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A sprightly sheet full of the sprays of the old ocean ¯ Wednesday, June 30, 2010 ¯ Vol. 8, No. 21 ¯ Cape May, America’s Original Seaside Resort

Les And Diane Rea’s 50th Wedding Anniversary

Les and Diane Rea celebrated their 50th anniversary at their West Cape May farm on June 22 – and Les’s 75th birthday. Aleksey Moryakov - more photos inside

New Cultural Group Launches

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The Giant Squid Issue!

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Almanac THURSDAY July 1 Sunny


High Temperature: 82 Low Temperature: 63 Chance of Rain: 0% Sunrise: 5:38am Sunset: 8:29pm High Tides: 12:08pm Low Tides: 5:50am, 5:52pm

FRIDAY July 2 Sunny


High Temperature: 81 Low Temperature: 65 Chance of Rain: 0% Sunrise: 5:38am Sunset: 8:29pm High Tides: 12:14am, 12:50pm Low Tides: 6:26am, 6:39pm

SATURDAY July 3 Sunny


High Temperature: 84 Low Temperature: 67 Chance of Rain: 0% Sunrise: 5:39am Sunset: 8:29pm High Tides: 12:54am, 1:35pm Low Tides: 7:03am, 7:30pm

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Thursday, July 1 THE LOOP

SUNDAY July 4 Sunny

Friday, July 2 BIG BANG BABY


Saturday, July 3 THE LOOP

High Temperature: 87 Low Temperature: 69 Chance of Patriotism: 100% Sunrise: 5:40am Sunset: 8:29pm High Tides: 1:39am, 2:23pm Low Tides: 7:43am, 8:28pm

Sunday, July 4 PLEASE PLEASE ME $2 Miller Lites, MGD 65 and Miller High Lifes Monday, July 5 BEHIND THE BEAUTIFUL (FKA DUTCH RUDDER)

MONDAY July 5 Sunny


High Temperature: 85 Low Temperature: 72 Chance of Rain: 0% Sunrise: 5:37am Sunset: 8:29pm High Tides: 2:30am, 3:15pm Low Tides: 8:27am, 9:28pm

Wednesday, June 30 TERRY-OKE

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Tuesday, July 6 TERRIBLE TUESDAY - DJ QWIK $2 Miller Lite - $2 Ugly Mug Summer Brews

OPEN 7 DAYS 11AM-2AM YEAR ROUND! (609) 884-3459 • 426 Washington Street Mall, Cape May

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

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Around The Beautiful Beaches Of Cool Cape May Friday, June 25

The Benson family

Stephanie Schiaho, Danny Alessi




Lucky Bones Pre-Game... Music starts at 8pm July Special... Half Price Pizza Every Night 11pm-Midnight Reverse Happy Hour Returns Every Saturday Night 11pm-Midnight $2 Ice Cold Miller Lite Drafts $3 Margaritas Sunday Breakfast & Steel Drum Brunch • 8am-1:30pm Award Winning Lunch & Dinners Wed-Johnny’s Cousin Steve Thur-Simo & Dobbs Fri-Twelve:01 Sun-Justin Steere

1200 Route 109 South, Cape May

Lunch • Dinner Thin Crust Brick-Oven Pizza

(609) 884-BONE (2663)

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Around The Beautiful Beaches Of Cool Cape May Friday, June 25 PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV TM


LITTLE NECK CLAMS ........... $2.95/dozen 50 for $12

The Reichley and Shniel families

100 for $24 MACARONI & CHEESE WITH LOBSTER MEAT ................... $6.50

TAKE-OUT SPECIALS FRIDAY, JULY 2 & SATURDAY, JULY 3 HOT COMBO APPETIZER SPECIAL 2 Clams Casino • 2 BBQ Clams • 2 Oysters Rockefeller $7.95 Broiled


Mary Barr, Robert Mahon, Ethan and Eric Barr

Served w/ Cole Slaw & choice of French Fries or Baked Potato $11.95 Fried

FLOUNDER, CRAB CAKE & SHRIMP PLATTER Served w/ Cole Slaw & choice of French Fries or Baked Potato $11.95

Fisherman’s Wharf ª Cape May

609-884-3064 Call Ahead & We’ll Have It Waiting For You! Mary Buzby, Jack Burke, Ella Champigny

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Page 5

Around The Beautiful Beaches Of Cool Cape May Friday, June 25

Matt and Max Gilbert

Mason and Jennifer Horst

Jaclyn Drebes, Michael Sloan


C-View Inn Cape May’s Oldest & Friendliest Tavern



1/2 Rack - $8.50 Tuesdays

TAVERN PIZZA NIGHT $3.50 Small Pizzas $5.50 Large Pizzas Wednesdays

OUR INFAMOUS WING NIGHT! starting at 3pm


Famous for Our Wings! 

Corner of Texas Ave. & Washington St., Cape May • 884-4712

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Around The Beautiful Beaches Of Cool Cape May Friday, June 25 PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV

BREAKFAST • LUNCH • DINNER Open Every Day • 7am-10pm Try our New

Mini Meals

starting at 9.95!

We have great soups, desserts, seafood & sautéed specials!

Delicious Homemade Specials

Blanche, Wilma

Beach Avenue & Grant Street, Cape May 884-3772 •

Seaside Cheese Co. Sean, Maureen, Ryan and Mary Anne O’Dea


This cow’s milk triple cream cheese from the Cowgirl Creamery is made from organic milk and has a firm yet buttery taste. It’s mellow, earthy flavor is reminiscent of white mushrooms


Nicolas, Gina and Dominic Stoccardo

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Page 7

Around The Beautiful Beaches Of Cool Cape May Friday, June 25 PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV

Ally and Michael Maccio, Terri Orrell

Serving Dinner Nightly from 5:30pm

Beach Avenue & Howard Street at the Hotel Macomber

(609) 884 8811 Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot Syrah

Jennie Lynn, Diego Roberts, Audrey Lane, Mary Kate Nelson

Chardonnay Riesling Port

Tasting Room - Open Daily 12-6pm Winery Tours - Daily at 3pm

Visit ~ Taste ~ Tour Enjoy a sampling, glass or bottle of any of your favorite cape may wines, with over 15 choices to choose from, while you relax on our charming vineyard deck or back patio overlooking our lush vineyards.

WINERY TOURS HELD DAILY 3PM Learn from grapes to bottle how our award winning wine is made!

711 Townbank Road, North Cape May Amanda and Juliette Fuhrer, Casey O’Connor, Megan Maskornick

(609) 884-1169 •

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Around The Beautiful Beaches Of Cool Cape May Friday, June 25 PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV

Jenna Vlassis, Meghan Titus

Jamie and Peggy DiMaggio, Edie and Steve Velenger

The Wolf Pack – plus James McCabe, Karl Umscheid

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Page 9

Around The Beautiful Beaches Of Cool Cape May Friday, June 25

Sara and Shane Cassel

MG Maggiano, Anthony Jack Mercincavage

Jonah Parness, Bobby O’Connor


Page 10

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Police Blotter

WAYNESBORO, GA: Deputies responded to a complaint that a man was screaming in his yard. A neighbor told police he saw the man put a gas can to his nose and yell, “I’ll obey you devil,” and, “I’m gonna kill somebody.” Deputies confronted the offender, who told them he was looking for his dog. – The True Citizen

Learn Russian With Tanya

YOU probably couldn’t throw a stone in Cape May without hitting an Eastern European person, though we would condemn such an act. We at Exit Zero warmly embrace our Commie Cousins (we’re joking!) and to this end offer a weekly lesson to help you communicate. Please note – the “Russian” we are printing is our phonetic interpretation. What is the Russian name for the novel Moby Dick? Kak perevesti nazvanie knigi Mobi Dik na russkii? And, here is how your Russian-speaking friend is likely to respond: My tak i nazyvaem etu knigu Mobi Dik. Eto imia kita. Imena sobvstvennye ne perevodiatsa. Which translates to: We call it Moby Dick. That’s the whale’s name. You don’t translate proper nouns. – Tanya Zotava

Weird Word Of The Week

Mollycoddle A British word meaning to be overprotective of, or, when used as a noun, an especially pampered man or boy.

A Picture From The Past

Don Pocher

THIS aerial shot of Cape May shows the town in transition. The Baltimore Inn has been demolished, leaving a huge empty parcel on Jackson Street and dating this picture to early 1971, since the Hotel Lafayette, Elberon and VFW building are still standing. Then there’s the Windsor Hotel open for business, while Cape Motel is still a small motel, having yet to be transformed into the Sandpiper. The beaches are wide and there are no dunes. – Ben Miller

Facebook Mystery Contest

KNOW your way around Cape May? Think of yourself as the observant type? Feast your eyes on the photograph above, taken by our resident cryptographer Dan Mathers. If you think you know whose front window this is, you have a chance to win a $50 gift certificate to spend at a local business. Go to the Exit Zero Facebook page before Monday for a full-size, full-color photo and instructions on how to enter – follow the instructions carefully. And, don’t worry if you have never used Facebook before – it’s easy! Just ask your six-year-old nephew. To enter, look for the mystery photo at www. Good luck!

Random Fact Of The Week

GIANT squid is thought to be the largest invertebrate on Earth. They grow up to 59 feet long and weigh around 1800lbs. But they live for a maximum of three years. Marine biologists believe that giant squids have only one natural enemy – the sperm whale.

Fortune Cookie Of The Week J You are the man of righteousness and integrity. J ONCE a week, the folks at Exit Zero eat at Cape Orient, the island’s fine Asian restaurant. Sometimes we find pearls of wisdom at the end of our meal. And sometimes we don’t. The above fortune cookie was eaten with Peking Duck Rolls and Empress Chicken. Please note: Any typos are not ours, but those of the fortune cookie manufacturers. We print them as we find them.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Page 11

Ramblings From The Editor


Ideas, idle gossip and occasionally important odds ’n’ ends... by Jack Wright

S three-hour epics go, it didn’t offer the drama of Gladiator, the chest-pounding fervor of Braveheart or the gut-wrenching emotion of Dances With Wolves. But last Thursday’s special meeting to discuss the new convention hall actually blew me away. The city council, an administration I have criticized a great deal in the past couple years (specifically the mayor and city manager), presented a show that was packed with excellent research, diligent financial homework and common sense by the gallon. I wish that every resident of this city had seen it. If they had, I think a large majority of them would feel as I did after the show was over... the ONLY way to proceed is with the design that voters approved of, by a two-toone majority in November of 2008. And I say this despite the fact that the price of the construction jumped from the original estimate of $10.5 million to at least $13.6 million (the lowest bid on the table right now). The price jumped primarily because the state’s Department of Environment would not allow the city to build its planned convention hall on an enlarged footprint that swallowed up “virgin” beach. Instead, the DEP required them to move the building 24 foot toward Beach Avenue, requiring a rebuilding of the promenade – an extensive, expensive task. I’m not going to dwell on the process that led us to this point. All I will say is that I think the city council put the cart before the horse by commissioning the architect, KimmelBogrette, to design such a building without first getting an indication from the state as to whether or not they would even consider allowing the city to build on the beach. In so doing, I believe the city delayed this project

since they had to go back to the architect after the DEP turned down their plan and ask for a new design, one that conformed to the state’s requirements. But that’s done now. And the one thing that everyone seems to agree on is this – Cape May NEEDS a convention hall as soon as possible. Not everyone loves the new curved promenade that is planned for the front of the new building – but I do. Some say the planned building is too big for Cape May. I don’t agree. I believe the center as planned would be a shot in the arm for the twice-annual Cape May Jazz Festival, which has suffered at the hands of the recession but which could attract even bigger names than it already does to such a fantastic new venue. Some people point to the fact that the old convention hall only sold out once in its 47-year lifespan. That may or not be true, but I can’t say I’m shocked. It had the charm, the facilities, and the acoustics of an oversized cow shed. Okay, maybe not THAT bad, but it was the kind of place where mediocre wedding bands would feel right at home. It wasn’t a convention hall, unlike its 1917 predecessor, it was more of a community center and many happy memories were made

there, to be sure. But it wasn’t a performance venue that could attract world-class performers. The new center would. Imagine how the Cape May Music Festival would be served by such a venue. Imagine how the Cape May Film Festival could spread its wings with such a venue. Imagine how the new Cape May Forum (more, much more on that in an upcoming issue) could grow with such a venue. Imagine how the antiques and arts and crafts fairs could benefit from such a venue. Imagine the number of weddings and small conventions that would be attracted to such a venue, bringing in many hundreds of thousands of dollars into the local community, as well as into the city coffers, along with rent revenue from the three planned stores and restaurant (and what a pretty cool restaurant space it would be). Now, what if you still really don’t want all of this for little Cape May? What if you really DO just want to see a hall on the same scale as the existing building? The trouble with that plan is that the architect would have to redraw the plans, which would then have to be approved again by the DEP (always a slow and tortuous process) and the council would then have to put the contract out to bid again – all of which would take the best part of a year, most likely. And in the meantime all indicators point to an upward trend in the construction market, which means that the prices of materials, which are coming out of something like a 15-year low, will start to rise. That could add a considerable amount of money on to the price of a smaller hall. The city flashed up a lot of figures at the meeting. I won’t bore you with them all. But

Serving Dinner from 5pm Early Dinner Specials 5-6pm $21.95

Japanese • Sushi • Chinese • Thai Cuisine

OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK YEAR ROUND Lunch • Dinner • Take-Out • Catering 315 Ocean Street, Washington Commons Mall (609) 898-0088 •

Casual or Fine Dining... Your Choice!

1/2 PRICE RAW BAR ITEMS! 5-6pm Nightly in the Pub Only

609-884-5878 • 991 Ocean D rive , C ape M ay

Page 12

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ramblings From The Editor ? From Page 11 suffice to say that the cost of a smaller convention hall is likely to be very close to the price of the glorious building the city wants to build. City auditor Leon Costello told the most compelling story of the night. Because of a number of variables (a favorable bond rating for the city, a recent bond sale that was very successful, and other debt that has been retired) the cost of the hall to the taxpayer, assuming a price tag of $13.6 million, would be around one cent per dollar (around $60 per year for the average homeowner). In 2008, Leon did a similar projection based on the original price of $10.5 million. Back then it was going to cost the taxpayer more than two cents on the dollar. Whatever your views are on the new hall, it’s really, really, really difficult to oppose it on financial grounds. If you are a Cape May taxpayer and you are not willing to spend around $60 a year on such a wonderful addition to the infrastructure of this town then I don’t even know what to say to you. A couple people wondered how much it was going to cost the city to actually run the new hall, and that’s a good question. It would obviously be pretty hard to answer that with any degree of accuracy, but I’m confident that

the hall would offer so much potential for revenue that we would have no reason at all to worry about it being a drag on the taxpayers. Aubrey Kent was one of the people wheeled out by the city for the presentation. He is an Associate Professor of Sport Management at Philadelphia’s Temple University and talked about how much revenue the new center could attract in four categories – community recreation and leisure; public events, such as fairs and concerts; private rental capability, from conferences to weddings; and rental income from the retail stores and restaurant. He based his estimates on the numbers of people who came to the old hall, using the same prices that they previously paid. That was smart, given that this is the most conservative standpoint to take. You only need to look at the design of the new hall to figure out that: 1. Many more people will want to visit it; 2. There will be scope for MANY more activities there than before; 3. People could be expected to pay a bit more money than they would have in the old center. Anyway, keeping to these conservative parameters, Aubrey said the new hall would pull in a minimum of $550,000, but he said that was using numbers that “wildly undrestimate the value of the convention hall, given its very desired location and attractiveness as a build-

ing.” Aubrey said he was confident the planned new building would likely bring in up to $1 million every year. Steve Markley, from Hunter Roberts Construction Group, who are managing the construction of the new halll, said that the cost of the Cape May center would compare very favorable with the much-criticized Wildwoods Convention Center. It is a 100,000 square-foot building that cost $700 per square foot, while the proposed new 32,000 square-foot Cape May building, which is being built seven years later, would cost $400 per square foot. Mayor Mahaney said the new building would help make Cape May once again a 10.5month economy. “It has slipped back to a seven to eight-month economy,” he told the meeting. I agree with him wholeheartedly (you won’t see that too often in my column) and I hope that the three new members of council – Deanna Fiocca, Bill Murray and Jack Wichterman – will agree that, despite their reservations, the story that the city told last week was a compelling case that we need to move ahead right now with a building that will grace the city’s lovely beachfront and provide both residents and visitors with a center that will please the eye and benefit the city coffers. We’ve talked enough. More than enough. We’ve had six public meetings. Let’s do this!

Moderate price. Moderate size. Definitely not middle of the road! Reserve Your Private Party for 2010! Rehearsal Dinners Reunions Baby Showers Bridal Showers Any Special Occasion

Serving Dinner Nightly from 5pm Reservations Recommended Gift Certificates Available!

Reservations: (609) 898-9800 301 Washington Street Mall, Cape May, Corner of Washington & Perry Street

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Page 13

Around The Beautiful Beaches Of Cool Cape May Friday, June 25

Mary Hicks, Bill and Judy Hatter, Tom Sachs, Bill Sachs


Authentic Italian Cuisine Seafood & Fine Dining

Prime Rib Special

New York Strip Steak • Filet Mignon Veal Cutlet • Center Cut Pork Chops

Saturday & Sunday

PRIME RIB SPECIAL - Saturday & Sunday Early Birds EARLY BIRDS - Sunday-Friday 3:30-5:30pm

Italian ne

Vegetarian, vegan, organic or local... UNION PARK and delicious! (609) 884-1131 479 West Perry St. West Cape May

Sunday - Friday 3:30 - 5:30pm

FREE WiFi Hot Spot

(with purchase)

Pet Friendly Outdoor Seating

ne Dining

ip Steak• non• rk Chops• let•

ayshore Rd., N. Cape May • 889-6610 3704 Bayshore Road, North Cape May

Plaza Shopping Center (next to Burger King) (Cape Plaza Shopping Center, next to Burger King) • 889-6610

Coffee House & Organic Market

Page 14

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Around The Beautiful Beaches Of Cool Cape May Friday, June 25

Amy Lex

Victor and Patti Llewellyn

Anna Llewellyn, Heather Horse, Hannah Fartz


s t k r e c e a t B Simply Delicious!

The Cobblers are Back by Popular Demand!

Cobblers available in Blueberry and Peach!

Freshest Ingredients • Fantastic Specials • Friendly Atmosphere • Reservations Recomended Dinner Nightly from 5pm (closed Tuesdays) • Breakfast from 9am on Saturday & Sunday 600 Park Boulevard, West Cape May • (609) 884-7660 •

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Les And Diane Rea’s 50th Wedding Anniversary Party Sunday, June 20 at Rea’s Farm, West Cape May PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV

Tom and Kiersten Keywood, Harley the pup, Carol Rea Flynn

Missy Keywood, Carol Rea Flynn, Diane and Leslie Rea

Sue Ann Rea, Bill and Merrie Flynn, Brian Shaffer

Page 15

Page 16

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Les And Diane Rea’s 50th Wedding Anniversary Party Sunday, June 20 at Rea’s Farm, West Cape May PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV


Creative American Comfort Foods Full Menu • Daily Specialties OPEN DAILY

Check us out on Facebook! Our Liquor Store is Fully Stocked and Ready To Go!


Joe Battle, Chaz Lear

Len and Neva Sachar, Karl and Barbrara Novsak

Thursday, July 1 - DJ Dat Girl Friday, July 2 - Dead Poets Saturday, July 3 - Poker Face Tues., July 6 - Karaoke with DJ Jimmy J

3832 Bayshore Road North Cape May

(609) 886-2200

Pam and Chip Kaithern, Dan and Dianne Rutherford

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Page 17

The Ultimate Cape May Food & Drink Chart What you need to know about the food and the vibe

Meals served

Price range of entrées

Bar or BYOB?

Should I book?

Food for kids?

A CA MIA 524 Washington Street Mall (609) 884-6661

A lovely little spot on the Washington Street Mall. Fine food, excellent service and great people-watching.

L, D

$10-$30 Cards: V, MC, AE, D




ALEATHEA’S 7 Ocean Street, (609) 884-5555, Ext. 226

This fine restaurant offers superb food in a graceful setting, an elegant bar, and dining with ocean views.

B, L, D

$15-$45 Cards: V, MC, AE, D




AVALON COFFEE 7 Gurney Street (609) 898-8088

Superior coffee that’s always fresh, and healthy food that’s perfect for both breakfast and lunch.

B, L

$3-$8 Cards: V, MC, AE, D




AXELSSON’S BLUE CLAW 991 Ocean Drive, (609) 884-5878

Fine dining near the harbor. Elegant dining room, cozy fireplace, and the classic Clipper Ship Pub.


$24-$30 Cards: V, MC, D




BACK CORNER CAFÉ 3860 Bayshore Road, North Cape May (609) 886-2323

A brand-new joint at the rear of the building that formerly housed Bayshore 8 cinema. Tasty snacks and drinks.


$3-$9 Cards: V, MC, D




BACKSTREET 600 Park Boulevard (609) 884-7660

Downhome cooking and a really friendly, laidback vibe in this gem of a place, just a few minutes from Cape May.

B, D

$13-$29 Cards: V, MC, AE




THE BAYSHORE 3832 Bayshore Road North Cape May (609) 886-2200

New owners Jim Linnington and Ed Niemann deliver creative comfort foods and a lot of overall improvements.

$6-$20 Cards: V, MC, AE




BELLA MANGIATA 1891 Bayshore Road, Villas (609) 889-6800

This Villas spot favorite attracts people from all over. Why? The food is reliably good and very affordable.

B, L, D

$7-$20 Cards: V, MC, AE, D




BELLA VIDA CAFÉ 406 N. Broadway, (609) 884-6322

“The local café with the wholesome aroma” is what they call it... and that’s how we describe it. Very apt!

B, L, D

$5-$25 Cards: V, MC, D




THE BLACK DUCK 1 Sunset Boulevard, (609) 898-0100

A chic interior and stylish food, but the ambience is anything but pretentious. Modern American cuisine.


$15-$28 Cards: V, MC




BLOODY MARY’S 1035 Beach Avenue (609) 884-7000

A little taste of the tropics at this restaurant, which is located at the Atlas Inn on Beach Avenue.

B, D

$7-$23 Cards: V, MC, AE, D




BLUE MOON PIZZA Perry Street & Beach Avenue Cape May (609) 884-3033

If your stomach is grumbling as you lie on the beach, if you need a late-night snack after a fun night at the bars... it’s all here!

L, D

$7-$13 Cards: V, MC, AE, D




THE BLUE PIG TAVERN 251 Beach Avenue, (609) 884-8422

Congress Hall’s restaurant is better than ever, serving classic tavern food with a twist or two along the way.

B, L, D

$12-$36 Cards: V, MC, AE, D




THE BOILER ROOM 251 Beach Avenue, (609) 884-8422

Congress Hall’s chic basement nightclub has an assortment of great music on the weekends and a cool vibe.


Cards: V, MC, AE, D





Onsite parking


Handicap accessible

Other details

Takeout available

Page 18

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Les And Diane Rea’s 50th Wedding Anniversary Party Sunday, June 20 at Rea’s Farm, West Cape May

Norma Cruz, Steve Meller

Carol and Rob Flynn

Tyler and Kaitlyn Flynn, Kiersten Keywood


The Exit Zero Clip Art And Fake Ad Contests Start looking through the paper... you could win a gift certificate to an advertiser!


Somewhere in this paper is a fake ad!

CLIP ART CONTEST Hidden somewhere in the paper is this SQUID ... Find it & enter to win!

But be aware as it may be a real business in our area, but the product or service will not be real... Check closely! This Week’s Prizes:


ANSWERS - JUNE 9 ISSUE: CLIP ART Page 98 - Dr. Goldstein Ad FAKE AD Page 54 - EZ Soccer Ball

Actual Size Shown Here:


WHEN YOU FIND THE ANSWER(S)... ENTER BY ONE OF THESE WAYS: 1. E-mail your name and address along with the answer to: 2. Mail us your name, address, and answer(s) on an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper to: Exit Zero Publishing, 109 Sunset Boulevard, Suite D, Cape May, NJ 08204 Entries Deadline Date: Tuesday, July 13. Draw Date: Wednesday, July 14 One entry per address or email address. Prizes will be mailed to the winners.


Mia DelCorio - C.M.C.H., NJ Peggy Stein - Cape May, NJ Katie Kimsey - Cape May, NJ


Heather Watson - North Cape May, NJ Doris J. Cummings - Pennsville, NJ Darcy & Bill Gyuraki - Cape May, NJ

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Page 19

The Ultimate Cape May Food & Drink Chart What you need to know about the food and the vibe

Meals served

Price range of entrées

Bar or BYOB?

Should I book?

Food for kids?

V, MC, AE, D











V, MC, AE, D























CABANAS 429 Beach Avenue, (609) 884-4800

It’s always warm and friendly in this lively beachfront bar that features some of the best live bands around.

CAPE MAY BAKERS 482 West Perry Street (609) 884-7454

Whether you want to start your day with a treat, or want goodies for a picnic or pickme-up, this is the place to go!

CAPE MAY WINERY 711 Townbank Rd., (609) 884-1169

This beautiful winery is open daily from 12-5pm. Make a reservation to tour the winery on Saturdays at 3pm.


CAPE ORIENT 315 Ocean Street, (609) 898-0088

Great food every time, whether you are looking for Chinese, Thai or sushi. Service is superb, too.


CAPTAIN’S COVE 1216 Route 109 Cape May (609) 884-7288

Good downhome food at this popular family restaurant, at the harbor. A good stop for breakfast or lunch favorites.

B, L

CARNEY’S Beach Avenue and Jackson (609) 884-4424

Good food, reasonably priced, at one of Cape May’s premier nightspots. There’s always something happening here.

L, D

THE CARRIAGE HOUSE at the Emlen Physick Estate 1048 Washington Street (609) 884-5111

The Carriage House offers everything from hearty wraps, salads, quiche and paninis to classic teas.


COPPER FISH 416 Broadway West Cape May (609) 898-1555

Chef Geoff Johnson’s popular Copper Fish is under new management, at a new site – Broadway and Sunset.


CUCINA ROSA 301 Washington Street Mall (609) 898-9800

Nicely located at the beginning of the mall, this Italian restaurant is a mustvisit. Simply superb food.


C-VIEW INN Texas Avenue & Washington Cape May (609) 884-4712

A locals’ favorite, the oldest and friendliest tavern in town with great wings, excellent pub fare and cold beer.

DEPOT MARKET CAFÉ 409 Elmira Street Cape May (609) 884-8030

New owners Chris and Lisa Shriver are keeping the old favorites at this locals joint AND adding new specials.

B, L, D





DRY DOCK 1440 Texas Avenue (609) 884-3434

A perennial favorite in Cape May. You could say it’s become an ice cream institution! Also a good stop for lunch dinner.

L, D, Ice Cream





THE EBBITT ROOM 25 Jackson Street, (609) 884-5700

With the remarkable cooking of chef Lucas Manteca, there’s even more reason than usual to visit. Sublime concoctions.






Onsite parking



L, D


$5-$27 V, MC, AE, D


$7-$20 V, MC, AE, D

$12-$19 V, MC, AE, D

$24-$32 V, MC, AE, D

$12-$29 V, MC, AE, D

$4-$18 V, MC

$26-$33 V, MC, AE, D

Handicap accessible

Other details

Takeout available

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Les And Diane Rea’s 50th Wedding Anniversary Party Sunday, June 20 at Rea’s Farm, West Cape May PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV

Frank and Lynne Germanio

John and Betty Jean Webeisinn

Patti, Susie, George

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

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The Ultimate Cape May Food & Drink Chart What you need to know about the food and the vibe

Meals served

Price range of entrées

Bar or BYOB?

Should I book?

Food for kids?

ELAINE’S DINNER THEATER 513 Lafayette Street (609) 884-1199

Stop for a cocktail at the classic bar, then sit down for dinner and an entertaining night of comic theatre.

D, Theater

$39.95 fixed V, MC, AE, D




ELLIE’S BAKERY 301 North Broadway West Cape May (609) 884-4007

It’s all ridiculously tasty and it’s all cooked right here on the island. Go on, treat yourself – you deserve it, right?

B, Bakery





FISH AND FANCY 2406 Bayshore Road, Villas (609) 884-4007

Superb seafood however you like it – fried, broiled, grilled, blackened or sautéed. That’s choice for you. Also great salads.

L, D





410 BANK STREET 410 Bank Street (609) 884-2127

Still one of Cape May’s finest restaurants. Serving food that’s as brilliant and creative as ever. A must-visit.


$25-$37 V, MC, AE, D




FRESCOS 412 Bank Street (609) 884-0366

It wins awards for its Italian food every year for a reason. This is authentic cuisine served in a beautiful location.


