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A sprightly sheet full of the sprays of the old ocean ¯ Thursday, February 16, 2012 ¯ Vol. 10, No. 2 ¯ Cape May, America’s Original Seaside Resort

A Piping Hot Supper At The Ugly Mug

Attendees of the Eighth Annual Exit Zero Burns Supper enjoyed music from Irish Pipe Brigade, poetry and haggis — see pages 26-54 for more photos Aleksey Moryakov


By George... It’s The

Presidential Issue!

Music For Valentines At Cape Baptist Church

Pages 4-9

Marriage Of Leo And Sasha Moryakov

Pages 18-24

All Cutie Kringle Wants Is A Home

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The Almanac THURSDAY February 16 Showers


Thursday, February 16, 2012

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High Temperature: 48 Low Temperature: 42 Chance of Rain: 40% Sunrise: 6:50am Sunset: 5:38pm High Tides: 2:56am, 3:26pm Low Tides: 9:11am, 9:16pm

FRIDAY February 17 Mainly sunny


High Temperature: 49 Low Temperature: 36 Chance of Rain: 10% Sunrise: 6:49am Sunset: 5:39pm High Tides: 4:04am, 4:34pm Low Tides: 10:16am, 10:20pm

SATURDAY February 18 Mainly sunny


High Temperature: 46 Low Temperature: 32 Chance of Rain: 10% Sunrise: 6:48am Sunset: 5:40pm High Tides: 5:04am, 5:33pm Low Tides: 11:14am, 11:18pm

SUNDAY February 19 Mainly sunny


High Temperature: 44 Low Temperature: 31 Chance of Rain: 10% Sunrise: 6:46am Sunset: 5:41pm High Tides: 5:58am, 6:24pm Low Tides: 12:05pm

MONDAY February 20 Sunny


High Temperature: 43 Low Temperature: 36 Chance of Rain: 10% Sunrise: 6:45am Sunset: 5:42pm High Tides: 6:45am, 7:10pm Low Tides: 12:11am, 12:50pm

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

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How’s It Going Over At Convention Hall?

Our weekly photo update keeps you posted on the construction of this much-anticipated project



Lucky Bones THANKS All Our LOCALS For VISITING Us this WINTER Particularly


p s on Ta 14 Beer ape May ing C includ y Porter Hone

Lunch & Dinner Daily from 11am

Lunch • Dinner Thin Crust Brick-Oven Pizza

(609) 884-BONE (2663)

Page 4

Thursday, February 16, 2012

2/11: Music For Your Valentine At Cape Island Baptist Church PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV



SEAFOOD GUMBO $5.50 pint

John and Nancy Henderson

TAKE-OUT SPECIALS FRIDAY, FEB. 17 & SATURDAY, FEB. 18 HOT COMBO APPETIZER SPECIAL ........................... $7.95 2 Clams Casinos, 2 Oysters Rockefeller, 2 BBQ Clams

FRIED OYSTER PLATTER ............................................. $10.25 Served with Mac & Cheese and Stewed Tomatoes. Fried or Broiled CRAB CAKE PLATTER .................................................... $9.95 Served with baked potato or French fries and coleslaw.

BUY ONE GET ONE FREE SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 19 Fried or Broiled SEAFOOD COMBO ........................ $13.95

Rafael Galviana, Charles and Helen Oliver, Heidi Galiana

Shrimp, scallops, filet of fish & deviled clam Served with French fries or baked potato & cole slaw.

WEDNESDAY SPECIAL FEBRUARY 22 ONLY Fried SHRIMP PLATTER ...... $5.95 each Served with French fries or baked potato & coleslaw

Fisherman’s Wharf ª Cape May

609-884-3064 Call Ahead & We’ll Have It Waiting For You! Janet and Dave Meyer

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Page 5

The Best Entertainment Lineup in Town!

Friday, February 17

Saturday, February 18



Sunday, February 19 - 7 MORNINGS Tuesday, February 21

Wednesday, February 22


$2 Miller Lites


$3 Yuengling & Yuengling Lights

HAPPY HOUR • Monday thru Thursday 4-7pm $2 Domestics • $4 Wines • $4 Mixed Drinks • 1/2 Price Apps (bar only)

CHECK OUT OUR NEW $11.99 DINNER MENU! Prime Rib, NY Strip Steak and Many Other Great Entrees to Choose From!


(609) 884-3459 426 Washington Street Mall Cape May Now Serving Trits!

Page 6

Thursday, February 16, 2012

2/11: Music For Your Valentine At Cape Island Baptist Church

Barbara Jacobs, Jacob ScHaad Jr.

Bridget and Richard Farrell

Pnina and Henry Sher

Sue and George Gullagher

Elinor and Bob Brasher

Jill and Bud Waisbren


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Page 7

Subscriber Of The Week

Each week, we will feature a lucky subscriber (and Exit Zero T-shirt winner!) in this spot. This week’s subscriber: Bud Castner of Edwardsville, Pennsylvania. How long have you been coming to Cape May? We’ve been visiting Cape May for over 30 years. Who are you normally with? I am usually with my wife and my younger son. Favorite thing about Cape May? We love the relaxed, historical atmosphere and the super-clean beaches. Least favorite thing? That would have to be the parking meters. Favorite restaurants? We like the Merion Inn, Aleathea’s, and the Blue Pig Tavern at Congress Hall. Favorite place to stay? I have two favorite places — the Inn of Cape May or Congress Hall. If you could change one thing about Cape May, what would it be? If you want me to be honest, I don’t think I would change a single thing. Favorite thing about Exit Zero? I especially like the color issues. Least favorite thing about Exit Zero? I just wish you would publish more than five color issues each year. What’s your T-shirt size? I’ll take a double XL.

Facebook Mystery Contest KNOW your way around Cape May? Check out the photograph above, prepared by our resident cryptographer Kate Chadwick. If you think you know what establishment this is, you could win a gift certificate to spend at a local business. Go to the Exit Zero Facebook page before Monday for a full-size, full-color photo and instructions on how to enter at Good luck!

Quotes Of The Week

Random Factoid

“The lesson of history is rarely learned by the actors themselves.” — James A. Garfield “I know only two tunes: one of them is ‘Yankee Doodle’, and the other one isn’t.” — Ulysses S. Grant “I had rather be on my farm than be emperor of the world.” George Washington

FOR two years the nation was run by a president and vice-president who weren’t elected. After VP Spiro Agnew resigned in 1973, President Nixon appointed Gerald Ford. Nixon resigned in 1974, leaving Ford as president, who appointed vice-president Nelson Rockefeller as second-in-line.

CUSTOMER SERVICE... The Life And Times Of A Cape May Restaurant... by Cole Pierce UGH! I CANnoT STAND SALMON.



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Thursday, February 16, 2012

1/31: Carl T. Mitnick School Pupils Visit The Cape May-Lewes Ferry

Students who took a tour with Captain Bryan Helm as part of the Head Start program PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV... TO ORDER COPIES, PLEASE CALL (609) 770-8479

Book Your 2012 Private Party! Wedding Receptions Rehearsal Dinners Birthdays Baby & Bridal Showers Any Special Occasion Opening in April Reserve Now for Easter Brunch! Gift Certificates Available Beach Avenue & Howard Street at the Hotel Macomber

(609) 884 8811

Serving Dinner from 5pm Friday, Saturday & Sunday

New Early Bird Menu!

Available all night Friday and 5:00-5:30 Sat. & Sun.

(609) 898-0100

1 Sunset Boulevard, West Cape May

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Page 9

2/11: Music For Your Valentine At Cape Island Baptist Church PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV


$5 FlatBreads During Happy Hour $2 Yuengling, Coors Light Drafts $2.50 Domestic Bottles $4 Premium Drafts $4 Margaritas on the rocks $4 House wine by the glass



FEB 25 - 52 PICK UP DUO ERIC AND COOP Fred and Joan Echevaria, Tom and Sue Carroll

609-884-4800 At the corner of Beach Ave. & Decatur Street

Page 10

Thursday, February 16, 2012

2/12: Valentine’s Day Tea Dance At Congress Hall PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV

Richard Raul, Karen Hoffman

HAPPY HOUR Friday, Saturday & Sunday 3 – 6 FRIDAY Dinner from 5 SATURDAY Breakfast & Lunch 8 – 3 Dinner from 5 SUNDAY Breakfast & Lunch 8 – 3 Dinner from 4 MONDAY Breakfast & Lunch 8-3 MUSIC 6:30-9:30 Friday, February 17 - Jay Bethel Saturday, February 18 - Joe and Mike 19 JACKSON STREET, CAPE MAY (609) 884-5970 • MADBATTER.COM

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Page 11

2/12: Valentine’s Day Tea Dance At Congress Hall PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV

TASTING ROOM HOURS: Daily Noon-5pm WINERY TOURS - Saturday at 3 pm (call for reservations)

Natalie, Daniella, Bob

February 18 th wine releases: Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, and Isaac Smith Red Reserve Chardonnay * Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon Blush * Apple * Port Gift Certificates & Gift Baskets Wine Merchandise

Richard, Donna, Joy, Tom, Robin, John

(609) 884-1169

Catherine, Catherine, Randy

711 Townbank Rd., North Cape May

Page 12

Thursday, February 16, 2012

2/12: Valentine’s Day Tea Dance At Congress Hall

Joanna Landers, Karen Hoffman

Armand, Michelle

Millie, Harry

Linda and Bob Steenrod

Robin and John Jankowski





G a r d e n S tat e P a r k way & W i l dwo o d C r e s t O n


B ay


H a r bo r V i e w M a r i na

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Page 13

Talk Of The Town

Ramblings, idle gossip, and occasionally important odds ’n’ ends

Whiskey Business WE’RE in two minds about the introduction of a new liquor store on the island. In theory, we’re excited every time a cool and/ or necessary new business opens its doors. But Sunset Liquor is taking over the former site of Vanthia’s restaurant — which is right across the road from our world HQ and fancy new retail store (see pages 40-41). Some of us are on a real craft beer kick right now, and we frankly don’t need any more temptation because craft beer is often as calorific as it is tasty. And... it is is verrry strong. And... we’ve got magazines and books to publish. Other than that, we think it’s great that West Cape May’s first-ever liquor license was bought by Tom O’Hara of Uncle Bill’s Pancake Place. We stopped by the 2,000-square-foot work site, which was full of sawdust, blueprints and busy carpenters, to ask Tom about making this transition from pancakes to booze. “I’m thrilled,” he said. “I can’t wait to get here in the morning. I haven’t been this excited since I opened an Uncle Bill’s in Wildwood 17 years ago.” While hanging out at Dock Mike’s, on Broadway, about a year ago, Tom noticed a For Sale sign in front of Vanthia’s and couldn’t get it out of his head. Initially, he told us, he bought the space as an investment property to rent out to someone else, but opening a liquor store — even when Tom was working in the trash business and, after that, in the restaurant game — has always been a goal. “The opportunity came along, and I think it will be good for local businesses,” he told us, “like an anchor store that will bring more traffic to the area.” Tom was pretty tight-lipped about the concept of the store. He mentioned that his wife, Nancy, who will be running the busi-

ness along with a couple of their children (they’ve got four total), is tossing around the idea of a “boutique” liquor store stocked with local goodies. “They don’t know it yet,” Tom laughed, “but I’m going to ask Flying Fish on Park Boulevard to do my T-shirts, and Seaside Cheese to do platters.” What is certain is that Sunset Liquor will carry a wide selection of wine, spirits, beer... and craft beer. Tom’s only hesitation in taking this on? The respect he has for Collier’s Liquor Store located just down the road on Jackson, and the fine folks who run it. “Reid [Levine, the store manager] is a good friend of mine, and I know Perry Collier. I’ve been going there since 1979. I’m still going there.” Tom is shooting for a May opening. Watch this space — just like we’ll be watching theirs. Oh, and Tom, Founders Breakfast Stout is great stuff. Just sayin’.

