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EXMASIS PREMIUM: #1 Professional Live Training Program for Stock and Forex Markets With over 32,000 Retail and Corporate Clients and counting, EXMASIS is the most complete, proved and trusted Professional Trading Strategy on the market.

EXMASIS Trading is a company that is looking to expand its fund management by finding clients which trust our company and our trading decisions, along with our competence in achieving great results and profits for the client. With this in mind, we have created a Trading Program called EXMASIS PREMIUM, which consists of LIVE Trading Courses. Why should a client join our fund management? How can a potential client trust our company without knowing the trade secrets we hold? How can a client leave his or her hard earned money in our hands? These are all questions that we faced when deciding to create a different fund management program. We have decided that in order to have good clients, and even give the possibility for those potential clients that do not have enough capital to join us from the start, we must teach our clients how to trade profitable. After our students graduate and know how to trade profitable, they can have the satisfaction that they can take hold of their financial future and if they want to, they can leave us in charge of some of their money, by earning great profits. But our Trading Courses do have a down side: we decided to limit the Courses to 20 students per month and only hold the Courses for the year of 2014, as we do not want for the trade secrets we teach to be available to a large number of traders. We had extremely great success, as a large percent of our students that took part in our live classrooms, which are online, came back to us and left us in charge of their accounts, knowing for sure that we can

deliver our promises! Some of our clients and former students even took the time to right a few words, on our website. Also, we are the #1 Fund Management Program, as we guarantee our clients the Profits and the money they invest. Our clients will never lose their initial investment or their guaranteed profits. This is what makes us a revolutionary and #1 in this industry. Let’s cut to the chase, and explain in a few words, why our Forex and Stock Trading Courses are the best for any trader to attend, even if you are a beginner or experienced trader. And if you are thinking that we are teaching something useless, just watch our live demonstration videos at or our LIVE Trading Videos by accessing our Portfolio Page. We DO NOT teach our students anything like SUPPLY&DEMAND, SUPPORT&RESISTANCE, or any other trading system, strategy or techniques you have ever read or learned on a forum or from a trading “guru”.

A few advantages of our LIVE online Trading Courses:

1. The Courses are online, and most important are LIVE. Each session is held LIVE with one of our professional traders and teachers. 2. We have Group Courses and 1-ON-1 Course, for those of you that would like to have the freedom and choose the attendance days and hours, according to your schedule. 3. The Trading Foundation Elements and Trading Strategy we teach in the Courses are almost invaluable, as they are based on every market creation principles and most important, the Trading Strategy uses mathematical formulas and Excel Spreadsheets for accuracy and automation. 4. Your trading will radically change after attending our Courses. 5. We let you see out LIVE Trading Videos made by professionals before you purchase any of the Courses available at, in order for you to see that we can deliver on our promises. 6. We don’t just teach you how to trade, we teach you to TRADE PROFITABLE! 7. We give our graduated students all the resources used by us and taught in the LIVE classroom, in order for you to trade profitable without headaches. 8. You don’t have to know mathematics, you do not need to know exact sciences, just follow our classes and with the help of our tools, that will be at your discretion after graduating, you will be able to take decisions. Our Trading Courses have been divided in 5 Courses which you can purchase on, as long as they are available according to each Course booking calendar. Let’s summarize the Courses below:


This Trading Course is probably the most important, as it holds all the information that trading stocks and currencies is about. In this Course, we are teaching the students how the markets really work and what they are never told about trading and the markets. We are teaching our students how to leave aside all useless indicators and trade as professional traders do, by changing everything on their charts and trading from indicators to trading mentality. This is a standalone Course and could be attended without having to pay for the others. First attend this class and if you believe you are not satisfied or is too hard for you to trade profitable and secure your financial future, you do not have to attend the other 2 Trading Courses, which are the PROFESSIONAL and EXPERT Courses, as described in the following pages.


This Trading Course will teach you how to start trading as a professional trader and how to trade accurately. This could be called “the momentum” of your trading, we just like to call it the “WHEN”. You will see an unbelievable trading method, which will teach you that it is possible to trade every move of the market, with extreme accuracy, on any time frame and any trading style you prefer in trading. As we are saying and teaching our students, there are no time frames in trading as the price is the same on all time frames. Example: let’s assume that you are trading the GBP/USD pair, and you prefer the H1 chart. The price is at 1.6500. If you go to the M1 chart, what is the GBP/USD price? NO! At first it is very hard to grasp, but you can see through the smoke after you attend our courses. Why do 95% of traders that are losing in this industry have to change time frames? Learn to trade and you won’t have to change time frames or lose money to brokers! In order to attend this Course, you must first attend the ADVANCED Course. We cannot teach you how to trade if you do not have the basics and foundation of our trading knowledge.


This Trading Course will teach you how to continue trading as an expert trader and how to trade more accurately and give you the possibility to learn how you can catch almost all the pips in a move, from beginning of the move until it is over. We call this the “WHERE” point. As we have experience with our former students, which are now our clients and thank us for the courses, you probably find this method also too hard to grasp or believe. Again, we do not want to convince you to purchase, we are just giving you an opportunity, which we can easily say it is once in a lifetime. Don’t take our word for it! Read our client testimonials and watch our LIVE Trading Videos! In order to attend this Course, you must first attend the first 2 Courses, the ADVANCED and the PROFESSIONAL Courses. We cannot teach you extremely advanced techniques if you do not know everything. You must first learn how to walk before you learn to run! But you can be profitable with just the first 2 Courses, without needing to attend this Course.


This is our live group power trading course. We teach you everything you need to know to trade profitable and after graduation you will receive every tool which will make your trading sessions and decisions a lot easier, without having the emotions. This course represents the first three courses, all in one. The same knowledge you will learn in the first three courses, you will learn in this one. This is our recommended course as it has a 2 week duration and you will save money, rather than attending the first 3 courses independently. We recommend this course if you want to become a professional trader in just 2 weeks!


This is our KING Course! This LIVE 1-ON-1 Course, has a lot of advantages over the first Courses presented until now, even if the information and knowledge you will receive is the same. The advantages of this course: -

The student has the possibility to choose the attendance days and hours The course is just between the student and our professional trader The information in the course is assimilated better by the student, due to the fact he/she can have more time for questions and teacher explanations.

This Course is more expensive than the first Courses, as our professional trader will give you all the attention you need and because the schedule is made by you!


Here at EXMASIS, we give the possibility to everyone to join our courses, as per our schedule and available classroom slots, even if they do not have the entire amount for a down payment. We have created, at our student requests, a versatile installments plan, made of 6 easy payments and one initial payment. We have no credit check, there is no pre-approved application and more important we have 0% interest! Even if you have a bad credit report, we know we can trust you as we are teaching you how to secure your financial future. Don’t let the prices stand between you and a bright future! Take advantage of our installment plan now!

Don’t forget to visit our website at !

Forex trading strategy & training courses  
Forex trading strategy & training courses