$18-$29 V, MC, AE, D




GECKO’S Carpenter’s Square Mall Cape May (609) 898-7750

This local favorite serves superb southwestern food. Grab a seat on the patio when the weather is nice!

L, D

$8-$24 V, MC




GODMOTHER’S Broadway & Sunset (609) 884-4543

Excellent downhome Italian food, reasonably priced and great for a family dinner. Try their early birds special!


$12-$28 V, MC




HARBOR VIEW 954 Ocean Drive (609) 884-5444

A Key West vibe, great views of the harbor, good food and regular entertainment. Come spend the afternoon or night.

B, L, D

$6-$30 V, MC




HARPOON HENRY’S Beach Drive and Browning (609) 886-5529

You know that summer is around the corner when this little slice of the Caribbean re-opens. Bring it on!

L, D

$10-$21 V, MC, D




HARRY’S Madison & Beach Avenue (609) 884-6113

A home-style, friendly feel that puts a modern twist on the classic comfort foods we all know and love.

B, L, D

$8-$24 V, MC, AE, D




HAWK HAVEN VINEYARD 600 S. Railroad Avenue Rio Grande (609) 846-7347

Every Friday night in the winter the Wine Bar and Barrel Room is open. A fun, well-run vineyard.


V, MC, AE, D




HEMINGWAY’S 1045 Beach Avenue (609) 884-5611

A relaxed yet elegant island ambiance, featuring USDA Prime Steaks and classic seafood creations.

B, L, D

$15-$38 V, MC, AE, D




HENRY’S ON THE BEACH 702 Beach Avenue (609) 884-8826

One of the best places to take the family for breakfast, lunch or dinner. And you get to see dolphins going back and forth.

B, L, D

$10-$20 V, MC, D




HIGHER GROUNDS 479 W. Perry Street (609) 884-1131

Great coffee, home-baked treats, and lots of healthy food options. A cozy, friendly corner spot. Try it!

B, L






Onsite parking

Handicap accessible

Other details

Takeout available

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010 Southern Italian, Seafood & Steaks, Pasta, Veal & Chicken


Les And Diane Rea’s 50th Wedding Anniversary Party Sunday, June 20 at Rea’s Farm, West Cape May PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV

NOW TAKING RESERVATIONS! Dinner Nightly from 5pm

Kiersten and Missy Keywood, Bill and Gloria Sutton

EARLY BIRD SPECIALS • 5:00-5:30 Soup or Salad, Entree & Dessert • $16.95

Broadway & Sunset ~ 884-4543

Les and Diane Rea

Serving Dinner Nightly From 5pm


Only $19.95

898-0100 (609) 898-0100

Sunset Blvd., West Cape 1 1Sunset Boulevard., West CapeMay May Marilyn Russo, Diane Rea, Nick Russo

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

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The Ultimate Cape May Food & Drink Chart What you need to know about the food and the vibe

Meals served

Price range of entrées

Bar or BYOB?

Should I book?

Food for kids?

HOTDOG TOMMY’S Jackson Street @ Beach (609) 884-8388

If there are better dogs at the Shore, we’ve yet to hear. Tommy and Mary Snyder are hot dog jedi warriors.

L, D





ISLAND GRILL 311 Mansion Street Cape May (609) 884-0200

Caribbean-influenced food, in a lovely, colorful setting. The sauces and combinations are creative and delectable.

L, D





ITALIANO’S 600 Park Boulevard West Cape May (609) 898-2200

Sometimes, only pizza will do. And Italiano are masters. They also have hoagies, salads and wraps, and offer FREE delivery.

L, D





LATITUDES 1246 Route 109 (609) 884-6200

Cape May’s newest restaurant offers good food in a relaxed environment, located right at the harbor


$10-$24 V, MC, AE, D




THE LOBSTER HOUSE Fisherman’s Wharf, (609) 884-8296

Take-out, fish market, restaurant, raw bar, breakfast diner... The Lobster House has it all.

B, L, D

$5-$25 V, MC, AE, D




LUCKY BONES 1200 Route 109, (609) 884-BONE (2663)

It’s a huge hit for a reason. Excellent food, great bar vibe, superb service. Gets it right every single time.

L, D

$6-$22 V, MC, AE, D


For tables of eight or more


MAD BATTER 19 Jackson Street (609) 884-5970

The original fine dining restaurant in Cape May and still one of the best. The food is always creative.

B, L, D

$19-$30 V, MC, AE, D




MAGNOLIA ROOM 301 Howard Street, Cape May (609) 884-8409

This is as old school as it gets. The Chalfonte Hotel’s restaurant has had the same chefs for more than 60 years. Simply wonderful.

B, D

$10-$34 V, MC, AE, D




MARIE NICOLE’S 9510 Pacific, Wildwood Crest (609) 522-5425

Marie Nicole’s serves modern American cuisine with a European ambiance in a relaxed atmosphere.


$19-$44 V, MC, AE, D




MARTINI BEACH 429 Beach Avenue Cape May (609) 884-1925

A lively nightspot with a friendly vibe, great Mediterranean dishes, and a panoramic oceanfront view.


$15-$30 V, MC, AE, D




MAYER’S TAVERN 894 Third Avenue Cape May (609) 884-8980

No frills at this harborfront bar. This is where fishermen go to drink serious drinks and eat seriously good scallops.

L, D





MERION INN 106 Decatur Street, (609) 884-8363 www.merion

The dim, amber lighting, dark wooden bar, period fittings and classy staff give this place a special ambience.


$18-Market V, MC, AE, D




OCEAN VIEW Beach & Grant Avenues (609) 884-3772

A large and very reliable menu. Classic diner food, and very reasonably priced. A locals’ favorite.

B, L, D

$9-$30 V, MC, AE, D




OYSTER BAY 615 Lafayette Street (609) 884-2111

A lovely dining room, a beautiful copper-top bar and classic, generous dishes are what you’ll find here.


$12-$29 V, MC, AE, D





Onsite parking

Handicap accessible

Other details

Takeout available

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

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A Night On The Town

Bars, restaurants, culture and events... Dan Mathers’ weekly guide to what’s going on in Cape May


AVID Birney is 71 years old and looks better in tights than I do. Actually – David Birney looks better in tights than I THINK I would; I’ve never had the occasion to wear tights. Worse than that, he knows it. “What makes a star?” he asks, “Tights.” David Birney plays the co-lead role of the ghost of John Barrymore (dressed as Hamlet) in Cape May Stage’s latest production, I Hate Hamlet. He has come back from the beyond to guide a young actor in his pursuit of theatre’s toughest role. The young actor, Andrew Rally, is already a television star and is attempting to return to his roots of classic theatre – but he’s terrified. My wife and I were at this production as part of my blatant attempt to butter her up before leaving for a soccer-filled weekend with my friends. I returned home from work that Thursday with a bottle of blueberry wine from Nassau Valley Vineyard (they’re just a ferry ride away in Lewes, DE) and a cheesecake from La Patisserie on the Washington Street Mall. A couple glasses of wine later and I was cracking up at the satirical antics onstage. It got

to the point that Jim Rose, a recent Cape May transplant who happened to be sitting next to us, said to me at intermission, “I like the parts where you laugh – like REALLY laugh – way louder than everyone else.” Honestly, that wasn’t just because of the wine. I love little throwaway lines – jokes that are built into the dialogue yet aren’t expected to receive a full laugh – and I Hate Hamlet was full of them: stereotyping about rhinestone glasses,

asking about padding your tights, and plenty of sexual frustration. (The play also has plenty of regular jokes, too, that had the whole audience laughing ). The show continually poked fun at Shakespeare. The night of the performance, as the cast were preparing to leave for the show, Rally’s television director, the embodiment of all that is wrong with Hollywood, said, “He’ll be good. I hope he will. But, with Shakespeare, how can you tell?” While extolling the virtues of classical theatre, I Hate Hamlet was cognizant of the reality it faced. Following Rally’s showing as Hamlet, the ghost of John Barrymore stood boldly in his tights trying to reflect upon his work in preparing the young actor. “I wasn’t even at the performance,” he said, “I was here – at home – watching television. I’m American.” Tanya and I thoroughly enjoyed our night: we dressed for the theatre and laughed; we discussed the point the play was making and contemplated its validity while breaking down the individual characters; then we went home, plopped on the couch and flipped on the TV.

Prime Steaks Sensational Seafood

New on Monday Nights! $17.95 All you can eat Dungeness Crabs Parsley Red Skinned Potatoes | House Salad Corn on the Cob | Fresh Bread


Reservations Recommended

1045 Beach Avenue • 609.884.5611

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

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The Ultimate Cape May Food & Drink Chart What you need to know about the food and the vibe

Meals served

Price range of entrées

Bar or BYOB?

Should I book?

Food for kids?




PETER SHIELDS 1301 Beach Avenue, (609) 884-9090

The Georgian revival mansion is magnificent and the modern American menu matches it all the way.


PIER HOUSE 1327 Beach Avenue, (609) 898-0300

A chic restaurant with a lively bar scene and excellent food, located at the La Mer, overlooking the Atlantic.

B, D

$20-$35 V, MC, AE, D


THE PILOT HOUSE 142 Decatur Street (609) 884-3449

A classic pub and restaurant offering great burgers, excellent comfort good and an authentic ambience.

L, D

$15-$25 V, MC, AE, D




RIO STATION 3505 Route 9 South Rio Grande (609) 889-2000

While all around it has changed, the Rio is still serving excellent food with old-style, friendly service.

L, D

$13-$29 V, MC, AE, D




RUSTY NAIL Beach Avenue between Jackson and Perry (609) 884-0017

The local legend is back and it’s better than ever. The relaunched Nail is beachfront dining at its best.

B, L, D

$10-$19 V, MC, AE, D




SEAN’S RESTAURANT Beach Avenue between Jackson and Perry (609) 898-0017

Fresh, delicious food at a great beachfront location is what you’ll find at Sean’s Restaurant! Tell him we sent you.

L, D

$16-$24 V, MC




SEASIDE CHEESE COMPANY 600 Park Blvd., (609) 884-8700

A huge plus for the area when it opened, and this place continues to delight with gourmet treats.

L, D

$4-$12 V, MC, AE, D




TOMMY’S FOLLY COFFEE 251 Beach Ave, (609) 884-6522

Situated in the lobby of Congress Hall, this shop has great coffee and some lovely to-go breakfast goodies.

B, Café

$2-$5 V, MC, AE, D




THE UGLY MUG 426 Washington Street Mall Cape May (609) 884-3459

A Cape May legend, and even better now that they’ve put those wonderful booths in there. Such a treat.

L, D

$12-$25 V, MC, AE, D




UNCLE BILL’S PANCAKES Beach Avenue & Perry Street Cape May (609) 884-7199

Reliably-excellent food – there is a reason why people wait a while to eat here... excellent breakfasts and brunches.

B, L





UNION PARK Beach Avenue & Howard (609) 884-8811

Elegant dining in a classic old hotel, and the food is magnificent and inventive. One of the best in the area.


$18-$35 V, MC, AE




VINCENZO’S LITTLE ITALY II 3704 Bayshore Road North Cape May (609) 889-6610

If you want to bring the family for a fine and fun Italian meal, look no further than here! The kids will love it.

L, D

$8-$20 V, MC, AE, D




WASHINGTON INN 801 Washington Avenue (609) 884-5697

Superb gourmet food, and a great little cocktail bar to get your night off on the right foot. Amazing wine list.


$18-$34 V, MC, AE, D




ZOE’S 715 Beach Avenue, Cape May (609) 884-1233

Zoe’s has large portions at affordable prices. And they have a great patio if the weather is nice... bring Fido!

B, L






Onsite parking


V, MC, D

Handicap accessible


Other details


Takeout available

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Friday Evening In Cabanas June 18, around 11:30pm

No names

Bill and Susan Natale

Josephine Elvarez, Teresa Vojak

John, Katy, Teroye

Steph, Dan the Man, Mom


HARBOR VIEW RESTAURANT, BAR & MARINA Serving Lunch & Dinner 7 Days a Week • Breakfast on Saturday & Sunday THURSDAY NIGHT Girls Night on the Deck with Heidi & Aurora


By Popular Local Demand

Saturday, July 3 DANNY EYER


Sunday, July 4 IT’S A SINATRA THING 1-5pm

Sundays in the Restaurant 11:30-4:30 35 gourmet burgers cooked 140 different ways, plus 6 specialty burgers! Regular menu served too.

PLAY NICE, 8-12pm CHATTER BAND Monday, July 5 3-7pm


954 OCEAN DRIVE, CAPE MAY • 609-884-5444 Between


G a r d e n S tat e P a r k way & W i l dwo o d C r e s t O n


B ay


H a r bo r V i e w M a r i na

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

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The Cape May Forum Will Inspire The City

New cultural organization launches on July 10 with the theme, “Humor: Can It Save the World?”


E HAVE the jazz festival, the film festival, the music festival... now a new cultural event will hopefully provide yet another reason to visit America’s Original Seaside Resort. The Cape May Forum – Chautauqua at the Shore is launching a new arts and cultural program that will consist of creative and inspiring speakers, events and workshops. The idea? To further enhance the life experience of residents and visitors to the community. Cape May Forum’s first theme is entitled “Humor: Can It Save the World?” Programs are being scheduled in various venues throughout the city. Together with several cultural organizations, Cape May will be transformed into a campus of entertaining programs on the subject of humor and its benefits for living. The official launch will happen on Saturday, July 10 at 10am at the First Presbyterian Church of Cape May, 500 Hughes Street. Speaker John Morreall will present a program entitled “Red, White and Often Blue,” addressing the history of American humor from Ben Franklin to Sarah

Speaker John Morreall, an international expert on humor, will be in Cape May July 10

Silverman. Tickets may be purchased at the door for a $15 donation to support this non-profit organization. Call (609) 770-2626 for advance or priority seating. John Morreall is an internationally recognized authority on humor and its benefits.

He is a professor at the College of William and Mary and has been teaching college courses on humor since 1983. His 50 articles and four books include Comic Relief and Humor Works, published by Human Resource Development Press. Since 1988 he has been on the editorial board of Humor: International Journal of Humor Research. For 2004-2005, John was elected President of the International Society for Humor Studies. His work has been featured in the New York Times, the Chicago Tribune, and the Washington Post. Founding members of the Cape May Forum, Daniel Cohen and Stephen Miller, spent many summers at Miller’s home in Chautauqua, New York. Together, their families enjoyed cultural events presented by the original Chautauqua Institution. Cape May Forum – Chautauqua at the Shore programs are based on its four pillars of focus: arts, humanities, education and recreation. Their intention is to attract retired professionals, educators, students and families, with events that will extend the tourism season and stimulate the local economy. For more information about Cape May Forum, visit:

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


On Broadway SERVING DINNER NIGHTLY FROM 5PM Bill Caterini Plays Live on Friday & Saturday!


416 Broadway, West Cape May •

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What’s Going On In The Bars And Clubs

A swingin’ guide to the area’s night life HARBOR VIEW Friday: Velvet Elvis, 8-12 Saturday: Danny Eyer, 8-12 Sunday: It’s a Sinatra Thing, 1-5. Play Nice, 8-12 Monday: Chatter Band, 3-7pm CABANAS Friday: NY Ska and Jazz Ensemble Saturday: Star 69 Sunday: Blind Drunk, 4:30pm PILOT HOUSE Thursday: Jay Bethel, 8-10pm Friday: Barry, 9pm Sunday: Barry, 4-6pm UGLY MUG Wednesday: Terry-Oke Thursday: The Loop Friday: Big Bang Baby Saturday: The Loop Sunday: Please Please Me Monday: Behind The Beautiful Tuesday: Terrible Tuesdays MAD BATTER Wednesday: Jazz w/ Cape May Jazz Thursday: Cape May Carl Friday: Geno White Trio Saturday: Erik Simonsen THE EBBITT ROOM Thursday: Paul Sotille, Jr, 6:30pm Friday: Paul Sotille, Jr, 6:30pm Saturday: Paul Sotille, Jr, 6:30pm CARNEY’S Wednesday: Big House Thursday: Animal House Friday: Crystal Roxx Saturday: Big Romeo Sunday: Animal House plays the Jam Session and also at night Monday: Minute to Win It with Terk Tuesday: Karaoke RIO STATION Friday: Gregg Carpenter, 6-9pm. Karaoke with Troy David, 9pm BOILER ROOM Thursday: Terr-oke Friday: Edgardo Cintron Saturday: The Dane Anthony Band AXELSSON’S BLUE CLAW Saturday: George Karavan BLOODY MARY’S Friday: Billy Jack, 5:30-8:30 Saturday: Our Island DJ, 8:30-11pm MERION INN Wednesday: George Mesterhazy Thursday: George Mesterhazy. Friday: George Mesterhazy Saturday: George Mesterhazy Sunday: George Mesterhazy Monday: George Mesterhazy

Tuesday: George Mesterhazy, Jazz Trio, 8:30 HAWK HAVEN VINEYARD Sunday: Sangria Sundays, 12-7pm RUSTY NAIL Friday: Carl Behrens, 4:30, Matt Santry, 9pm Saturday: Kate Delaney, 4:30pm, Tru Bruddahs, 9pm Sunday: All Day Reggae from 1-10pm LUCKY BONES Wednesday: Johnny’s Cousin Steve Thursday: Simo & Dobbs Friday: Twelve:01 Sunday: Steel Drum Brunch, 7am-1:30pm, Justin Steere at night HARPOON HENRY’S Friday: Michael James Saturday: Beachcomber Bill Sunday: Beachcomber Bill Monday: Ann Oswald & Don Shaw Tuesday: Sal Anthony Wednessday: Sal Anthony Thursday: Sal Anthony COPPER FISH Friday: Bill Caterini Saturday: Bill Caterini THE BAYSHORE Thursday: DJ Dat Girl Friday: Dead Poets Saturday: Poker Face Tuesday: Karaoke w/ DJ Jimmy J HEMINGWAY’S Friday: DJ Jeff Walden, 9pm Saturday: DJ Ron Becker, 9pm HARRY’S OCEAN BAR Thursday: Nicki Sbaffoni, 4pm Friday: Johnny’s Cousin Steve, 4pm Saturday: Don Kimenker, 4pm Sunday: Brian Kmetz, 4pm. East Street Shuffle on the upper deck ALEATHEA’S Wednesday: Supper Club Cabaret, 6:30pm Friday: Doug Williams on piano Saturday: Doug Williams on piano Sunday: Supper Club Cabaret, 6:30pm Sunday Funday & Doug Williams on piano MARTINI BEACH Thursday: Geno White Trio, 7-10pm Friday: Eddie Morgan & Rek’d 4 Jazz, 8pm Sunday: Keith Rippey, 6-9pm Monday: Keith Rippey, 6-9pm Tuesday: Keith Rippey, 6-9pm THE CHALFONTE Tuesday: Concerts by Candlelight featuring Celtic Women and Friends, 8:30pm. CONGRESS HALL Sunday: All American Picnic and Fireworks, begins at 4pm, live music

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Friday Evening In Cabanas


June 18, around 11:30pm


Kids’ Menu

Great Veggie Dishes

Margo Kealy, Chuck Kealy, Barb Lindsay, Jim Ford, Kim Allen


Charming Patio

Delicious Desserts

VOTED “BEST MEXICAN” NJ Monthly 2009 2002/2005/2006/2007/2008 “BEST OF THE SHORE” Philadelphia Magazine 2006

“Exquisite cuisine served in a charming 19th century setting makes LaVerandah one of Cape May’s finest restaurants. Elegant dining is offered on the outdoor verandah or in a high-ceiling room cooled by sea breezes flowing through French doors opening to the porch... remarkable cuisine... and sophistication...”

— Philadelphia Inquirer, John V.R. Bull


(name that tune )

— Press of Atlantic City, 2005

“EXCELLENT” AC Press 2005

Carpenter’s Square Mall, Cape May 898-7750

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but our ‘dogs are so delightful

Open Everday 9:57 ‘til 6:01 (609) 884-5868 107-113 Grant Street, Cape May NJ 08204

On Jackson Street at Beach (609) 884-8388 Available for weddings & banquets

Wednesday, June 30, 2010




*** AND what’s up with cuttlefish? They are an odd creature and they don’t look cuddly at all to me. – West Cape May [Spouty Editor’s Note: They are not called cuddlefish, duh.] *** I USED to date a giant squid but my family did not approve so we had to break it off. – Mr. Spouty Offy Whale *** IF YOU like rum, you have to try the brand Kraken. Even Jason, the advertising manager, liked it and he does not drink alcohol. – Cape May *** WHY do they call it calamari when it is cooked? Is it not still just a squid? I’ve never heard a fisherman say he needed some calamari for bait. – Cape May *** I REMEMBER that one time I got hit with a baseball right in the tentacles... that really hurt. – Erma [Spouty Editor’s Note: I think this Spouty Offy-er meant to say testicles.] *** EXIT Zero should go green and start printing their paper using squid ink. – Cape May *** I SAW some silly kids show with a square sponge and a squid named squidworth. Whatever happened to Sesame Street for

10:18 AM Page Page33 1


The column where anonymous gasbags have their say! THEY call sea creatures with eight arms octopuses (or octopi), but a sea creature with 10 arms is called a squid? Shouldn’t they be called a decipuses (or decipi)? – Cape May


Featuring hand-cut steaks, fresh seafood & an amazing selections of wines & beer-on-tap

kids? Now they are watching some rude sponge with some delinquent sea friends. No wonder today’s youth is messed up. – Cape May

Friday Nights

*** I READ that squids have beaks. Can you beleive that? I always thought they were sea creatures and come to find out that they are related to birds. Who knew? – Cape May






inks All Dr





[Spouty Editor’s Note: But I thought you said that you used to date a squid.] [Mr Spouty Offy Whale’s Note: That’s true, but that squid was hot. And how she used to wrap all her tentacles around my testi...]


Free Happy Hour Buffet

[Spouty Editor’s Note: They ARE sea creatures and ARE NOT related to birds... they just call the mouthpiece a beak.] I CANNOT believe that I was replaced by a squid for this stoopid issue... a squid of all things. Do they even have brains? – Mr Spouty Offy Whale

@ The Rio

CURZ 0:00 AN G I R L RU M Free S Stuff

Live Music with Gregg Carpenter -9:00




Karaoke with Troy David

[Spouty Editor’s Note: Okay, stop right there... this is a clean magazine, not Playboy.] [Mr Spouty Offy Whale’s Note: What a hypocrite you are, you just said that word a few Spouty Offys back.] [Spouty Editor’s Note: True, but my reference was not as racy as yours was going to be, plus I’m in charge.]

Rio Grande Center Shopping Mall • 609-889-2000 •

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

in p m u b go Things

ht the nig

i Bar n i t r a e’s M at Elain

A Friday Evening In Cabanas June 25, around 11:30pm PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV

Friday & Saturday

HAPPY HOUR 4 to 6 PM Small Plates Menu Enjoy our Giant Margaritas, Pitchers of Sangria and Island Music Great for Sharing on our porch

Shawn, Teroye, J.T.

Kaitlin, Jay, Bob, Jess

Elaine’s Dinner Theater Haunted Mansion Restaurant & Victorian Inn 513 Lafayette Street Cape May

609-884-1199 Jordan, Anne, Vivian

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Wednesday, June 30, 2010

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A Friday Evening In Cabanas June 25, around 11:30pm

No names

Erika and Mike

Mike and Serina


Fine American cuisine in an oceanfront mansion

Open nightly from 5:30pm

1301 Beach Avenue, Cape May 609.884.9090 •

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Friday Evening In Cabanas June 18, around 11:30pm

Erica Young, Don Montgomery

Mr and Mrs Thomas Speigel

Karen, Eileen



7 Ocean Street (609) 884-5555

Open Daily for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner


New this Summer!

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY! Patio Dining now available for Lunch & Dinner Great place to watch the fireworks on Sun., July 4th!

ALEATHEA’S SUPPER CLUB CABARET! Ultimate Broadway! Featuring Doug Williams

Wednesday & Sunday • 6:30pm Doug Williams on Piano Complete Dinner & Show Thurs. thru Saturday evenings $30 per person

Oyster Bay Steak & Seafood Restaurant



Fresh Fresh seafood seafood • • Tasty Tasty steaks steaks Copper-top bar • Free parking Copper-top bar • Free parking Bottle and draft beer

615 Lafayette St., Cape May 609-884-2111

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Page 39

Confessions Of A Cape May Lover


An enthusiast’s view of America’s Original Seaside Resort... by Meghan Kunz

HERE are certain sights, sounds, and activities that are synonymous with summer, one being anything beach-related and the other being outdoor movies. Up in the northern part of the state, I can throw my orange Exit Zero collapsible chair into the Honda and watch movies in the local parks. But the Chamber of Commerce of Greater Cape May trumps this activity by offering Movies at the Beach during July and August. This event runs from July 8 through August 26 on Thursday evenings next to Henry’s on the Beach (near convention hall). Bring a blanket or chair (if you’re bringing a child, there are children-friendly activities beginning at 7:30pm, along with cartoons) and enjoy classics such as E.T. (the first movie I have any memory of seeing), Star Wars (released the year I was born), and Jaws (pre-dates me). Check the ad in Exit Zero every week for the schedule. I’ve never seen a movie at the beach, but I have the entire experience romanticized in my imagination and hope to catch one this year. Any water-related activity is also satu-

rated with summery vibes and Cape May is filled with aquatic entertainment. Looking for something slower paced than parasailing and wave running? Try the Sunset Kayak Tour from the Nature Center of Cape May, which travels from the Cove beach to Higbee’s Beach on July 12 and 28 at 5:30pm. Receive equipment, instruction, and guided services on this paddle tour around Cape May Point while viewing marine life such as dolphins and sea birds (plus, give your upper arms a workout!) It’s $50 single kayak/$90 double and space is

limited so call Aqua Trails on (609) 898-8848 to reserve a spot! I’ve experienced wave running once, and can safely say that all aquatic activities initially make me irrationally nervous, but as soon as I’m on the water the adrenaline takes over and I shed any anxiety that I was harboring. I like to take advantage of the ocean when I’m around it, since kayaking on the Passaic River doesn’t have the same ambiance (plus, you increase your chances of appearing in an issue of Weird NJ). Another summer staple are the farmers’ markets, which I find completely overwhelming (in a good way). I purchase produce I have no idea how to integrate into any type of dish, and then stuff them into my refrigerator with a sense of accomplishment. I hear that eating locally grown food is a great way to combat allergies. Check out the West Cape May Farmers’ Market and Community Concert at the Backyard Park (732 Broadway at the Municipal Complex) on Tuesdays between 3:007:00pm through August 31. And it’s not just for the produce lovers – you can find antiques and live art demonstrations, too.

715 Beach Avenue, Cape May (609) 884-1233 OPEN EVERYDAY BREAKFAST, LUNCH & DINNER


* Full Breakfast Menu Homemade Muffins, Pancakes & Omelettes * Lunch & Dinner - Our Own Roasted Turkey & Roast Beef Cape May’s Largest Cheese Steaks & Hoagies Vegetarians, Enjoy Our Homemade Veggie Burgers * Entire Menu Available for Take-Out * Patio Dining/Pet Friendly... BYOD

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Friday Evening In Cabanas June 18, around 11:30pm

Brian, Nicole

Simone, Chris

Steve, Cari

PHOTOGRAPHS BY SANDY MALONEY... TO ORDER COPIES, PLEASE CALL (609) 770-8479 Breakfast • Lunch Dinner • Cocktails HAPPY HOUR 4-6pm EARLY BIRDS Live Music - No Cover Charge! Wednesday, June 30 Jazz with Cape May Jazz


Thurs. July 1 - Cape May Carl Fri. July 2 - Geno White Trio Sat. July 3 - Erik Simonsen

3 Course Menu $30 available anytime Late Menu, Desserts & Cocktails Now Making Our Own Fresh Pasta $25 Wine List Available anytime


19 Jackson Street, Cape May 884-5970 •



northern italian & contemporary american cuisine

OPEN DAILY FOR LUNCH AND DINNER PRIX FIXE MENU... $22.95 • 3 Courses • 5-6:30pm

Sidewalk Cafe & Children’s Menu 524 washington street mall, cape may 609-884-6661 •

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Page 41

A Friday Evening In Cabanas June 18, around 11:30pm

Casey, Anthony

Kamina, Vincent

Samantha, Jennine


SERVING LUNCH & DINNER Reservations Accepted • Cash Only Free Parking • Catering Available

t k Ou Chec ll Menu u Our Fnlne at: O apema usec o h t o pil


HAPPY HOUR • EARLY BIRDS TRIVIA NIGHT - Wednesday - 8pm LIVE MUSIC! Thursdays @ 8pm • Fridays @ 9pm Sundays @ 4pm

311 Mansion Street • (609) 884-0200


Page 42

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The BEST PS SCALLeOMay in Cap ! Try Them


A Friday Evening In Cabanas June 18, around 11:30pm PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV


Delicious Baby Back Ribs at the Bar!