Meet The Noisemaker IT IS possible you’ve never seen Mark Jacopec — the fifty-seven-year-old yoga instructor/ carpenter/father who lives on Fourth and Broadway — but it is highly likely that you’ve heard him. “I’m a mover and a hitter and I’ve always tapped on something,” he says. It’s not uncommon to see Mark playing his collection of quicas and surdos and snares — aka drums — on his front lawn (the one with the blue-painted bike). “I have understanding neighbors,” he told us when we popped in for a visit. Now, Mark is preparing to share his passion with the rest of the community by creating a 600-person Samba band for this year’s West Cape May Christmas Parade. Mark came to town 25 years ago via Tom’s River. He’d been working as a drum

circle facilitator for corporate companies in need of team-building exercises. (We didn’t know there was such a job, either.) “It was a great ride,” he said. “I did all the dot-coms, the banks, the pharmaceutical and technology companies, defense contractors, everything.” But Mark couldn’t stay away from Cape May “because it’s such a unique end of the world.” Today, he continues hosting drum circles around town, connecting people with the “primal rhythm, the common denominator” that is music. Part of the reason Mark purchased his house on Broadway is that it offers a firstrate view of the Christmas parade, which is so “wonderfully small town, so Norman Rockwell.” Rather than sit by and watch this year, he’s decided to join. “This is our one opportunity to put as many people from our town together as possible and say: ‘This is West Cape May coming down the street making a lot of noise.’ It will be a community experience, and that’s the magic of it.” Like a lot of people (we guess), we are not too familiar with samba, so we asked Mark to explain it. “It’s the bim and the boom that draws you in,” he said. “It’s the rhythm that powers Brazil.” But is it something that 600 people are going to be able to pick up between now and December? “We’re not learning violins here,” he said, “and we’re not playing trumpets. We’re hitting drums, we’re having a good time, marching down the street. Who cares if we’re a little off?” And besides, Mark explained, everyone’s got rhythm. (To which we let out a big, fat guffaw. Perhaps he’s never laid eyes on The Boiler Room dance floor?) But Mark assured us, “It’s just a matter of discovering it.”

Continued On Page 14 ?

Page 14

Thursday, February 16, 2012



Talk Of The Town ? From Page 13 We think energy like Mark’s is a beautiful thing, and we love the idea of locals marching in the parade. If you’re interested in joining, simply log on to the open Facebook group called SambaWCM and Mark will fill you in on the details. All ages are welcome, and the group is not limited to West Cape May residents. Let’s rally, folks. Mark’s got the bim, and we think you’ve got the boom.

Nicotine Nagging YOU have to admire Deputy Mayor Jack Wichterman’s tenacity... when the man believes in something, he doesn’t easily give up. Which is a good quality in a politics, where principles are often pushed aside for expediency. But we wish that Jack would drop what is starting to feel like a one-man war on folks who smoke on the beach. Jack’s proposal was defeated by Cape May City in November, but it reared its head again at a council work session on February 7. And although his attempt to put the issue back on the council agenda was defeated, the city is setting up a committee to look into the issue, chaired by Jack. We can’t help feel that there are so many more important issues to discuss than this. Most of us are delighted that you can no longer smoke on an airplane, in a movie theater, a restaurant, a bar or in the office. But on the

beach? People come to Cape May to unwind, to get away from the hassles of everyday life. If they choose to blacken their lungs, that’s their choice to make, but we don’t believe it’s much of a public nuisance. And we hate the unedifying prospect of people sneaking puffs on the promenade in those sad little huddles you see outside of office buildings. Our public lives have pretty much become nicotine-free — we don’t need to take the fight to the beaches.

A Folly Good Show DID YOU know that four presidents have stayed at Cape May’s Congress Hall? It’s true — Franklin Pierce, James Buchanan, Ulysses Grant and Benjamin Harrison have all rested their presidential heads in a Congress Hall bed (those beds have since been updated, of course). And if you need proof that you get the presidential treatment at Congress Hall, look no further than the Tommy’s Folly store, where we popped in for one of the best-kept secrets in town — breakfast. We had a chat with manager Roz Johnson, while sipping an excellent cup of La Colombe (shot of hazelnut, please!) and a sublime slice of

pumpkin bread. “It seems that people have really discovered us,” Roz told us. “We get lots of locals coming in for coffee and a breakfast bar.” Indeed — we were very nearly knocked over by a gentleman racing out the door clutching his Congress Hall travel mug. So maybe it’s not a best-kept secret anymore. Then again, it’s tough to stay under the radar with such fresh selections as granola made on the premises, or a delectable veggie and egg white panini with cheese, tomato, and sautéed onions and leeks — talk about your breakfast of champions. Congress Hall is expanding the veranda to accommodate more tables, if you want to relax with your breakfast, or just grab a Bolthouse Farms juice and a yogurt parfait if you’re on the fly. “Our initiative this year is healthier foods, and we will also be providing calorie counts for all of our in-house items, said Roz. “We’ll also be working more closely with Beach Plum Farm, using seasonal fruits and vegetables in our products. We’ll be offering smaller versions of our cookies, too. I think people are looking to live with less these days, but at the same time, they also want a little indulgence, and we want to provide that.”

PARTING SHOT We stopped by one of Cape May Elementary’s open lap swims, and all we exercised were our mouths. Yep, too much chatting in the deep end. But we’ll give it another go... one, because it’s only $5; and two, because we’re told swimming helps posture by improving the position of the spinal column.. Something we need after so much time spent hunched over our keyboards.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Page 15

2/12: Valentine’s Day Tea Dance At Congress Hall

Shane, Liz

Suzanne, John

Donna Protasi

George, Betsy

John, Catherine


Page 16

Thursday, February 16, 2012

2/12: Valentine’s Day Tea Dance At Congress Hall PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV

Elbert, Maria, Uribel, Reina, Carl

Martini Beach is


President's day weekend

Friday – sunday feb. 17-19 Spectacular food & Drink. Menu details & more at:

Warren, Mary Ann , Carl, Steve, Michelle

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Page 17

Goings-On Around Town

Upcoming can’t-miss events around town...mark your calendars


HE CAPE May County Museum is hosting the second Rum Runners Ball this Saturday, February 18, at Congress Hall, to benefit the Cape May County Historical Society. “Return with us to the era of flappers, smugglers and Elliot Ness,” say the event’s organizers. “We may have some of that illicit hooch at the ball, but don’t spread that around or we may be raided by the coppers.” The evening begins at 6pm with hors d’oeuvres and cash bar, followed by dinner and dancing. Tickets are $75 and are available by calling the Museum at 609-465-3535, or you can visit www. Period dress is optional but most definitely encouraged, and black tie optional dress is suggested otherwise. Prizes will be awarded for best costumes for both men and women, so dig out those spats and feather boas. A BENEFIT will be held for North Cape May resident Frank Shields, who has been battling cancer for nine years. The benefit will be held at the VFW, 419 Congress Street in Cape May on Saturday,


February 25th from 6-10pm. Tickets are $20 in advance and $25 at the door. There will be food, beer, wine, door prizes, a 50/50 drawing and more. Please come out to support Frank in his time of need. For more information, please call Dwight at 609-780-5041, or Tracey 609-780-4037. IT’S easy enough to keep kids occupied in the summer months in Cape May, but the winter ones can pose a bit more of a challenge. Fear not, parents of cabin feverish children – the Kids Can Expo is on the horizon. This annual event, sponsored by the Nature Center of Cape May, is a serious blast for the little ones, with food, games, exhibits, crafts, music, dance and live animals, to name but a few fun an family-friendly diverstions. Kids Can Expo will be held Sunday, February 26, from 11am-4pm at the Cape May City Elementary School. Admission is $6 (a mere pittance in exchange for occupied children), and you can call 609-898-8848 for more information. ATTENTION film fans! As we know, Sunday, February 26 is Academy



Awards day, so head on over to the Mad Batter for the Cape May Film Society’s Pre-Oscar Party from 5:30-8pm. Enjoy an Oscar-worthy buffet, a cash bar, and some great prizes, including the chance to win weekend passes to the Cape May Film Festival in October – always a fantastic event. For more information, please call 609-326-FEST (3378), or visit IF IT’S March, it must be time to spice things up a bit. Come on out for the 2nd Annual Chili and Chowder Challege, hosted by the Chamber of Commerce of Greater Cape May, and being held at the Marquis de Lafayette on Saturday, March 10 from 1-4pm. Some of the area’s best restaurants as well as local home chefs will take their best shot at preparing their tastiest dishes for Cape May’s 2nd Annual Chili and Chowder Challenge. All those who attend have a chance to not only taste the deliciousness, but to judge the competition in various categories. For more information, or to enter your best concoction in the contest, call the Chamber at 609-884-5508.


