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David Wilcock – Steven Greer’s Atakama-type Humanoids were Easter Island Gods and American Indian Cherokee Little People Kava Kava Moai statues Source: These little people visited Easter Island -- and were treated as Gods. The statues are the same size and shape as the bodies we see -- and were worn on the necks of ritual dancers, for ceremonial purposes only. They were "ancestral beings, bearers of knowledge, dispensors of wisdom and technology," according to the Vatican Museum. There are stunning similarities between the Kava Kava Moai statues and these beings we've just seen. Most likely, the statues were slightly changed -- specifically in their facial features -after the original beings had come and gone. The modifications made their faces look more human. This probably occurred well after they had become a legend -- and were no longer seen. However, the exact shape of the body -- including the exposed ribs, exposed shoulder blades and the curvature of the back -- is nearly identical. We can even see a bony extension on the bottom of the jaw that is re-interpreted as a small goatee on the Kava Kava Moai statues.


2 Figure of Moai Kavakava ancestor Prior to 1924 sculpted wood Easter Island (Rapa nui) cat. 100200


According to ancient myths, these skeletal sculptures represent the moai kavakava -deified ancestral beings, bearers of knowledge, dispensors of wisdom and technology. Worn hanging around the neck of the men who took part in the ritual dances during public ceremonies, they were shown to everyone with great pride. When they were not used, they were wrapped in bark cloth and kept at home. The one shown here was lent to the Borgiano Museum of Propaganda Fide of Rome for the Missionary Exhibition of 1925 and subsequently donated to the Ethnological Missionary Museum. DISCLOSURE IS UPON US Let's remember something very important before we close out this new update. We do NOT have to wait for "The Government" to tell us the truth. All we need to do is CARE enough to explore the evidence that is already available. Fear is what stands in the way of the truth coming out.

THEY DO NOT WISH TO HARM US It definitely does not appear that beings like Alyoshenka want to do us any harm -despite their unfamiliar appearance. UFOs have repeatedly been seen over nuclear missile installations -- ensuring they cannot be used to destroy our planet. This was a consistent theme we heard from Dr. Greer's original Disclosure Project witnesses in 2001. Alyoshenka landed near a major plutonium deposit in Russia. This being -- and quite probably the South American one as well -- cared enough about us to sacrifice his or her life. They also apparently were of immeasurable benefit to the people of Easter Island -giving them wisdom and technology. Now -- in our post-2012 world -- this story is finally breaking loose in the Western world. 4  

Once we stop pretending that "There Is No Evidence," and begin seriously considering the evidence that IS available, the dam will break. It is time to grow up. It is time to know the truth. We are not alone. And that knowledge can literally save the earth.

UPDATE MONDAY, FEBRUARY 4TH: NEW PICTURES FOUND! A commenter just alerted us to the original source of Dr. Greer's ET corpse. As it turns out, these pictures are MUCH clearer -- and show a lot more detail around the face and particularly the mouth, letting us see the open jaw.

It appears this little being was stored in a freezer -- and you can see ice crystals on the shoulder blades. You can also see the back of the skull BEFORE Dr. Greer's surgical team used a fine bone saw to remove a circular area for a tissue sample.


It also appears that the jaw area, due to how thin it is, had degraded from freezer burns and turned dark brown by the time Greer's team analyzed it. In these pictures, everything is much more easily visible.

READ THE ARTICLE THAT FEATURED THIS Here is an excerpt from the article that featured this fascinating case. Small Beings from the Cosmos The remains of [this] creature were found in a former garbage dump in the village La Noria Pozo in Almonte, 100 kilometers of Iquique. It was wrapped in cloth with a red ribbon. It is a creature of approximately 15 cm. in length, with sharpened teeth and one strange protuberance in the skull, besides owning 9 ribs.


Ufologists could not agree what it was, and while some think that it can be a human fetus, others discard this option because the skull does not present or display fontanelas. For Mario Pizarro, representative of Aion, is taken precaution to avoid that the evidence is lost. He considers that the skeleton of the Chain dump has nothing has to do with a fetus of our species.


AN EVEN SMALLER BEING -- PROBABLY FROM ANOTHER SPECIES -MAY HAVE BEEN FOUND IN CHILE This same article revealed that an even smaller humanoid ET was found by a boy in Chile. Like Alyoshenka, it was alive when he first found it -- but soon died, perhaps from physical injuries sustained during transportation. Small Beings from the Cosmos The following I found on a Spanish website Armando Henríquez Carreño, a 15 old boy was visiting relatives in the Octava area, in Chile, and found a small being of about 7.2 centimeters long. Running around outside, he found a small creature near the road, in the grass. It was so unusual that he decided to wrap it in paper and bring it home. Having arrived at home, the creature started to bleed. The boy, not sure that he had cause this, didn't say anything to his parents. After a couple of days (about eight), the creature died. The boy returned to his home in Santiago, and then a journalist heard about it and printed a news story. There has been a discussion going on about what it could be. For a slideshow of more and bigger pictures go to here.

