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Thursday, June 20, 2013

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The Answer Lady Wise answers to perplexing questions


HE Answer Lady invites inquiries from gentle readers on all manner of relationship quandaries, matters of the heart and ethics. If you’d like to send a query, write to Dear Answer Lady, After years of unsuccessful dating through conventional means, I finally decided to give online dating a try. Evidently, I have hit the jackpot, as I have met three women in as many weeks, all of whom seem wonderful. I have two questions: 1 – How do I juggle them, and do I have to tell them about one another right away? I guess that’s two questions... as you can see, I’m not really used to being in this position. And question 2: Am I a “playa”? — Puzzled Dear Puzzled, First, the Answer Lady would like to congratulate you on your success. Some people will sit and bemoan their single state without ever taking the proverbial bull by his proverbial horns and doing something about it. The Answer Lady has heard good things about online dating, and

knows of at least one successful marriage as a result of it. Now to your questions: these women are not inanimate objects to be “juggled,” but if you are asking about whether one can have two successful dates in one evening, well yes of course. Perhaps you can meet Bachelorette #1 one for a drink early in the evening at Oyster Bay — a cocktail or two at their gorgeous newly-expanded bar is just the ticket for a casual meeting. Then you can meet Bachelorette #2 for a

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HE Answer Lady invites delightful evening of theater at CapeinquiMay from readers all Stage, whereries Lend Me Agentle Tenor is gettingonrave relationship quanreviews. A manner date for of breakfast or coffee in matters of the heart and the morningdaries, with #3, and you’ll have plenty ethics. If you’d like to send a to think about by afternoon. query, write And no, to they needn’t be told about one Dearright Answer another out Lady, of the gate, but certainly When didwarm it become if you should up tookay oneto ofwear thempajaand mas in I miss ayou memo in the past wish topublic? make itDid exclusive, cannot string few others years oralong something? – Curious the (assuming they like YOU, Dear Curious, of course). Well, you could, but it would be is not acceptable, in the Answer a bitItexhausting. And no, dear reader – the Lady’s humble opinion, to wear very fact that you are asking the pajamas Answer in public. If are a memo was indeed Lady if you a “playa” (which circulated, she had to she missed it, too. It never wasthat acceptable, Google, being elderly) means you are is not now acceptable, and only after the not. Answer is dead DearLady Answer Lady,and buried will it be acceptable. And even will likely I was recently set then, up onshe a blind date, still have an issue with it. Naturally, one is and we met for dinner. Things seemed granted dispensation in an emergency; i.e. pleasant enough all through the meal, but one’s trash cansarrived, are rolling down the street when dessert he announced that (which happened to the Answer Ladyright last he “really isn’t interested in dating fall and is STILL mortified that she now.” Um,she what? – Is It Me? dashed of her house in her purple flanDearout Me, nel No, pajamas the cupcakes allblessover dear. with It is him. Count your ings. them); or if a bear walks in the front door


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