C-View Inn Cape May’s Oldest & Friendliest Tavern

Mondays - RIB DAY 1/2 Rack - $8.50 All Day Long Tuesdays - TAVERN PIZZA & TACO DAY $3.50 Small Pizzas $5.50 Large Pizzas $1 Tacos Wednesdays OUR FAMOUS WING NIGHT! starting at 3pm


Choice of An Entree and a Domestic Draft or Soda

Taco Salad (Beef, lettuce, tomato cheese, olives, jalapeño) Open-Faced Hot Turkey Sandwich Meatloaf Panini with gravy • Grilled Chicken BLT Hot Pastrami Sandwich served with Grilled Onion, Swiss and Brown Mustard Turkey or Ham Hoagie Wrap Small Cobb Salad


Best Wings & Great Specials

Corner of Texas Ave. & Washington St., Cape May • 884-4712

Page 18

Thursday, February 16, 2012

1/2: Leo And Sasha Moryakov’s Wedding At The Virginia Hotel PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV

A Local Café with ... a Wholesome Aroma


Thurs-Sat Brkfst/lunch/dinner 8-8 Sunday-Wed Breakfast & lunch


Friends and family

Each person gets to Choose… A cup of Soup du jour Or a Side Salad AND A SANDWICH TO SHARE! Costa Rican Coffee

Homemade Soups

Fresh Carrot Juice

Sensational Salads

Breakfast Burritos

Bella ½-Pound Burgers

Hottest Hotcakes

Signature Sandwiches

Sweet Potato Pancakes Multigrain Waffles

Veggie Delights Dynamic Dinners

Early Bird Catches the Wave! $6.99 BREAKFAST SPECIALS

Sasha, Leo Jr, Leo, Kira

Everyday ‘til 9:30am with ad

“Best Crab Soup on the East Coast” Outdoor Seating • Free Parking Family Affordable • Vegetarian & Gluten Free Friendly

406 N. Broadway West Cape May 609.884.6332 Frank, Ann Marie, Joe

Thursday, February 16, 2012



*** I’D VOTE for Russell for president... President of Swain’s hardware section that is! – Cape May

Promotion ends March 31, 2012

people at all... It needs middle class people, not just the wealthy! – Cape May I THINK that all politicians should have to wear those wigs like George Washington and the early presidents... At least until they accomplish something! – North Cape May


I THINK I’d like to go to college at the Electoral College... that must be a good school since it is strictly for politicians, right? – Cape May

*** DID Gerald Ford invented the car? – Erma *** HERBERT Hoover... I have a vacuum invented by that guy! – Cape May *** GROVER Cleveland!? Wasn’t that the fuzzy blue dude from Sesame Street? – Villas *** RONALD Reagan was a good president... I miss him! – Erma *** THE HOUSE of Representatives really does not give a good representation of our

MANGIA MONDAY The Endless Pasta Bowl


I THINK the best president ever was William Henry Harrison! And that’s because he died after only a month in office so he never really had a chance to mess things up! – Cape May

[Spouty-Offy Editor’s Note: Not sure but you are aware that our current president is named Barack!]

Page 1 19 Page

FREE Gift Cards Buy a $50. gift card Get a $5 one FREE Buy a $100. gift card Get a $15 one FREE

MY SON ordered chicken fingers at a restaurant the other day but... I didn’t even know chickens had hands, much less fingers! – West Cape May

WHAT kind of presidential name is Millard Fillmore? – Cape May

5:24 PM


The column where anonymous gasbags have their say!

*** WHY ARE they called the Secret Service if everyone knows about them? - Cape May ***



with our homemade garlic bread & salads




You buy a case...we pay the tax! Get a 7% discount off of the price of a case of beer. Stop by our store for details

*** I THINK it is about time that we gave a woman a chance to be our President and see what she can do! – Exit Zero

5 Happy Hour Bar Menu


Monday-Thursday 4:00 to 7:00 • $1.00 off all drinks

*** Do we have any DNA from FDR? What the USA really needs is to clone him and bring him back as our president! – Cape May *** ULYSSES S. Grant... I’d make fun of his name if he had not have been such a good president! - Cape May *** I’M NOT so sure that Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK... I think it may have been one of his many jilted lovers. - Cape May

AMERICAN STEAK & SEAFOOD HOUSE Featuring Hand-cut Steaks, Fresh Local Seafood, & International Beers-on-tap Grande Center Shopping Mall • Rio Grande, New Jersey


Page 20

Thursday, February 16, 2012

1/2: Leo And Sasha Moryakov’s Wedding At The Virginia Hotel PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV

Open Everyday

Scott, Maya, Clay, Joanne

February 16 thru February 20

Vince, Jean, Meghan, Jenna

Sunday Brunch Coming Soon!

416 Broadway, West Cape May 6 609-898-1555

Sasha, Leo

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Page 21

A Moment In History


Historical Editor Ben Miller looks at Cape May’s Urban Renewal Movement

APE May’s Urban Renewal movement has been a cause of contention for more than 40 years, but few would argue that the city was in dire straits before it began — there were blighted properties, crime had risen and infrastructure was a mess. Some residents had dirt floors and no running water. Early proponents of Urban Renewal like the mayor who initiated it, Walter C. Wright, envisioned a gas-lit historic district in the heart of town, surrounded by restored Victorian structures. He recognized some structures were beyond repair and would need to come down, but felt the majority could be restored to their former glory. When the Ash Wednesday Storm of 1962 hit, Urban Renewal took a backseat to rebuilding. At his term’s end, Mayor Wright chose not to seek reelection and Mayor Frank Gauvry took control. Mayor Gauvry had a different vision for Urban Renewal, including mass demolitions to make way for modern motels/hotels, and a three-block Victorianthemed pedestrian mall at the center of town.

The classic Philadelphia sandwich available right here in Cape May HOAGIES Primo carries a large selection of delicious hoagies... They have something for everyone!

VEGGIE GOODIES There are selections of Italian tuna in oliveoil, cheese deluxe, or eggplant with broccoli rabe.

LOW-CARB EATS Primo’s now offers the option of either lowcarb or wholewheat wraps.

PARTY TRAYS Hoagie trays available in five sizes to feed the masses for any occasion.

605 Lafayette Street, Cape May, NJ 08204 (609) 884-1177 •

Page 22

Thursday, February 16, 2012

1/2: Leo and Sasha Moryakov’s Wedding At The Virginia Hotel

Julia, George

Valeria, Theresa

Dennis, Misha

Sasha, Leo

Gina, John


p.s. i can not tell a lie...

you will really enjoy our President’s Day Brunch!

Sunday, February 19 10am - 3pm $


609.884.9090 26 Food 27 Decor 25 Service

35 per person*

Breakfast omelets, home fries, ham,bacon, sausage Carving station; filet of beef, marinated pork loin. Seafood, scallops, salmon Raw bar; oysters, shrimp, clams. Antipasto, Soup, Salads, Cheese Selections Desserts, PSI Sundaes, brulee, cookies and more! *Not including tax and gratuity

1301 Beach Avenue •

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Page 23

The Ultimate Cape May Food & Drink Chart What you need to know about the food and the vibe ALEATHEA’S 7 Ocean Street, Cape May (609) 884-5555, Ext. 226

This fine restaurant is currently closed for the season. They’ll be open in the spring but don’t let that stop you from booking your next vacation at the Inn!

AXELSSON’S BLUE CLAW 991 Ocean Drive, Cape May (609) 884-5878

Fine dining near the harbor. Elegant dining room, cozy fireplace, and the classic Clipper Ship Pub. Axelsson’s opens in a few weeks so look for their ad!

BACK BAY CAFE 1891 Bayshore Road Villas (609) 889-8500

Casual fine dining at its best, and just a stone’s throw from Cape May. Open for lunch and dinner daily, breakfast on the weekends.

BELLA VIDA CAFÉ 406 N. Broadway, West Cape May (609) 884-6332

“The local café with a wholesome aroma” is what they call it... and that’s how we describe it. Very apt!

THE BLACK DUCK 1 Sunset Boulevard, West Cape May (609) 898-0100

A chic interior and stylish food, but the ambience is anything but pretentious. Modern American cuisine.

THE BLUE PIG TAVERN 251 Beach Avenue, Cape May (609) 884-8422

Congress Hall’s restaurant is better than ever, serving classic tavern food with a twist or two along the way.

CABANAS 429 Beach Avenue, Cape May (609) 884-4800

It’s always warm and friendly in this lively beachfront bar that features some of the best live bands around.

CAPE MAY WINERY 711 Townbank Road, North Cape May (609) 884-1169

This beautiful winery is open daily from 12-5pm. Make a reservation to tour the winery on Saturdays at 3pm.

CAPE ORIENT 315 Ocean Street, Cape May (609) 898-0088

Great food every time, whether you are looking for Chinese, Thai or sushi. The service is superb, too.


u Onsite parking

b Handicap accessible

Meals served

Price range of entrées

Bar or BYOB?

B, L, D

$15-$45 Cards: V, MC, AE, D





$24-$30 Cards: V, MC, D




B, L, D

$5-$25 Cards: V, MC, D

B, L

$5-$25 Cards: V, MC, D


$15-$28 Cards: V, MC


B, L, D

$12-$36 Cards: V, MC, AE, D


B, L, D

$8-$25 Cards: V, MC, AE, D



$5-$27 Cards: V, MC, AE, D

L, D

$12-$19 Cards: V, MC, AE, D

Should I book?

Food for kids?

Other details

u b



u b

H u




H u




HU u b



H u b



H b



H u b






u b BYOB

H Takeout available




U Dog-friendly patio in season

Page 24

Thursday, February 16, 2012

1/2: Leo And Sasha Moryakov’s Wedding At The Virginia Hotel

Maria, Aleksey

Theresa, Scott

Misha, Maria


Keeping you warm all winter long... Sample our Winter Warm Up Menu... $24 a selection of three entrées and a glass of wine Or our $20 Amazingly Delicious Early Dinners 4:30-6 Soup or salad, choice of 3 entrées and 2 desserts


Lucky Loyalty, The Lucky Bones Loyalty Program, is now being earned at the Washington Inn.

We are open Saturdays and on February 17 and 19

Washington Inn


801 Wa shington S t r eet, C a pe M ay (609) 884-5697 • wa shingtoninn . com

Open for President's Weekend... February 17-18-19

Thursday, February 16, 2012

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The Ultimate Cape May Food & Drink Chart What you need to know about the food and the vibe COPPER FISH 416 Broadway, West Cape May (609) 898-1555

Chef Geoff Johnson’s Copper Fish offers fresh fish and prime meats at a great site – Broadway and Sunset.

CUCINA ROSA 301 Washington Street Mall (609) 898-9800

Nicely located at the beginning of the mall, this Italian restaurant is a mustvisit. Simply superb food.

C-VIEW INN Texas Avenue & Washington Cape May (609) 884-4712

A locals’ favorite, the oldest and friendliest tavern in town with great wings, excellent pub fare and cold beer.

DEPOT MARKET CAFÉ 409 Elmira Street Cape May (609) 884-8030

Owners Chris and Lisa Shriver are keeping the old favorites at this locals’ joint AND adding new specials.

THE EBBITT ROOM 25 Jackson Street (609) 884-5700 www.

With the remarkable cooking of chef Lucas Manteca, there’s even more reason than usual to visit. Sublime concoctions.

FISH AND FANCY 2406 Bayshore Road, Villas (609) 886-8760

Superb seafood however you like it – fried, broiled, grilled, blackened or sautéed. Great salads, too!

HARBOR VIEW 954 Ocean Drive (609) 884-5444

Meals served

Price range of entrées


$24-$32 Cards: V, MC, AE, D


$12-$29 Cards: V, MC, AE, D


L, D

$4-$18 Cards: V, MC


Bar or BYOB?

Should I book?

Food for kids?

u b BYOB



u NO



u b


$26-$33 V, MC, AE, D

L, D

$5-$19 Cards: V, MC, AE, D

A Key West vibe, great views of the harbor, good food and regular entertainment. Plus they have a fabulous deck.

