Exotic Flights shut down its operations in order to comply with NBC on the filming and the production of the television reality show.

In 2015, Exotic Flights CEO/Founder, Rudy Gonzalez revamped a corporate structure by adding a new President, Director of Operations, Director of In-Flight Service, Director of Maintenance and new CFO to ensure the future of the company.

Exotic Flights 2016 Exotic Flights’ sole focus will be on facilitating the growth and vitality of five-star luxury private jet service around the world. The specific strategies for 2016 are designed to support a dynamic and sustainable global entertainment industry whose services link nations and continue to provide high quality exclusive private jet experiences to an elite platform for travel and top celebrities and musicians worldwide.

The foundation of Exotic Flight's organizational strengths is its unique marketing strategies and competitive advantages. We have engaged in branding efforts and a marketing campaign to emphasize the lifestyle of private air travel. We have staffed our company with FAR Part 121 flight attendants, and operations personnel. ground crew to ensure that our clients have a safe experience with Exotic Flights. Unlike other operators that broker or competitors, we have the ability to provide greater flexibility to our clients by controlling our own fleet. Close attention to customer needs and wants are essential to catering to our clients’ satisfaction and repeat use, our mission is to ensure customer’s satisfaction and retention.

Our competitive advantages allow us to not only offer our services to a more competitive price than our competitors but also with better quality and in a more expedient and reliable way. By operating an FBO in addition to being a charter operator, we are not dependent on any third parties for fulfillment nor delivery. We can ensure prompt and reasonable services to our clients including but not limited to 24-hour catering services. By aggregating all the services of an FBO, we are able to provide a more reliable, secure and enjoyable experience.

Exotic Flights’ Mission for 2016 Our new President, the first agenda is designing new uniforms and re-branding the company to bring it into a new era. As President, she has also hired a new Director of In-flight Service, to meet with our company’s new standards of menus and nutrition for In-Flight Service. The President and the CEO will be taking a close look at safety. They will implement new procedures to ensure the safety of our passengers and aircraft. In 2015, Exotic Flights signed an exclusive deal with an aviation logistics company with over 10,000 aircraft that now available, giving us a global reach in aviation ensuring fair market value for our aircraft’s and flights worldwide. Exotic Flights’ President has taken an extreme approach to our new Ad campaign. In the past, the company’s focus was the flight attendants stemming from the days of Pan Am Airways; however, the focus has now become more a brand of the company

Exotic Flights Dubai 2017 I started this journey in 2004 with a vision of an industry that refuses to compromise, and with a blank piece of paper, the groundwork was laid out for the birth of Exotic Flights. Aviation has many grave sights of failed attempts, and tombstones of companies carved by their greed and jealousy, but as the clock ticks by, I could only focus on the 3 inches in front of me. So together, with a few who didn't self-destruct in the times of need, Exotic Flights has gotten the attention of one Dubai Prince who has now asked me to put our footprints in the sands of Dubai.

As I turn to the second page of Exotic Flights, the groundwork has established and a new service in a new region that will eventually become the “Skies of Dubai.� As the blueprint is put into motion to create the first 5 Star Regional Rotor Blade Airline, servicing Dubai and its neighboring Cities, Exotic Flights shall operate as the footprints in his sand.

The tragic events that are taking place in the world today have had a devastating effect on the airline industry. It has become a nightmare to travel, and a simple flight that used to take 3 hours will now take you over 8 hours to complete; however, we have one solution, a solution that will give you back control of your time and give you back control of your life.

Exotic Flights Private Jet are available 24/7/365 and have access to thousands of AUG/US rated aircraft’s around the world Aug/us.

Our team is highly skilled and has many years’ experience in helicopter aviation. By maintaining the highest technical, flight operations and maintenance standards, we offer solutions fulfilling even the most challenging customer requirements. With Exotic Flights you will always have a competent and reliable partner in helicopter aviation, taking advantage and benefiting from our efficiently working company and fleet policy. For the most convenient way of getting to meetings, charters, and conferences, business travelers, VIP and executives are increasingly opting for aerial transfers. A helicopter not only provides a fast, time efficient means of getting you to your chosen destination in style it also provides a highly flexible way to travel.