894 Third Ave., Cape May • 884-8980


BREAKFAST & LUNCH 6AM-2PM Pork Chops and Eggs • Steak and Eggs WE HAVE DELICIOUS SOFT SHELL CRABS! SUNDAYS - Try Our Eggs Benedict!

JJ, Lisa, Donna, SLI

Delicious Homemade Soups Seafood Caesar Salad • Chicken Caesar Salad Shrimp Salad • Chicken Salad

1216 Route 109, Cape May • 884-7288

Restaurant & Ice Cream Bar Eat-In or Take-Out Family Run Business

Nono, Jeremy, Amy, Bucket

Open Daily 11am-9pm

weekends until 10pm


6 oz. Burgers • Cheesesteaks • Wraps Fresh Salads • Wings • Hoagies Fresh Seafood Platters • Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes Hard and Soft Ice Cream • 40 Different Sundaes Much More!

1440 Texas Avenue 884-3434

Onion Rings

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Page 43

Cape May Stage After Party For “I Hate Hamlet” Show Thursday, June 17 at the Pier House Restaurant

Joe McCauley and Mary Kate McCauley

The Spotlight Whip, The Sound Wench

Bill and Anne George

Terence and Kathleen O’Neill


Page 44

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Washington Inn


Cape May Stage After Party For “I Hate Hamlet” Show Thursday, June 17 at the Pier House Restaurant PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV

“Casually Elegant”

DINNER NIGHTLY FROM 5PM Joe McCauley, Lois Boylan, Kate McCauley Hathaway


Kathy Healey, Karis Danish, Star Kirby



WWW.WASHINGTONINN.COM Jule Loftus, Carol Wichser

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Page 45

The Old Fogey


Ah, those good old Cape May days... by Jackson D’Catur F ALL the beasts of the ocean I have fought, the giant squid is the most fearsome. Not the smartest, though – the giant octopus

has that title. The time I battled an octopus while diving for pearls for a necklace for the late Mrs D’Catur, the octopus down there had a miniature industry going, farming the oysters for pearls, selling them to middlemen and using the profits to import delicacies from around the globe to be consumed in its palace made from polished oyster shell. In the end I had to defeat her by arranging a leveraged buyout of her business, then exercising shareholder rights to drive her off the board. And the squid isn’t the most voracious either – the Great White shark is hungrier. The one I hunted down off Cape May used to consume the contents of every fishing boat’s nets it could find, along with the crews and boats themselves, and that was just for breakfast. I defeated him by stuffing a dead whale (I always have a couple in

formaldehyde in the basement) full of dynamite and floating it out to sea. The shark ate the entire 30 tons and when it detonated, it rained shark meat (plus little pieces of fisherman and a dozen bumper cars that serial number checks later revealed came from a funfair ride that went missing from a beach resort in China). But the giant squid is the most terrifying. It’s not the colossal tentacles with their serrated suckers that can tear through a

battleship hull. It’s not the speed at which it travels, so swift that water boils behind it. It’s not the eyes the size of dinner plates, gazing at you coldly. It’s the beak: the giant squid’s beak is 10 feet across and twice as high. I’ve feared beaks ever since I was savaged by a flock of cockatiels in Africa. So, I confess that when I was commissioned to hunt the giant squid terrorizing these waters I allowed myself to be sketched by an artist in full hunting regalia, with ivory-handled harpoon, trusty Bowie knife, and stripped to the waist, ready to dive in and do battle. But the moment I was underwater I swam around the Point, sneaked out of the water and paid two rogues from Wildwood to row out and dump a poisoned cow carcass overboard. The squid instantly pounced, and for good measure consumed the boat and occupants. When it floated to the surface an hour later, gray and swollen, I waded out of the water, glistening like Neptune, put it to the sword, and claimed full credit.

Try it... you’ll like it. Didn’t your mother always tell you that? Well, guess what... she’s right, especially when it comes to the new menu at an old favorite... The Carriage House at the Physick Estate. NEW THIS SUMMER...

    Quiche of the Day • Wraps     Panini of the Day • Entrée Salads 

Plus classic Tea Luncheons and Afternoon Tea,  delicious and delectable soups, salads and desserts.

e v o l Try it... you’ll it! Here’s more to like....


10% OFF

Just tell your  server you  saw this ad!


For reservations ... 609-884-5111

Carriage House at the Physick Estate

1048 Washington St., Cape May, NJ • 609-884-5404 Operated by the Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts & Humanities (MAC)


Page 46

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cape May Stage After Party For “I Hate Hamlet” Show Thursday, June 17 at the Pier House Restaurant PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV

91 Beach Drive, North Cape May

(609) 886-5529 • www.harpoonhenry’


Live entertainment EVERY night 6 – 10 Friday – Michael James Sat & Sun – Beachcomber Bill Monday – Ann Oswald & Don Shaw Tuesday, Wed, Thursday – Sal Anthony Tuesday – Wing Night Thursday – Prime Rib night

702 Beach Avenue, Cape May

Jim Moffatt, David Birney, and unnamed lady

Ronnie Cohen, Gail and Stephanie Wilsey

(609) 884-8826 •

OCEANFRONT DINING! OPEN EVERY DAY FOR LUNCH & DINNER Breakfast/Lunch 11:30 – 3:00 • Dinner from 4pm

Remember why you came to Cape May! Bring a bottle of wine, overlook the beach, watch the waves and enjoy Fresh fish of the day with your choice of topping, or succulent prime rib or Henry’s Fish Sandwich IF WE WERE ANY CLOSER TO THE OCEAN YOU WOULD NEED A BEACH TAG. Janet Miller, Mary Trella, Katie Zinsmeister

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Page 47

Page 48

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


HALF PRICE HAPPY HOUR Seven Days A Week From 3-6pm ½ Price Drinks, Beers & Wines ½ Price Appetizers

Steamed clams, cheesesteak spring rolls, shrimp potstickers, buffalo wings, pizza, loaded skins, baked brie & fruit plate, quesadillas

$12 EARLY BIRD SPECIALS 4-6pm YOUR CHOICE: Prime rib, crab cake, clams & linguini, Atlantic salmon, chicken parm, flounder francaise

MINUTE TO-WIN-IT Monday Night 1/2 Price Drinks Prizes Hosted by the town’s famous “TERK” Check Us Out on Facebook!

Saturday, July 3 “BIG ROMEO” Sunday, July 4 SUNDAY DAY JAM SESSION “ANIMAL HOUSE” Sunday Night “ANIMAL HOUSE” WEDNESDAY - Live on Stage: BIG HOUSE $3 Coors Light Bottles THURSDAY - Live on Stage: ANIMAL HOUSE $3 Miller Lite Bottles MONDAY: 1/2 Price Drink Night with DJ & Dancing TUESDAY - Karaoke - Cash Prizes & Gift Certificates - FUN FUN FUN!!!

(609) 884-4424

Beach & Jackson Street, Cape May •

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Page 49

Cape May Stage After Party For “I Hate Hamlet” Show Thursday, June 17 at the Pier House Restaurant

George Mallous, Bea Pessagno

Suzanna Holt, John Patrick Hayden

Al and Nancy Beale

Muriel and George Gray

Gus Andy, George Mallous

Chris Hallenbeck, Lauren Bieber

PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV... TO ORDER COPIES, PLEASE CALL (609) 770-8479 Serving Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Fruit Smoothies and Frozen Coffee Drinks.!

Delicious breakfast & lunch sandwiches

Eat In Take Out Catering for Any Event! “BREAKFAST ON THE FLY” Featuring The Depot Market’s Blend


Open Daily at 6am! Fresh Rolled Old World Bagels • Muffins • Croissants Cookies • Cinnamon Buns • Smoothies Specialty Coffees and Drinks • Cappuccinos • Lattes #7 GURNEY & THE BEACH, CAPE MAY • (609) 898-8088 3704 BAYSHORE ROAD, NORTH CAPE MAY • (609) 846-0040 NORTH CAPE MAY LOCATION OPEN DAILY FROM 6:30AM

of Locally Roasted Coffee, Breakfast Sandwiches, Baked Goods & Juices!

CALL AHEAD FOR EARLY MORNING PICK-UP! Take the Affordable Tastes of The Depot Market Home with You or to the Beach!

Featuring Delicious Seafood Specials & The Depot’s Signature Soups... changing daily. Try Our popular Slow Braised BBQ Short Rib SW and Our Tempura Specials!

409 Elmira Street, Cape May (Next to the Train Station) • 609-884-8030

Page 50

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Colorful Beach Town Restaurant... with a Laidback L’Attitude

Inspired Coastal Cuisine


Serving Dinner Tuesday-Sunday 5-10pm Daily Specials • Parking on Premises Children’s Menu • Take-out Available

1246 Route 109, Cape May • 609-884-6200

We love large parties! Since 1876

Magnolia Room Restaurant Nationally Acclaimed Southern-style fare BREAKFAST & DINNER Al fresco dining Three course $34 price fixe Sun-Thurs 5-9pm, Fri-Sat 5-10pm

Full Breakfast Buffet $9.95 Mon-Sat 8-10am, Sun 8-11am Marie Natale

$29 SUNDAY SUPPER BUFFET 301 Howard Street · Cape May · (609) 884-8409 ·


ART EXHIBIT New York watercolorist Penelope Chiusano Opening Sunday, July 4

CONCERTS BY CANDLELIGHT Celtic Women & Friends Tuesday, July 6 at 8:30pm

Traditional Irish step, Scottish dance, and Breton folk. Free for guests dining in the restaurant! $10 adults, $7 children. Reservations required.


Friday & Saturday at 8pm. Reservations Strongly Suggested.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Wedding of Exit Zero’s Dan Mathers and Tanya Zotava Saturday, June 12 at Cape May Point PHOTOGRAPHS BY VICTOR GRASSO

Page 51

American Continental Cuisine in a Relaxed Setting Check us out on Facebook!

Lunch and dinner served Wednesday thru Monday Breakfast with a Twist Served Friday, Saturday & Sunday We have delicious lobster rolls & fish tacos!

Dan Mathers, Jack Wright and Jack Lindeman awaiting the bride

314 BEACH AVENUE • (609) 898-0017

Reverend Jack Wright presiding

OPEN DAILY Serving Breakfast & Dinner Lunch on Saturday & Sunday


“Wine Down” at The Pier House

Late Night “Mezze”

(Greek tapas) Open Friday & Saturday 10pm - ?

1327 Beach Avenue, Cape May

Chelsea, Jim, Lisa, Luke, Tanya, Dan, Jimmy

898-0300 •

Page 52

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Wedding of Exit Zero’s Dan Mathers and Tanya Zotava Saturday, June 12 at Cape May Point


Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Page 53

Everyone is invited..

Launch party for the second edition of THE FIRST RESORT, Exit Zero’s best-selling history The rooftop of The Grand Hotel, Beach Avenue @ Philadelphia Thursday, July 8 From 5pm to 9pm

«Book signing by author Ben Miller «Complimentary snacks «One free drink for every person «Entertainment by Carl Behrens Call Exit Zero on (609) 770-8479 for more information

Page 54

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


The Wedding of Exit Zero’s Dan Mathers and Tanya Zotava




Saturday, June 12 at Cape may Point

20 Years Of Providing The Freshest Seafood At The Lowest Prices


Tanya Zotava, Dan Mathers, Yulia Goremykina, Jack Lindeman

Now Open 7 Days Per Week

2406 Bayshore Road, Villas (next to Robinson & Son’s Produce) 886-8760 •

Friends and family

BYOB Mediterranean - American Fare

OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK FOR LUNCH & DINNER! Join Us for Breakfast on Saturday & Sunday @ 9am

THREE COURSE EARLY BIRD MENU Available All Night for only $17 reservations: (609) 884-4020 106 Sunset Blvd., West Cape May

The family

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Page 55

Goings-On Around Town

A quick, but completely useful, guide to what is going on this weekend, and a little beyond « THE City of Cape May will stage its annual Independence Parade on Saturday, July 3 beginning at 1pm, with the line up at noon. The parade route is Beach Avenue from Philadelphia Avenue to Patterson Avenue with the review stand at Convention Hall. Floats, decorated bicycles and antique autos are encouraged to participate. Call Cape May Civic Affairs at 884-9565 for information. The city, the Chamber of Commerce and Congress Hall will stage a fireworks extravaganza on Sunday, July 4 at 9pm, off Congress Beach from a barge. Meanwhile, Lower Township’s fireworks celebrations WILL go ahead – on Monday, July 5 along the bay front from Lincoln Boulevard to Emerson Avenue, from 5pm to 9pm. « JAZZ Vespers at the First Presbyterian Church, Hughes & Decatur Streets, will be held on Monday July 5 at 8:00pm. The Ed Vezinho/Jim Ward Big Band storms the Jazz Vespers stage, riding the crest of the new-found popularity of big band jazz composer/arranger Vezinho and trumpeter extraordinaire Ward. They lead a top-notch band of Atlantic City show performers through great originals and arrangements of classics by Ellington, Dorsey and more contemporary bands. Limited free parking is available. A $5 donation is suggested. Wheelchair accessible. Call (609) 884-0680 or visit for more information. « THERE is more jazz on Sunday July 11, from 2pm to 4pm at the CApe May VFW at 419 Congress Street. The Atlantic City Jazz Band will feature Herb Roselle on trombone, Franny Smith on banjo, Bob Rawlins on clarinet, Bob Ferguson on trumpet, John McCleman on tuba, Chuck Harms on drums, Nancy Rawlins on keyboard. It’s great traditional Dixieland Jazz and a fun time. Tickets are $10 in advance (call 609-8847961) or $15 at the door – everyone is welcome. Proceeds are donated to Lower and Middle Township High Schools to support their Music/ Band Programs. There is free parking, cash bar and an optional dinner at 4:30 =pm. « ACCESS to Art will open its 13th annual Sam Maitin Summer Chamber Music Festival featuring the Daedalus String Quartet performing works by Mozart, Berg and Schubert on Wednesday, July 7 at 8pm. The event will be held at the Cape May United Methodist Church, 635 Washington Street. Praised by The New Yorker magazine as “a fresh and vital young participant in what is a golden age of American string quartets,” the Daedalus Quartet has established itself as a leader among the new generation of string ensembles. In the nine years of its existence the Daedalus Quartet has received plaudits from critics and listeners for the security, technical finish, interpretive unity, and sheer gusto of its performances – and this in cannily selected repertoire ranging from the classicism of Haydn to the complexities of Elliott Carter. “Polished and vigorous” (The New York Times); “a young quartet whose moment has arrived” (The New York Sun), “jet propelled rockets of blistering virtuosity... the music rang gloriously” (The Washington Post) – these are only a few of the accolades garnered by the Daedalus Quartet in recent seasons. Tickets for this special event are $20 adults, $15 seniors, and $10 students. They will be available at the door. Call Access to Art at (609) 465-3963 for information. And remember to arrive early – parking is very limited in the area.


898-2200 FAX: 898-2055

Open Daily Year Round 10:30-11:30


600 Park Blvd. West Cape May

Get this

Wine Bag


10% OFF

plus with any 6 bottle wine purchase and this AD! While supplies last 202 JACKSON STREET CAPE MAY • 884-8488


BEACH BOXES TO GO Choice of Homemade Turkey, Tuna, Chicken or Egg Salad served on a ciabatta roll Choice of cole slaw, potato salad or pasta salad, plus chips and a cookie. $7.99

715 Beach Avenue, Cape May (609) 884-1233

Page 56

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Full Moon Mexican Fiesta Great Summer Specials!

Many Flavors of Homemade gelato!

Thursday, June 24 at the Congress Hall Pool PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV

Open 7 Days for Lunch & Dinner Breakfast from 7am Thursday thru Sunday

PIZZA FAMILY DEAL Extra Large 18” Cheese Pizza and a Pitcher of Soda - $11.95

(Up to 4 People, Dine In Only, Cannot combine with any other offer)

CLASSIC CAR SHOW Wednesday July 14 • 5-8pm (Bring your new or classic car for the show and receive 10% off.)

Pat Sluk, Sandy Johnson, Julia Johnson, JJ Johnson, Courtney Sluk

Become a fan on Facebook for special offers & announcements!

1891 BAYSHORE ROAD, VILLAS • 889-6800


Marcel, Rick, Kristina

Open Every Day!


Donde esta la fiesta?

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Page 57

Full Moon Mexican Fiesta Thursday, June 24 at the Congress Hall Pool

Noreen, Sabina

Lance and Stephanie Vogel

Steve Turner, Stephanie Gemana






884-3033 • Perry Street & Beach Avenue

WCFA-LP • Serving the Lower Cape with Jazz and More!

Page 58

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Full Moon Mexican Fiesta Thursday, June 24 at the Congress Hall Pool PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV

James Dvorak, Glen Maloane, Sharon Dvorak, Andrew Dvorak, Terri Carrigan Litzl

Maria Marlowe, Robin Klein, Marisa Marlowe, Barry Dima

Jordan, Viviane, Kathy, Don

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Page 59

Art Show Opening And Reception For Sean Taylor And Friends Friday, June 25 at SOMA NewArt Gallery


CAPE MAY BAKERS Fine pastries • hearth-baked wholegrain breads donuts • decadent desserts and more Daily lunch items including: quiche • stuffed breads pasta salads • soups • veggie tarts and more

• Gourmet teas and coffees including Grounds for ChangeTM organic fair trade coffee!

All of Our Fine Baked Goods are Made Daily Right on the Premise! Celebrating 30 Years of Fine Baking in Cape May!

All recipes are vegetarian and many vegan friendly items are available.

Beautifully Decorated Cakes for Every Special Occasion.

(Wedding cake orders by appointment only!)

482 West Perry Street, Cape May | (609) 884-7454 |

Page 60

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Page 61

Art Show Opening And Reception For Sean Taylor And Friends Friday, June 25 at SOMA NewArt Gallery

Rick DiSepia, Shirley Stiles

Sheila Grabarsky

Alicia and Victor Grasso

Ron, Goldstein, Alicia Grasso


Page 62

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Art Show Opening And Reception For Sean Taylor And Friends Friday, June 25 at SOMA NewArt Gallery

Wesley Tosto, David Tosto

Cally Crawford, Megan Rohlfing

Janet Miller, Peter Cole




Debbie & Mike Downes

Cape Winds

Out of the Past Antiques

Florist & Gift Shop OPEN WEEKENDS! 860 Broadway (Broadway & Stimpson Lane) West Cape May NJ 08204 609-884-1865 • 609-884-2602 Fax email:



2 Hermit OCEAN AVE. & WASHINGTON ST. behind the Horse & Carriage! Crabs FREE with 884-9032 large set!

394 Myrtle Ave., W. Cape May,


Sterling Silver Bangle with Claddagh Design on one side and the Irish for love, friendship and loyalty on reverse

ALL IRISH IMPORTS 401 Lafayette Street, Cape May (609) 884-4484

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Page 63



Chattel House Village, 109 Sunset Boulevard (Opposite Shell gas) (609) 770-8479 OPEN EVERY DAY 10-5

Page 64

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Looking for Something

di f f

e ren t ?

Opening And Reception For Sean Taylor And Friends Friday, June 25 at SOMA NewArt Gallery PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV

Come visit our farm in Cape May and get acquainted with our colorful herd of fleecy friends. Shop in our farm store for unique gifts and accessories: alpaca yarn, luxurious alpaca sweaters and blankets from Peru or hand knits by Barbara. FARM STORE HOURS: Sat. & Sun. 10-4P BAY SPRINGS FARM 542 New England Rd. Cape May, NJ 08204 (near Higbee Beach) Ph. 609-884-0563

Ron Goldstein, Shirley Stiles, Steve Haas

Certified Only Cape May Please Call 1-610-613-9846





Sneak Preview:

(609) 884-6181 600 Park Boulevard West Cape May

Jane Hinds, Jael, Liz, Dot Garrabrant

YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD FLORIST FOR 26 YEARS! Visit me at my display to see my new products: Beautiful Wooden Plaques of Cape May.


Patricia Rainey Studios 609-886-4863 • Ronnie and Barry Cohen, Sarah Hunter

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Page 65

The Big Exit Zero Guide To Shopping in Cool Cape May

Where Exactly Is The Store Located?

Tell Me A Little About What They Sell At This Place

Credit Cards

Store Hours

A PLACE ON EARTH 526 Washington Street Mall Cape May 866-400-SOAP

A delectable, delicious, beautifully realized and executed soap, bath and general gift shop. A gem.

Soaps, lotions and wonderful treats for your body and soul. And they make their own stuff on the premises! The Monkey Farts scent is probably the best-known brand in the store – great name, amazing product!

Visa, MC, Discover

SundayFriday 10-5, Saturday 10-8.

ALL IRISH IMPORTS 401 Lafayette Street Cape May (609) 884-4484

Right across from Collier’s Liquor Store (which, appropriately, is a big green building!).

There are T-shirts, hand-knit fishermen’s sweaters, greeting cards, pewter, calendars, Waterford crystal, Belleek, jewelry, perfume and even biscuits! See their new selection of Irish books.

Visa, AMEX, MC, Discover

MondayFriday 9-5, Saturday and Sunday 10-8.

ANTIQUES EMPORIA 405 West Perry Street Cape May (609) 898-3332

At that funny little intersection where Perry Street bends into West Perry Street.

There is always a great selection of Americana, furniture, costume jewelry, clocks, watches, vintage postcards, magazines, books and more. Vintage jewelry is a great way to finish off an outfit.

Visa, AMEX, MC, Discover

MondayFriday 11-4, Saturday 10-5, Sunday 10-4.

BAY SPRINGS ALPACAS 542 New England Road Cape May (609) 884-0563

Down New England Road – the northern tip of the island – on your way to Higbee Beach.

This charming 10-acre farm is great for a family visit. Come see how alpaca fiber is spun into yarn, then pick up a sweater, scarf, blanket or hat made from it. Treat your feet to ultra-comfortable alpaca socks.

Visa, MC, Discover and Paypal

Saturday and Sunday 10-4.

BIRD HOUSE OF CAPE MAY 109 Sunset Boulevard West Cape May (609) 898-8871

In the illustrious Chattel House Village on Sunset Boulevard, across from Shell gas station.

An extensive selection of bird houses, from Victorian, colonial and traditional styles to urban and eclectic designs. They also offer scented wax pottery, Wind and Willow mixes, garden accents and home decor!

Visa, AMEX, MC, Discover

Open daily 10-5.

CAPE MAY BIRD OBSERVATORY 701 E. Lake Drive Cape May Point (609) 884-2736

Follow Sunset Boulevard out to Lighthouse Avenue, turn left and the CMBO is on your right.

Everything a nature lover could want – from field guides, binoculars and scopes to clothing and books. They stock the best selection of binoculars in the area in all price ranges. Featuring beautiful Charley Harper merchandise.

Visa, AMEX, MC, Discover

Open daily 9:30-4:30.

CAPE MAY LINEN OUTLET 110 Park Boulevard West Cape May (609) 884-3630

Right across from CVS on Park Boulevard in West Cape May.

The hand-picked deals and oldfashioned service keeps the customers coming back. Your source for everything linen, from aprons and tablecloths to linen by the yard, you’re sure to find it here.

Visa, AMEX, MC, Discover

Open daily 10-6.

CAPE MAY SANDAL SHOPPE 108 Jackson Street Cape May (609) 898-3547

Right off the Washington Street Mall by Happy Baby Boutique & Louisa’s Café.

This is way more than a sandal shop. They have a wide and varied selection of jewelry, bags, T-shirts and fashion accessories and stock sandals in every shape, size, and style you could ever possibly hope to find.

Visa, MC, Discover

Open weekends.

CAPE MAY WICKER 203 Sunset Boulevard West Cape May (609) 884-1849

On Sunset Boulevard just past the Shell gas station and Chattel House Village.

Wicker is a classic piece of furniture that looks good indoors and out and compliments any style of decorating. Cape May Wicker have an unbeatable selection of wicker furniture to suit any situation.

Visa, AMEX, MC, Discover

Open 9-5. Closed Tuesday and Wednesday.

CAPE WINDS FLORIST 860 Broadway West Cape May (609) 884-1865

On Broadway just before the windowless, brown Verizon building as you leave town.

Cape Winds Florist is family-owned and has more than 30 years of experience. They always go the extra mile to make their floral gifts perfect. Offering beautiful, elaborate floral arrangements and prompt, friendly service.

Visa, AMEX, MC, Discover

MondaySaturday 8-5, Sundays 10-4.

Page 66

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Opening And Reception For Sean Taylor And Friends Friday, June 25 at SOMA NewArt Gallery PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV

Whipped Creamy Fudge Premium Chocolates Saltwater Taffy Hand Dipped Ice Cream

The Most Delicious Fudge You’ll Ever Enjoy!

Alicia Grasso, Ronnie Cohen, Peter Cole

Stop In and Try a Sample. SPECIAL Frozen Custard Cones are $1.29!

Sarah Hunter

Check Us Out on Facebook!

We Mail Anywhere in The World!

Call 1-800-23-FUDGE Shop online at:

Open Every Day in Cape May on The Washington Street Mall & on The Promenade Steve Miller, Danny Cohen, Barry Cohen

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Page 67

The Answer Lady


Wise answers to perplexing questions

HE ANSWER Lady invites inquiries from gentle readers on all manners of relationship quandaries, matters of the heart, and ethics. If you’d like to to send a query, write to Dear Answer Lady I am a die-hard Phillies fan, and my fabulous new boyfriend is true-blue Yankees. Are we doomed? – Phillies Filly Dear Filly Yes, yes you are. The Answer Lady jests, of course! There are greater obstacles to love than conflicting baseball team allegiances – major political and religious differences, for instance. Or you could be one of those people who thinks the lighthouses at the entrance to Cape May are quaint and charming points of welcome, while he feels they resemble plastic temporary housing facilities built by – and for – drunken gnomes. Or he could be a Scorpio, and you a Gemini. And if that is the case, cut your losses and end it now. If both partners are willing, nearly any romantic obstacle can be overcome, with the possible exception of that

Pietradura from the early 1900’s

Scorpio thing. Restrain yourself from gloating when the Phillies win, or rubbing it in when the Yanks get their butts handed to them. Try not to egg each other on while watching games in public, particularly in those cutesy, newrelationship voices, which is brutal on those around you. If he’s one of those lunatics who screams at the screen as if the players can hear him, or would follow his advice if they could, try a place like The Bayshore. The bar is nice and long, so you can order something to eat – the Answer Lady recommends the chicken

quesadilla – and then get as far away from him as necessary until the game is over. The Answer Lady is no sports fanatic, but she is definitely a Phillies fan. In fact, she has rarely missed a Phillies game this season. Although this is primarily because of Jayson Werth, who is, in baseball parlance, smokin’ hot. Dear Answer Lady My room-mate is a sports nut. He yells and sometimes throws things at the TV. Sitting in our apartment is one thing, but in public it’s pretty embarrassing. He’s a good guy, but... – Phil’s Friend Dear Friend of Phil The Answer Lady had a friend like that – until he married and fell off the face of the earth, but that’s another topic. Once while “watching” a Flyers game with him, he yelled so loud that it caused the Answer Lady to spill nail polish all over her magazine. It sounds like your friend should be confined to your apartment during games – throwing things is not acceptable behavior. Please do NOT take him to The Bayshore for the chicken quesadilla – get it to go.

MaryAnn’s CONTEMPORARY & ESTATE JEWELRY Looking for Something Special... Check Out Mary Ann’s!

Engagement Rings • Estate Jewelry Lladro • Antiques • Hummels Antique Dolls • Jewelry Repair

Check Out Our New Selection of Sterling Silver! 511 Washington Street Mall, Cape May (next to Fudge Kitchen) ~ (609) 898-8786 Other Location: 15 N. Black Horse Pike, Runnemede ~ (856) 939-0230

Page 68

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

There’s a new girl in town! Join us in celebrating the grand opening of

Opening And Reception For Sean Taylor And Friends Friday, June 25 at SOMA NewArt Gallery PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV

Heather Wright, Sheila Grabarsky, Tom Plaskon, Steve Haas

A boutique featuring clothing and accesories by up and coming designers. Guys, Miss Demeanor never forgets her accomplice. We carry a cool line of T’s made of recycled materials.

Steve Haas and friends

Grand Opening: Bubbly and light hor d’oeuvres served on Thursday July 1st and Friday July 2nd from 7-9 pm Open Daily from 10 am to 10 pm 223 Jackson Street, Cape May N.J. (across from Swain’s) 609-770-7613 Ronnie Cohen, Betty and Jim Moffatt

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Page 69

The Big Exit Zero Guide To Shopping in Cool Cape May

Where Exactly Is The Store Located?