B, L, D

$6-$30 Cards: V, MC




HAWK HAVEN VINEYARD 600 S. Railroad Ave., Rio Grande (609) 846-7347

Open year round - daily 12 to 5pm for wine tasting, wine by the glass and gourmet cheese plates.






THE LOBSTER HOUSE Fisherman’s Wharf, (609) 884-8296

Take-out, fish market, restaurant, raw bar, breakfast, dinner... The Lobster House has it all. A must-visit while at the Cape!

B, L, D

$5-$25 Cards: V, MC, AE, D

b Handicap accessible




u Onsite parking



B, L, D


Other details












ub H

u b

H Takeout available



u H

u b BAR




U Dog-friendly patio in season


Page 26

Thursday, February 16, 2012

1/26: Exit Zero’s Eighth Annual Burns Supper At The Ugly Mug PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV

Barb O., Bill and Linda D.

Seaside Cheese Co. Jim Wigle, Joan Hunter, John Hunter, Jackie Wigle

PIEDRAS DE CHOCOLATE Gigantic toasted almonds dipped in chocolate & rubbed in cocoa powder...YUM!


Will, Holly and baby Violet Knapp

Thursday, February 16, 2012

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The Ultimate Cape May Food & Drink Chart What you need to know about the food and the vibe LUCKY BONES 1200 Route 109, (609) 884-BONE

It’s a huge hit for a reason. Excellent food, great bar vibe, superb service. Gets it right every single time.

MAD BATTER 19 Jackson Street (609) 884-5970

The original fine dining restaurant in Cape May and still one of the best. The food is always creative.

MARTINI BEACH 429 Beach Avenue Cape May (609) 884-1925

A lively nightspot with a friendly vibe, fine Mediterranean dishes, and a panoramic oceanfront view.

OCEAN VIEW Beach & Grant Avenues (609) 884-3772

A large and very reliable menu. Classic diner food, and very reasonably priced. A locals’ favorite.

OYSTER BAY 615 Lafayette Street (609) 884-2111

Meals served

Price range of entrées

L, D

$6-$22 Cards: V, MC, AE, D

B, L, D

$19-$30 Cards: V, MC, AE, D


$15-$30 Cards: V, MC, D, AE

Bar or BYOB?

Should I book?


For tables of eight or more

Food for kids?

u b YES







A lovely dining room, a beautiful coppertop bar and classic, generous dishes. Now serving delicious new martinis!


$12-$29 Cards: V, MC, AE, D




PETER SHIELDS 1301 Beach Avenue (609) 884-9090

The Georgian Revival mansion is magnificent and the modern American menu matches it all the way.


$22-$39 Cards: V, MC, D




THE PILOT HOUSE 142 Decatur Street (609) 884-3449

A classic pub and restaurant offering good burgers, excellent comfort food and an authentic ambience.

L, D

$5-$25 Cards: V, MC, AE, D




PRIMO HOAGIES 605 Lafayette Street Cape May (609) 884-1177

It’s not just a hoagie - it’s a Primo. One bite will convince you that Primo is aptly named - the freshest ingredients, piled onto the best rolls.

L, D

$6-$20 Cards: V, MC, AE

RIO STATION 3505 Route 9 South Rio Grande (609) 889-2000

While all around it has changed, the Rio is still serving excellent food with old-style, friendly service.

L, D

$13-$29 Cards: V, MC, AE, D

b Handicap accessible


u b

B, L, D

u Onsite parking

H b

$9-$30 Cards: V, MC, AE, D


Other details




H u b




H Takeout available




u b BAR




U Dog-friendly patio in season

Page 28

Thursday, February 16, 2012

1/26: Exit Zero’s Eighth Annual Burns Supper At The Ugly Mug

Dan and Debbie McNeill

Barry and Ronnie Cohen

Kurt Hughes, Karl Hughes

Kathy and John Williams

Jack Wright, Kate Chadwick



Lunch | Dinner | Take-out | Reservations Available

MENTION THIS AD FOR 20% OFF! Take out or dine in

Cannot combine with any other offer Offer expires February 23, 2012

Where the Locals Eat Sushi! Manhattan Style Sushi!

t n a r u a t s ea’s Re



C AT 7 O

will be open for the 5th annual

Singer-Songwriter of Cape May

Find Us on Facebook!

March 30 & 31, 2012

Ask About Delivery!

Friday - dinner at 5 Saturday - breakfast 8 to 12 dinner at 5 Sunday -breakfast 8 to 12. OPEN 7 DAYS: Mon-Thur 11am-10:30pm Fri & Sat 11am-11pm | Sun 12noon-10pm

PH 609-770-7773 1500 Route 47 South, #E1E2, Rio Grande NJ in the ShopRite Shopping Center, next to Dollar Tree

Want to stay at the Inn of Cape May? Book now for the 2012 season! 7 Ocean Street at the Inn of Cape May 609.884.5555 |

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Page 29

The Ultimate Cape May Food & Drink Chart What you need to know about the food and the vibe SEASALT 1035 Beach Avenue (609) 884-7000

Currently closed until spring but when it does open you’ll find imaginative cuisine and great drinks at SeaSalt!

SEASIDE CHEESE COMPANY 600 Park Blvd (609) 884-8700

A huge plus for the area when it opened, and this place continues to delight with gourmet treats.

SUSHI UKAI 1500 Route 47 South, Rio Grande (609) 770-7773

Enjoy delicious, fresh and nutritious authentic Chinese, Japanese, Malaysian and Thai cuisine — all homemade. Try the Fire Wok!

TISHA’S 318 Washington Street Mall (609) 884-9119, t

This local favorite moved from Convention Hall to the mall, at the former site of Stumpo’s.

THE UGLY MUG 426 Washington Street Mall Cape May (609) 884-3459

A Cape May legend, and even better now that they’ve put those wonderful booths in there — such a treat.

UNCLE BILL’S PANCAKE HOUSE Beach Avenue & Perry Street Cape May (609) 884-7199

Reliably excellent food – there is a reason why people wait... excellent breakfasts. They open Friday, March 16.

UNION PARK Beach Avenue & Howard, (609) 884-8811

Elegant dining in a classic old hotel, and the food is magnificent and inventive. One of the best in the area. Opening in April.

VINCENZO’S LITTLE ITALY II 3704 Bayshore Road, North Cape May (609) 889-6610

If you want to bring the family for a fine and fun Italian meal, look no further than here! The kids will love it.

WASHINGTON INN 801 Washington Avenue (609) 884-5697

Superb gourmet food, and a bar to get your night off on the right foot. Amazing wine list.


u Onsite parking

b Handicap accessible

Meals served

Price range of entrées

Bar or BYOB?


$8-$20 Cards: V, MC, AE, D

L, D

$4-$12 Cards: V, MC, AE, D

L, D

$2-$37 Cards: V, MC, AE




B, L, D

$18-$35 Cards: V, MC, AE, D




L, D

$12-$25 Cards: V, MC, AE, D

Should I book?

Food for kids?

Other details

u b BAR



H b




H u b

H b b




H u b

B, L






$18-$35 Cards: V, MC, AE




L, D

$8-$20 Cards: V, MC, AE, D


$18-$34 Cards: V, MC, AE, D

H H u b


H Takeout available



H u b





U Dog-friendly patio in season

Page 30

Thursday, February 16, 2012

1/26: Exit Zero’s Eighth Annual Burns Supper At The Ugly Mug

David Green, Christine Patrick

Jack and Joan Maurer

Dr Amy Redmer, Rob Lubas

Ronnie Tedesco brings in the haggis

Janet and Doug Ford


Uncle Bill’s Authentic Italian Cuisine


Seafood & Fine Dining New York Strip Steak • Filet Mignon • Veal Cutlet • Center Cut Pork Chops

opening for the Season on Friday, March 16... See You Then! Check Out Our New Expanded Pizzeria... Now Great for Big Parties and Large Groups!


3704 Bayshore Road, North Cape May Cape Plaza Shopping Center • 889-6610


Janet Gravitz, Nancy Ridgway, Parker Smith

Liz Dalessio, Linda Gazsi

Frances Knorr, Frank Lamb, Robert Knorr

your friends at eXIT zERO

1/26: Exit Zero’s Eighth Annual Burns Supper At The Ugly Mug

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Please Like Us on Facebook!

Thursday, February 16, 2012



Music Mania... JAY BETHEL Thursday, Feb. 16 at 8pm OPEN MIC NIGHT Friday, Feb. 17 at 8pm DAN BARRY Saturday, Feb. 18 at 8pm BARRY Sunday, Feb. 19 at 4pm JM Kearns Tuesday, Feb. 21 at 8pm


Sunday thru Thursday 8pm-Close

EARLY BIRD DINNERS Monday thru Thursday 4-6pm $5 BURGER & FRIES Mondays 5pm-Close

WEDNESDAY Trivia Night - 7:30pm (609) 884-3449


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Thursday, February 16, 2012

1/26: Exit Zero’s Eighth Annual Burns Supper At The Ugly Mug

John, Cuz Ray

Jeff, Cindy

Alicia and Gray Grasso

Bobbi, Les

Debra Donahue, Jim Kearns



Japanese • Sushi • Chinese • Thai Cuisine

OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK YEAR ROUND Lunch • Dinner • Take-Out • Catering 315 Ocean Street, Washington Commons Mall (609) 898-0088 •

Open Friday, Saturday & Sunday 7am-9pm Monday 7am-2pm

Dine In Take Out Delivery Catering Lunch from 11:30am • Dinner from 4pm (Closed Mondays) Breakfast Weekends - Sat. 8-11:30am & Sunday 8-12:30pm Early Birds starting at $9.99 ~ Sunday-Friday 4pm-5:30pm

1891 BAYSHORE ROAD, VILLAS 609-889-8500

Beach Avenue & Grant Street, Cape May 884-3772 •

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Page 33

What Really Happened In The Battle For Cape May


Historical Editor Ben Miller responds to a fierce attack on his reputation

RECENTLY sent the Cape May Mayor, City Manager and each of the council members an open letter, asking them to formally recognize Carolyn Pitts’s contributions to Cape May with a marker along the Washington Street Mall. I was subsequently insulted in a letter to the Star and Wave the following week, in which Mitze Blomkvest called me a “misguided and ill-informed pseudo-historian,” and went on to call my claims about Carolyn Pitts “misconceptions, insinuations and the total distortion of facts.” It’s worth noting that her father is a former Mayor of Cape May and her brother, John S. Needles, was the Urban Renewal Director and, later, the City Manager who battled with Pitts. Her husband is former Councilman Arthur “Mickey” Blomkvest, a major proponent of Urban Renewal under Mayor Frank Gauvry, another nemesis of Pitts. Her comments in the paper were not prefaced by any of this information, disguising her obvious bias. As one longtime resident and community activist, who wished to remain anonymous,

said of Mayor Blomkvest, “I remember Mickey as kind of a father-knows-best mayor. He felt that he knew what the town needed because he had lived here so long. He could not be called a preservationist.” In response to a claim Mitze made to me via email that her husband “saved the Pink House”, that same individual responded, “If he did save the Pink House, it was because he was a contractor and Tom Hand paid him to do it.” Contrary to Mitze’s claims, I did my research and people I interviewed were clear with both their feelings and the facts to back up those feelings. I also have city records and a stack of historic newspaper articles. Rather than allow this to degenerate into some sort of he said/she said nonsense, I will lay my cards on the table and again tell the story of Carolyn Pitts, who was hired to catalog Cape May’s historic structures, fulfilling a requirement the city had to meet to get an Urban Renewal grant. The Press of Atlantic City ran a story in 1968 with the headline, “Cape Is Razing 70 Buildings for Victorian Village Project.” The article

explains, “During the next three and a half years, officials hope to demolish 70 structures as part of the city’s Urban Renewal Victorian Village project. There’s just one problem: Where to put the buildings after they are torn down. ‘Here we are in the throes of demolition,’ John S. Needles, Urban Renewal Director, said about the next buildings to come down, ‘but no place to put them.’” Once the mass demolitions were underway, Pitts approached a local preservation group known as “the cottagers” about the situation. She also spoke with some contacts in Washington, DC and came up with a solution — the only way to stop the demolitions was to have the entire city placed on the National Register of Historic Places without the city or state leaders finding out. It was a move that placed her reputation and her livelihood on the line. In the end, she was successful, to the dismay of city and state officials, who had been promoting modern development. “City officials, who learned of

Continued On Page 34 ?