Private helicopter charters offer a level of flexibility not commonly found in fixed wing aircraft. The advantages of flying point-to-point are often invaluable and cabins frequently contain club seating offering exceptional comfort. The versatility of helicopters means that they can be used for business purposes or for transfers from airports to ski resorts, events or sports stadiums, which is why they are often referred to as a 'helicopter taxi'

Exotic Flights Music World Tour Jet Division

Exotic Flights has put together a complete package for the music tour industry, which includes a two-year lease, aircraft exchange, tour logistics, support, and a custom jet wrap for your Tour FIRST IMPRESSION Most of the business aircraft one can see in airports around the world are simply white. The exterior livery of those aircraft is most often simply forgotten in the design process whereas the first thing you see of those aircraft is their outside appearance. We believe that just like in many other areas of life there is no second chance for a first impression. The exterior look of an aircraft should make you want to come on board and travel. It should complement its body and emphasize its design features while also representing the style of its owner.

Exotic Flights London 2015 Our CEO has put together a merger with one of the largest aircraft broker agencies in the world, and through this partnership, we now have aircraft position around the world for quick quotes and best market value for your aircraft with operations including the London, Shanghai, Dubai and Hong Kong.

Exotic Flights delivers best-in-class private jet service to over 10,000 airports in the US, Europe, the Caribbean and Latin America. Our premium jet service exceeds the expectations of the most discerning clientele utilizing private and business jet charter for leisure and corporate travel. The Gulfstream G550 boasts the longest cabin in its class allowing up to fourteen passengers to work productively or to stretch out and relax. The Aircraft provides a full-service galley and an Exotic Flights flight attendant is on board to help ensure your comfort and safety.

Customized Aircraft Wrapping When the aircraft is not being used. It can be chartered by other people. The management of Exotic Flights will make it profitable for you. Companies and individuals that want you to fly to work have to deal with your Jet Corporation. Aircraft are used and operated as owners. You make a profit. This is an income generating asset, not a liability. When was the last time you ever heard of a private Jet company who gave you a check? By wrapping the Jet, it becomes a write-off, advertisement, and tax benefit.

Clientele •

Christina Aguillera


Bone Thugs and Harmony •


Ricky Martin

Scott Storch

The Game

Inters cope Records

Warner Bros. Entertainment •

Kimora Lee Simmons

Bad Boy Entertainment

The Kardashians

Ray J

Marc Anthony

Sotheby’s Properties

Floyd May Weather

Jim Rome

Rick Ross

Alicia Keys

Def Jam Records

Keeping My Doors Opened in 2017 Since I founded Exotic Flights in 2004 one of the greatest challenges has been dealing with the haters a group of individuals that cannot accomplish anything in their lives, so they set out to destroy anything in their path with their jealousy, insecurities, and impotency. Using the internet as a tool of Destruction. But it's not how hard you can hit, it's how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward, that's what we've done at Exotics Flights with only concentrating on the three inches in front of me. I have built an Empire and I have laid waste to all those haters. So welcome to my world, welcome to Exotic Flights. “As I close the chapter of the past five years I do so with the pain of losing so many friends and the betrayal of the ones still standing. But I continue to live in the moment and I will be forever young because it isn’t over until it's over and you get one life to live, that ultimate hustle. It’s funny how people can start with the same view then let politics and yes men get them confuse most jump ship when they sink They pick and choose but you will never know the truth of winning. I carry the weight of the haters and trolls on my shoulder, but I'm loving every moment of the hustle. Because I stick to the grind and I know exactly where I'm going, a place you never been before. Because I was meant for war and I was meant for more.

"A reflection of my journeys, a dream that became a reality and a vision that I refuse to compromise with a brand of controversial beginnings in an industry that very few ever survive with the jealousy and obstacles. But we continue to strive and make no mistake the best is yet to come as I leave my footprint in skies with an industry that will last forever."

“Welcome to my world, Welcome to Exotic Flights. “ Founder & CEO Rudy Gonzalez

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