Tell Me A Little About What They Sell At This Place

Credit Cards

CAPTAIN’S COMICS 1210 Bayshore Road Villas (609) 846-7670

Up Bayshore Road near the north end of Villas.

If you or your kids enjoyed either of the recent Iron Man movies, stop in and find out where the character comes from - comic books of course! Captain’s Comics also carries comic-related collectibles and apparel.

Call for details

Call for details.

CAROLINE BOUTIQUE Carpenter’s Lane Cape May (609) 884-5055

On Carpenter’s Lane between Jackson and Decatur Streets right behind the mall.

Located in a cute cedar shake cottage, Caroline’s is a contemporary boutique that features beautiful clothing and accessories. Caroline has a great line of Michael Stars T-shirts in great colors and comfortable fabric!

Visa, AMEX, MC

Open daily, except Wednesday.

CELEBRATE CAPE MAY 315 Ocean Street Cape May (609) 884-9032

At the corner of Washington Street and Ocean Avenue in Washington Commons.

Celebrate Cape May specializes in all things Cape May. They have a large range of fun souvenirs, plus a good selection of Cape May T-shirts, sweatshirts, jewelry and more. If it says ‘Cape May’ on it, it’s here.

Visa, MC, Discover

Open daily 10-5, Friday and Saturday 10-9.

COHWEN’S INK EMPORIUM 1210 Bayshore Road Villas (609) 886-7767

Bayshore Road and East Bates Street in Villas.

Cohwen J. Allen opened Cohwen’s Ink Emporium after 13 years of experience in the field. It is Cape May’s only fivestar-rated body art studio. Cohwen’s Ink Emporium specializes in freehand, custom designs, cover-ups and repairs.

Visa, AMEX, MC, Discover

MondayThursday 12-8, FridaySaturday 12-12, Sunday 12-6.

COLLIER’S LIQUORS 202 Jackson Street Cape May (609) 884-8488

Where Lafayette Street runs into Jackson Street next to the Washington Street Mall.

A great variety, a huge list of liquors and beer by the case, 12-pack, six pack or 22 ounce bottle. On your way to a BYOB and forgot the bottle? Colliers has a great selection of cold white and sparkling wines.

Visa, AMEX, MC and Discover

MondaySaturday 9am-10pm, Sunday 12pm-10pm.

EXIT ZERO 109 Sunset Boulevard Cape May (609) 770-8479

In the illustrious Chattel House Village on Sunset Boulevard, across from the Shell gas station.

The coolest Cape May souvenirs, a superb selection of local-interest books, designer T-shirts and an unrivaled collection of historical Cape May prints.

AMEX, Visa, MC, Discover

Open daily 10-5.

FLYING FISH 130 Park Boulevard West Cape May (609) 884-2760

Right across from CVS on Park Boulevard.

Owner Sue Lotozo hand makes (and designs) a great collection of cool, offbeat shirts. You will find original, funky, retro designs on high-quality apparel, including a collection of T-shirts that celebrate local beaches.

Visa, AMEX, MC, Discover

Open daily at 10.

GAIL PIERSON GALLERY 658 Washington Street Cape May (609) 884-2585

On Washington Street across from City Hall.

This fine-art gallery is as charming as the center city district in which it resides. It introduces new artists and art lovers to the beauty of Cape May. Art education and interactive online technology are a key focus.

Visa, AMEX, MC

Open daily 10-5. Closed Tuesday and Wednesday.

GOOD SCENTS 327 Carpenter’s Lane Cape May (609) 884-0014

On Carpenter’s Lane at the corner of Jackson Street.

An aromatic mix of candles and incense through the door and mixes with the twinkling of lanterns, jewelry and gifts to delight your senses. Good Scents also carries perfumes, skincare products, cards and stationary.

Visa, AMEX, MC, Discover

Weekdays 10-6:30, Friday and Saturday 10am-10pm.

A full-service grocery store with organic produce, meats, vegan and vegetarian meals, wheat/gluten and allergen free foods plus natural and organic items. Organic meat products from eco-fish salmon to grass-fed cattle.

Visa, MC, Discover

MondayFriday 10-6, Saturday and Sunday 10-5.

Store Hours

Image: Sheet Music ©2009 Matt Lively, 18 x18 oil on canvas.

Matt Lively | Floating Room Paintings on exhibit through November 27

Welcome to the Cape May Jazz Festivalfloats Join us in the Gallery for the exhibition of Matt Lively’s bold and imaginative paintings. Matt Lively is an internationally acclaimed artist, from Richmond VA. Lively’s paintings, drawings and prints are intelligently designed, whimsical and fun. Inspired by everyday objects, Lively transforms the familiar with movement, color and unique personality. In the heart of the historic district, the Gail Pierson Gallery is a fresh take – showcasing the work of artists of varying styles, in a charming downtown setting. The Gallery is open all year and welcomes new artists and art lovers from all over to Cape May.

This holiday season we welcome residents and visitors to a calendar of receptions and events, with opportunities to meet the artists, hear live jazz, enjoy good food. Come to see us and join our mailing list.

The Gail Pierson Gallery is open all year and welcomes new artists and art lovers from all over to Cape May. Winter Hours: Daily 10 am – 5 pm. Closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

GREEN STREET MARKET 3167 Route 9 South Rio Grande (609) 463-0606

Up Route 9 in Rio Grande, in the buildings in front of Walmart’s parking lot.


658 Washington Street | Cape May | 609.884.2585 |

Page 70

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Art Show Opening And Reception For Sean Taylor And Friends Friday, June 25 at SOMA NewArt Gallery

Peri Taylor, Rick DiSepia

Sean Taylor, Sarah Hunter

Gail and Dean Fronteiser


Renew your resources...

Now in stock.... Five Fingers!

at this county’s only full-service health and gourmet grocery store.

Stimulates the muscles in your feet and lower legs. Makes you stronger and healthier. Improves your balance, agility and proprioception.

3167 Route 9 South, Rio Grande

1 mile north of Route 47 next to Avalon Coffee

Open Year Round


7 Days a Week


Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Page 71

The Big Exit Zero Guide To Shopping in Cool Cape May

Where Exactly Is The Store Located?

Tell Me A Little About What They Sell At This Place

Credit Cards

Store Hours

HAPPY BABY 106 Jackson Street Cape May (609) 884-5922

Just off the Washington Street Mall on Jackson Street.

A huge selection of stylish, fun and comfortable clothes for your favorite little one, from every corner of the world. Lovely little white bubble sunsuits and peasant tops with ruffled capris.

Visa, MC, Discover

Open FridaySunday 11-5.

ITALIAN GARDEN 510 Carpenter’s Lane Cape May (609) 884-2300

Just off the Washington Street Mall on Carpenter’s Lane.

Fine Italian exports, including the largest selection of L’Erbolario, an exclusive botanical skin-care and fragrance line, in the US. The Alviero Martini designer “World Map” handbags, and Murano glass jewelry.

Visa, MC

Open weekends.

KATE’S FLOWER SHOP 600 Park Boulevard West Cape May (609) 884-6181

In West Cape May on Park Boulevard, really close to Seaside Cheese Company.

Strangely enough, they sell flowers! But not just that... Kate and her staff dispense advice not just on flowers but also on things like philosophy, good books and other stimulating subjects.

Visa, MC Discover

Open MondayFriday 9-5, Saturday 9-12, closed Sunday.

KONA SPORTS Rio Grande and New Jersey Ave Wildwood (609) 522-7899

Dead ahead as you drive down Rio Grande Avenue into Wildwood.

Kona is your surf, bike and summer sport HQ and they have a huge selection of clothing for men, women and kids. Kona has a huge selection of board shorts from top brands like Quiksilver and Billabong.

Visa, MC, AMEX, Discover

MondayThursday 9-7, Saturday 9-9, Sunday 10-7

LOVE THE COOK 404 Washington Street Mall Cape May (609) 884-9292

In the heart of Cape May’s outdoor shopping district, the Washington Street Mall.

More spices, oils, sauces, mustards, herbs, fresh coffees and salad dressing than you can shake a spoon at (they have those too!). Among the gadgets are Hot Spots - silicone pads that act as trivets - hot pads and jar openers.

Visa, AMEX, MC, Discover

Open daily 10-5, Friday and Saturday 10-6.

MARY ANN’S JEWELRY 511 Washington Street Mall Cape May (609) 898-8786

In the heart of Cape May’s outdoor shopping district, the Washington Street Mall.

The smallest shop on the mall, but it’s packed with beautiful things – Rolex watches, pearls, sapphires, porcelain vases, cut-glass and pocket watches. Stunning estate and new jewelry, with a large selection of diamonds.

Visa, AMEX, MC, Discover

Please call for store hours.

ORIGINAL FUDGE KITCHEN 513 Washington Street Mall and 728 Beach Avenue Cape May 800-23-FUDGE

On the Washington Street Mall and beachfront on the promenade.

Chances are good that you won’t get past the front door without trying a piece of something delicious! Their $1 frozen custard cones are back so go try one today!

Visa, MC, Discover

Open daily, all year.

OUT OF THE PAST ANTIQUES 394 Myrtle Avenue Cape May (609) 884-3357

At that funny little intersection where Perry Street bends into West Perry Street.

Lovely surprises everywhere – a tea set from the 1920s, a cylinder from a turn-of-the-century Edison phonograph or a Wallace Nutting hand-colored photograph. Keep coming back because the selection changes.

Credit card payments will soon be accepted

Open weekends.

PAT JACKSON JEWELERS 414 Bank Street Cape May (609) 884-0323

On Bank Street next to 410 Bank Street restaurant.

Pat Jackson has been designing jewelry since the 1970s and has had her shop since the 1980s. You won’t find anything synthetic or treated – just satisfaction. Try a twist on the seashell souvenir with an 18k gold scallop-shell bracelet.

Visa, AMEX, MC, Discover

Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Monday 11-6, Sun 12-5.

PATRICIA RAINEY STUDIOS 1325 Emerson Avenue North Cape May (609) 886-4863

Patricia operates her studio in North Cape May. Call for information on when you can visit.

Patricia is a self-taught artist who paints beautiful oils and watercolors that you’ll see on posters, prints and on postcards all over town. Patricia has painted some of the most inspiring buildings in historic Cape May.

AE, MC, Visa

Please call for an appointment.

Page 72

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Art Show Opening And Reception For Sean Taylor And Friends Friday, June 25 at SOMA NewArt Gallery

Alicia and Victor Grasso

No names


Do you know these girls? You should! Slipcovered pretties!



Come meet all their friends... and browse 300 possible fabrics! custom upholstery • fabric by the yard • cushion re-covering designer lamps • art • painted woods • seagrass furniture • area rugs

Always something shaking at... 609 Jefferson Street, Cape May (next to Cape May Day Spa) 609 . 884 . 0488 • FREE PARKING

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sandy Brown’s Retirement Party Friday, June 25 at the Schooner American PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV

Page 73


The Happy Retirees

Quality Beach Chairs for only $19.99... They’re the Best Buy Around! Add A Great Beach Umbrella for only $19.99 too! Sand’s new job

SUNSET BEACH GIFT SHOPS, GOLF & GRILLE OPEN DAILY! Sunset Beach, Cape May Point (609) 884-7079

Sandy and friends

Page 74

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Sandy Brown’s Retirement Party Friday, June 25 at the Schooner American PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV


Sandy Brown, Diane Maguire, Joni Denny

WE SPECIALIZE IN COLORED PORTRAITS!!! WE SPECIALIZE IN REPAIRING AMATEUR TATTOOS!!! Stop in and see Cohwen, Timmy, Scott, Spike, Dave and Nikki... We'll be more than eager to make your dreams into reality!

The RMT A-Team


$10 Piercings - $20 Name Tattoos $180 Black & Grey Portraits

OPEN 7 DAYS: Mon-Thur 12-8; Fri & Sat 12-12; Sun 12-6 1210 Bayshore Road, Villas NJ

609-886-7767 Mae Brunell, Barb, Kelly Hageistein, Eileen Erwin, Gloria Sutton

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Page 75

The Big Exit Zero Guide To Shopping in Cool Cape May

Where Exactly Is The Store Located?

Tell Me A Little About What They Sell At This Place

Credit Cards

Store Hours

PINK 33 Perry Street Cape May (609) 898-1113

Inside the Pink House on Perry Street, right across from Congress Hall.

An exciting women’s store brought to you by sisters Jen and Julie, who also run Victorious, located in Congress Hall. You’ll find classy tops, dresses, denim, bottoms, linens, jewelry, handbags and shoes.

Visa, MC, Discover

Open daily 10-5.

SOMA NEWART GALLERY 31 Perry Street Cape May (609) 898-7488

Just behind the Washington Street Mall off Caperpenter’s Lane in Carpenter’s Square Mall.

SOMA is an original art gallery in Cape May featuring new work from talented regional artists. Sean Taylor’s new show “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” is currently on display at the gallery.

Visa, MC, AMEX

SundayThursday 10-8, Friday and Sat 10-9.

STITCH BY STITCH 315 Ocean Street, Unit 9 Washington Commons Cape May (609) 898-9606/866-563-5399

Washington Commons is the collection of stores across Ocean Street from the mall.

Your HQ for Cape May and Victorian cross-stitch and needlework designs. No matter whether you are a novice or an expert, you will find project ideas and supplies to please you. There is also a full-service framing department.

Call for details

Call for details.

SUNSET BEACH GIFT SHOPS Sunset Boulevard Cape May Point (609) 884-7079

At the very end of beautiful Sunset Boulevard at Sunset Beach.

Featuring specialty foods, bath and body products, shells, minerals, jewelry, candy, clothing and so much more. Sunset Beach has a great collection of fun Cape May souvenirs that stand out from the crowd of standard gifts.

Visa, AMEX, MC, Discover

Open daily.

SUNGLASS MENAGERIE 107 Liberty Way Cape May (609) 884-8844

Liberty Way is a small offshoot of the Washington Street Mall by Lemon Tree

A huge collection of sunglasses including favorites like Oakley and Maui Jim. Check out the collection of Cocoons clip-ons – a great way to convert your glasses into UV protectors.

Call for details

Call for details.

SWAIN’S 305 Jackson Street Cape May (609) 884-8578

On Jackson Street just before it runs into West Perry Street.

Swain’s Ace Hardware has everything you need to furnish, finish or refurbish your home. They carry bath products, cleaning products, paint, tools and any hardware you could ever need. It’s the friendliest, most helpful hardware store!

Visa, AMEX, MC, Discover

MondaySaturday 8-5, Sunday 9-1.

TEA BY THE SEA 405 West Perry Street Cape May (609) 898-4TEA

At that funny little intersection where Perry Street bends into West Perry Street.

Few things liven up a dreary day or smooth out a hectic one quite like a hot cuppa. No matter how you take it, tea is good for whatever ails you. Tea by the Sea offer delicious cobbler and scone mixes. Choose from 12 flavors.

Visa, AMEX, MC, Discover

MondayFriday 11-4, Saturday 10-5, Sunday 10-4.

VICTORIOUS 251 Beach Ave, Congress Hall Cape May (609) 898-1777

In Congress Hall and also available in the Pink House on Perry Street.

Victorious have stylish goodies like Hobo handbags, sweet clutches and a wide variety of accessories to choose from. Their specialty is antique wedding bands and engagement rings. A great place to browse.

Visa, MC, Discover

Open daily 10-5.

WEDDINGS BY THE SEA 139 N. Broadway West Cape May (609) 884-7900/866-459-7900

Right on Broadway in West Cape May, they’ll be on your left on your way into town.

If you want to get married in Cape May, visit Weddings by the Sea. They have all of the know-how: the ability to help you plan and all the accessories you’ll need. Their sand-pouring unity sets are the latest hit at local weddings.

Visa, MC, Discover

MondaySaturday 10-5, closed on Sunday.


Across West Perry Street from CVS.

A hip and classy new edition to shopping on the island, West End Garage has all the feel of an upscale flea market in NY or Philly right in downtown Cape May.

Visa, MC

Open daily 10-6

484 West Perry Street Cape May (609) 770-8261

Page 76

Try Our Delicious Fresh Roasted Coffee!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Celebrating Chopin’s 200th Birthday At Peter Shields Inn Tuesday, June 22 PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV

Elizabeth Sesso

Gourmet foods, items and accessories 404 Washington Street Mall, Cape May 609-884-9292 •

Leonor Bordero, Rebecah Villeda

Dominic, Sara, Tara

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Page 77

The Big Exit Zero Guide To Shopping in Cool Cape May

Where Exactly Is The Store Located?

Tell Me A Little About What They Sell At This Place

Credit Cards

Store Hours

WHALE’S TALE 312 Washington Street Mall Cape May (609) 884-4808

In the heart of Cape May’s outdoor shopping district, the Washington Street Mall.

Everywhere you look, something catches your eye – playing cards shaped like dog bones or fish, hand-tooled leather journals, Sailor’s Valentine’s and sterling silver baby rattles. It’s a browser’s paradise.

Visa, AMEX, MC, Discover

Open daily 10-5.

ZOO COMPANY 421 Washington Street Mall Cape May (609) 884-8181

In the Centre City Mall on the Washington Street Mall.

For all the young and young-at-heart, this cute toy store is filled with the fluffiest, most colorful stuff you can imagine.

Visa, AMEX, MC, Discover

Open daily 10-9.

CAPE ISLAND HOME & GARDEN 720 Broadway West Cape May (609) 884-4210

Located on Broadway in West Cape May.

Cape Island Home and Garden is the one-stop shop for everything you need to landscape your home and the know how to cope with the sandy soil.

Visa, MC, Discover

Mon to Sat 9-5 and Sunday 9-3.

CASALE’S SHOES 415 Washington Street Mall Cape May (609) 884-3148

In the heart of Cape May’s outdoor shopping district, the Washington Street Mall.

Casale’s is stocked with everything your feet could ever dream of. There are sandals and beach footwear as well as sneakers, shoes and even strappy little numbers for the ladies.

Visa, AMEX, MC, Discover

Open daily 10- 10.

HENRY’S FINE JEWELRY 407 Washington Street Mall Cape May (609) 884-0334

Right in the middle of the Washington Street Mall.

Henry’s, Cape May’s landmark jewlers, carry the Original Cape May Destination Bracelet plus a huge selection of jewelry throughout the store including selections from Pandora Jewlery.

Visa, AMEX, MC, Discover

Open daily 10-11.

PEOPLE PEOPLE 719 Broadway West Cape May (609) 884-0020

Located on Broadway in West Cape May.

After years of being a hip retailer in Stone Harbor, People People have expanded to Cape May and bring their great collection of women’s clothing along.

Visa, AMEX, MC, Discover

Open daily 10-5.

FIBER ARTS YARN SHOP 315 Ocean Street, Cape May Washington Commons (609) 898-8080

In Celebration Mall, right next to Acme on Ocean Street.

Knitting is quickly proving to be the cool new hobby for every generation. Fiber Arts have the tools and the knowhow to get a novice started or the goods to supply an expert.

Visa, AMEX, MC, Discover

Open daily 10-9.

TOMMY’S FOLLY 251 Beach Avenue, Congress Hall Cape May (609) 884-6522

Within the massive yellow building that is Cape May’s historic Congress Hall.

This is not your ordinary gift shop. Tommy’s Folly have everything from paninis and coffee to jewelry, clothing and even a little, blue stuffed pig. Really, you’ll struggle to figure out what they DON’T have.

Visa, AMEX, MC, Discover

Open daily 7-10.

WANDERLUST 609 Jefferson Street Cape May (609) 884-0488

The big, bright, yellow building on Jefferson Street.

Wanderlust is like an entire tropical island all squeezed into a rustic shop and brings the chic home decor that you’d find in Martha’s Vineyard or the Hamptons to Cape May.

Visa, AMEX, MC, Discover

Open daily 10-5.

DESATNICK’S Cape May (609) 884-2545

You can reach DeSatnicks right in your home by picking up the phone.

This family-owned and operated business offers the final accessory for every room: window treatments. And, the styles and variety offered by DeSatnicks is beyond compare.

Visa, AMEX, MC,

Call only.

Page 78

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

. . . s e t i r o our fav

y f o l l a e have


Now Open in West Cape May! 719 Broadway • 884-0020 Visit our other store at: 9810 3rd Avenue, Stone Harbor • 609 . 368 . 3355

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Celebrating Chopin’s 200th Birthday At Peter Shields Inn Tuesday, June 22 PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV

Page 79

S T I T C H by


Extensive collection of cross stitch & needlework designs Custom Framing 315 Ocean Street, Unit 9 Washington Commons Cape May, NJ 08204 1-866-563-5399 • 609-898-9606

The Krajicek family

108 Jackson Street, Cape May Linda Davewport, Jerry D’Antonio, Mary Rossi, Janet D’Antonio, Donna Troiano

Ernestine Santosusso, Christine, Jerry and Jerry D’Antonio

609-898-FLIP (3547) |

Page 80

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Celebrating Chopin’s 200th Birthday At Peter Shields Inn Tuesday, June 22 PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV












Cathy Rossi, Thom Rossi, Lois Rossi

OPEN DAILY 10 - 6pm 110 Park Boulevard, West Cape May 609.884.3630 • THE

Cape May



Wear Your Pride!


Gary, Julie and Caroline (Piano) Gibson

Cape May’s Landmark Jeweler Since 1972

407 Washington St. Mall lll • Cape May, Ma NJ 08204 • 609.884.0334



Summer Forever

Beach Tag Collection

Henry’s Is Also Your Exclusive Cape May Headquarters for:

Solomon, Mercy and Sharon Griffith

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Page 81

A Killer Read

A chilling and compelling new short story by Terry O’Brien (aka Cape May’s Stephen King)


Chapter 7: Critic’s Choice

T WAS getting late, I was tired, but I couldn’t think about sleep. Too much was happening. Aside from nearly being shot and my partner, Tim DeMarco, narrowly avoiding a bullet to the ribs earlier this afternoon, we had just discovered that two authors who have been dead for about a week somehow had their books available on Amazon. Further internet searches yielded more sites offering the books – Borders, Barnes & Noble, and now Donal Lonegan’s Exit Zero website. This was something that shouldn’t be happening. “That seem a bit odd to you?” Tim asked me as we stared at the Amazon screen that offered Christian North’s Cape May Political Corruption: A Tradition of Excellence and Justine Smith’s Dirty Dining: The Mafia’s Connection to the Vatican and the Great New Jersey Diner Syndicate. “More than a bit,” I answered. We stewed for a moment, then I said, “Get in touch with Lonegan, ask him to meet us here.” “When?”

« If you missed previous chapters of A Killer Read you can catch up online at

Continued On Page 83 ?

Your Local Headquarters for




Just say Yes! FRYE. Betsey Johnson. Matt Bernson. Jeffrey Campbell. Cupid. Oh Deer. Skemo. And SO much more! Next to PINK in the PINK House 33 Perry Street, Cape May 898.1113

Expert Jewelry Repair done on premises.

Open Every Day

Page 82

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Image: Old Train Car #12. 24” X 18” Oil on Panel. © Judith Anderson.

Old Trains New Light!

Paintings and Photographs by Judith Anderson on Exhibit July 1-31 The Gail Pierson Gallery celebrates its first anniversary by welcoming Judith Anderson back to Cape May. Opening on July 1, the exhibit “Old Trains New Light” is all new work from Anderson, and is a dramatic departure for her.

Save the Date July 10

Join us for a special reception - an opportunity to meet the artist, and enjoy dessert, music and good conversation.

Anderson is from Richmond VA, where she is an active member of the art community. A former journalist and attorney, Anderson has, since 2001, devoted herself to painting.

The Gail Pierson Gallery is open all year and welcomes new artists and art lovers from all over to Cape May. Summer Hours: Daily 10 am - 9 pm. Closed Tuesdays.


658 Washington Street | Cape May | 609.884.2585 |

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Killer Read ? From Page 81 “Now. I’ll be right back.” I left Tim’s office and went back to the main office of my Queen Street cottage, sat at my desk and checked my email for the 57th time that hour. I was waiting to hear from Daryl Vance, a Philadelphia Inquirer reporter who was there when the shooting went down, had penned a glowing review of Sam Howard’s book Garden State of Eden, and whose uncle, Christian North, was one of the serial killer known as The Editor’s recent victims. My inbox was empty. “You okay, Trav?” asked Cathy Steltzer from the sofa in front of my desk. Cathy was my deepest high school crush and sat there, looking radiant and serene in the amber glow of a lamp. She smiled, waiting patiently for me, after all these years. Her, waiting for me. And here I was, waiting for an email from another woman, a woman I had no romantic inclination towards… or did I? At first glance Daryl had seemed a little severe for my tastes. Probably had something to do with the pummeling she gave me at the press conference earlier. But in the minutes after, in the chaos, something changed. I was feeling very confused. “Yes, thanks, Cath,” I replied. “I’m so sorry to keep you waiting like this, but I need to move on this stuff while it’s still happening, keep on top of it, sort it out.” “I understand,” she said. “It’s kind of exciting. But it’s getting late and I need to get some sleep.” She rose and strode toward the desk with a different look in here eye. It was definitely not serene. “I’m going to go,” she said, leaned over me and kissed me very deeply in places I hadn’t been kissed in a long time. “Here’s my spare key. I’m at the Grand. If you get done soon maybe you can come over and stay on top of me.” She kissed me again and walked to the door. “Bye.” And she left. It was several more seconds before I was able to put together a coherent thought.

Page 83

Cathy was my deepest high school crush and sat there, looking radiant and serene in the amber glow of a lamp. She smiled, waiting patiently for me, after all these years. Her, waiting for me. Tim came out of his office. “I’m going to order some pizza before Louie’s closes, you want any…” he saw the look on my face. “What just happened here?” I shook my head. “Not sure.” “You let her leave?” I nodded. “The girl you’ve been in love with for 20 years?” I nodded again. “Are you an idiot?” I nodded and got up. Maybe I could still catch her. “Cathy!” I slung my light jacket from the C3PO rack in the corner, bolted to the door and threw it open. “Howdy, stranger.” Daryl Vance was in the doorway. “Daryl,” I said, “What…” “I got your emails, all 12 of them, figured I’d shoot over.” “How did you know where…?” “You’re in the book. Voila!” Behind her, Cathy’s blue Ford Focus peeled out of the drive. If a car could sound mad, this one did. Daryl turned to watch her leave. “Interrupting something?” I debated my reply for a few seconds, weighing personal satisfaction versus professional pride, and came up with, “No. Nothing that can’t wait. I hope. Come in.” “Nice place you got here.” Tim said, “Thanks.” Presumptuous jerk. “Grab a seat,” I said and led Daryl to the little sofa. She chose the wingback chair next to it. Something they taught in Female Journalist School? Never let a man tell you what to do? “And thanks for coming. I realize now this must be quite difficult for you.”

Continued On Page 85 ?

Natural Sun Protection from Naked Bee “All of the Good Stuff... None of the Bad Stuff” Enrich & protect your skin this summer with all natural body products from Naked Bee. Completely free of parabens, sulfates, dyes & pigments, the stimulating scent of Orange Blossom & Honey is sure to soothe.