SERVING FINE FOOD SINCE 1988 Open 7 days a week • Serving lunch and dinner

Open Monday thru Saturday 7am-5pm

DINNER Buy one entrée and one appetizer and receive second entrée half price LUNCH Buy one lunch item and receive second item half price

Check us out on FACEBOOK or call 609-884-8030 for our daily specials! The Depot features popular homemade soups, salad selections, house roasted meats and local seafood specials

Talk to us about planning your next catered event! Eat In or Take Out • Catering for Any Event! 409 Elmira Street, Cape May (Next to the Train Station) • 609-884-8030

Valid Monday thru Thursday Half price item equal or lesser value


Page 34

Thursday, February 16, 2012

A welcome addition to the local food scene!


An extensive selection of organic produce, groceries, dairy, bulk, vegan and gluten-free foods, organic juices, teas, supplements, homeopathics, organic pet food and supplies, baby products, health and beauty items and more.

It’s nice to know where your foods came from!


The Battle For Cape May ? From Page 33 the designation a month later, were taken by surprise according to Mayor Frank Gauvry, and ‘This doesn’t mean it was a pleasant surprise,’” said the Trenton Evening Times on April 7, 1971. The article quotes City Manager John S. Needles as saying, “I have no infatuation with Victorian architecture.” Once she found out her application was approved, Pitts gave the city a chance to announce the honor and save face. Instead, they enlisted Congressman Charlie Sandman to try and undo the decision. Eventually, Pitts and the cottagers announced the news themselves. The city continued to fight, prompting the cottagers to reorganize as the Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts (MAC) and to put their own candidates up for council and mayor in the 1972 election. Two of the three MAC candidates won and their representative, Bruce Minnix, was elected mayor. During his term, another application was filed by Pitts, this time with the city’s help and in 1976, the entire city of Cape May was designated a National Historic Landmark. In 1976, Minnix left politics and Mitze Blomkvest’s husband was elected mayor. By that point, the Victorian preservation policy was entrenched and there was little he could do. To Mayor Blomkvest’s credit, he moved on to issues of infrastructure and led the city during a period of major growth and restoration. All over town, buildings were being renovated and as the MidAtlantic Center for the Arts grew more powerful more and more community programs were instituted. As former Mayor Frank Gauvry told me in a letter in 2010, “Throughout Bruce’s term I never interfered... I waited, like most people, to see what he could do. I think the results speak for themselves. He was thrown out of office after one term. “Bruce is apparently a nice guy but I do wish he would set the record straight when he knows

the difference. You remember the mall incident, when he tried to take credit for the opening.” Mayor Gauvry was adamant that the city was right in knocking those buildings down and he genuinely believed he was doing what was right for the city. As I told him, I disagree with some of the actions of his administration, but I can appreciate that the city was in a tough situation when he took office. He tried to fix things the best way he knew how and a good example of that is the mall, an unpopular idea until it opened. Then, everyone loved it. We were planning to meet up in Cape May and share stories last year, but he passed away last April and our meeting never happened. I will end this rebuttal of Mitze’s baseless insults by asking the city leaders of Cape May, once again, to erect a monument stone on the Washington Street Mall in honor of Carolyn Pitts. Without her getting involved and preserving the city, Cape May would be a very different place today. Were I physically able, I would personally show up at a council meeting and ask in person. I would also ask the city to consider giving Mayor Frank Gauvry a distinction as well, by placing a monument on the mall to honor the man who designed it and oversaw its construction. I disagree with the demolitions that were part of the Victorian Village Project, many of which I believe were unnecessary, but there is no arguing the mall was Gauvry’s baby and it is a huge part of Cape May’s revival. It’s a shame that neither Pitts nor Gauvry are with us any longer to accept the honor personally. Monuments to both were talked about by previous city leaders in the 1970s, but the plans never came to fruition. I am asking you, Mayor Mahaney and your fellow councilmembers... please correct this injustice and finally give these two individuals the honor they so richly deserve. PLEASE DO THE RIGHT THING!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

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The Southern Mansion 720 Washington Street, Cape May

(609) 884-7171 ALL Tour Goers are entered into a drawing for a four person private wine tasting at the new Willow Creek Winery!

Take a personalized tour through the largest & most elaborate mansion in Cape May, featuring stunning rooms, amazing restorations & an indepth history.

TOURS ARE DAILY AT 12 AND 1 PM Tickets available at the door Perfect for weddings and corporate retreats, The Southern Mansion is the only AAA 4 star award accommodation in Cape May!

“Not to be missed!” - NY Times

Page 36

Thursday, February 16, 2012

1/26: Exit Zero’s Eighth Annual Burns Supper At The Ugly Mug PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV

OPEN PRESIDENT’S DAY WEEKEND Thursday thru Sunday February 16-19

Patricia and Clyde Sain, Donna Koss, Maureen Maloney

Laura Stewart Fahonger, Melissa Williams, Erin Danner


Rehearsal Dinners • Reunions Baby Showers • Bridal Showers Any Special Occasion

Reservations: (609) 898-9800 301 Washington Street Mall, Cape May Corner of Washington & Perry Street

Shirley Stiles, Anne Nicholson (a Paisley Buddie!), Helen Moore

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Page 37

Aloha! The Downes Family Gets Down In Hawaii

Sam, Kim and Samantha Downes and Dave and Katie Kissling took their favorite magazine to Oahu PHOTOGRAPH BY ROVING EXIT ZERO CORRESPONDENTS... TO ORDER COPIES, PLEASE CALL (609) 770-8479

The Exit Zero Clip Art And Fake Ad Contests Start looking through the paper... you could win a gift certificate to an advertiser!


Somewhere in this paper is a fake ad! But be aware as it may be a real business in our area, but the product or service will not be real... Check closely!


No gift certificates exchanges please... Give it to a friend if you don’t want it!


Hidden somewhere in the paper are this SILHOUETTE OF ABE LINCOLN... Find it & enter to win! Actual Size Shown Here:


WHEN YOU FIND THE ANSWER(S)... ENTER BY ONE OF THESE WAYS: 1. E-mail your name and address along with the answer to: 2. Mail us your name, address, and answer on an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper to: Exit Zero Publishing, 109 Sunset Boulevard, Suite D, Cape May, NJ 08204 Entries Deadline Date: Tuesday, February 29. Draw Date: Wednesday, March 1 One entry per address or email address. Prizes will be mailed to the winners. If mailing your entry do NOT put both answers on one sheet of paper... you’ll only be entered into one contest! You CAN put both answers in one email!

Page 38

Thursday, February 16, 2012

1/26: Exit Zero’s Eighth Annual Burns Supper At The Ugly Mug PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV

Open Every Day in Cape May on The Washington Street Mall & on The Promenade... Stop In for a FREE SAMPLE of Our Creamy Fudge!

Whipped Creamy Fudge Premium Chocolates Saltwater Taffy Hand Dipped Ice Cream

Your Candy Headquarters for St. Patrick’s Day and Easter!

Melissa, Valerie, Aunt Deb

Deb Skain, Carol McKenna, Mary Skain

We Mail Anywhere in The World!

Call 1-800-23-FUDGE Shop online at:

Our Lucky Leprachauns are now hand-rolling our famous


Vickie Tryon and friends

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Page 39

The Movie Column

By Tom Sims, Executive Director of the Cape May Film Festival


T’S OSCAR time! Sure it’s time to party, but I just wish I had more to get excited about. This year there were a lot of films that were good — some really good — just not a lot that were great. Two of my personal favorites: The Help and Moneyball. Most of this year’s nominees for Best Picture were big productions with even bigger marketing budgets —but I have to ask...Did you really get jazzed up about any of these films? The Descendants. Sure, who wants to say anything bad about this film? Clooney was reasonably good, it’s a reasonably well written movie—but was there anything to get excited about? There simply wasn’t the depth or indie cache that you find in director Alexander Payne’s other successful film, Sideways. War Horse was good, maybe really good, but typical Hollywood big budget fodder (no pun intended). There was much to be enthused about with The Artist, and it deserves acclaim for its ingenuity in technique and (aw, hell) just for putting out a silent movie in black and white in 2011! And I’m not criticizing

See how your picks measure up when the Academy Awards air on February 26 it—but I won’t see it over and over again. Hugo was good, even very good, but that’s because I’m a film enthusiast. In fact, affinity towards film is probably why one of these movies will be voted Best Picture. So what is on my favorites list? 50/50 was one of my favorite films of the year— not one nomination. Another Earth, a finely

told, brilliantly conceived and acted film about redemption—and not one nomination. But Bridesmaids gets a nomination? Wait, I know it may have been what you might call “one of the best films I ordered from Netf lix,” but possibly a major award? Okay, I’m done ranting now. But I don’t feel much better. I know what will help: celebrating (and possibly commiserating) with fellow film lovers. Maybe not the smoothest segue to announce our Pre-Oscar Party, but here goes: the Pre-Oscar Party is Sunday, February 26, 5:30pm at the Mad Batter. The event includes a buffet and cash bar, and we’ll take your vote for great prizes including a grand prize of weekend passes to our 12th Annual Film Festival, October 19-21. Donations benefit the work of Cape May Film Society in its decade-long commitment to teaching area youth about filmmaking. For details (or to rant yourself), visit www.capemayfilm. org or email or call/text our new phone number: 609326-FEST (3378).

