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The Difference between Brokers and Carriers When seeking a quote for the shipment of your vehicle, you may find yourself on an auto transport broker’s website, instead of a carrier’s. Although a broker may seem like just a middleman, brokers have far more utility than you might realize. A broker has the customer service, marketing force, and connections that auto carriers do not. Although you may be able to get a hold of someone at an auto carrier at first, contacting them about your shipment at a later time may prove difficult, and an answering machine might be the only thing receiving your calls. Because of a small staff, carriers have far inferior customer service than brokers do. Consequently, auto brokers have a customer service department that is able to take your calls and provide you with the information you are seeking. Brokers take a small fee for their services, but the services they provide justify their fees. Although auto shipping companies do the actual transporting of the vehicles, brokers are the main drive behind the industry, connecting the customer and carrier with their large team of helpful associates. Auto transport companies and brokers have had time to build trust between them, and do business very efficiently. While auto carriers do the actual transporting of vehicles, the brokers use their resources to help you receive the best deal possible on your shipment. Going through a broker, auto transport can be cheaper than you thought, because brokers use their connections to auto shippers to find the carrier best suited to your needs. Brokers can find a carrier that can move your vehicle when you want it, for the price you expect to pay.

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is states the difference between Brokers and Carriers. it also tells the important role of brokers in the auto transport industry

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