Available only at Good Scents Jackson & Carpenters Lane, Cape May


Page 84

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Celebrating Chopin’s 200th Birthday At Peter Shields Inn Tuesday, June 22

Kim, Maya and Chase Critchfield

Asunta Rossi, Katie Barbuto



Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Killer Read ? From Page 83 She looked lost, then it struck her. “You read my blog post.” I nodded. So did Tim, but more sexily, as he pulled a chair up next to mine behind the desk. I was not much of a sexy nodder. “Sorry about your uncle,” I offered. Tim nodded consolingly with exaggerated pursed lips and bedroom eyes. Was he high? She waved me off. “Forget it. We weren’t all that close. His half-sister is my mother. We’re not close either. But family is family. When the Ocean & Globe found out we were related I was more than happy to write his obituary.” I said, “It’s nice of you.” “Eh,” she replied. “I had a few vacation days coming up and I hadn’t been to the shore in a while. It’s not entirely altruistic; the Globe is paying for my room and meals.” “Can I get you a drink?” Tim asked in an inexplicably deeper voice. “Water? Beer? Wine?” “Some wine would be great. It’s been an exceptionally long day.” “True that,” I said wondering what Tim was doing. “You get to Cape May much, Ms Vance?” She replied, “It’s Miss. And Daryl. And no. I’m more of a Wildwood girl. My family summered there growing up.” “I get that,” I said and she smiled at me. I felt flush. “Here you go,” Tim said returning with red wine for three. “So the Inquirer,” I said. “What’s that like? I heard journalism was dead.” “No,” she smiled – a shark’s smile. “But it might be soon if we don’t catch this guy.” I cocked an eyebrow. “We?” She narrowed her eyes. “You know what I mean.” We sat the three of us and chatted a bit, seeking out a comfort zone and finding it. The longer we went, the more relaxed Daryl became. Likely the result of the late hour, the long day, and the wine. Maybe an hour passed just shooting the breeze when Tim announced he was going for more booze and to check his email. When he came

Page 85

back his false machismo was gone and he looked grave. “What is it?” I asked. “Amazon.” We all went to my desktop. In the hour since I’d checked, the list of books co-authored by The Editor had grown from two to seven. Not surprisingly, the title of each corresponded with the initial list we’d gotten from Lonegan – Jack Schlister’s Deadly Shores: The Secret Awful Truth About Dredging, the Jack Schlister they were still piecing together from the wood chipper he’d been found in. Brian Crandall’s New Jersey Sports Heroes: Six Profiles. Brian had been bludgeoned with a bat then quartered at each base on the Cape May Little League Field. Ray Stein’s Cape Gay: The Not-So-Secret Secret of America’s Outest Shore Town. Ray was killed with Shakespearean flair, a sip of hemlock and a knife in the spine. Barry Chisholm’s Never Order Bisque on Tuesday, Lauren Cotton’s A Little Over: The Dirty Secret the Fudge Stores DON’T Want You to Know. All of them dead. All of them listed under New Releases on the Amazon page that glowed at us from my monitor. “Shit,” I said, feeling stupid. “Wow,” Daryl echoed. She was leaning over my shoulder and the smell of strawberry in her hair and wine on her breath made me dizzy. I suddenly wondered what strawberry wine tasted like. BREEP! “Jesus!” “Sorry,” Tim said, snatched his cell from his belt and ducked into his office. I turned. Daryl was there. “Startled me,” she said. “Me too.” She lingered. I felt like I was breathing heavy. Or not enough. She let her hair fall across my neck before moving back around the desk to her chair. Were her cheeks red? I’m sure mine were. “It’s Lonegan,” Tim announced. “He’s on his way over.” I looked at the clock, 11:57, sighed and stood, “Okay, I’m going out for a smoke. Back in five.” Tim winked at me. “Don’t worry. I’ll look after our guest.”

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Squidoodle over, we’re on the look-out for you

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Celebrating Chopin’s 200th Birthday At Peter Shields Inn Tuesday, June 22

Gary, Julie Gibson

Samiel Villeda, Marisol Cordero-Villeda



Whooo are we... who who... who whoo Nature Gifts for All Seasons!

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Killer Read ? From Page 85 Yes. That’s what I was afraid of. ****** THE Editor stood in the bushy grove and peered through the leaves at the small cottage that housed Whitaker & DeMarco Investigations. Through various internet and document searches he knew the cottage, and the two-story apartment building in front of it, were both the sole possession of one Travis Whitaker, 32, of Cape May, the property left by an aunt in 2006, along with a chunk of cash that Whitaker had poured back into the property and used to open the PI business. Foolish investments, the Editor thought. But good for him. The apartment building was half-occupied at the moment – Whitaker lived on the second floor, the first floor sat empty. A shame, he wondered. It really is a nice apartment. However, the economic downturn left the $1500-a-month pad empty for the last nine months and it had, in fact, been empty since receiving a certificate of occupancy from the city last fall. The Editor figured Whitaker was counting on the rent money to keep the busi-

Page 87 He almost felt bad for the guy he was about to murder. He felt almost a personal affection for Travis Whitaker. Shame he had to kill him. ness afloat, or at least cover the mortgage – the property had been bequeathed to him with 10 years of mortgage left unpaid. He almost felt bad for the guy he was about to murder. He felt almost a personal affection for Travis Whitaker, having read about his Dead & Breakfast exploits the summer before. He seemed like a good guy. Shame he had to kill him. The Editor took several deep, short breaths and prepared to stepped out of the bushes. BRANG! Cell phone. Stupid! He’d forgotten to silence it and the ring was a cacophony in the silence. He grabbed it from his belt and set it to vibrate. He did not recognize the number so let it go to voicemail. Rattled, he took a moment to collect himself. He knew there were three people in the office – Whitaker, DeMarco and the reporter from the press conference. It made him smile. He’d been there the whole time and no one knew. Then the fool with the gun… Instead of anger, The Editor took the inter-

ruption as a sign to refine his plan, and so he did. Killing Whitaker and his partner in their own building would not be as splashy as assassinating them at the press conference, but would send a more serious message. Throw in the reporter and you’re guaranteed another week’s coverage in the Philadelphia Inquirer. It was going to be perfect. The phone buzzed indicating a voicemail. The Editor listened to it and smiled. The plan was not going to be perfect – it was going to be better than perfect. In the dark he fingered the keypad and pressed send. He looked up when the cottage door opened. Whitaker stepped out onto the small porch and lit a cigarette. He looked nervous in the dim moonlight; he paced a rut into the porch. The Editor sank deeper into the bush and waited. He would wait as long as it took. A minute later the office door opened again and the dark-haired reporter appeared. They stood close together and talked, but The Editor couldn’t hear them. After a few minutes Whitaker offered her a smoke. She took it, lit it, puffed at it a moment, then threw herself onto Whitaker, arms around his neck, face on his. The Editor was taken aback, Whitaker looked terrified. This went on for a bit before it became obvi-

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Killer Read ? From Page 87


ous Whitaker was something of an unwilling participant. They talked quietly again for a few moments, she nodded, Whitaker stroked her cheek, she butted the smoke and went back inside. Whitaker puffed at the rest of his cigarette – even in the darkness he looked forlorn and weary. A perfect time to strike. He pulled the gun in his belt and stepped to the edge of the bushes. He was 15 feet from his target, who had no idea that death was on the way. The Editor once again took several short, deep breaths and stepped out of the bush. HONK! A pair of headlights swung into the drive. HONK! The car stopped, the driver got out. “This 916 Queen Street?” the Arab asked. “Sure is,” Whitaker answered and tossed the smoke. “I got some pizzas here,” the driver replied. The Editor cursed silently, put the gun back in his belt, and walked away. The situation was becoming too fluid. He would have to fight another day. He would not have to wait long.

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“BUT it’s after midnight,” I told the driver, who was likely well aware of the hour. The pizza guy grabbed a few boxes from the back seat and crunched up the driveway. “Your partner,” he said. “He… did me a favor a while back. Figure least I can do is bring a few pies when he calls a few minutes past closing.” “Nice of you,” I replied, wondering what the hell was going on with my partner. “What do I owe you?” He handed me the boxes and a two-liter Pepsi. “On me.” “Sweet, thanks,” I said, but the driver lingered. “You can still tip me,” he said.


414 Bank Street, Cape May • (609) 884-0323

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I set the pizzas down and gave him a five. He looked at me sideways. I gave him another five. He still didn’t leave. “Well, are they free or not?” He gave me a dirty look and went back to his car. I picked up the pies. Just then a second pair of headlights appeared at the end of my drive. It was a regular Cape May traffic jam. “Damn it.” “Don’t get blocked in,” I offered helpfully. The pizza guy flipped me off, tapped his horn, and the other car backed out. I felt all warm and fuzzy at the display of civility. When the pizza guy was gone it was Donal Lonegan who popped out of the silver Prius. “Evening,” he said in his Scottish burr. I nodded. “Thanks for coming.” “Wouldn’t miss it,” he replied and took the pizza boxes. “Thanks. My hand was burning.” “Not a problem,” he offered. “Any beer?” “A few,” I answered. Lonegan nodded at the blue Ford Focus, Daryl’s rental, which filled the parking spot next to my cherry El Camino. “That Vance’s car?” I nodded. “Good, I’ve been trying to shag her for months.” I said, “Fantastic news.” Lonegan asked me, “Did you get it all out?” “All what?” He smiled, “You tackled me today like it was therapy.” I was going to argue, but what was the point? I had hit him harder than necessary to get him out of the gunman’s sights. And it had felt good to do so. Anything I said to the contrary would have been a lie. “Yes,” I said. “All better.” “Good,” Lonegan replied. “Now let’s find this Editor asshole.” We went inside, had some pizza, soda and beer and came up with a plan so brilliant Sherlock Holmes would cower with fear at our brilliance. Next Week: Suffer a Jetty

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Roth Family Reunion And Special Flag Ceremony At Sunset Beach Thursday, June 24 PHOTOGRAPHS BY SANDY MALONEY

Sisters: Pat, Joan, Jeanne, Susan, Janet

The Mitzels family

Grandchildren: Adrienne, Shannon, Jordon, Kare, Matt, Justin, Emily

Page 89

Page 90

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Roth Family Reunion And Special Flag Ceremony At Sunset Beach THE WEDDING SHOPPE

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

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Roth Family Reunion And Special Flag Ceremony At Sunset Beach Thursday, June 24

The Roth family


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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Friday Evening In The Boiler Room June 25, around 10:30pm

Donna, Andy

Sandi D., Bob D.

Harry Gamble, Mark Townsend Reede


Seaside Images a full service professional photography firm that specializes in weddings, showers, engagements, family reunions, beach portraits, and more!

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Page 93

Around The Avenues And Alleyways Of Cool Cape May A random sampling of people and places

Pearls expert Phil Dietz, Caitlin Ravin, Lynn Grasso and Janet Payne at the Splash store on Carpenter’s Lane, where Phil was the guest June 18

Eileen Seward and Ange Doherty at the opening of the sixth annual Cape May Designer Show House, run by Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts

PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV... TO ORDER COPIES, PLEASE CALL (609) 770-8479 Family-owned & operated since 1973!

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Page 95

The Big Exit Zero Guide To Health And Beauty Treatments

Where Exactly Is The Place Located?

Any Particular Service That I Should Try?

Credit Cards

Store Hours

ACCENT ON BEAUTY 128 Sunset Blvd, West Cape May (609) 884-7040

Next to the Shell gas station on Sunset Boulevard (and across from Exit Zero HQ!).

Excellent massages, nail care and facials, including Clarisonic Pro – exfoliate and refine your skin! Cost is $175. Accent was voted Best Day Spa at Jersey Shore by

MC, Visa

Tue-Sat at 10am. Closing times vary.

ARTIZAN SALON AND SPA 600 Park Boulevard West Cape May (609) 884-4499

In West Cape May on Park Boulevard, which runs parallel to Broadway.

Artizan specializes in Wedding Parties and Special Occasions. They will handle all of your makeup and updos. Trust them to make you look your best!

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Tue-Sat opening at 9.

BALANCE PILATES YOGA STUDIO 600 Park Blvd., West Cape May (609) 884-3001

In West Cape May on Park Boulevard, which runs parallel to Broadway.

A fully-equipped studio offering private and small group classes, and Thai Yoga Massage – a one-hour treatment integrating acupressure and yoga adjustments.

MC, Visa

Classes and by appointment.

CAPE FITNESS 600 Park Blvd., West Cape May (609) 898-1515

In West Cape May on Park Boulevard, which runs parallel to Broadway.

They offer classes in a comfortable, unintimidating environment and skilled Personal Trainers who work with any member who wants to be pushed to be their best.

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Mon-Fri 5:30-9, Sat 7-6, Sun 8-2.

CAPE MAY DAY SPA 607 Jefferson Street, Cape May (609) 898-1003

On the corner of Jefferson Street and Columbia Avenue.

This award-winning spa offers the Couple’s Victorian Experience, beginning in an oversized whirlpool, followed by a Swedish massage, and ending with light refreshments.

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Sun and Tue-Thr from 9-5, Fri-Sat 9-6.

CAPE MAY FAMILY DENTAL 3151 Route 9 South Rio Grande (609) 463-8800

On Route 9 in Rio Grande, very close to Walmart.

Cape May Family Dental’s slogan is “caring hands delivering quality care” and it fits. Arrange for a check-up or more extensive work. Try the New Patient Package for just $80.

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MondayFriday 9-6.

DR. LOUIS J. FELDMAN, D.D.S, LLC 741 Washington Street Cape May (609) 884-4260

On Washington Street near the post office right in the heart of Cape May.

Dr. Feldman and his team provide top-notch cosmetic and restorative dentistry. The office is on call for your Dental Emergencies and endorsed by Cape Island Urgent Care.

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DR. GOLDSTEIN, D.M.D 600 Park Boulevard West Cape May (609) 884-6080

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Dr. Goldstein offers a highly personalized dental experience. He provides all aspects of general dentistry and accepts most insurance plans. Try the take-home Custom Bleaching Trays.

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DR. GORNY, OPTOM. PHYSICIAN 937 Columbia Avenue Cape May (609) 898-0800

On Columbia Avenue near the intersection with Madison Avenue.

Dr. Arlene Hughes Gorny is here to help you with your greatest asset... your vision! She offers Comprehensive Eye Exams, treatment and a stock of unique frames.

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North Beach has great equipment, a clean environment and attentive instructors. Try Boot Camp, an effective and easy-to-follow routine guaranteeing lost pounds in the first week.

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SEA SPA 251 Beach Avenue in Congress Hall (609) 884-6543

In Congress Hall, the big yellow, pillared building at the end of the mall.

Sea Spa is a full-service destination spa. Spending a day there is like taking your own, personal mini-vacation. There is a full line of Massages and Facials available.

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Open FriSat and by appointment.

SHEAR SUNSATIONS 1400 Texas Avenue Cape May (609) 884-3011

On Texas Avenue near the harbor, just across the street from the C-View.

Owner Marie Conway prides herself on a friendly, skilled staff and fair prices. Everyone likes the Foils and Cuts. Patrons are often asked, “Where did you get that done?”

MC, Visa, Discover

Wed 9-4 and ThuSun 9-5.

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Enrich Your Life... Adopt An Animal

Three beautiful dogs from the Cape May County Animal Shelter and Adoption Center... call 465-8923


BARLEY is a really sweet one-yearold boy who arrived at the shelter after wandering the streets. Sadly, he was never claimed. At first he can be a little timid and shy, but once he gets to know you he really warms up and will give you kisses all day. Aside from giving kisses, his favorite pasttime at the shelter is running and playing outside. He’ll always drop his toys for your to play with him. Come make a new, active friend. Adoption fee is $95.


BUTTERCUP is a pretty two-yearold pitbull mix waiting for someone to rescue her. She’s been here at the shelter for a while, and when people come in they comment on how pretty and sweet she is. When Buttercup first meets someone she can be a little shy and anxious but warms up and takes comfort in contact. Buttercup can be a little hand shy and loud noises make her jumpy. Can you offer this sweet, gentle girl a home? Adoption fee is $95.



MARMADUKE is a very big boy with lots of energy. He’s a very friendly guy who is going to need alot of extra care and training due to the fact that he is so strong and exhuberant. This likable guy just loves to play, so be prepared to exercise him as much as possible. He eats his food very fast, and should go to a home withotu small children due to his size and exhuberance. If you have experience with big dogs, come meet him. Adoption fee is $95.

Doggie Nanny Petsitting... for all pets!

While you’re away, your pet must play! I’ll come and stay and play with your pets at their own home! Beach wedding specialists beach portraits engagement sessions children Cape May & Cherry Hill, NJ | 609 . 744 . 7886 email | Member Professional Photographers of America (PPA) Member South Jersey Women in Business (SJWIB) Voted 2009 Winner Best Photographer at the Jersey Shore - MyFoxPhilly Voted 2010 Best of Weddings - The Knot

MICHELLE KIERNAN (609) 675-6384 email:

References Available Insured And Bonded

This is “Titus”

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


on the


Thursday Nights - Behind Convention Hall Kids Games at 7:30 - Feature at 8:30

Page 97

Happy Summer 2010!

FREE Admission!



COMING UP: July 15 - BLACK BEAUTY (1971)

featuring RACHEL HUSTA THURSDAYS & SUNDAYS, 6 to 10pm at THE WHITE HERON in Stone Harbor Casual Fine Dining with a full bar! Call 967-9100 reservations and for info. WEDNESDAYS IN JULY AND AUGUST, HERB & TERRY AT CAPE MAY VINEYARD For all Herb Moore Trio dates visit or call 609-576-1841 As always, available for summer parties and private events! The Herb Moore Trio is available as an instrumental and / or vocal trio.

Page 98

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The book that was a publishing phenomenon in Cape May last year is back... and even better than before! THE UPDATED SECOND EDITION OF THE FIRST RESORT IS NOW ON SALE AT THE EXIT ZERO STORE & GALLERY AND OTHER FINE LOCAL STORES... GET YOUR COPY! Also available online at

Named by The Philadelphia Inquirer as ONE OF THE BEST COFFEE TABLE BOOKS OF THE YEAR “As complete a look at the ups and downs of the Jersey Shore’s proto-resort as you are likely to see.” – frank wilson the philadelphia inquirer

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Page 99

Enrich Your Life... Adopt An Animal

Three beautiful cats from the Cape May County Animal Shelter and Adoption Center... call 465-8923


AGGIE is an absolutely-stunning, smoothe, black marble cat. Her soft coat glistens, and she has a sweet temperament to boot. Full of energy, but also willing to sit in your lap for a snuggle, Aggie is longing to have a home of her own. Aggie is a candidate for the Shelter Barn Buddy program. Adoption fee is $70.


MEOW arrived at the Shelter when her previous owner couldn’t keep her. She’s a bit shy – not used to the excitement of other cats and dogs – but enjoys having her ears and neck rubbed. She doesn’t like to be picked up, though, so come down to her level to give the TLC she longs for. She gets along fine with dogs. Adoption fee is $35.

Exit Zero Likes to Travel!


SHEBA is definitely the queen around here. She’s a soft gray with golden eyes and as friendly as can be despite coming in as a stray. She loves nothing more than relaxing in the sun or sitting on a windowsill watching the world. If you’re looking for a gorgeous, mature who will return your love, take a peek at Sheba. Adoption fee is $20. get the card. get the discounts.

Exit Zero has traveled to numerous places throughout the world including: The Bahamas, India, Bhutan, Aruba, Costa Rica, South Africa and more! Let’s see how many countries EZ can travel to! Please email photo to and include some info for the caption!

Page 100

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

COOL CAPE MAY 2010 This beautiful, full color, hard-cover coffee table book has over 300 pages of useful info on Cape May and costs only $15!

d the Cape!

What to Do Aroun

Shop for Cape

All the Great Plac

es to Dine!

May goodies! Stay Healthy AND Beautiful!

$15 at the Exit Zero store - $19.95 mailed right to your home Call (609) 770-8479 or order online at:

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Page 101

Cape Curiosity

A weekly historical column by Ben Miller, author of the best-selling “The First Resort”


HE LOBSTER House was started in the early 1950s by the Laudeman family, who continue to operate it today. The landscape of Schellenger’s Landing, the Lobster House location’s formal name, has changed quite a bit over the years. In the early days of the Cape May harbor there was little more in the area than boat houses, railroad tracks and a small restaurant known as Bateman’s. The docks along the new harbor were owned by the Reading Railroad, allowing fishermen to unload their fresh fish directly into rail cars that shipped them all over the northeast US. The patriarch of the Laudeman family, Jesse, owned a local seafood wholesale business in the late 1920s. In 1939 Laudeman purchased the docks from the Reading Railroad in an effort to expand his wholesale company. He also became the owner of Bateman’s, but since he was focused on his seafood business, he

Continued On Page 102 ?

This photo from the early 1900s shows boaters exploring the Cape May Harbor in an area where The Lobster House stands today. Greater Cape May County Historical Society

if you like terry o'brien's "a killer read"...’ll love

“Murder-oke and other Spooky Cape May Tales.” A perfect book for the beach! Pick up your copy at these fine stores: Exit Zero Store | Atlantic Books | Dellas 5 & 10 | The Ugly Mug | Sunset Beach Gift Shops Harpoon Henry’s | North Beach Health Club | Artizan’s salon and spa | Congress Hall | Morey’s Piers gift shops

Page 102

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cape Curiosity ? From Page 101 leased it out to others. It wasn’t until 1953 that Laudeman and his wife decided to try to run the restaurant themselves. They brought in their 21-year-old son, Wallace, to help with the restaurant, changed the name to The Lobster House and opened for business. In the early 1960s the family purchased the schooner American and moored her to the docks outside the restaurant. Business continued to boom, and over the years the eatery was greatly expanded from the original 60-seat cafe to the nearly 700-seat restaurant and banquet facility that we know today. Along with the dining facilities, the Laudeman family also continued to upgrade and improve upon the wholesale fish operation. It is in large part because of the Laudeman family that Cape May is recognized as the second-largest fishing port on the Eastern Coast. Fisherman’s Wharf, a name unofficially bestowed on the Laudeman docks, is one of three commercial docks in the Cape May area that combine to form what is considered the Port of Cape May. Over the years the Lobster House has tackled some pretty tough obstacles, mainly in the form of two especially powerful fires

In 2005 fireman battled for three hours against a fire that consumed much of the kitchen and restaurant of The Lobster House. Cape May Fire Department

that nearly leveled the restaurant. On May 19, 1966 the Trenton Evening Times reported, “A spectacular general alarm fire roared through the fashionable Lobster House restaurant… Some 200 firemen from the surrounding area and all available fire equipment was rushed to the scene.” The restaurant was rebuilt within a year, but almost lost again in May of 1967 when the pier around it lit on fire. Luckily,

Robert Panaccio, VMD Robert Moffatt, VMD Patricia Link, DVM

firefighters were able to protect the restaurant from the flames. They weren’t so lucky when another fire hit around 3am on September 26, 2005. It took firemen about three hours to contain the flames and by that point the kitchen was destroyed and the restaurant was damaged. The restaurant was renovated and reopened on April 11, 2006.

re: think

Family Discount for all Uniformed Services

Health Insurance Millennium Administrators, Inc. (A insurance agency that is focused exclusively on health insurance for the Independent contractor, individual and employer; large or small)

For a free quote: Call (866) MHG-2489 or Email:

Join our Team! Apply Now!

107 Liberty Way • Cape May, NJ Washington Street Mall (609) 884-8844 Stone Harbor • Ocean City • Beach Haven Ship Bottom • Surf City, NJ

Family Dental Office 694 Petticoat Creek Lane, Cape May

884-1729 Hours by Appointment

e r w y


30 Years Experience Hours By Appointment • Most Insurance Accepted


600 Park Boulevard, Building 6, Suite 3 West Cape May, NJ 08204 PERSONALIZED CARE

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Page 103

Exit Zero Goes On Vacation All Over The Country We have to work here in the office, while he gets to have all the fun

Melissa Williams took Exit Zero to Boston over the Memorial Day weekend.

Margaret and Jim Aumack recently returned from Arizona where they toured the area and the surrounding southwest. The Aumacks drove from Cape May, stopping along the way to visit points of interest. The highlight of the tour was the Grand Canyon where it was cold but not quite as snowy and cold as Cape May last winter.


Page 104

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

“Let my soul smile through my heart and my heart smile through my eyes, that I may scatter rich smiles in sad hearts.” ~ Paramahansa Yogananda

Exit Zero Goes On Vacation All Over The World He’s a lucky little blighter PHOTOGRAPHS BY OUR ROVING CORRESPONDENTS

Eliza and Zara Stasi took EZ to Paris in May. Zara received a research grant based on the topic of her final thesis project – the study of Van Gogh’s expressionistic paintings that were completed during his time in France. After researching in Paris and being emerged in the culture, her final project will be to paint five canvases based on her experience in Paris, as well as her study of Van Gogh’s painting techniques. No doubt, EZ will provide her with inspiration – he’s good like that. Congratulations, Zara – that’s an amazing gig!

CARE FOR YOUR SMILE... Call Dr. Feldman’s office today You’ll be glad you did... and so will the people you smile at!

LOUIS J. FELDMAN, D.D.S., LLC 741 Washington Street • Cape May, NJ 08204

(609) 884-4260

The Guinan family – Jack, Maryanne, John Jr and Maryellen vacationed in the Côte d’Azur region in southern France. Naturally, they took along everyone’s favorite vacation buddy, Exit Zero. Here’s a friendly tip, guys: next time, wear an Exit Zero T-shirt – much, MUCH cooler than one of those generic Cape May ones. We’re just sayin’...

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Page 105

The Cape May Calendar

The all-singing, all-dancing, utterly comprehensive, totally inspiring 15-page guide to getting out and about in America’s Original Seaside Resort... and it’s for tourists AND locals. Get out there and enjoy! Pictured is Historic Cold Spring Village, which hosts fascinating events throughout the summer – visit

Page 106


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summer special 3 Months Only $65! daily rate: $7 • weekly rate: $25

TRAINER ASSISTED STRETCH CLASS - Every Tuesday at 10:30 am. We utilize Thai massage and Yoga, hands on and safe. Daily rate of $12 or $40 for 4 classes. Your body will feel brand new!


With CPT’S Glorypie and Lisa Try one for FREE! 8 sessions per month $49.00 members $79.00 non-members

12 sessions per month $69 members $99 non-members

Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri 7:30am Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri 8:30am Mon, Wed, Thurs 6:30pm (childcare available) Non members price includes full use of Gym & all Classes!

Vacationer’s Boot Camp Daily rate $18

GYM HOURS: Monday - Thursday 5am till 10pm | Friday 5am till 9pm Saturday 7am till 6pm | Sunday 8am till 4pm

Vacationers Special: 2 MONTHS only 49.95!!!


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Page 107

Fun Events In July

For more info, call the Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts and Humanities at (609) 884-5404 Through October 31 Cape May’s Sixth Annual Designer Show House The region’s top designers and suppliers have transformed the first floor and grounds of the Fairthorne Cottage on the corner of Ocean and Hughes streets into Cape May’s sixth annual Designer Show House. Daily self-guided tours can be combined with lunch and dinner packages. Open daily, 1pm to 4pm and Sundays to Fridays, from 7pm to 9pm. Admission is $10 for adults and $7 for children (ages 3-12). Each visitor will receive a full-color program book with information about the designers, products and vendors. July 5, 12, 19 and 26 Cape May Kids Playhouse Silliness ensues during Cape May Kids Playhouse at Cape May Stage’s Robert Shackleton Playhouse, Bank and Lafayette streets. Get in on the act with the show “Cape May Kids!” inspired by the novella “Down the Shore” by Gwynne Spencer. There will be plenty of nostalgia for the grownups, plus silly music and fun for the kids! 10am. $10 for adults, $7 for children (ages 3-12). Co-sponsored by Cape May Stage and the Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts and Humanities (MAC). July 6 East Lynne Theater Company presents A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur’s Court ELTC celebrates the 100th anniversary of Mark Twain’s death and the 175th anniversary of his birth with this adaptation of his timetravel adventure. Hank, the hero, living in 1889, is magically transported to England at the time of The Knights of the Round Table - and Merlin. Students rehearse under the direction of ELTC’s Artistic Director Gayle Stahlhuth, and perform this classic tale in front of an admission-free, open to the public, audience. 8pm at the First Presbyterian Church of Cape May, 500 Hughes St. Sponsored by East Lynne Theater Company in association with the Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts and Humanities (MAC). July 7 Kids Day at the Emlen Physick Estate Learn what life was like more than 100 years ago from the parlor to the playroom on a tour of the Estate. Tromp around the grounds of the Estate, covered in tents filled with fun activities



ay’s Cape M t e w Ne s t nmen Consig ue Boutiq

The sixth annual Cape May Designer Show House is at the Fairthorne on Ocean Street like dress-up, hat-making, singing, storytelling, face painting, Victorian games, Teddy Bear Tea Parties at the Carriage House Tearoom and Cafe and more. 10am to 3pm. $5 for children (ages 3 to 12), free for adults. July 7, 11 and 25 Teddy Bear Tea Party BYOB – Bring your own bear (or dolly). Teddy Bear Tea Parties at the Carriage House Tearoom and Café feature kid-friendly menus and teddy bear music. Miss Jeanne and a special guest from The Cape May Teddy Bear Co. will be presenting stories and activities for the Teddy Bear Tea attendees as well as providing a goody bag. Offered at 11am and 1:30pm on Wednesday, July 7 and at 12pm on July 11 & 25. $18 for adults; $10 for children (ages 3-12). The Carriage House Tearoom and Café is located on the grounds of the Emlen Physick Estate, 1048 Washington St. July 11 The Cape May Designer Show House Opening Gala This is your chance to mingle with designers as you view the wonderful transformations they have accomplished and meet the vendors who supplied the state-of-the-art fixtures and furnishings. You’ll get an exclusive look at the Designer Show House and enjoy refreshments provided by the Washington Inn. 5pm to 7pm. Admission is $30 per person. July 12

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Thank You for Your Support Since We Have Opened!