A New Contest from Exit Zero! 5 Winners Every Week!


Just “Like Us” on Facebook and you’ll be entered every day!

FACEBOOK Every weekday we will "Zero In" on one random Facebook Fan. This fan will win something great from our store such as a copy of The First Resort, Cool Cape May, a subscription or maybe even a T-shirt! Just "Like Us" on Facebook and you'll always be entered!

READY TO Page 40

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Join us for the Grand Opening of the ALL-NEW Exit Zero Store & Gallery! We’ve taken over the shop next door, knocked a big hole in the wall, and offer an exciting new shopping experience!

PARTY...? Thursday, February 16, 2012


Page 41




RSVP (just kidding)

Page 42

Thursday, February 16, 2012


1 0 2 2 ! R O F P U N G I Cape May iPhone App 2012 Advertising Information

To participate or for more info call Jason Black at (609) 770-8479 or email jason@

Businesses Only $199 / year

Includes: • Placement in one category

(e.g. Real Estate, Jewelry Stores, etc.)

(user can call directly from app)

• • • • •

Placement on Nearby Locations Map Map Link on business listing Up to 5 photos Links to Website and Email Phone number

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Operating Hours Description One submission to “Deals” page Other Features:

Vacation Rentals Only $49 / year

Includes: • Placement in one category

(e.g. Cape May, Cape May Point, etc.)

(user can call directly from app)

• • • • •

Placement on Nearby Locations Map Map Link on property listing Up to 5 photos Links to Website and Email Phone number

• Description

Real Estate - Featured Properties Restaurants - Menus

Real Estate Agents Only $99 / year

Includes: • Placement in Real Estate Agents category • Up to 5 photos • Links to Website and Email • Featured Properties Page • Phone number

(user can call directly from app)

• About Me

Thursday, February 16, 2012

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What’s Your Story?

Every week, we ask: Who the heck are you and what are you doing here? Who are you? Shery and Mike McCurdy. Where are you from? Avalon, New Jersey. Where are you right now? At The Ebbitt Room. It’s our first time here since it’s been renovated, and it’s beautiful. What were you doing when we interrupted you? Having a lovely chat and enjoying a glass of wine at the bar. Do you come to Cape May often? More so now than in the summer, when it’s more crowded. Where are you going after this? First, to the dining room for a Valentine’s dinner, then back to Avalon... we have to work tomorrow! So, you’re Valentines then? We’ve been married 47 years, and we’re still Valentines. Do you have a favorite president? Not at the moment! Interview by Diane Stopyra PHOTOGRAPH BY GABI URDA... TO ORDER COPIES, PLEASE CALL (609) 770-8479

Oyster Bay Steak & Seafood Restaurant

OPENING PRESIDENT’S WEEKEND Serving Dinner From 5pm Friday, Saturday & Sunday

GREAT Menu • NEW Martinis • DELICIOUS Desserts

Fresh seafood • Tasty steaks • Copper-top bar • Bottle & draft beer • Free parking


615 Lafayette St., Cape May

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

FEBRUARY SPECIAL Take 30% Off All...

Placemats, Napkins, Table Runners & Aprons!

Around the Avenues and Alleyways Of Cool Cape May PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV


100% cotton cover & filling. Slightly oversized Quilts Quilts: Twin $39.95, Full/Queen $49.95, King $59.95, Sham $14.95/King Sham $16.95


Open Every Day! Friday & Saturday 10-6 Sunday-Thursday 10-4 110 Park Boulevard, West Cape May 609.884.3630 •

Die-hard beach goer Jack Riehl and his friend, braving the beach

Pickle, one of the coolest mailmen to grace the streets of North Cape May

Surf’s up with Pete Wilson and Jennie Lavan at North End Thrift

Thursday, February 16, 2012

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1/26: Exit Zero’s Eighth Annual Burns Supper At The Ugly Mug

Kate Chadwick, Jon Roth

Gloria, Ed

Heather Turner, Jack Wright

Betty Moffat, Gray Grasso

John and Phyllis Beck


ESTATE JEWELERS Specializing in:

We Buy: Gold Estate Jewelry Diamonds Coins

Appraisals Engagement Rings Vintage Jewelry Jewelry Repair

(609) 898-0202

523 Lafayette Street, Cape May •

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

1/26: Exit Zero’s Eighth Annual Burns Supper At The Ugly Mug PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV

Own a real hair* from Abe’s beard It’s not often you have the chance to own a piece of a genuine American president! Thanks to a secret bank deposit box that came into our possession, we own a quantity of Abe’s beard hairs as colleced by his personal barber during his last ever haircut. There are only 2940 individual hairs, some of which have follicles so may be possible to transplant on to your OWN head! Prices $38/$900 for un/follicled hairs.

Dan and Dianne Ruthford, Janis Quiggle

Arlene, Paul, Michele

Call (609) 770-8479 and say “I need a beard!”

* The hair is certified real, in the sense that it IS hair,

and may well be human hair. In fact it could be from Abe’s beard, or his head, or his private regions or from someone else altogether. Anything’s possible, right? And hey, what did you expect for $38? His whole head? If you don’t believe us, clone him from the damned hair and see who you get, then sue us! Or have a real Abe Lincoln and leave us the hell alone, ok, lady? Roland Watson, Alex Trout, Andrew Baron

Thursday, February 16, 2012

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Sleeping Around

Every week, we test the beds of Cape May’s hotels and inns. This week... The Grand Hotel. WHERE IS IT? On Beach Avenue, directly across from well… the beach. Killer views from practically anywhere in the place. WHAT IS IT? It’s a five-story brick building, overlooking the beaches and Atlantic Ocean. WHO RUNS IT? The Grand is run by owner/manager Bob Belansen, along with a small army of efficient, friendly staff. HOW MANY ROOMS? The Grand has 173 rooms, from efficiencies to townhouse suites. There are four floors of rooms and meeting spaces, with a penthouse ballroom on the fifth floor. WHAT’S THE VIBE? The vibe is bigcity hotel coupled with small-town hospitality. The lobby has a serene, elegant feel, but not stuffy, with touches like a bowl of fresh-cut flowers from a local florist on a table. It’s a true full-service hotel, hosting everyone from business groups to vacationing couples and families to big weddings in their grand ballroom. AMENITIES? Hmm — where to start? In the room, with flat-screen TV, micro-

wave, fridge, ironing board, free wireless internet, private balcony with ocean view? Or on the main level, with the indoor and outdoor heated pool and hot tub (good luck getting the kids out of there), game room, and Hemingway’s, the lively restaurant and bar, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner? WHAT’S THE BED LIKE? We had two – one luxurious king-sized bed, with a dark wood head board and crisp, modern-looking linens in an olive shade, and a pullout sofa bed for the munchkins we brought along. Supreme comfort all around. WHAT’S FOR BREAKFAST? We

thought you’d never ask. A breakfast buffet, in the bar area of Hemingway’s, has something to please everyone. Cheese blintzes, scrambled eggs, fluffy biscuits with sausage gravy, eggs Benedict, pancakes, French toast, and muffins, just to name a few selections. Breakfast was from 8-11, and a complimentary coffee set-up in the lobby when we wandered down at 7am. OTHER REFRESHMENTS? Lunch and dinner at Hemingway’s, or a cocktail at the bar. You simply can’t beat their lunch specials, by the way — good food, great prices. INSIDER TIP: The Grand is open all year. So if you get a hankering to go swimming in mid-February, like we did, our friends at the Grand will hook you up with a great room at a reasonable rate. RANDOM FACT: The Grand was named to The Knot magazine’s Best of 2010 for Southern New Jersey wedding reception sites. CONTACT INFO: The Grand Hotel is located at 1045 Beach Avenue. Visit www., or call 800-2578550, or 609-884-5611.

Jewelry Candles American Girl Doll Accessories

(609) 898-3332 405 W. Perry St., Cape May

Military Items Something for Everyone Really!

Perfect for Cape May Lovers! CAPE MAY & EXIT 0 CHARMS in Sterling Silver & 14k Gold! Available Exclusively at...


414 Bank Street, Cape May • (609) 884-0323 Open Friday, Saturday, Monday 11-6; Sunday 12-5

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e efCrafts & d e


Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Exit Zero Bouquet Ambush

Antiques f d e







e h t f o t u o Get ! p o h s d n a house Saturday & Sunday Feb. 18 & 19 10 am to 4 pm

Cape May Elementary School Lafayette St. at Madison Ave. FREE PARKING • Admission $1 (Kids free) Sponsored by the

Mid-Atlantic Center MAC

for the Arts & Humanities

1048 Washington St., P.O. Box 340, Cape May, NJ 08204

(609) 884-5404 • (800) 275-4278


EACH week, Exit Zero will be ambushing unsuspecting and deserving citizens with a beautiful bouquet of flowers from a local florist. All you have to do is answer a question or two by our roving photographer, Gabi Urda. This week’s lucky recipient is Patty Lewis of North Wildwood, who was ambushed on the Washington Street Mall. Age: I am 57. Occupation: Manager at Lynn Arden’s Children’s Shoppe. Plans for today: My son and I are going out to dinner to the Lobster House Coffee Shop tonight. When is the last time you got some flowers? It’s been a long, long time. And these are absolutely beautiful, so thank you very much! PHOTOGRAPH BY GABI URDA... FLOWERS BY KATE’S

Thursday, February 16, 2012

1/26: Exit Zero’s Eighth Annual Burns Supper At The Ugly Mug PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV

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Wildly Imaginative Toys


Toy Shop of Cape May

Fun for the Kids... and grownups too!

Alicia Grasso, Jim Moffatt, Sue Carroll

Open Presidents’ Weekend! Friday thru Monday Open Daily starting March 3 510 Washington St. Mall




The Haykos and the Mahers


Just one of our nice selection of previous enjoyed Rolexes! Engagement Rings • Estate Jewelry • Lladro • Antiques Hummels • Antique Dolls • Jewelry Repair


511 Washington Street Mall, Cape May (next to Fudge Kitchen) ~ (609) 898-8786 Vicky Tryon, Bonnie Mullock, Lissy Fritz, birthday girl Shirley Stiles

Other Location: 15 N. Black Horse Pike, Runnemede ~ (856) 939-0230

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Thursday, February 16, 2012






Regular price: $169

Now: $99 While supplies last.

203 Sunset, West Cape May • 884-1849

Thursday, February 16, 2012

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1/26: Exit Zero’s Eighth Annual Burns Supper At The Ugly Mug


Exclusive Local Headquarters Exclusive Local Headquarters


Your Bridal Headquarters Since 1972!

Lori Bonn Bon-Bons Alex & Ani and Officina del Tempo... Men’s Watches

HENRY’S... Cape May’s Landmark Jeweler! 407 Washington Street Mall • (609) 884-0334

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

1/31: West Cape May Elementary Donates To Animal Outreach


Dive into winter feet first with a pair of heavenly alpaca socks!

Advertise Here Next Issue!

