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Many people say that I am “a dreamer” ……… on that I agree ….

into “All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity. But the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dream with open eyes, to make it possible.” - T. E. Lawrence I echo David Brainerd’s words "Oh, that I could spend every moment of my life to God's glory!"

REPORTING BACK on my “footprints” into Africa. As the 3rd term begins I wanted to bring you all up-to-date on my work and the wonderful way the Lord has undertaken for us in every way. KMBC My lecturing load is a heavy one with 30 lectures per week, 2 tutorials and an evening Bible Study, but the thrill for me is that each of these students is preparing for ministry into Africa. There is a lovely spirit among the students and having “the bishop” around all day has made a huge difference.

CONFERENCE After 1 year of planning the first Footprints into Africa Central Africa Pastor’s Conference it is now over and what a blessing it was! We had 175 delegates attending from 33 different Churches. In the most wonderful way, friends donated gifts so that all the financial aspects were fully met. I plan to hold a Conference each year, alternating between KMBC and Central Africa. We will host the 2013 Conference here at KMBC and then the following year, 2014 it will be held in Malawi. Thank you for your prayers … leadership training is absolutely critical, and the fellowship is so encouraging for those in the field … it is so very exciting

VISIT TO CHITAMBO’S VILLAGE After the Conference I was able to travel to the place where David Livingstone died while on his knees and then to visit the monument which has been built on the spot where his heart was buried by his loyal servants, Chuma and Susi … it was unbelievable ...

FUTURE TRIPS 1. MALAWI In September I will be driving up to Malawi with Dave De Winnaar and hopefully my son Jon. We will be taking boxes of clothing, books and items for the Nursery School to Lenard Gowa, and I want Jon to dedicate the borehole which he raised funds for.

2. RWANDA AND UGANDA Then in November, together with my son Gregg, we will travel to Rwanda where I will speak at a Pastor’s Conference there and then travel onto Uganda where new contacts have been established. There are incredible opportunities opening for me all the time, so do please pray.

3. INVITATIONS I have also been invited to go to Zimbabwe and the D.R.C. but maybe I could fit these in towards the end of the year. The need for teaching is huge, but it is thrilling to see all these invitations to teach in Africa coming my way. Newsletter / July 2012

WEBSITE Updates are going onto the website all the time. We are receiving an average of 500 hits which is so encouraging. Please visit us on for weekly book reviews, inspirational quotes, news, audio sermons and resources. Photos from my recent trips

Setting up some hot water for my shower



• TRAIN up a new generation of preachers and missionaries for Africa. Men

MENTOR these pastors and missionaries by regularly visiting them in Africa,

living with them and encouraging them in their great work.



This is critical because Jesus said “without me you can do nothing.” Pray especially for our College, KMBC as we continue to provide affordable tuition and accommodation for those who need to be trained for the Lord’s work. All these years God’s goodness to us has been the most amazing and thrilling story.

and women who are passionate for the Gospel and who believe the Bible to be the Word of God. This makes the work at our College of critical importance.


Pastor Anderson Mwila and his father

Students at the Conference

PLANT NEW CHURCHES which are based on the Bible and not hampered by


tradition, churches which are self-supporting, self governing and self propagating.

Contribute to my support as a Missionary

Sponsor a student for 1 year

Sponsor 1 of my trips

preached, God’s voice is heard.

Help the Bible College in the D.R.C..

Don McClure a missionary into Africa for 50 years wrote:

Help the new church in Kitwe, Zambia

Support Books for Africa

Donate an MP3 Audio Player which has the Bible and other ministry resources loaded in various languages


ARRANGE CONFERENCES to continually be equipping God’s people for the

work of Gospel ministry. These have been great blessings to many.


PREACHING where invited across Africa believing that when God’s Word is

“I am filled with an undying ambition to do something worthwhile in the great land of Africa.” Yours for Africa Warwick Cole-Edwardes

A quote from my hero … Sympathy is no substitute for action. – David Livingstone

If you would like to assist us financially our Bank details are listed below: Please always include your name or a deposit reference so that I can thank you personally, it is important to me to be able to do this.


Yours for Africa, Warwick Contact us

Banking Account details: Account name: Footprints into Africa

200 Pine Street, Pietermaritzburg 3201 Phone: 033 346 0635 Cell: 082 920 1147 E-mail:

Bank: Standard Bank Branch: 04 55 26 Account number: 251661423 Swift Address: SBZA ZA JJ

Footprints into Africa NPO 093-161 Registration No. 2010/016570/08

July 2012 Newsletter  

News and updates of what is happening at Footprints into Africa

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