We Need Summer Consignment Items... Dresses Clothing Shoes Bags Accessories 219 Jackson Street, Cape May across from Swain’s Hardware Store (609) 770-7524

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Fun Events In July ? From Page 107

Blow Dry • Sets • Cuts • Color Foils Low Lites • Perms • Manicures • Pedicures (609) 884-3011 • 1400 Texas Ave., Cape May TUESDAY-SATURDAY 9-5 • THURSDAY 9-8

Cape May Stage’s 2nd annual Second Stage Broadway Series presents “An Evening with Mary Testa”: Mary Testa is back with another extraordinary evening! Mary Testa wowed Broadway in “Guys And Dolls” last season and wowed Cape May Stage audiences when she appeared with two time Tony Award winner Michael Starobin in “Sleepless Variations.” She is a two time Tony nominee for the Broadway productions of “On the Town” and “Forty Second Street” as well as the Drama Desk Award nominee for “Xanadu.” Mary Testa burst on the scene in William Finn’s “In Trousers” and is a frequent collaborator with him and the most important composers of our day. Don’t miss this extraordinary cabaret with one of Broadway’s biggest stars! 8pm at the Robert Shackleton Playhouse at Bank & Lafayette Streets. Tickets are $50 general admission. Sponsored by Cape May Stage in association with the Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts and Humanities (MAC). July 14-July 24 East Lynne Theater Company presents Paul Robeson Through His Words and Music This play, performed by Derrick McQueen, and written by Gayle Stahlhuth, is an interweaving of two dozen songs that were sung by Robeson, with a narrative of his life as an actor, singer, activist, and humanitarian. Last performed during ELTC’s 2006 Season for only 4 performances, its return has been requested by many. Performances run Wednesdays through Saturdays at 8:30pm at the First Presbyterian Church of Cape May, 500 Hughes St. General admission $28; Seniors/Those with disabilities and their support companions: $23; Students: $13. Sponsored by East Lynne Theater Company in association with the Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts and Humanities (MAC). July 24 Delaware Bay Lighthouse Adventure Enjoy a cruise up the Delaware Bay aboard the Cape May Whale Watcher’s Spirit of Cape May for a full day of lighthouse viewing. Hear Bay lore on fishing, spawning grounds and more. The cruise includes a lavish complimentary cold luncheon buffet including shrimp, finger sandwiches, cheese and fruit trays and dessert. A cash bar is available. Limited to 175. 10am. Admission $99. Co-sponsored by the Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts and Humanities (MAC) and the Cape May Whale Watcher.

July 28 Cape May Stage’s 2nd annual Second Stage Broadway Series presents “Magic at the Cape: A Performance for Children”: This is a one-hour magical journey for children ages five and above and features not one, but two magicians! The show is enchanting, entertaining, educational, hilarious, and of course- magical! Join magicians Johnny Mass and Michael Walsh inside the beautiful Robert Shackleton Playhouse in Cape May this summer and experience a magical morning with your family! 11am at the Robert Shackleton Playhouse at Bank & Lafayette Streets. Tickets $15. Kids $8. Sponsored by Cape May Stage in association with the Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts and Humanities (MAC). July 28 to September 4 East Lynne Theater Company presents The Dictator Ethel Barrymore challenged Davis, a famous journalist, to write a play, and he composed one of the funniest comedies ELTC has ever produced! Brooke Travers flees NYC by jumping aboard a ship, which lands him in Puerto Banos, in Central America. Believing he could be arrested at any moment, he assumes different names, and even swaps identities with the American Consul, Colonel Bowie. Who’s in charge of this Banana Republic is anyone’s guess in this large-cast 1904 Broadway hit that ELTC first produced in 2001. Performances run Wednesdays through Saturdays at 8:30pm at the First Presbyterian Church of Cape May, 500 Hughes Street. General admission $28; Seniors/Those with disabilities and their support companions: $23; Students: $13. Sponsored by East Lynne Theater Company in association with the Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts and Humanities (MAC).

Derrick McQueen stars in “Paul Robeson Through His Words and Music” at East Lynne July 14-24

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The 64 Things You Should Do In Cool Cape May

If it’s not in this list it probably ain’t worth doing. So get reading, and then get moving! FAMILY-FRIENDLY Cape May has a great variety of activities that you can enjoy with the entire family. Here is a great list of ideas to get you started. 1. Morey’s Piers The Wildwood Boardwalk is now home to the biggest attraction the Jersey Shore has seen in years. The Ghost Ship, unveiled Memorial Day Weekend, is a one-of-a-kind haunted attraction featuring animatronics, a scary soundtrack and live actors. Wind your way through the maze-like course of a wrecked ship that appears it has crashed right into Morey’s Piers. 2. Cape May-Lewes Ferry Take a trip over to Lewes, Delaware, a small, quaint seaside town, then make sure you check out bustling Rehoboth Beach, the Fenwick Island Lighthouse or Cape Henlopen State Park. You can also take advantage of the tax-free shopping at the outlets. Or just enjoy the quiet and vastness of the bay on the deck of the ferry as you watch for dolphins and whales. For more information or to book a reservation, call 800-64-FERRY or visit 3. Historic Cold Spring Village Ever wonder what it was like to live in Cape May 200 years ago? The answer can be found at this open-air living history museum, a seven-minute drive from town. Through interactive, and hands-on activities,

visitors can make a connection with the past by experiencing it. The many authentically-restored homes amid idyllic shaded areas make it hard not to feel like Abe Lincoln’s in office… and it’s even easier when the Civil War re-enactment rolls into town. Cold Spring is a can’t-miss for history buffs. Give them a call at (609) 898-2300 or visit their website at 4. Whale and Dolphin Watching Dolphins are fairly common in the waters off Cape May, but it’s still a joy to see them. Cape May Whale & Dolphin Watch and Research Center offers you the best chance to see them up close. And, you might even see a whale. Tours take off at Wilson Avenue. You can see it on your left as you cross the small bridge before the Lobster House on your way out of town. For directions or more information, call (609) 898-0055 or visit them on the web at 5. Cape May Family Treasure Hunt Discover the fun of exploring Cape May and uncovering its architectural elements from a kid’s perspective. Packet includes a clue sheet and map that will take you on a self-guided discovery tour. Packets for the entire family are available for $5. For more information, call (609) 884-5404 or visit 6. Antiquing For a different kind of treasure hunt, check out the amazing variety of antique shops that are available in Cape May – just don’t get disheartened when you see

your favorite childhood toy selling for $100. Here are some treasure troves (all 609 area code): Antiques Emporia, 405 West Perry Street (898-3332), Bridgetowne Antiques, Broadway and Mechanic (884-8107), Out of The Past Antiques, 394 Myrtle Avenue, corner of Perry (884-3357), Cape May Antique Center, 1228 Route 109 (898-4449). 7. Cape May Lighthouse, Oil House, Museum Shop The structure, built in 1859, has 199 steps leading to the watch gallery with a panoramic view of the Jersey Cape, Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. Admission to the Visitors’ Orientation Center and the ground floor of the Lighthouse is free. Tower admission is $7 for adults and $3 for children. For more information, call (609) 884-5404 or visit 8. Bay Springs Alpaca Farm This one’s hard to believe, but Cape May has an Alpaca Farm. Near the end of beautiful New England Road, Warren and Barbara Nuessle live what they call the “alpaca lifestyle” – quiet and simple. Visit them between 10am and 4pm on Saturdays and Sundays and see how alpaca fiber is spun into yarn, or shop at their store which carries many alpaca related items (forget wool; go with an alpaca sweater this winter!) And don’t forget to greet the grazing alpacas – they make it all possible. Call (609) 884-0563 or visit www.bayspringsalpacas.comfor more information.

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AOB stylists Certified in

Brazilian Keratin Treatment!


Tame the frizzies/curls, protect your color!

Cut your drying time by a third! Smooth, calm hair that shines!

Winners Best Day Spa on the Jersey Shore!

Open 7 Days

beauty accent on

(609) 884-7040 128 sunset blvd, west cape may

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64 Great Things You Should Do ? From Page 109 9. Beachcombing at the Cove A naturalist from the Nature Center of Cape May helps you explore the ocean, beach and dunes of the Cove on Sundays at 9am. Tickets are $10 for adults, $5 for children and can be purchased in advance at the Washington Street Mall Information Booth, or on the day of the tour at the Second Street Pavilion on the promenade in Cape May. 10. World War II Lookout Tower Museum Fire Control Tower No. 23 on Sunset Boulevard is New Jersey’s last freestanding World War II tower, part of the immense Harbor Defense of the Delaware system known as Fort Miles. After the award-winning restoration, visitors can now climb to the 6th floor spotting gallery while reliving the homeland defense efforts during World War II. The ground floor of the tower is fully accessible. Entrance fee is $6 for adults and $2.50 for children. For more information, call (609) 884-5404 or visit 11. Cherry House Tour This Federal-style house was built in 1849 by Lemuel Leaming and named for the Cherry family of Philadelphia. It has been lovingly restored and furnished with antiques. Each room is a treasure chest of cherished family mementos, and hand-painted murals throughout are a reflection of the owners’ lives as well as the home’s seashore heritage. Tours are Saturdays and Sundays at 2pm, and Wednesdays and Thursdays at 11am and 2pm. Tickets are available at the Washington Street Mall Information Booth for $10. For more

information, call (609) 884-5404 or visit 12. Sixth Annual Cape May Designer Show House The region’s top designers and suppliers transform the first floor and grounds of the Fairthorne Cottage, on the corner of Ocean and Hughes streets, into Cape May’s sixth annual Designer Show House. Self-guided tours can be combined with lunch and dinner packages and special events. The house will be open daily from 1pm to 4pm and Sundays to Fridays from 7pm to 9pm. Admission is $10 for adults and $7 for children. For more information, call (609) 884-5404 or visit 13. Salt Marsh Eco-Tour and Birding by Boat Join the crew aboard the Osprey, a 36-passenger environmentally-friendly pontoon boat. Since 1993 Captain David has been sharing the wonders of our coast. Enjoy a fully-narrated tour as you get up-close views of ospreys, migrant shorebirds, clapper rails, herons, gulls, and terns. Also cruise through tidal wetland preserves, learning about one of the most productive habitats on the planet. Trips sail daily from the Miss Chris Marina at 890 2nd Avenue in Cape May from April to November. Call (609) 898-3500 or visit www.ospreycruise. com for more information or to book your trip. 14. Aviation Museum The Naval Air Station Wildwood Aviation Museum, a few minutes north of town, has a wonderful collection of planes and helicopters all set in a building which, at its peak during WWII, accommodated 222 planes and 17,000 takeoffs and landings per month. Young or old, the awe of flight will catch you like a net. The museum is open daily from 9am-5pm. Across the road is another must-see, the Vietnam Memorial Museum,

which features a special garden commemorating the 21 fallen soldiers from Cape May County. Call (609) 886-8787 or visit 15. Emlen Physick Estate Tour  With its new theme for 2010, “On the Town, Dining out and Entertainment during the 19th Century,” a tour of the Emlen Physick Estate, Cape May’s only Victorian house museum, is sure to be an entertaining and educational experience that will deligh the adults and childrean alike. Tours cost $10 for adults and $5 for children. For more information, call (609) 884-5404 or visit 16. Road Trip It seems silly to suggest leaving Cape May, but when the road calls, it’s hard not to answer. Grab some gas and try out route 147 (Ocean Drive). It runs through Wildwood Crest, Stone Harbor and the Doo Wopfashioned hotels of Wildwood are a block away. Or why not explore Cumberland County, home to bald eagles and Port Norris, the one-time oyster capital of the world? Make sure you don’t miss the A.J. Meerwald, the lovely and historic Delaware Bay oyster schooner. 17. Cape May County Zoo How much would you expect to pay to see 200 species and a total of 550 animals from around the world? Unless you guessed $0 than you’re way off, because the Cape May County Zoo offers free admission to their park and zoo. The zoo features a reptile room, world of birds and an African Savanna in its 80 acres of property. Open daily from 10am-4:45pm, the zoo is just off Exit 11 on the Parkway. And, while the zoo is free, donations at the entrance are appreciated. You can

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Caring Hands Delivering Quality Care OUR SERVICES: • Cleaning & X-Rays • Porcelain Veneers • Cosmetic Dentistry • Periodontal Therapy (gum treatment)

• • • • • •

Full Mouth Reconstruction Implant Rehabilitation Root Canals (one visit) Bleaching White Fillings Crowns & Bridges

Special Attention Given to our Senior Citizens!






80 (reg. $230)

Includes oral exam, full mouth series of x-rays, cleaning & polishing, oral cancer screening, periodontal (gums) evaluation. Must mention ad! Not valid with other offers.


Pedodontist (Children • Endodontist (Root Canals) Oral Surgoen (Extractions/Implants) Periodontist (Gums/Implants)

Cape May Family Dental



OPEN EVERY DAY: Day & Evening Hours • Proud Member of the Allied Dental Practices of NJ

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Activity Of The Week


A weekly column by Catherine Dugan. This week: Let’s go fishing!

HE CAPE May fishing industry is big business, with more than $125 million paid annually to fishermen at New Jersey docks. Fish caught here might be shipped halfway around the world, or prepared to perfection at a local restaurant. For pure dining satisfaction, however, there is nothing like eating a fish that you’ve caught and cooked yourself. With this goal in mind, we set out with Captain Bob on the Down Deep, a sportfishing vessel out of Utsch’s Marina. You can take a group of people, from four to about 15, on the Down Deep for a lighthouse tour, dolphin watching, or a day of fishing. We were after the not-so-elusive bluefish. Captain Bob advises planning for bluefish in summer because “you’ll catch some, and that’s what gets kids interested.” He was right. On the way out, Jake (age nine) and Paige (age seven) enjoyed the ride, waved to the passing dolphins and laughed at the seasick adults.But, once they started hauling in

the fish, nothing else mattered. Bluefish are lively! It was a perfect introduction to fishing. A day on the water takes some preparation, and your captain will tell you what to bring – food and drinks (no glass bottles), sunscreen, sunglasses, boat shoes or sneakers, rain gear and a camera. Most importantly, bring an empty cooler to preserve your catch. You’ll go out if it’s raining, but not in heavy wind. Captain Bob suggests waiting until a child is about five before you take him

or her fishing on the ocean and recommends Bonine, taken the night before, for those who are prone to seasickness. We did a four-hour tour, but longer excursions are available. Groups of adults may choose more adventurous fishing trips, including overnight trips in search of tuna. Bachelor parties are another excuse to get together and fish. Eating what you catch can be a spiritual experience, reinforcing the human connection to the sea. Or, it can just be a fun way to spend a summer day. Our catch was cleaned for us, and Captain Bob provided recipe ideas. Although it is an oily, “fishy” fish, it can be mighty tasty when cooked for young, proud fishermen – especially if you soak it in milk for about 20 minutes then fry it. (Add some applesauce and call it dinner.) The fresher the fish, the better your results. For more information about the Down Deep, give Captain Bob a call at (609) 2269122. Next week: The Great American Backyard Campout






600 Park Boulevard, West Cape May (609) 898-1515 •

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64 Great Things You Should Do ? From Page 109 visit the county website at or call (609) 465-5271 for more information. 18. Harbor Safari A marine biologist leads you through an informational tour of Cape May’s beach and marsh habitats and the ecosystems you’ll find there. Tours are offered Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:30am. The cost is $10 for adults and $5 for children. Call (609) 884-5404 or visit 19. Miniature Golf Cape May Miniature Golf on Jackson Street features sculpted greens, lush landscape, and real sand traps. A tropically-themed ice-cream oasis named Cocomoe’s is connected next to the course. There is also beachfront mini-golf available at Ocean Putt, on the corner of Beach and Jackson, or a bit farther inland on Bayshore Road in North Cape May. There is also a mini golf course at the shops at Sunset Beach. 20. Historic District Walking Tour Designed for those who like history up-close and in detail, this tour features knowledgeable guides who will lead a stroll down the streets of Cape May’s Historic District. Tours are offered Sundays and Wednesdays at 10am. Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for children. Call (609) 884-5404 or visit 21. Buy Fresh Produce New Jersey is the Garden State for a good reason. There’s some great farmland in the area, and markets like Duckie’s and No Frills on Broadway carry some of the sweetest and freshest produce around. There is

one on Sunset Boulevard en route to Cape May Point. 22. Keeper’s on Duty This informational session is the perfect prelude to a climb of the Cape May Lighthouse. Learn the historic beacon’s story, as told by one of the current keepers at the Education Center in Cape May Point State Park. All Keeper’s on Duty sessions are free and open to the public, and will be offered Sundays at 11:30am. Call (609) 884-5404 or visit MAC online at 23. Parasail You don’t need to be a daredevil to let your body rise 500 feet above the ocean. Parasailing has become a popular pastime that lets you soar in the air and see Cape May from a view many people never have. Plus, all of the boat captains are Coast Guard certified so the trip are extremely safe. There are two to choose from: East Coast Parasail in Cape May at Utsch’s Marina (609-8988359) and Atlantic Parasail at the Two Mile Landing restaurant and marina on Ocean Drive highway (609-522-1869). 24. Lighthouse Storytime Bring your young children to the Education Center in Cape May Point State Park (adjacent to the Cape May Lighthouse) to listen to nautical tales and lighthouse adventure stories. Storytime is at 12:30pm every Sunday and admission is free. Call (609) 884-5404 or visit 25. Sunset Beach Follow Sunset Boulevard until it ends, then watch the sun sink beyond the jutting concrete ship. “God Bless America” is played while different veteran’s casket flags are lowered each day from May until September. After the ceremony, grab some food at the Grill, or enjoy the incredible deals in the gift shop. There’s also





a long beach strewn with Cape May “diamonds.” You can now even play mini-golf at Sunset Beach! 26. Self-Guided Audio Tour of Cape May Discover the Historic District of Victorian Cape May at your own pace with Acoustiguide Inform hand-held units. The $10 tour package comes complete with a map and index for 96 historic buildings on 69 sites. To start off on your own tour, stop by the Hill House, at 1048 Washington Street (The Emlen Physick Estate), from 9am-2:30pm. Call (609) 884-5404 or visit 27. Murder at the Physick Estate A crime has been committed at the Emlen Physick Estate on Washington Street. Interact with a cast of suspicious characters, look for clues and try to solve the mystery inside the Estate. Afterwards, interact with your evening’s performers over coffee and dessert. Crimes are committed Mondays and Wednesdays at 8:30pm. Admission is $25 for adults and $20 for children. Call (609) 884-5404 or visit the MAC organization online at 28. Arcade A trip to the beachfront is not the same without a trip to the arcade. Treat your kids to all the flashing lights, beeps, bells, buzzers, and videogames or relive great childhood memories. Cape May Arcade has two locations, one on Beach Avenue at Convention Hall and the other at Beach Avenue and Jackson Street. 29. Higbee Beach It used to be a bit of a scandalous place (nude bathers – gasp!). Not anymore, though (well, not usually). Head down New England Road until it ends, walk the path

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Page 113

Specials for Every Day of the Week! MAGICAL MonDAYS - $25 Enjoy an All-You-Can-Ride wristband valid until 6pm for $25, and for only $10 more, include a three hour same day admission to Raging Waters. Be sure to be on the lookout for magical surprises! Mondays, June 28th - August 30th from 12:30pm until 6pm. Adventure Pier opens at 4pm. TuesDAY Special - $20 Our best deal on All-You-Can-Ride wristbands! Tuesdays, June 29th – August 31st from 12:30pm until 6pm. Waterpark admission is not included in this package. Adventure Pier opens at 4pm. XTREME Ride WednesDAYS - $30 Receive an All-You-Can-Ride wristband valid until 6pm PLUS two Xtreme rides of your choice. Go Wild on all six coasters and AtmosFEAR! Wednesdays, June 30th – September 1st from 12:30pm until 6pm. Waterpark admission is not included in this package. Adventure Pier opens at 4pm, but Xtreme rides and the Great White open at 12:30pm. Double-the-Fun ThursDAYS Double your pleasure as the MOR-EZ ticket card goes twice as far on our amusement rides. Ride for only half the tickets until 6pm. Also, look for great Double-the-Fun offers at many of our games and food outlets. Thursdays, July 1st – September 2nd from 12:30pm until 6pm. Xtreme rides and Go-carts not included. Adventure Pier opens at 4pm. FriDAY Splashtacular - $30 New for 2010, Get wet at Ocean Oasis Waterpark and Beach Club and go wild on ALL three Piers. Fridays, July 2nd – September 3rd from 10am until 6pm. Adventure Pier opens at 4pm. Fired Up FriDAY NIGHTS - $20 Light up your night by riding the rides underneath Coca-Cola’s weekly fantastic fireworks display! Fridays, June 25th – September 3rd from 10:30pm until 12:30am. Fireworks begin July 9th. Some restrictions apply.

Visit for up-to-date operating hours and complete details on all of our specials. 609-522-3900

Page 114 – akaGreat Mosquito Alley –You towards the beach 64 Things Should Do and enjoy a splendid shore. From Page 112 ? 30. Children’s Storytelling Lunch The Carriage House Tearoom and Café, on the Emlen Physick Estate at 1048 Washington Street, sets the stage for fun and interactive storytellers who weave wonderful tales as you enjoy a tasty, family-friendly lunch. Lunches are offered Mondays at 11:30am. Lunch is $18 for adults and $10 for children. Call (609) 884-5404 or visit 31. Carriage Ride Forget about the car, bike or your own two feet; let the clip-clop of a horse’s trot guide you through the town in style. Taking a carriage is a truly unique, historic and romantic way to see the town. Besides, it beats parking. Cape May Carriage Company is based at Ocean and Washington Street. Call (609) 884-4466 to set up a ride. 32. Fisherman’s Wharf Tour Take a guided tour of Fisherman’s Wharf at the Lobster House Restaurant, and learn how your seafood gets from the sea to your table and discover how Cape May has becomea major fishing port. Tours are offered Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday at 11am. Admission is $10 adults and $7 children. Call (609) 884-5404 or visit 33. Emlen Physick Estate Children’s Tour This tour is set to let children find out what life was like more than 125 years ago at the Emlen Physick Estate that was built in 1879. Starting June 21, tours will run Monday and Wednesday at 10:30am, and tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for kids. Call (609) 8845404 or visit 34. WWII Lantern Tour

Wednesday, June 30, 2010 Visit the Fire Control Tower No. 23 Museum & Memorial for a evening Lantern tour. A guide will light your way as he or she describes lookout tower’s pivotal role in America’s defense efforts show you how to aim the big guns at the entrance to Delaware Bay. Tickets are $10, $7 for children.Call 609-884-5404. 35. Storytelling at the Physick Estate Trained storytellers bring kid-friendly tales to life on the lawn outside the Carriage House following the Physick Estate Children’s tour on Wednesdays at 11:15am, weather permitting, and admission is free. Call (609) 884-5404 or visit 36. Combination Trolley/Physick Estate Tour Try out this guided tour of Cape May’s Historic District, followed by a guided tour of Cape May’s only Victorian house museum, the Emlen Physick Estate, at 1048 Washington Street. Its new theme for 2010 is “On the Town, Dining out and Entertainment during the 19th Century.” Tickets are $18 for adults and $9 for children. Call (609) 884-5404 or ROMANTIC Cape May is a great getaway for couples. Here are a few ideas for activities that you and your loved one can enjoy together. You will notice that some of these events are family-friendly, too – we’ll let you be the judge. 37. Local Wineries You might not know this, but southern Jersey is emerging as a serious wine-growing region. Cape May Winery, on Townbank Road, has wine tours from 3-5pm on Saturdays for $20 a person. Hawk Haven Vineyard and Winery in Rio Grande have a beautiful wine bar and offer tastings and food pairings. Turdo

Vineyards is yet another option. They have 12 varieties of wine, and give tours Friday through Sunday. Call (609) 884-1169 for Cape May Winery or visit www. Call (609) 846-7347 for Hawk Haven or visit Call (609) 884-5591 for Turdo Vineyards, or visit 38. Cape May-Lewes Ferry Take a trip over to Lewes, Delaware, a small, quaint seaside town, then make sure you check out bustling Rehoboth Beach, the Fenwick Island Lighthouse or Cape Henlopen State Park. You can also take advantage of the tax-free shopping at the outlets. No matter what you choose once you’re there, enjoy the quiet and vastness of the bay on the deck of the ferry as you watch for dolphins and whales. They even have a bar! Call 1-800-64-FERRY or visit 39. Cape May by Moonlight Trolley Ride Take this romantic trolley ride through the moonlit streets of Cape May as a guide tells tales of Victorian romance. Tickets are available at the Washington Street Mall information booth. Tours are offered Saturdays at 8:30pm, Fridays at 8:45pm, Saturdays and Sundays at 9pm and Mondays and Wednesdays at 9:15pm. Tickets are $10. Call (609) 884-5404 or visit www. 40. Whale and Dolphin Watching Dolphins are fairly common in the waters off Cape May, but it’s still a big joy to see these beautiful creatures. Cape May Whale & Dolphin Watch and Research Center offers you the best chance to see them up close. And, as the name implies, you might even see a whale. Tours take off from Wilson Avenue. If the

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Page 115

Independence Day Celebration Saturday & Sunday, July 3-4: 10:30am-4pm

H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H Celebrate Independence Day the traditional way! Step back in time to the 1800s and visit with craftsmen, innkeepers and housewives who demonstrate trades and skills from the “age of homespun.” SATURDAY: At noon, watch a vintage baseball game played by 1873 rules. Enjoy authentic uniforms and players with no gloves, along with a lively recitation of ‘Casey at the Bat.’ SUNDAY: Take in patriotic programs and an afternoon concert at the Gazebo with the Cape Community Band. Sponsored by Brigantine VFW

Village ghosts surface on Friday the 13th...

Funding has been received through a grant from the New Jersey Department of State, Division of Travel and Tourism.

720 ROUTE 9 CAPE MAY (609) 898-2300 HCSV.ORG

Join Craig McManus, Paranormal Investigator, for an Evening at the Village on Friday, August 13th. Limited tickets available, $20 each. Please contact Sydney at 898-2300, ext. 18 or

Page 116

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

#52: The Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts has opened the restored World War II Lookout Tower

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Page 117

Huge Names, Huge Fun At The Stage!



HAT roar your hear most evenings walking past Cape May Stage is not the ocean (though it is only a few blocks away). I Hate Hamlet has audiences exploding with laughter and there are only a few weeks left to see one of the best casts ever assembled on that stage. These artists play as an ensemble that is like a well-tuned clock! See I Hate Hamlet and then come back on a Monday night for our Second Stage! The Second Stage presents And Where She Stops Nobody Knows, with two-time Emmy nominee James Reynolds and his wife Lissa Layng in this unpublished play by Oliver Hailey on July 5. This poignant and funny play is the story of a woman whose search for love introduces her to everyone from cannibals to lunatics. Many Cape May residents have said they can share similar tales! Reynolds and Layng are artistic directors of The Fremont Theatre Center in South Pasadena, California. Reynolds is perhaps best known for playing Abe Carver on NBC’s Days of Our Lives. It is there that he met Cape May Stage Artistic Director Roy Steinberg. Layng wowed audiences here last season in the award-winning A Woman Of Independent Means, which has toured internationally. They are together on stage for this one night only. This evening was chosen to launch the Broadway Series, which has Tony and Emmy Award nominees from

Broadway’s Mary Testa is back with Michael Starobin on the keys in another extraordinary evening of cabaret on Monday, July 12.

James Reynolds (aka Commissioner Abe Carver from “Days of Our Lives”) returns to Cape May Stage on July 5.

Hollywood and New York performing in the intimate venue that is Cape May Stage! The extraordinary Mary Testa is next up in the Broadway Series. This two-time Tony Award nominee is a powerhouse who lights up the stage. Testa is delightful and

COMING UP AT CAPE MAY STAGE Emmy Nominee James Reynolds and Lissa Layng

Monday, July 5 8pm, Tickets $50

funny and unpredictable but always entertaining! She burst on the scene in William Finn’s In Trousers and is a frequent collaborator with him and the most important composers of our day. You can see her on July 12 in another tour-de-force! This Broadway Series is the best value anywhere for seeing world-class artists for a fraction of what you would pay in New York! Cape May offers the added bonus of a free performance and our lovely town with its glorious beach and charming winding streets is the cure for whatever ails you. Come to Cape May Stage and find out why we were voted “Best Theatre in Cape May County” by Cape May Magazine and in 2009. We were also voted the Best Theatre in South Jersey by the People’s Choice Awards and top three in the state. If you are in Cape May, Cape May Stage is a must.

«Call (609) 884-1341 for more information

An Evening With Tony Nominee Mary Testa

Monday, July 12 8pm, Tickets $50

CMS Summer Interns Present “Romantic Fools”

Sat, July 3, 10, 24, 31 10:30pm, Tickets $10

This column is made possible through the generosity of Second Stage Series sponsors Chris and Dave Clemans as part of their support of the arts in Cape May

Page 118

Wednesday, June 30, 2010 THE

Cape May FIRE DEPARTMENT 712 Franklin Street, Cape May New Jersey

607 Jefferson Street, Cape May, NJ 08204


Open Daily Tuesday thru Thursday 9am to 5pm Friday & Saturday 9am to 6pm 9am-6pm Sunday 9am to 5pm

Dr. Arlene Hughes Gorny Optometric Physician

Having trouble reading and seeing your computer screen? WE CAN HELP! Comprehensive eye exams O Treatment of eye disease, injury and infection O Unique frames O Contact lenses Quality sun wear O Optical lab on premises NJ#5336

The Cape May Fire Department will be updating our historic museum in the near future. As part of our new landscaping, we will be offering the opportunity to own a piece of Cape May history, in the form of a personalized brick paver. These pavers will be sold in 4” x 8” ($100) and 9” x 9” ($150) and will make up a new walkway and flagpole courtyard.