Only $30

Debbie & Mike Downes

Cape Winds

Florist & Gift Shop

including ad design Contact Jason (609) 770-8479


860 Broadway (Broadway & Stimpson Lane) West Cape May NJ 08204 609-884-1865 • 609-884-2602 Fax email:

542 New England Road, Cape May, NJ 08204. Store Hours: Open Saturday & Sunday 10am-4 pm Ph. 609-884-0563



Cape May Sports Memorabilia LOCATED IN CAPE MAY AT ANTIQUES EMPORIA 405 W. PERRY STREET Large selection of high quality vintage sports cards & memorabilia at reasonable prices.

• Current Stars, Hall of Famers and Rookies • • Certified Autographed Items • • Vintage Yearbooks, Programs and Publications •

Phone: 609-898-3332 email:

John Cooke, Mr and Mrs Dea

The Italian Garden ALL ITALIA, ALL IMPORTS Remodeled For The Grand Reopening Sale! (609) 884-2300 • 510 Carpenter’s Lane, Cape May

Lois, Harlow, Judy

Liz, Dottie, Mary



1/26: Exit Zero’s Eighth Annual Burns Supper At The Ugly Mug

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

(609) 884-6181 600 Park Boulevard West Cape May


Happy President’s Weekend! From Your Friends at Exit Zero

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

1/26: Exit Zero’s Eighth Annual Burns Supper At The Ugly Mug


Don't miss our winter sale at Whale's Tale... We're making room for new merchandise!

30-50% OFF

Select Jewelry, gifts, cards and more! Just arrived… Sea Glass Hearts WHALE’S TALE

312 washington st mall (609) 884-4808 Open Fri.-Mon. 10am-5pm

A new book by Josie Iselin Just gorgeous!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

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12/31: New Year’s Eve At SeaSalt Restaurant PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV

John, Amber, Amanda

Handcrafted Sterling Silver Jewelry by


Carpenters & Jackson St. Cape May 609 884-0014

Advertise here $70 Sarah, Melissa, Holly, Alyssa

Deadline: Friday at 5pm for the February 23 issue Contact Jason (609) 770-8479 or Don, Joe, Steve

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Cape May Crossword

None of that generic nonsense you see in other papers... a puzzle just for “Exit Zero”! By Diane Stopyra SO YOU love crosswords? Great. Sit down, get a cup (or glass) of your favorite beverage, relax and enjoy this puzzle. The answers to the crossword are all related to our themed issue, which is presidential. The solution can be found on the front page of our website, ACROSS 2. This man’s name means “one who is blessed” in Swahili. 5. Current White House Dog, Bo, is this breed. 6. Any helicopter the president flies on is called this. 9. This man was the last of seven “log cabin presidents” — yes, they really were born in log cabins. 14. The university that the most presidents call their alma mater is also the oldest university in the United States. 17. James Buchanan was the only president in history to remain this throughout his term, largely due to the fact that his betrothed killed herself before they got married. 18. This Greek shipping magnate became JFK widow Jackie Kennedy’s second husband. 20. As a teenager, Barack Obama worked selling this, which is the reason he can’t stomach the stuff today. 21. The sixteenth US president was also the the tallest at 6’4.” It is said that he suffered from deep depression, although he was fond of telling jokes. 22. Ulysses S. Grant smoked at least 20 of these a day ­— and later died of throat

Nancy Reagan took heat for using it — 3 Down.

cancer. 23 . Andrew Johnson was this old when he learned to read, because his parents couldn’t afford to send him to school. 24 . This president, an avid poker player, bet a priceless set of White House china...a nd lost. DOWN 1. The wife of this president, whose last name is also a verb, did not allow dancing, drinking, or playing cards in the White House. 3 . Ronald Reagan’s wife, Nancy, was often mocked for using this tool to schedule her husband’s White House activities. 4 . This man, the fifteenth president of the United States, always held his head on a tilt because one eye was near-sighted and one eye was far-sighted. 7. In 1818, Abraham Lincoln nearly died after being kicked in the head by one of these. 8. John Adams held the first display of these at the White House.

10. Former First Lady Barbara Bush was shushing people in her former profession. 11. This president, the only one to be elected unanimously, refused his salary, which was $25,000. 12. Before Jimmy Carter became president, he farmed these. The average American consumes six pounds of these annually. 13 . This is the most common religious affiliation among presidents thus far, followed by Presbyterian. George Washington, James Monroe, George H. W. Bush and Franklin Pierce were among those who practiced it. 15 . The heaviest president was this man, who tipped the scales at 300 pounds. In order to fit inside, he had to have The White House bathtub enlarged, contributing to his nickname as Big Bill. 16. This man was the only president not to throw the opening pitch of a baseball game while in office. 19. T he other “O” gentleman in fashion maven Jackie’s life was this fashion designer, who made the iconic first lady his muse.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

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The Answer Lady


HE Answer Lady invites inquiries from gentle readers on all manner of relationship quandaries, matters of the heart and ethics. If you’d like to send a query, write to Dear Answer Lady My boyfriend flirts right in front of me. Otherwise he’s great, and it’s a new relationship, so I don’t want to start harping. But the other night we were at the Mug and I came back from the bathroom to find him chatting up the waitress. Should I be on alert? – Alarmed Dear Alarmed Oh, dear. The Answer Lady is concerned on a number of fronts. She’s not sure how new you are to the dating scene, but men do flirt. Whether and how much they do it in front of you is another story, but they do it. (And women flirt back, which is why/how it works.) Have you told your boyfriend that it bothers you when he ‘flirts’? If you have, and he still does it, then you have an issue. If you haven’t and you’re magically expecting him to pick up on this, you may have a long

Wise answers to perplexing questions

wait - men are not mind-readers. And if you have a policy that boyfriends are not allowed to speak to waitresses unless you’re present, you have a much more significant problem – and it’s all yours. Dear Answer Lady A new girl started at my workplace, and though I barely know her, I’m starting to hate her. She’s beautiful, funny and has it so together. I WANT to like her, because we have lots of shifts together, but I feel like a total schlub around her. Suggestions? – Schlub

Gentle Reader Recently, an acquaintance of the Answer Lady’s stunned her by calling her “cool.” After getting over the initial shock, it made her day, but the fact remains that the Answer Lady walks around feeling like the biggest dork ever approximately 99% of the time. There’s something about human nature that compels us to believe that everyone has their act together but us, and this is simply not the case. Just because you think your co-worker is beautiful does not mean she feels that way about herself (plus, beauty is subjective). She may suffer from paralyzing shyness or some other insecurity not readily apparent to you. Trust the Answer Lady when she tells you, dear – we are each of us a quivering wreck, in our own special quivering wreck of a way. We all believe we are awkward messes. If we could but get our collective heads around this, and stop separating people into categories, the world would be a happier place. So try getting to know your co-worker – you may have a great friend right under your nose and not even know it. (Or she could be heinous — could go either way.)

We Lied... One More Weekend for BIG Sale!

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Exit Zero Travels To Atlantis In The Bahamas

Jason and Jasmine Black took Exit Zero to Atlantis in the Bahamas in January

While in the Bahamas, Jason was excited to run into Barbara Mears of Lakewood, Ohio who was wearing her Exit Zero T-shirt... rock on Barb!


Why wait? Rush out NOW and get your copy of Murder-Oke, the 47th best-selling title in Exit Zero Publishing history! Pick up your copy at the Exit Zero store and gallery!

Thursday, February 16, 2012


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Robert Panaccio, VMD Robert Moffatt, VMD Patricia Link, DVM

694 Petticoat Creek Lane, Cape May


Mitch, Alexandra, Stephen Hours by Appointment

e r w y

THE DOGGIE NANNY Forget to tell your pets they are staying home? Better call The Doggie Nanny! Jason, Holly, Jillian, Steven

Petsitting for ALL pets! In Your home! Pet Transportation too! (to the groomer or vet)

References Available Insured & Bonded

Patti Family, Magnus family


609-675-6384 •

Page 60

Thursday, February 16, 2012

12/31: New Year’s Eve At The Ugly Mug

Joseph and Bridget Puna

Jillian, Steven

Nicole and Matthew Iacchei

Danielle, Tanya

Jason, Holly



business cards logos brochures layout design advertising fliers menus

609 425 5726

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Page 61

The Old Fogey


Ah, those good old Cape May days... by Jackson D’Catur

AM NOT sure about presidents. I have been one, of course, also a presidente, President For Life (that one didn’t work out so well), Supreme God-King, His Benevolent Supremacy and a score of other titles. But president was the one that I had least fun with. Of course, that was back when our nation was young, and prone to upheaval. I recall agreeing to go to the theater with my good pal Abe, then falling asleep, only to awaken with a start as a gunshot rang out. Well, the first thing I noticed was Abe slumped on the floor and I of course, being a medical doctor, tried to help. Sadly, all was lost and I found myself in the unenviable position of being President right there and then under the little-known law of “you touched it last” which applies to this day. Put simply, as the last man to touch Abe before he passed away, I was automatically his successor. The law made some sense in these days, in that anyone close enough to a president when they expired must surely be aware of at least local events (there is of

course a loophole, in that the rule does not apply to those persons who have assisted somehow in the president becoming the Late President, to prevent a particularly entrepreneurial form of assassin). I immediately started shouting out decrees: “No Tax On Powdered Wigs!”, “Ban All Monkeys From The United States” and so on: all commonsense stuff. But when I declared “Every Monday will be National Fancy Hat Day!” I was greeted with blank looks from my staff, and I realized that

this US President lark would be little fun, all considered. I looked at my watch and saw that I had been President for exactly two and a half minutes, and recalled the extra rule that for the first three minutes one can pass the curse on to another, and so I reached out and poked the first likely looking fellow within range. That happened to be Andrew Johnson, who persevered in the role for some years, though he rashly canceled my new laws concerning Wigs and Monkeys. For now, though, I am content to be without title (other than those that were awarded for life, such as my knighthood, my Grand Marshall Of The Order Of Tiggers and my 00 license to kill), as I see nothing but heartache for anyone who seeks to be President of this nation. I shall wait for those lunatic Tea Party maroons to start a civil war, then ride to the rescue of, course, with you my friends by my side! No need to thank me, just stay up on your horse-riding skills and have a musket and ten rounds easily available. And a powdered wig!

Starting in March!

GIRLS NIGHT OUT - 2nd & 4th Thursdays GUYS NIGHT OUT - 3rd Thursday

Blow Dry • Sets • Cuts Color Foils • Low Lites • Perms Manicures • Pedicures

Visit our website for details or call the Spa to reserve a night of fun and relaxation!

607 JEFFERSON STREET, CAPE MAY, NJ 08204 609.898.1003 •

(609) 884-3011 • 1400 Texas Ave., Cape May

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Thursday, February 16, 2012


Tickets $20 in advance $25 at the door

Buffet Dinner Draft Beer Included! Cash Bar

DJ Ed McDonough 50/50 Lots of Cool Raffles!


