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The Use Of Laxatives To Lose Weight - Ex Lax _____________________________________________________________________________________ By Jackson - Laxatives are not primarily used as a form of weight loss treatment. Rather, they are used as treatment for constipation. Nowadays, more and more people are using laxatives in order to lose weight. The fastest way to lose weight is to use laxatives.There are different kinds of laxatives that are available in the market. Fruits that are rich in fiber are considered laxatives. Leaves of other herbal plants can also be used as laxatives when drank in the form of tea. There are also laxatives in the form of pills and liquid laxatives.

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Perfect examples of fruits that act as laxatives include apple, prunes and pineapples as well as cranberries and tomatoes. On the other hand, there are also foods such as commercial products and broccoli that act as "bulkproducing laxatives". They make our stool appear bulkier because it retains water. Moreover, stool softeners such as Ex-Lax, Colace and Diocto also act as laxatives. They allow water and oil to mix with the stool so that it can be easily dismissed down our digestive tract. Mineral oil is also a good example of stool softener.

Stimulants and hydrating agents are also considered laxatives. Examples of hydrating agents include glycerin suppositories and Epsom salts while stimulants include Senna leaves and Dulcolax. The stimulants work on the colon so that it stimulates contraction so that the stool can easily pass through.

You can use these products along with a healthy diet and exercise to get started in losing weight. Just follow a diet plan and take laxatives everyday until desired. You must also incorporate intense workout training to keep your body fit and toned down.

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