937 Columbia Avenue, Cape May





Memorial bricks.... • Honor a loved one • Support an honorable cause • Keep a memory alive • Serve as great gifts • Commemorate significant dates • Preserve our history Consider a memorial brick today! Purchases are tax deductible. To learn more or get an order form for your bricks, please call the Cape May Fire Department at (609) 884-9512.

THERESE HUDSON, INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE 609-675-4392 • 600 Park Blvd. • West Cape May • 884-4499

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

64 Great Things To Do ? From Page 114 ship is docked you can see it on your left as you cross the small bridge before the Lobster House on your way out of town. For directions or more information, call (609) 898-0055 or visit them on the web at 41. Carriage House Tearoom and Café The Carriage House features a tea luncheon of sandwiches, salads, soups, breads, pastries and beverages. There is also an elegant afternoon tea option composed of finger sandwiches, pastries, scones and beverages. The café menu offers heartier fare with a selection of entrée salads, soups, sandwiches and wraps. Carriage House Tearoom and Café is on the grounds of the Emlen Physick Estate, at 1048 Washington Street. To make reservations call (609) 884-5111, or Call (609) 884-5404 or visit 42. Carriage Ride Forget about the car, bike or your own two feet; let the clip-clop of a horse’s trot guide you through the town in style. Taking a carriage is a truly unique, historic and romantic way to see the town. Besides, it beats parking. Cape May Carriage Company is based at Ocean and Washington Street. Call (609) 8844466 to set up a ride. 43. Parasail You don’t need to be a daredevil to let your body rise 500 feet above the ocean, nor do you need wings. Parasailing has become a popular pastime that lets you soar in the air and see Cape May from a view many people never have. It may be a view to die for, but we can assure you that you won’t be risking anything – the boat captains are Coast Guard certified and extremely safe. Choose from: East Coast Parasail in Cape May at Utsch’s Marina (898-8359) and Atlantic Parasail at the Two Mile Landing restaurant and marina on Ocean Drive highway (522-186). 44. Sunset Beach The name says it all – Follow Sunset Boulevard until it ends, then watch the sun sink beyond the jutting concrete ship. “God Bless America” is played while different veteran’s casket flags are lowered each day from May until September. After the ceremony, grab some food at the Grill, or enjoy the incredible deals in the gift shop. There’s also a long beach strewn with Cape May Diamonds. You can now even play minigolf at Sunset Beach! 45. Higbee Beach It used to be a bit of a scandalous place (nude bathers – gasp!). Not anymore, though (well, not usually). Head down New England Road until it ends, walk the path towards the beach and enjoy some splendid shore.

Page 119

46. Murder at the Physick Estate Some’s been murdered! Interact with a cast of suspicious characters, look for clues and try to solve the mystery inside the Estate. Afterwards, interact with your evening’s performers over coffee and dessert in the Carriage House Tearoom & Café. Admission is $25 for adults and $20 for children. Call (609) 884-5404 or visit 47. Get a Massage Though Cape May is relaxing, why not make it even MORE relaxing? Try these local miracle workers: Cape May Day Spa (898-1003), Artizan Salon and Spa (884-4499) and Accent On Beauty (884-7040) or Sea Spa at Congress Hall (884-6543). 48. Local Theatre Cape May Stage, based in a beautifullyrenovated church in the center of town, is the city’s premier Equity professional group and features a season that’s packed with drama, comedy, music and superb performances from some pretty famous names. Call (609) 8841341 or visit East Lynne Theater specializes in Early American Theater and is well worth a visit. They operate out of the First Presbyterian Church on Hughes Street. Call (609) 884-5898 or visit For a bag of laughs, you can’t go wrong at Elaine’s Dinner Theater, based on Lafayette Street – call (609) 884-5898 for reservations. RECREATIONAL Cape May doesn’t just have to be about relaxing. There are a lot of physical activities to get out and try. 49. Golf Cape May National Golf Club has “three of the best holes in New Jersey” according to The Jersey Golfer and is nestled in 50 acres of private bird sanctuary. Visit Cape May National at or call 609-884-1563. But, if it’s your wedge that needs some work, Cape May Par 3 will let you play 18 holes for just $14.95. No bag? No problem. Cape May Par 3 rents clubs for just $1. Visit them at www. or call (609) 889-2600. 50. Bike Ride It’s no secret to tourists and locals alike: Cape May is a biking town. Have you even tried to navigate the streets of Cape May during rush hour? It’s enough to make you want to start jogging places. But have no fear; there are bike rentals that beat braking (and braking again, then honking, then braking once more). Try Cape Island Bikes at 727 Beach Avenue or 135 Sunset Boulevard (609-884-8011). 51. Nature Trails Next to the lighthouse in the Cape May Point State Park are several trails weav-

Continued On Page 120 ?

Beautiful prints of your favorite Exit Zero photos...

in glorious COLOR or cool B&W!

4 x 6 in: $7.50 5 x 7 in: $11 8.5 x 11 in: $19.50 Call Exit Zero on (609) 770-8479 or order online at: Please have issue number/date and page numbers ready!

Page 120

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

64 Great Things You Should Do ? From Page 119 ing through ponds, dunes, marsh and forest. There are different levels of difficulty marked by colors, and most of the trails have wooden walkways. Even on the longest trails, breathtaking scenes in a tranquil setting will make you wish it was longer. Make sure you bring comfortable shoes. 52. Yoga Join Sharon Fruchtman on the lawn of Congress Hall for classes on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. The classes start at 8:30am and pre-registration is required. Stop by the front desk of Congress Hall or call 609-884-8421. If it’s indoors that you desire to do downward dog, then don’t hesitate in visiting Balance Pilates, at 600 Park Boulevard in West Cape May. Call Judy Heany at 609-884-3001. 53. Tennis The William J. Moore Tennis Club – named after the first black (as well as the oldest) tennis pro in America – rents rackets, balls, and courts. It’s located next to the Physick Estate and there are always a variety of local characters up for a game, match, or set. The courts are open to the public daily for just $10 per hour and a half. Call (609) 884-8986. 54. Horseback Riding At Hidden Valley Ranch, take lessons in the pastimes of heroes and kings under the watchful gaze of Nancy, the toughest, most lovable instructor you could ever hope for. Call Hidden Valley Ranch at (609) 884-8205. 55. Fishing Cape May is one of the busiest commercial fish-

ing ports in the US. The sport fishing is big business, too... AND lots of fun. South Jersey Marina boast the Murderer’s Row, a top-notch selection of boats with crews who know these waters better than anyone. Try the experienced team of Stalker Sport Fishing (2319611) or the Miss Chris fleet (884-3939). For all your bait and tackle needs, stop by Jim’s Bait and Tackle on Route 109 by the harbor (884-3900). 56. Tidal Marsh Tour by Kayak Explore Cape May County’s most beautiful and untouched salt marsh via sit-on-top kayaks. It’s a great way to see nesting ospreys, herons, egrets, and assorted crabs. There are two options to choose from: Aqua Trails at 1600 Delaware Avenue in the Nature Center (609884-5600, and Miss Chris Marina (609884-3351, TROLLEY TOURS Guided trolley tours offer an excellent way to see Cape May. All tickets can be purchased at the information booth at the Washington Street Mall. Call (609) 884-5404, 800-275-4278 or visit www. 57. Best of the West Trolley Tour A narrated trolley tour through West Cape May highlighting its history, farms, shops, vintage cottages and African-American heritage. On Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3:15pm. Tickets are $10 and $7 for children. 58. Cape May by Moonlight Trolley Ride Take a romantic ride through the moonlit streets of Cape May aand listen to your guide as he/sheweaves you tales of Victorian romance. Tours run Saturdays and Sundays at 9pm and Mondays and Wednesdays at 9:15pm. Tickets are $10 for adults and $7 for children.

59. Children’s Trolley Ride Board MAC’s jolly red trolley for a guided trip around Cape May’s Historic District on an egaging tour that is geared specially children... but adults will also enjoy the ride. Tours are offered daily at 4pm. Tickets are $7. 60. Combination Trolley/Physick Estate Tours Hop aboard this guided tour of Cape May’s Historic District, followed by a guided tour of Cape May’s only Victorian house museum, the Emlen Physick Estate at 1048 Washington Street. Tours are offered daily, times vary. Tickets are $18 for adults and $9 for children. 61. Ghosts of Cape May Trolley Tour A 45-minute evening ride through the streets of Cape May with a guide who relates the paranormal findings of Ghost Writer Craig McManus. Tours are offered daily, times vary. Tickets are $10 and $7 for children. 62. Ghosts of the Lighthouse Trolley Tour Travel the ghostly path that leads to the lighthouse, and listen along the way to the ghost tales that have been unearthed by psychic medium Craig McManus. Climb to the top or stay below. Tours run Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8:15pm and 8:45pm. Tickets are $20 for adults and $15 for children. 63. Graveyards of the Deep Trolley Tour The Cape’s maritime history is full of shipwrecks, legends, and lore. Hear it all on a 45-minute guided tour. Tours run Fridays at 9pm, Sundays at 8pm, and Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30pm. Tickets are $10 for adults, and $7 for children. 64. Historic District Trolley Tours Get acquainted with Cape May on a trolley tour as knowledgeable guides present entertaining and educational stories. Daily, times vary. Tickets are $10, $7 for children.

Sandcastle Building Contest In aid of Sarcoma Awareness


9am to noon The Cove beach « Amateur contest to benefit cancer research « Minimum donation of $20 per team « Great prizes awarded in many categories Come have some fun AND make a difference!

For more info call (609) 425-8504 or email

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Page 121

Soroptomists' Fun Night At Cape May Tennis Club Tuesday, June 15 PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV

Diane Bauer, Marga Matheny, Diane Bové

Shades 11 people comfortably!

Dot McGehean, Heidi Tabor

Now the whole family can relax in shade at the beach! Featuring Ten retractable tentacles!

Introducing the SQUID-RELLA! A humungous beach umbrella shaped like a giant squid!

Giant eye is actually a built-in cooler!

Marjorie Donchey, Jane Mauriello, Jean Drach, Karen Fagan

Get Yours at The Exit Zero Store Before They’re Gone!!

Page 122

Can you provide a temporary home for the following actors...? Needs housing for four actors and a music director from July 5-18. The actors typically rehearse 10-5 daily, with Monday off. They need to have a single private bedroom and access to kitchen and bathroom. No pets, and no smoking. If you think you can help, please call Suzanne Holt at Cape May Stage on (609) 884-1341. Thank you!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Soroptomists' Fun Night At Cape May Tennis Club Tuesday, June 15 PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV

Muriel Gray, Susanne Taraschi, Betty Moffatt

Ginnie Becker, Lori Fernandi, Carol Hall

Marjorie, Anete

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Page 123

The Cape May Crossword None of that generic nonsense you see in other papers... a puzzle just for this town! By Dan Mathers CROSSWORD

SO YOU love crosswords and you love Cape May? Great. Sit down, get a cup (or glass) of your favorite beverage, relax and enjoy this puzzle. The answers can be found in these pages or are related to the theme of this issue, which is giant squids. The solution can be found on the front page of our website,

ACROSS 2. A giant squid was portrayed in this novel about the ship Pequod, commanded by Captain Ahab. 4. The first images of a live, adult giant squid were taken off the coast of this country. 6. He piloted the Nautilus through an encounter with a giant squid in the novel Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. 9. Giant squids will often eat other smaller squids in an act known as this. 14. This is the motto of WKR Property Management and Concierge Service. 15. Giant squid carcasses have been found in this many of the world’s oceans. 16. Squids, octopi and cuttle, although different species, all fall into this class of marine creatures. 18. This beast of Norse legend is thought to originate from stories of giant squid. 19. The arms and tentacles of a giant squid are lined with hooks, and these – it’s a not-

You can understand the confusion – 12 Down.

so-scientific name. 20. Technically, a squid has 10 appendages: eight arms and two of these, used for feeding. 22. Much of what we know about giant squids comes from carcasses. They most often wash up on this Pacific country. 23. Attention those who are unemployed: This company is still hiring everything from retail clerks to part-time massage therapists. 25. This ancient Greek philosopher described the giant squid as being five lengths of a man’s arm. 26. There are this many species of giant squid. DOWN 1. This is the only known predator of the giant squid. 3. Squids don’t have teeth. Instead, they have a razor-sharp one of these. 5. For giant squid, this is the larger sex.

7. Chef Geoff and Copper Fish have moved their location. They’re now on this road. 8. She shoots weddings, beach portraits and shore art… and even some for Exit Zero. 10. A giant squid is actually classified as one of these, in the same phylum as mussels. 11. This restaurant is located at the corner of Broadway and Sunset Boulevard. 12. This creature was found off the coast of Denmark in 1546, and named after the ascetic religious man it closely resembled. Scientists now think it was a giant squid. 13. Giant squids breathe using two of these. 15. Giant squid can reach up to 18 metres in length. That’s equivalent to about this many feet. 17. This is the name for the body wall which covers the majority of the squid’s body. 21. Giant squids shred their prey with their radula , a sharp, ribbed and toothed structure sometimes compared to this. 24. On a giant squid, this organ is larger than on any other living creature.

Page 124

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Aqua Trails


Soroptomists' Fun Night At Cape May Tennis Club Tuesday, June 15 PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV

Special Discount on Kayak Tours. Please Call for Details!

Reserve Your Space on our FULL MOON KAYAK TOUR! July 24, 25, 26

The Washington Inn catering team

2 Daily Kayak Tours... 9:30 and 1:00

Sunset Kayak Tours Every Tues. & Sat. Evening

(609) 884-5600 • 1600 Delaware Ave. at The Nature Center of Cape May

Soroptimists' installation of officers

Dottie Parra, Anne George, Karen Crawford, Eileen Cassidy

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Page 125

The Movie Column


“Knight and Day” reviewed by Andrew Henry

H – THE summer action movie. A time for filmmakers to ask, “How many crazy stunts and one-liners can we jam into two hours?” Knight and Day attempts to up the ante, but sadly there is nothing new about it. The film follows Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz as they pretty much go from action sequence to action sequence. Tom is (or is not) a spy being hunted by some generic people for some generic reason. The action is inventive a few times, but overall it falls flat. I like Tom Cruise. I think Jerry Maguire is great – A Few Good Men is amazing, and watching the Mission Impossible films is always fun. But he is an actor who is the same in every movie. How long can he keep up the “Hey – I’m smiling and I got everything covered,” persona? It would be more interesting to see him in a slightly more vulnerable role, rather than always having to be on top of everything. As I was writing this review, I thought

Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise go over old ground in Knight and Day”

the title sounded familiar. And then it hit me. The Pixar animated short shown before Toy Story 3 is actually titled Day & Night. It is about two personifications of day and night – complete opposites and yet they discover how similar they are. And guess what? The six-minute short Day & Night was more inventive, entertaining and thoughtful than the almost two hours of Knight and Day. Tom Sims adds: Sorry, Knight and Day

isn’t even on my list to see. I would urge everyone to just go and see Toy Story 3 again. Worth two trips! And I am also going to urge everyone to join the Cape May Film Festival this Friday night, July 2 at 7:00pm for a free screening of our summer film camp movies! It’s going to be a great night of films (and you can meet the young filmmakers who made them!). This year, our theme is “A Sense of Place,” with participants choosing among some of Cape May’s favorite spots to visit. We also will plan to stretch our Young Filmmakers’ concepts of how to make a film with some other conditions never used before. The result will be a fantastic offering of innovative and fun films to watch. It’s always interesting to start the week with absolutely no idea of what kind of film will be created by Friday night. See some of the best film camp offerings at our YouTube Channel. It’s on capemayfilm.

Celebrating Our 40th Year - 1970-2010! Work Done to Your Taste - with our Fine Quality! ADDITIONS - KITCHENS & BATHS WHOLE HOUSE RENOVATIONS - NEW HOMES INDOOR & OUTDOOR ENTERTAINMENT AREAS

Call for an appointment!

(609) 884-5151 Bob Obermeier & Sons


Page 126

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Upgrade YOUR Crawlspace and Attic Insulation! These upgrades qualify for the Federal rebate of 30% / max up to $1500. CRAWLSPACE BENEFITS: 1. Prevents moisture infiltration 2. Eliminates the musty mildew smell in homes at the shore 3. Will not sag or settle like fiberglass 4. Once done it’s done - never needs replacing again 5. Has no formaldehyde 6. Prevents rodents and insects from entering the home via the crawl space 7. Eliminates cold floors and keeps the heat within the building envelope. 8. Provides energy savings for life


Over 40% of heat and A/C is lost through voids in a building’s envelope, mostly in ceilings and attics Closed cell foam will eliminate the loss of energy through these areas for good. No more extreme heat in the summer and extreme cold in the winter

SPRAY FOAM HAS BEEN SEEN ON the DIY network • This Old House Extreme Home Makeover • Planet Green

(609) 465-6670 •

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Page 127

Bird Droppings


The weekly report from the world’s birdwatching capital... by Seymore Thanu

ON’T look now, but summer’s over! Wait a minute you’re thinking, summer has just begun – like last week. Or maybe you’re thinking I don’t own a calendar. Maybe I don’t own a television either because all the weather forecasters around here couldn’t talk about anything else, because it hasn’t felt like spring since, like April. And last week held the longest day of the year; but how can a day be longer than 24 hours? You’re right. Not about the calendar or the television – I have both of those. You’re right about it being the official beginning of summer, actually today, as I’m writing this on the day of Summer Solstice (these editors all have early deadlines), and, it’s the day the sun is directly overhead, at noon, on the Tropic of Cancer (and 23½ degrees above the horizon at the North Pole). And actually, the day isn’t any longer, we just have a bit more daylight on June 2. After that, every second of every day, the sun is inclining toward winter. Which means that every day

from June 21 to December 21 (aptly called Winter Solstice), the sun will set about one minute earlier. Then it starts all over again. But I stray from my starting statement that summer is over. Right now, this very second, and as you read these words, the very first southbound migrating birds are passing over your head. Soon they will be feeding at your feet (providing you are the

Cribs - Strollers - Concierge Service

Call 609-884-3246 order online at:

Continued On Page 128 ?

West Cape May

Linen Ladies of Cape May Suppliers of Household Linens for Cape May Vacation Home Rentals

kind of person who goes to the beach in July and August). But, you’re thinking, I thought birds migrated in spring and fall, not summer. Exactly. It’s time for fall migration. Their summer vacation is over, done with, gone. What you are relaxing under along the beautiful Cape May beaches is, to a large degree, the insolating currency banked and stored in the earth’s surface and in the seas ever since the sun started inclining toward summer way back on December 21. That was really he last day of winter; the winter solstice. The day the sun started its climb in the sky toward summer and the amount of daylight started becoming longer and longer every day – until June 21. It took a long time to heat the earth and water. Now with the sunlight waning, we’re eating it up, as well as enjoying the dividends of a sun that is still moderately high in the sky.

WEST CAPE MAY HOME. Summer or year round rental on quiet street. Walking distance to town. Two bedroom 1 bath, large yard. No pets. No smoking environment. Contact 610-933-4995

Solar hot water, tankless water heaters Energy Star gas heaters Mark Krobatsch • (609) 884-1482 • NJ Lic. #6101

The best reason not to cook ever!


Tuesdays, July 6 to August 31: 3pm-7:30pm This evening festival of antiques, jewelry, fresh produce, great BBQ, live entertainment and more will make you happy to turn off your oven!

For info, call 884-1005, ext. 9. PLEASE, LEAVE A MESSAGE IF NO ANSWER

Page 128

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bird Droppings ? From Page 127

You never know when the next storm will hit! That’s why it’s important to hire a reliable Property Manager!

Give us a call... we’d be happy to help!

609.770.8357 Barry Bruno — Owner 609.602.4339 Licensed, Insured, and Bonded In NJ

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TOP NOTCH TREE CARE 427 James Street, Erma

481-7420 ISA Certified Arborist Fully Licensed & Insured Free Estimates Reasonable Rates

HIENKEL ELECTRIC, LLC Over 30 Years Experience Serving Cape May County and The Islands

Matthew Notch PN-6107A

Consulting Pruning & Planting Cabling & Bracing Removals

No Job Too Small! Licensed and Insured

609-886-9015 NJ Lic# 13702A

Here’s the difference between us and birds (so the next time someone calls you a bird brain, don’t take it as an insult): birds are smart. They get out of the Northern Hemisphere before the climate goes bust. And many leave now, while the earth’s restaurants don’t require reservations and you’ve got your pick. There’s food all over the place and it’s off season at New Jersey’s coastal resorts. Well, it’s off season in the marshes. Until the big rush starts at the end of July. By July, the marshes and beaches of Cape May will be teeming with southbound shorebirds. Some will be heading all the way to the tip of South America (where summer is just getting started). Shorebirds. One of the best real estate experts on the planet. See, shorebirds invest a lot of energy flying to the ends of the earth. They travel thousands of miles to take advantage of housing (nesting grounds) in the North (called the tundra), then they pull up stakes and head to the temperate south before things freeze up. Sort of like the way humans flock to the sunny south in the winter to escape the savage north and then migrate back again to avoid the blistering heat and hurricanes. These savvy, energetic experts are flying over your heads right now – getting while the getting is good. Wondering why all these humans are lolling around while the days grow shorter and shorter. Enjoy your visit. Get your tan while the sun shines. Before you know it, I’ll be writing about the winter solstice and the return of spring! Want to do something rather than lie on the beach all day and still enjoy the outdoors? Consider taking a bird walk with the folks at the Cape May Bird Observatory. Just stop by the Cape May Bird Observatory,

THE place for anything to do with nature. The CMBO (609884-2736) is located at 701 East Lake Drive overlooking lovely Lake Lily in Cape May Point and is open 9:30am to 4:30pm every day. Ask any of their staff or volunteers – they are always glad to help with anything you need – even things you didn’t know you needed yet. While there, pick up their schedule of daily activities, check out the view of the lake from the wide selection of scopes and binoculars, the latest in books, bird feeders, and some great new and fun merchandise – including the exclusive CMBO logo jewelry, clothing, totes and more. Take a look at the sightings log or website to check what’s being seen. Scan the bookshelves, pick up a bargain from the used and vintage books section, look at some of the wonderful Charley Harper merchandise, or just browse around. And, if you aren’t fortunate enough to be in the area, visit us online – where birding Cape May is only a click away. Seymore Thanu is none other than New Jersey’s own Pete Dunne, Director of the Cape May Bird Observatory and Vice President of Natural History for New Jersey Audubon Society. Author of several books on and about nature (available at the Cape May Bird Observatory), he has written for virtually every birding publication and for The New York Times.

Summer’s over for the birds – their migration has begun.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Baptism Party For Neran Luke Young

Page 129

Residential/Curbside Service

Saturday, June 20 at Aleathea’s PHOTOGRAPHS BY SANDY MALONEY


Trash Removal, Inc. Est. 1976

Year-round or Seasonal Service Available We provide the container(s) Lilie Wilson and Nina Bella

Call: 609-884-7706 or 609-465-5663 Mention this ad and receive $20 OFF year-round service for the first year!


Lilie Wilson, Mom Mom Jo, Nina Bella

Page 130

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Saturday, June 20 at Aleathea’s

Relax and enjoy your stay; we will take your worries away...


“One Call Does It All” CONCIERGE • REAL ESTATE FULL SERVICE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Our resources are unlimited and our services are too many to list. Please call with any questions or requests. Services are available every day and around the clock!

Sunday Funday Crew

(609) 884-8444 phone (609) 884-8455 fax 324 Carpenters Lane, Cape May NJ

From application to closing, we’re committed to delivering the very best loan for you.

Full service lender right in your backyard!


Noah, Beck, Reed, Kai, Kristin

NMLS# 134841

1252 Route 109 South Cape May, NJ 08204 (O) 609.884.0108 (C) 443.286.4942 LICENSED BY THE NJ DEPARTMENT OF BANKING AND INSURANCE Corporate NMLS# 171603 • Office NMLS# 293556

Nancy, Peggy, Joe

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

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Baptism Party For Neran Luke Young Saturday, June 20 at Aleathea’s

Ron, Erica, Noah, Nina Bella and Neran Young


Call us for all your shore house needs!

Dave Adams

ROOFING, Siding & Windows, Inc.

“We Cover Your World” (609)


#1 custom roofing contractor since 1987. Time tested! Home of the no deposit roof. You call and we show up. No Cape MAYBES here! Hassle free roofing is the name of the game.

Roof Problems? Money Problems? NO PROBLEM!

We will work with you, like we have for the last 23 years! EXCELLENT REFERENCES • Free Estimates

• Fully Licensed & Insured • All Credit Cards Accepted • Registered with NJ Consumer Affairs License # 13vh00133900 600 RT 47 S Cape May, NJ 08204

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pet Day At Maud Abrams Elementary School Artfully uniting extraordinary properties with extraordinary lives.

Tuesday, May 15


13 N. 15th Street Del Haven Quiet Secluded Living 3 bedroom, 2 bath $260,000

9 Cedarbrook Road Townbank Steps to Delaware Bay 3 bedroom , 2 bath $399,000

Ashley and the kids

302 W. Wilde Lower Township The Bay is your backyard 3 bedroom,1 bath $475,000.

200 Lennox Avenue Fishing Creek Spacious Contemporary Home 4 bedrooms, 3 baths $399,000.

699 Route 47 South Dennis “Christopher Ludlam House” 6 bedrooms, 2 full and 2 half baths $625,000

1605 Washington Blvd. North Cape May Three houses from Bay 3 bedrooms, 2 baths $489,000.

Ms. Oleksiak’s Third Grade Class

600 Rosehill Parkway 817 Cape Avenue North Cape May Lower Township Located on Corner Lot South of the Canal 3 bedroom, 1 bath $199,500. 3Chris bedroom, 1bath $279,000 Clemans Sotheby’s International Realty

Join Us: Christina P. Clemans Licensed Real Estate Broker 1159 Washington St. Cape May, NJ 08204 Email: 609-884-3332 Toll-free 800-828-9751

Gloria and Izaiah Lugo-Thomas

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

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Baptism Party For Neran Luke Young Saturday, June 20 at Aleathea’s


Erica and Neran Young

Ron, Neil



Cape Human Resources’ Senior and Disabled Home Owner Repair Program is now accepting applications from income-eligible senior and disabled home owners, who need help with minor repairs around their home. CHR will operate this program through September 15, 2010. ALL REPAIRS ARE FREE OF CHARGE! Qualified contractors can help with: • Screen and window repair • Installing smoke and CO detectors • Installing new locks • Fixing leaky faucets • Minor electrical repairs

• Roof repairs to stop leaks but not roof replacement • Repairing or replacing cracked sidewalks • Other minor repairs

Income eligibility is determined by the number of people living in the home and the total yearly household income. Proof of income will be necessary to qualify. # of Persons in Household Maximum Income Limit 1 $21,660 2 $29,140 3 $36,620 4 $44,100 5 $51,580

*Funding spent per household will be determined on a case by case basis. Applications can be obtained by calling 889-2699 or stopping at either of the CHR offices listed below between 9 A.M. and 4:30 P.M.

Martin L. King, Jr. Community Center 207 W. Main St., Whitesboro, NJ 08252 465-4531

Woodbine Service Center 406 Monroe Ave., Woodbine, NJ 08270 861-2816

Page 134


Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pet Day At Maud Abrams Elementary School Tuesday, May 15



Are you thinking of renovating or upgrading your home?

Sabrina Garrison, Matt McCarraher and Makayla Marchina with Tabitha

We Specialize in: - Renovations - Additions - Historical Preservation - Design, Plans and Approvals

We are Reliable, Timely & Responsive.

Kelly and Tabitha, the 196-pound Mastiff

You can call, text or email us & we will respond immediately With a long list of GREAT REFERENCES we are sure that if you contact us, you will be our next happy customer!