PHOTO GALLERY OF POSSIBLE CHILEAN ET Here are some of the most surprising photos from the Chilean photo gallery linked to above. This definitely does not appear to be the same species as Alyoshenka, but has certain similarities. Clearly it was not hostile, as it apparently did nothing to try to hurt the boy. This being, again, may have given its life to help move Disclosure forward. 8  

In this case, based on the shape of the face, this may be one of the Bird Tribes. These are human ETs that evolved out of birds on another planet, following similar DNA harmonics -- thanks to the science explained in The Source Field Investigations. Although this could possibly be a fake, it would be a very good one -- and it seems unlikely that this boy or his family would go to this much trouble.



A Face Only a Mother... a Bird... or a Fellow E.T. Could Love? Watch out -- he might bite ya! Oww! Quit it!


UPDATE MONDAY, FEBRUARY 4TH: THE LITTLE PEOPLE These same folks -- or at least others who are slightly taller -- may have visited many other traditional cultures as well. Our insider Daniel just tipped me off to this. "Little People" Legends Are Widespread Oral traditions of many Native American tribes, including the Arapaho, Sioux, Cheyenne, and Crow, tell of "little people” who stand from just 20 inches to three feet tall. In some tribes they are known as "tiny people eaters,” in others they were known to have been spirits and healers, and some believed them to be magical, similar to leprechauns or fairies. In any event, the legends were well known among Indians across the nation, long before the Europeans set foot upon these lands.... In 1876, another ancient graveyard was documented as having been discovered in Coffee County, Tennessee. The reports indicated the cemetery, covering some six acres, held the remains of thousands of dwarf-like people.






In a rather blatant example of synchronicity, the very next email I received after Daniel's was linking to another, separate article -- about the same subject. Cherokee Little People Real, May Be From The Stars -- by Mary A. Joyce I never heard of Cherokee Little People until I moved to North Carolina in 1998 and began making friends with some of the Cherokees. Then in the summer of 2000, I started my own research into the subject -- and eventually interviewed eleven people, mostly in their 80s, who had seen evidence that the Little People were real.* That research came back to mind in January 2013 when I read “Encounters with Star People: Untold Stories of American Indians.” 12  

The book was written by an American Indian, Ardy Sixkiller Clarke, who interviewed American Indians around the United States about their Star People encounters. The following quote describing “Moon People” (another Cherokee name for “The Little People”) implied they were not originally from Earth. The Cherokee Indians tell that when they first came to the south-eastern United States, they found many well-tended gardens but not the people who cared for them. Eventually, they discovered a group of people who lived underground and came out only at night to tend the gardens. They harvested the food and took it underground to their cities.

THE "MOON PEOPLE" As our excerpt goes on, we find that although these people looked human, they were very, very different. Cherokee Little People Real, May Be From The Stars -- by Mary A. Joyce These people were small, had blue skin and large black eyes. The sun rays were too harsh for them, so they built their cities underground -- and only came out at night using the light of the moon. The Cherokee called them the “Moon People.” When I read this, I remembered something specific from my interview with T. Walter Middleton, who told me: In my opinion, there were two different kinds of Little People. The ones I’ve been talking about were more like the Cherokee. Evidently, they were black-headed and black-eyed and had a dark complexion. The other Little People had come from a different source, because they had reddish whiskers and they squinted their eyes as if the sun hurt their eyes. . . .

We may soon need to accept, on a global level, that human ETs come in all different sizes -- including those who are barely a half-foot tall. Some of them may defend themselves if we get too close -- but the species we see in Russia, South America and Easter Island were certainly benevolent. 13  

UPDATE, FEBRUARY 4TH: ALYOSHENKA MAY HAVE BEEN MURDERED The story of Alyoshenka is continuing to get more intriguing as we go. Apparently, according to Pravda, he / she may have been murdered. This article has a lot more content than I'm featuring here -- so I do recommend reading the whole thing. April 5, 2007: Mysterious, Dwarfish Alien Brutally Murdered in Russia's Remote Village Researchers looking into the case of “Alionshenka the Alien” have arrived at a sensational conclusion: the mysterious creature did not catch his death of cold as previously thought. They believe the supposed alien was killed. Read part first of the article about the Russian alien here “He didn’t die from natural causes,” said Vadim Chernobrov, a coordinator with the public research centerKosmopoisk. “We found out that his skull had been fractured,” Chernobrov added. The mysterious dwarf was found near the town of Kyshtym of the Chelyabinsk region. Stanislav Samoshkin is a morbid anatomist who performed autopsy on the body of the dwarf in a local hospital. He was the first to claim that the creature was a non-human being. “The human skull consists of six bones. The skull of that creature was made up of four bones,” Samoshkin said.


Notice the absolute similarity in bone structure between the two. One plate sticks up higher at the top than the other. Coincidence? Not!

Russian and foreign researchers have been trying to unravel the mystery of the “Uralian alien” for eleven years. The story looks like a detective novel in progress. The body of the dwarf was reportedly stolen. The key witness to the case, an old woman who actually named the dwarf “Alioshenka”, died a sudden death. Lost in translation The dead body of Alioshenka disappeared. In fact, the investigator assigned to the case reportedly handed the body to some perpetrators who walked away with it. “They introduced to me as ufologists. I was pretty sure they were real scientists, it never occurred to me they could be the impostors,” Major (Ret.) Vladimir Bendlin said.

Source: Steven Greer’s Sirius movie:


Atakama humanoid easter island david wilcock  
Atakama humanoid easter island david wilcock