Rohana Builders Phone: (609) 780 2156 Fax: 609) 886 9438 Email: Daisey, Kelsey Lewis

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

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Pet Day At Maud Abrams Elementary School Tuesday, May 15


Makayla and Kelly



HOMESTEAD REAL ESTATE 846 Broadway, West Cape May Toll Free: 888-309-7454 • Local: (609) 884-1888 Dagmer Chew, Broker/Owner

704 SAN FERNANDO ROAD, COLD SPRING This very well kept 4 bedroom, 2 bath rancher south of the canal is perfect for someone looking for a property with lots of room. There have been many improvements to this home including new Anderson windows, vinyl siding, and a large Trek deck off a beautiful new great room. The kitchen has been remodeled and there is a water softener system in place. All the work is done, you can just move in and enjoy. $425,000

835 SOUTH CAPE AVE., COLD SPRING JUST REDUCED--This lovely center entry two story home is south of the canal and has an excellent floor plan. The first floor features a large living room with fireplace, dining room, kitchen, florida room, two bedrooms, and one and a half baths. Upstairs you’ll find a large bedroom with sitting area and bonus room which could be used as an office, extra storage or even convert to a full bath. $349,900

725 SEASHORE ROAD, COLD SPRING This 3 bedroom, 2 bath historic Cold Spring farm house sits on over 2 acres of well maintained dry land that features fruit and vegetable gardens and mature trees. This home was built in the 1900’s and still maintains many of its colonial features including plank wood flooring and original trim throughout. You’ll enjoy a cozy front porch and an enclosed patio in the rear which looks out onto the gardens. There is a detached 1.5 car garage and plenty of off street parking. $410,000

1 BEVERLY ROAD, TOWNBANK JUST REDUCED--Magnificent is the only word to describe this home. Newly completed, everything in this home is top of the line quality and construction with an emphasis on the “green” aspect of building. This home offers 4 bedrooms and 4 baths with plenty of room for entertaining. Large windows allow for amazing bay views. You don’t want to miss this one! $1,399,000

Page 136

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


3860 Bayshore Road, North Cape May NJ 08204 (609) 886-8101 • Fax: (609) 886-7176 888-284-3787 Tol lFree Each Office Independently Owned and Operated

33 Old Mill Road, North Cape May

Wedding Reception For Aubrey Whitehead And Terése Smallwood Sunday, June 20 on New Jersey Avenue PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV


This 2 bedroom, 1 bath ranch home sits on an oversized lot with a fenced yard. The landscaping is maintained to perfection. Interior features include hardwood floors, oversized master closet and an expanded kitchen. This park-like setting is only minutes from Cape May beaches and area shopping.

Julie Randall, Clinton Haynes, Felicia Daniels


501 Lafayette Street, Cape May, NJ 08204 Toll Free: 877-884-8907 Local: 609-884-1007 Fax: 609-884-4407 Gail Wilsey Morrison, Broker of Record

1316 NEW YORK AVENUE, CAPE MAY Meredith Geisler, Alison Tanner, Jim Tanner

Just two blocks to the beach, you’ll find this picture-perfect cottage ready for new owners! Featuring 3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, renovated kitchen, family room leading to outdoor deck, side-enclosed porch, storage garage, outdoor shower, fenced-in yard & private garden. Rental history in place. Become the newest resident of New York Avenue, the beloved street of summer & winter residents! $695,000

Alan Webster and lover

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

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Wedding Reception For Aubrey Whitehead And Terése Smallwood Sunday, June 20 on New Jersey Avenue

Aubrey and Terése Whitehead

Naima Oyo, Lean Crichlow


Page 138

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Call Becky for real estate advice. I work seven days a week with your best interest at heart!

Office: (609) 884-5005 Cell: (609) 972-7507


REDUCED! Owner says sell! With a little TLC this 3-4 bed, 3 bath Dutch Colonial could be a showpiece! Close to the beach & on Cape Island. Large open kit. w/ lots of cabinets & counter space w/seating, dining area & inviting living room w/ cathedral ceiling. Possible MIL quarters or in-home business with separate entrance. Accessible first floor including master bedroom suite. Second floor features full bath, 2 BR and loft. Plus 1st floor deck, 2nd floor balcony, wall a/c units, laminate flooring, 2 storage sheds. Recent appraisal at 430K! $299,900.


Beautiful custom built almost new 3 bed/2.5 bath designer decorated home walking distance to Delaware Bay beaches & SOLD (partly) FURNISHED!! Sellersrelocating! Designer decorated by Ashley Design. Living room, den w/ gas f.p., formal dining room.Tastefully finished w/ elegant wall colors, laminate & tileflooring, plush carpets, attractive art & decorative pieces. Extras include, professional landscaping , sprinkers, gas, C/A, uptairs laundry, good sized rooms.GREAT DEAL! Move right in! OWNERS MOTIVATED $254,900.

104 ROSLYN, NORTH CAPE MAY Custom built Cape Cod only 4 blks to Delaware Bay! Oak trim, granite kitchen, corian baths, ceramic tile & hardwood flooring. 2BR, 2BA in main house. Detached MIL cottage/guest quarters w/ full kitchen/ bath heat & air. Family room w/ French doors could easily be converted into another bedroom. Extras: Enclosed rooftop deck w/ shower for private sunbathing, power cathedral windows & skylights, gas for a fp stubbed out in lr, fenced rear yard, outside shower, 2 sheds & more!! Crafted for maximum utility efficiency and savings. SOLD FURNISHED!! Move right in! Call for appt. $499,000.


Beautifully finished beach house! Completely renovated adorable bay block charmer! Granite counters, tile bath and kitchen, laminate flooring, central air, gas heat, tasteful wall colors and trim package. 2 bed/1 bath, maintenance free beachy pebbled lawn, decked walkway & attractive masonry siding; off street parking;attached shed/laundry room. Backs up to nature. This is not your typical villas bungalow. Perfect summer get away one block to bay and PRICED TO SELL at $159,900.

380 S. ROUTE 47, GREEN CREEK WOW! ALL INCLUDED REAL ESTATE PLUS INVENTORY!! Large building on a busy road with good traffic, a ton of included inventoryfrom Green Creek Flooring retail store i.e. lamps, wall art, statues, etc..worth $$$! Currently no water or septic. Buyer responsible forboth. Sold “AS-IS” no certs or warranties from seller. Extras include updated electric and security system. Upstairs spans length ofbuilding and is jam packed with included inventory. (No entry to upstairs. Stairs currently unsafe.) Appt only. $149,000.

85 BUCKS AVENUE, CMCH Own a piece of nature’s paradise! Beautiful white brick 4 BR/2.5 BA Colonial nestled on 11 private wooded acres yet close to beaches and shopping. Plenty of room to entertain and relax. Formal living room, library, family room, dining room, breakfast nook and lovely enclosed porch overlooking gardens. Extras include deck, above ground pool, balcony off master, two-story entry foyer, dual zone C/A gas heat, 2-car garage w/ opener, built in bookshelves, walking trail, 2 gas fireplaces and more! Call for appt! $469,000.

681 DIAS CREEK ROAD, CMCH Rustic old mobile home in need of TLC or tear down on an APPROVED BUILDABLE LOT!! Beautiful mature trees and grassy lawn makethis the perfect home site. This could be a great summer get away although it does have a heater and electricity or you could remove itand build up to a four bedroom new home or modular. BRAND NEW SEPTIC! Mobile Home and Well “as-is” condition. $83,900.

371 S. ROUTE 47, GREEN CREEK GREEN CREEK FLOORING! Carpet, tile & flooring business w/ real estate! ALL INCLUSIVE! Approx. 3200 sq/ft retail building w/ CA & heat + 15000 sq/ft warehouse on 7+ acres!! Completely equipped with furnishing, warehouse machinery, massive inventory, office supplies and on and on! Extras include (2) 40’ tractor trailer beds, (1) 53’ tractor trailer bed, (2) Forklifts, delivery truck & more! Busy commercial road. Owner motivated to sell!! Sold in “AS-IS” condition. No warranties from seller. MUST SEE TO BELIEVE!! Call for appt. $599,000.

1400 Texas Aveue, Cape May, NJ (609) 884-5005 •

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

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Homes Of The Week

Check out these beautiful homes in the Cape May area

134 W. JACKSONVILLE AVE, VILLAS Brand new construction acroos the street from the Delaware bay with water views. This contemporary home offers garage storage and work shop space on the ground level. On the second floor the master suite is located and two additional bedrooms and a bath. The top floor is host to the great room: living, dining, kitchen and powder room. The water can be seen from the master suite and the great room along with both levels of decking. Call for details and building plans. $360,000 Theresa Senico Apex Realty 2505 Bayshore Rd., Villas (609) 408-4655

HARBOR POINT CONDO CAPE MAY This condo unit features two bedrooms, two baths and a boat slip. Good rental history. $550,000 (1415)

CENTURY 21 Gilmartin & Co. 1382 Lafayette St., Cape May Joseph Gilmartin Broker/Owner (609) 884-1800




Impeccably maintained 2 bedroom, 1 bath rancher is close to everything. Home offers cathedral ceilings, maintenancefree vinyl siding and landscaped yard. Pack your bags and move right in! Asking $247,500.

Magnificent property featuring everything you could wish for! Offering 5-6 large bedrooms, 1st floor suite for In-Laws or Nanny, gourmet kitchen, formal DR, home office, first floor laundry room, central vac., luxurious master suite with vaulted ceilings, double vanities, whirlpool, walk-in shower, gas FP, walk-in closet & balcony overlooking the spectacular gardens. Outdoor entertaining is magical on the large deck, patio & gazebo perfectly set on 1.2 beautifully landscaped acres. Just a short ride from Cape May beaches, restaurants & shopping! Incredible value! $859,000.

Exceptional harbor views flourish from this ornamental Neo-Victorian 5 BR/4 BA estate home with 45’ boat slip in prestigious Cape May Harbor Village and Yacht Club. This home features a grand entranceway, chef’s kitchen with custom cabinetry and granite counters, elevator access to all levels, hardwood and tile floors, voluminous rooms, expansive ceiling heights, intricately crafted crown molding, millwork and wainscoting, custom window treatments, abundant storage, multiple decks and pool. $2,545,000.

32 JACKSON STREET CAPE MAY THE PUFFIN Come live history at the modernized (c. 1905) Victorian-era Puffin Condominiums on historic Jackson Street. Located just a ½ block from Cape May beaches, restaurants, and shopping this is a great vacation spot and investment opportunity. $328,000 - $338,000.

907 STOCKTON AVE. CAPE MAY This 7 bedroom, three and a half bath Victorian home is located one block from the ocean and within walking distance of the Washington Street Mall. There is a spacious front porch to relax in a rocker or hammock and enjoy the ocean breezes. The large back yard is perfect for bbq’s and entertaining in the summer, along with two outdoor showers to wash away the sand from the beach. The interior features a spacious living room with a fireplace and dining area. Three bedrooms are located on the first floor, 1 features access to the side porch.

Wilsey Realty 501 Lafayette St., Cape May (609) 884-1007

DeSatnick Real Estate 324 Carpenter’s Lane Cape May (609) 884-1300

Coastline Realty Carol Menz, Broker (609) 884-5005 1400 Texas Avenue, Cape May

Chris Clemans Sotheby’s International Realty 1159 Washington St. (609) 884-3332






Very well maintained Village Greene Quad with 2 bedrooms and 1 bath. Remodeled bathroom, eat-in kitchen, enclosed porch, quiet courtside. Furnished. Turn Key. Good rental history. An affordable way to reside in Cape May! $312,000

This beautiful home is currently being used as a duplex but could easily be converted back to a single family. The first floor offers 4 huge bedrooms and 2.5 baths. There is a very large state of the art kitchen, fireplace, hardwood floors, central air, a large wrap around porch, and so much more. The second floor is currently rented and offers 4 bedrooms, 1 large bath, great room with kitchen, and a private outside entrance. This is truly a lovely and well cared for home both inside and out. $890,000

Your family will love this beach front newly constructed home located in the tranquil community of Cape May Point. Offering 4 bedrooms 2.5 baths and breathtaking views of the ocean. Quality construction, granite counters, fully tiled baths and gorgeous hardwood floors. Stop in for your personal showing.

“Neat As-A-Pin”. Home has living room, dining room, kitchen, 3 bedrooms plus large top floor loft w/ 4 beds, 2 ½ bath covered front porch, enclosed side porch and attached 2 car garage. A cozy fenced in yard and many recent renovations including brand new kitchen. This is a lot of house for the money. Listed by William Bezaire for $550,000.

Experience vintage elegance and modern comfort in this tastefully furnished home. It freatures 6 bedrooms, 6 new bathrooms, modern eatkitchen, central air, gas fireplace, decks/porches, outside shower, plenty of off street parking. Being sold furnished per inventory. $1,475,000.

Tolz Realtors 1001 Lafayette Street Cape May (609) 884-7001

HomeStead Real Estate 846 Broadway West Cape May 609-884-1888

By the Sea Realty 315 Ocean Street, Cape May (609) 884-3050

Barry Bruno Chris Clemans SIR 1159 Washington Street (609) 602-2444 bruno@

Coldwell Banker Sol Needles 512 Washington St. Mall (609) 884-8428 www.coldwellbanker

Jersey Cape Realty 739 Washington St., Cape May 609-884-5800

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sol Needles Real Estate

609.884.1300 OSPREY LANDING RESORT MARINA, CAPE MAY 36 luxury townhouses with boat slip options 70’. Starting at $1,495,000. 136 PEARL AVENUE, WEST CAPE MAY 3 BR/1.5 BA, licensed bed & breakfast. $670,000


1009 OHIO AVENUE, CAPE MAY $599,000


New Price!

Well maintained, greatly expanded rancher! 4 Bedrooms, 2 Baths. Master Bedroom Suite. Den, Rear Screened Porch & Open Deck. Front Porch. Central Air, Gas Heat, Off-street parking. Outside shower. Excellent Rental History! Subject to summer leases.

Well located 50’x150’ buildable lot about 10 blocks to beach!


1001 Lafayette Street, Cape May Phone: 609-884-7001 Email:

Just Reduced!!! 55 DENNIS CREEK DR., SOUTH DENNIS 3 bedroom, 2 bath rancher that includes living room, kitchen with breakfast bar, dining area, family room with full bar and utility room. New hot water heater, water conditioner. Property is being sold in “AS IS CONDITION”, Great Location. Listed by Thomas M. Perry for $179,000.

1012 SEASHORE ROAD, COLD SPRING Location! Location! 3 bedroom, 1 bath home just down the street from the Canal. Home has living room, dining room, kitchen, partial basement plus detached 1 car garage along with a barn and loft in the same building. All this situated on 1.46 acres. House is a fixer upper. Listed by Steven C. Cluff, Sr. for $349,000

512 Washington Mall, Cape May (609) 884 - 8428 • 800 - 441- 8428 w w

Washington Commons, 315 Ocean Street Suite 2B, Cape May • (609) 884-3050 • Lee Marcotte Broker of Record 1520 YACHT AVENUE, CAPE MAY •Harbor Front Condo •Private Assn Pool •2 bedrooms, 2 bath $625,000

209 CAPE AVENUE CAPE MAY POINT •Thoroughly Renovated •Beach Block •5 bedroom, 3.5 bath $1,600,000

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Page 141

Wedding Reception For Aubrey Whitehead And Terése Smallwood

Dedication... Excellence... Professionalism

(609) 884-5800

Sunday, June 20 on New Jersey Avenue

739 Washington St, Cape May


Cape May Harbor Village & Yacht Club w/private tennis courts. 4 BR, 3 full/2 half BA. Decks & porches all levels. Amenities: security sys, multi-zoned lawn sprinkler sys w/separate water meter, powered blinds, and storage room off of 2 car-att garage. $2,699,000.

UNIQUE CONDO IN CENTER OF TOWN 704 Columbia Avenue, Cape May

LOCATION IS A DREAM 904 Benton Avenue, Cape May

Just 2 blocks to beach & 2 blocks to Historic Downtown. 3 BR, 1.5 BA, rear deck, private back yard w/outside shower and garage. Ceiling fans and central air. 1-car detached garage. $699,900.

IMMACULATE RANCHER 2 Rossi Drive, Erma “Rolling Meadows”

Crystal Brown, Ashley Brown, Anisha Anderson Unit 2R: Stunning unit 3 BR, 2 BA (master w/ Italian tile floor & walls) completely renovated and professionally decorated. Gourmet kitchen, dining area w/cathedral ceiling, gas f/p, skylight, built-in bookcases, central air, security & fire alarm system, large rear deck, off street parking. $599,900.

310 OXFORD AVE., CAPE MAY POINT Sheila Whitehead, Cheryl Alston, Pamela Howard OPEN HOUSE Satur., July 3 11-1pm

Shows like new!! 3 BR, 2.5 BA, on 1+ acre corner lot. Great room w/gas f/p, formal DR, eat-in kitchen, rear deck, 2-car attached garage, and storage building. $450,000.

1526 YACHT AVENUE UNIT A & B, CAPE MAY OPEN HOUSE Fri., July 2 Noon-2pm & Sat., July 3 10-Noon

3-4 Bedroom, 2 Bath spacious home on the corner of E. Lake Lily & Oxford Avenue. Just a short walk to beach and located right across from Lake Lily. $1,025,000

Granite Counter Tops, Hardwood Floors, 9ft Ceilings, Amazing Water Views. Spectacular Harbor Front town homes with deep water boat slips. Being sold professionally furnished. $1,399,000 - $1,799,000

1400 Texas Ave., Cape May, NJ 08204 Next to the Cape May Wawa Lauren, Rachel, Sophia, Sam

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Rentals Of The Week


Realty, Inc.

Adorable homes in America’s Original Seaside Resort ready for your enjoyment!

2505 Bayshore Rd. Villas, NJ 08251 • Broker Daniel J. Senico



Theresa Senico


PRICE REDUCED! Charming 3 bedroom, 2 bath well kept home is located close to all of Cape May’s fun activities. This home has an unbelievable rental income that has been consistent year after year. Come take a look. Asking $515,000

Contact Barry Bruno Main (609) 884.3332 • Cell: (609) 602.2444 Email: 1159 Washington Street, Cape May NJ 08204

628 Hughes Street Apartment, Cape May $5,000 Summer Season, 1 Bedroom / 1 Bath

102 Delaware Avenue, Villas - Waterfront home. Clean, comfortable 2 BR, 1 bath, central air, internet and a hot tub. $825 per week.

216 Perry Street, Cape May 3 Apartments for Summer Season $4,000 - $6,000. 1 – 2 Bedrooms

1402 Roslyn Ave., North Cape May. 4 BR four blocks to the Delaware Bay. Clean and comfortable, a/cReasonably priced at $995

Coastline Realty, 1400 Texas Ave., Cape May, (609) 884-5005 •

Theresa Senico, Apex Realty (609) 408-4655,

1518 Yacht Ave, Unit 107, Cape May 2 BR, 2 BA, sleeps 6. $1650 - $1750/ week.

1063 Illinois Ave, Cape May -3 BR, 2 BA, satellite tv, BBQ grill, parking for 1 vehicle, central air, outside shower, patio, sleeps 8. $1500-$1800/week.

204 Whilldin Ave, Cape May Point Sleeps 12! 6 BR, 4 BA. $3900/ week.

203 Whilldin Ave, Cape May Point - 1st & 2nd Floor, 3 BR, 1 BA, Internet, deck, outside shower, porch, a/c, internet, sleeps 8. $1500-$1900/week.

Wilsey Realty, 501 Lafayette St., Cape May, (609) 884-1007,

Coldwell Banker Sol Needles Real Estate, (609) 884-8428 •

304 Stites, Cape May Point Only 1 block to beach! 3 Bedroom, 2.5 Bath. From $1800/week.

1321D Ohio Avenue, Cape May - 2 bedroom, 1 bath Village Green Quad, sleeps 4 $700-$975 per week

204 Cambridge, Cape May Point 3 Bedroom, 2 bath A-frame house within walking distance to beach! $1300-$1550/week

906 Washington Street, Cape May - 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, single family, sleeps 14. $2850 per week.

Tolz Realtors, 1001 Lafayette Street, Cape May, (609) 884-7001,

Chris Clemans Sotheby’s International Realty, 1159 Washington Street, Cape May 609-884-3332 •

805 Pittsburgh Avenue, Cape May 2 bedroom, 1 bath, Pool

Townbank - Short Walk to Delaware Bay 4 Bedrooms, 2 Baths, Sleeps 8 $1500 week (7e)

205 Princeton Avenue, Cape May Point Spacious Gracious, Pet Friendly

Cape May - 6 Bedrooms, 6 Baths Sleeps 18, $40000 - $6900 a week (824s)

By the Sea Realty, 315 Ocean Street, Suite 2B, Cape May 609-884-3050 •

CENTURY 21 Gilmartin & Co., 1382 Lafayette St., Cape May. Joseph Gilmartin, Broker/Owner (609) 884-1800,

204 Philadelphia Ave., Cape May - 2 BR, 2.5 BA, w/d, dw, CAC, park 3 cars, sleeps 8. Low $1100/High $2050 1012 Maryland Ave., Cape May - Completely renovated, pool, 6 BR, 5 BA, 3 half-BA, w/d, dw, CAC, park 4 cars, sleeps 16. Low $4000/High $6800

1233 Cape May Avenue 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, $1250- $2750/ week. 407 Coral, Cape May Point 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, $1500-$2000/week

Jersey Cape Realty, 739 Washington St., Cape May, (609) 884-5800 •

Barry Bruno, Chris Clemans Sotheby’s International Realty, (609) 602.2444

115 York Ave., 1st Floor, West Cape May 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath, sleeps 5. $975/$1200

104 North Street, Unit 103, Cape May Weekly rental, 3 BR, 3 BA, close to beaches! $1,500-$2,700/week

1520 New Jersey Avenue, Cape May Cape Roc Condos, 1 Bedroom, 1 Bath, sleeps 6. $900/$1300

413 Yale Avenue, Cape May Point - 4 BR, 3BA, Sleeps 13, closes to beaches. $1,700/$2,300

Homestead Real Estate, 846 Broadway, W. Cape May, (609) 884-1888 •

Desatnick Real Estate, LLC 324 Carpenter’s Lane, Suite 2C, Cape May 609.884.1300,

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

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A Little Bit About Exit Zero Publishing Who we are, what we do, and where we go

Established July 4, 2003, proudly inspired by the late, great Pennywise magazine. Exit Zero Publishing is owned by Jack Wright and Jason Black. We also publish high-quality books as well as this fine periodical! Telephone: (609) 770-8479 Fax: (609) 770-8481 E-mail: Website: Mailing address: 109 Sunset Boulevard Suite D, Cape May, NJ 08204 Editor/Publisher: Jack Wright, Advertising Manager: Jason Black, (609) 408-7629 Manager of Assorted Necessities: Dan “The M.A.N.” Mathers,, (610) 984-2874 Photographers: Aleksey Moryakov, Sandy Maloney, Danielle O’Neal Graphic Artist: Doree Bardes Distribution People: Danner Nipkin, Richard Hemenway, Amy Wingate Columnists: Kate Chadwick (advice), Catherine Dugan (activities), David Gray (Old Fogey), Meghan Kunz (local lore), Ben Miller (history), Terry O’Brien (gossip) Labeler: Barbara Hoffman Every Wednesday, Exit Zero is delivered to around 300 places. Get it delivered to your mailbox in a plastic mailer. It’s $50 for 47 great B&W issues, and four in glorious full color! Call (609) 770-8479 to subscribe. DOWNTOWN CAPE MAY Swain’s, Mariah’s, Bath Time, Guardian, Bamboo Shack, Cape Savings Bank, Collier’s, All Irish, Cape May Stage, Wilsey Realty, Nest, Pat Jackson Jewelers, Washington Commons Gallery, Celebrate Cape May, Go Fish, Sea Weeds, Oma’s Doll Shop, Cape Orient, Fiber Arts Yarn Shop, Acme, By The Sea Realty, Oyster Bay, Cape May Welcome Center, Depot Market, Congress Hall, Victorious, Pink, Star Inn, Bayberry Inn, Bank of America, Victorian Hotel, SOMA Art Gallery, Magicbrain Cybercafé, Island Grill, Trade Winds, Primrose, Center For Community Arts. WASHINGTON STREET MALL The Fudge Kitchen, Mary Ann’s, Dellas 5&10, Lace Silhouettes, Center City Mall, Second Story Sweets, Casale’s Shoes, Free Shop, Happy Baby, Cape May Sandal Shop, It’s a Breeze, Madame’s Port, Swede Things, Cucina Rosa, Whale’s Tale, Cafe Tuscany, Italian Garden, Andrew’s Ltd., Jackson Mountain Cafe, Love The Cook, Ugly Mug, Pilot House, Caroline Boutique, Atlantic Books, Carli’s, Kaleidoscope,

Coldwell Banker, Colors, A Ca Mia, A Place On Earth, Between the Lines, Good Scents. WASHINGTON STREET Southern Mansion, MAC, Chris Clemans’ Sotheby’s International Realty, Bill Mae Cottage, Thomas Webster Inn, Inn at the Park, City Hall, Sturdy Savings, Washington Inn, Dr. Feldman Dentistry, Jersey Cape Realty, Victorian Towers. BEACHFRONT Sean’s Restaurant, King’s Cottage, Blue Moon Pizza, Hot Dog Tommy’s, Coachman’s Motor Inn, Carney’s, Martini Beach, Virginia Hotel, Mad Batter, Poor Richards Inn, Inn at 22 Jackson Street, Saltwood B&B, Windward B&B, Uncle Bill’s, Ocean View Restaurant, Sandpiper, Hotel Alcott, Summer Station, The Original Fudge Kitchen, Montreal Liquor, Montreal Inn, Capri Motor Lodge, Bloody Mary’s, Periwinkle, Grand Hotel, Palace Hotel, Mission Inn, Angel by The Sea, Peter Shields, Hotel Macomber, Marquis de Lafayette. COLUMBIA AVENUE Columbia House, Sun Bank, Dr. Gorny, Victorian Abstract, MP Myers, Cape May Day Spa, Twin Gables, Henry Sawyer B&B, Linda Lee, Brass Bed Inn, Mason Cottage, Mainstay Inn, Delsea B&B, White Dove Cottage, Manse B&B, Merion Inn, Cliveden Inn, Pharo’s B&B, Summer Cottage, John F. Craig House, Majestic Star. GURNEY/OCEAN/STOCKTON Avalon Coffee, Cape May Beach & Kite, John Welsey Inn, Louie’s Pizza, Beach Massage, Inn of Cape May, Beauclair’s, Queen Victoria, Fairthorne, Cheeks, Cape May Library, Whiskers, Freda’s Café, Victorian Lace, Camelot Hotel, Bedford Inn, Chalfonte Hotel. EAST CAPE MAY Nature Center, Model Cleaners, Model Laundromat, Wawa, Coastline Realty, Cape Bookkeeping, Shear Sunsations, Rizzo Chiropractic, C-View Inn, Century 21 Gilmartin.

WEST CAPE MAY VFW, Godmother’s, Cape May Bakers, Higher Grounds, Tea By The Sea, Cape May Linen Outlet, Flying Fish Studio, CVS, Albert Stevens Inn, Weddings by the Sea, Kate’s Flower Shop, Seaside Cheese Company, Ocean Crest Printing, Kasey’s Kanines, Cape Fitness, Dr. Goldstein Dentist, Cheeks, Artizan Salon & Spa, Westside Market, Cape Island Home and Garden, Bella Vida Cafe, Flanegan’s Framing, Seven Eleven, Homestead Real Estate. SUNSET BOULEVARD Vanthia’s, Bird House of Cape May, Butterfly Tea Room, Cape May Wicker, The Exit Zero Store and Gallery, Accent on Beauty, Cape Winds Florist, Cape May Bird Observatory, Cape May Point Post Office, Sunset Beach Gift Shop. ROUTE 109 South Jersey Marina, Lobster House, Tony’s Marine Supply, Sea Gear Marine, Captain’s Cove, Cape May Whale Watcher, Lucky Bones, Tony’s Pizza, Cape May Antique Center. NORTH CAPE MAY Laundromat, Heart to Heart Flowers, Le Gates, Harpoon Henry’s, Mr. J’s Music Shop, Cape May– Lewes Ferry, Gorman’s, Hair Cuttery, Italian Affair, Cape May Veterinary. OFF THE ISLAND The Canyon Club, Harbor View Restaurant, Axelsson’s Blue Claw, Cape Liquors, Moose Lodge, Old Grange, Historic Cold Spring Village, Hawk Haven Vineyards. VILLAS Lower Township Construction, Lower Township Municipal, Apex Realty, Curl Up and Dye, Fish and Fancy, Villas Liquor, Snippers Salon, Jake’s Bar and Grill, Kiddie Closet, Cape Savings Bank, Cowhen’s Ink Emporium, El Portal Mexican Restaurant, Wawa, Wing It, Bella Mangiata.

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


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Exit Zero, Vol. 8, No. 21 - June 30, 2010  

A sprightly sheet full of sprays of the old ocean.

Exit Zero, Vol. 8, No. 21 - June 30, 2010  

A sprightly sheet full of sprays of the old ocean.

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