Thursday, February 16, 2012

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Activity Of The Week


A weekly column by Catherine Dugan. This week: Cape May Wine Weekend.

ICTURE a kitchen table. Friends crowd in, food is passed familystyle from a pot that magically holds plenty for unexpected guests. Wine is passed in mismatched glasses over the white table cloth, and no one fusses over a few spilled drops. The food is fresh, grown by a local farmer, and the wine is native to the region. We could be in Italy, or we could be in Cape May. The two regions have more in common than latitude. Like Italy, Cape May is a fertile peninsula inhabited by people who value fine food and wine. Their crops benefit from a long growing season, due, in part, to the moderating influence of the surrounding sea. Both areas are known for outstanding professional chefs and creative home cooks, and both cater to agritourists. Agritourists seek to learn about their food by touring farms, ranches and vineyards. Everything from an afternoon in a corn maze to a week on a cattle ranch can be classified as agritourism. In Italy, and in Cape May, wine tours are probably the most popular form. Italians were pioneers in wine making and

marketing — the Romans banned the import of French wines to promote local wineries. Cape May’s award-winning wineries have a new marketing tool at their disposal — soon, you’ll be able to have bottles shipped directly to your door. A winery tour lets you follow your favorite from vine to bottle, so why not come to Cape May for a taste of la dolce vita?

The Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts (MAC) presents its Winter Wine Weekend February 17-19, and it’s your chance to join the wine cognoscenti. The Great Italian Wines weekend begins with a four-course Wine Tasting Dinner on Friday night at the Washington Inn, with individual attention by the wine steward included. On Saturday, take a tour of the Cape May Winery and vineyard and taste several local wines. On Sunday, the Wine School class on Italian Reds completes your education. The entire package is $135 per person, excluding gratuity, and the schedule is subject to change. For more information, call MAC at 609-884-5404 or 800-275-4278. When it’s time to say buona notte, snuggle into one of Cape May’s bed and breakfast inns. The Henry Sawyer Inn offers a Sweethearts’ February Special which includes in-room champagne or wine. Call 800-4495667 for more information. Learn more about Great Italian wines this February. Cape May may not be shaped like lo stivale, but it can still add a kick to your President’s Day weekend. Next week: Learning with the Kids

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Announcing Cape May’s Employee Of The Week

circle of light



Offering Therapeutic Massage, Reiki & Sound Healing Call Terri for an appointment... 609 457 6311 Member of ABMP since 2005

re: think Health Insurance Millennium Administrators, Inc. (A insurance agency that is focused exclusively on health insurance for the Independent contractor, individual & employer; large or small)

For a free quote: Call (866) MHG-2489 or Email:

Dr. Arlene Hughes Gorny Optometric Physician Time to get your eyes checked! Comprehensive eye exams O Treatment of eye disease, injury and infection O Unique frames O Contact lenses Quality sun wear O Optical lab on premises NJ#5336

937 Columbia Avenue, Cape May




Name: Emily Hansen. Occupation: Building manager at Cotton Company and Lace Silhouettes. Age: I’m 26. Hometown: I am from Villas. How long have you worked here? I’ve only been here a few months, but I’ve been in retail for a while now. Best thing about the job? Wow — there’s a lot. The people, the products, the fashion. And we love the ladies from Victorian Towers. What do you recommend here? I recommend the Wacoal bras from Lace Silhouettes and Not Your Daughter’s Jeans, and the Democracy line from Cotton Company. What’s your OTHER dream job? This is it. I love retail. Favorite thing about Cape May? It’s like a little utopia. And I’m grateful for the winter here, because it’s like a reward for all the hard work in the season. This is my home. Interview by Kate Chadwick WANT TO NOMINATE AN EMPLOYEE OF THE WEEK? EMAIL KATE@EXITZERO.US.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

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REDUCE! RENEW! REBUILD! RELAX! Check Out Our Renovated Club with a


Meditation & Relaxation Class

Starts Sun., March 4th, 12-1pm 8 Weeks Call or See Facebook for Details


Starts Feb. 13th Mon/Wed 3rd, 4th, 5th Grades Tue/Thur 4th, 5th, 6th Grades 8 weeks, 16 classes $80 for all or $10 per class 4pm til 5pm SIGN UP NOW!!

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Beautiful prints of your favorite Exit Zero photos...


or B&W!

4 x 6 in: $6.50 ÂŤ 5 x 7 in: $9 ÂŤ 8.5 x 11 in: $17 Add a nice Exit Zero embossed easel frame for $2.50 per photo

Call Exit Zero on (609) 770-8479 or order online at:

Please have issue number/date and page numbers ready!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Page 67

LCMR Student Of The Week

Get a Complimentary Service at Artizan! It’s Easy!

Just refer 2 friends and get a comp service. Call for details.

600 Park Boulevard West Cape May 609-884-4499

  


FRESHMAN starting varsity point guard Lauren Holden began her high school basketball career as LCMR’s leading scorer, averaging 13.3 points per game. The daughter of Pat and Anissa of Cape May has been playing basketball as long as she can remember, so it’s no surprise that she has seen such great success on the court. With her grandfather, father, and uncle all serving as head coaches of the boys’ basketball team at LCMR over the years, it was almost a given that she would become involved in the “family sport.” Her dedication to basketball goes beyond working hard at practice. During the off-season she plays AAU basketball for the Wildcats and attends several summer basketball camps. Not only is Holden impressive on the hardwood, but she also succeeds academically in honors classes. A schedule this hectic can be overwhelming for someone so young, but Holden says she has learned to “balance time well.” Holden says she would like to continue playing basketball in college, for Notre Dame in particular, and would like to pursue a career as a math teacher. She can also see herself possibly taking up the Holden coaching tradition. One day we may see her prowling the sidelines as the head coach of the LCMR Tigers.


  

      

   

  


  

 

      

 

           


            

Page 68

Thursday, February 16, 2012

“Always keep your smile. That’s how I explain my long life.”

~Jeanne Calment

12/31: New Year’s Eve At SeaSalt Restaurant PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV

Suzy, Mirlinda, Saranda


Sara, Bob, Janice, Kristin, Addie

Call Dr. Feldman’s office today! You’ll be glad you did... And so will the people you smile at!

LOUIS J. FELDMAN, D.D.S., LLC 741 Washington Street Cape May, NJ 08204

(609) 884-4260

Sigrun, Jim, Krista

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Page 69

Enrich Your Life... Adopt An Animal

Three beautiful dogs from the Cape May County Animal Shelter and Adoption Center... call 465-8923


ZOLA is a somewhat shy gal who is uneasy when she first meets new people. She has alot of strength and will need a firm, understanding hand. She does know some basic commands such as “sit” and “drop” but will still need more training. She can become excited when playing and when she is excited she can become jumpy so we recommend a home with children over the age of 14. The adoption fee is $95.


BOWSER is calm, quiet and sweet, but he does get a bit anxious. He’s going to need a bit of time to adjust to a new home, and will need a little more TLC, but he is a good boy! He doesn’t get along wonderfully with other dogs, and wouldn’t be good with cats, either. A quiet home without children would be best. If you think you could spare the love for this adorable German Shepherd mix, stop in. The adoption fee is $95.


KRINGLE is a too-cute-for-words, young, energetic boy. He is strong, and because of his energy levels, he will need a bit of training. Because of this, Kringle would be best in a home without kids, or at least with older kids. He really LOVES food, and you could use this to train him! If you think you can spare the time and love for an adorable fella like this, give him his second chance! The adoption fee is $95.

Accent On Beauty Specials... Customized Facial $55

50 Min. Massage $35

Specialty Pedicures $45 80-90 min

Manicure $10

128 sunset blvd, w. cape may

(609) 884-7040

Page 70

Thursday, February 16, 2012

12/31: New Year’s Eve At SeaSalt Restaurant A Proven Destination For Theater Lovers Who Crave the Adventure of Discovery!


March 2-3 PLAYWRITING GET-AWAY Hosted by The Henry Sawyer Inn Using exercises to trigger the imagination, participants are encouraged to create tenminute plays. ELTC’s Artistic Director Gayle Stahlhuth is heading up the workshop. The suites, parlor and dining room at The Henry Sawyer Inn are particularly conducive to the quiet needed for writing. Those who are not staying at the Inn may use the parlor and the dining room on Saturday to continue working between workshop sessions. No experience necessary. Bringing your laptop is encouraged, but paper and pen are fine, too!

Joan, Andrea, Cait

SCHEDULE: Fri. at 4:00: Gayle will greet the arrivals at the Inn Fri. from 5:00-7:00: Social time, with wine, beverages, and hors d’oeuvres. The schedule is discussed, and the work begins with a playwriting exercise. Sat. from 11:00-1:00: Writing exercises. Sat. from 3:00-5:00: Writing and sharing the work. Sat. from 7:00-9:00: Drinks and desserts served and the plays are read aloud.

Happy people ringing it in

COST: $399 for 2 people; $299 for one (+tax) Includes accommodations, full breakfast, refreshments, on-site parking, wireless web access, and the workshop fee. (For those not needing accommodations, fee is $150.) MUST ENROLL BY FEB. 24 Contact The Henry Sawyer Inn for reservations: 722 Columbia Ave. 607-884-5667 For Details Contact East Lynne Theater Company 609-884-5898

Babbit, Phoebe, Gi Gi, Mark

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Page 71

Enrich Your Life... Adopt An Animal

Three beautiful cats from the Cape May County Animal Shelter and Adoption Center... call (609) 465-8923


ORBIT is patiently waiting for the perfect person to take him home. He was living at a house with far too many other animals, and had to be brought to the shelter with a few of his friends. Orbit is very affectionate, and the place he came from had dogs and cats, so he’d be good with both of these. The adoption fee is $35!


SHIRLEY is a young gal with lots of Moxie. She’s playful, has lots of spunk and is lots of fun to be around. She can be independent at times so we feel she would do best as the only pet. If you’re looking for an exciting way to spice up your life, come down to the shelter and give Shirley her second chance. The adoption fee is $70.

Slim Down For Spring! Call Now for Spring Special... 3 Months Personalized Nutritional Counseling $399 I can offer you a personally tailored nutrition plan and support you in reaching your health goals. Contact me for a free one hour session and learn how you can feel more happy and healthy!


Nutritional Therapy

Improve energy • weight • mood • focus

Phone: (267) 971-7066 •


EVA was brought to the shelter with her brothers and sisters long ago, but they have all since been adopted, and Eva was left by herself. She now hangs around with a few other kitties, but they don’t exactly feel like family to her. Do you know what she would like? You! All Eva needs is to feel wanted again. The adoption fee is $70.

Snippers Salon & Spa Come, Relax, Enjoy!

Foil Highlighting • RedkenTM Color Texturizing Perms • Smoothing Treatments Waxing • Pedicure/Manicure Facials • Massage

Walk - Ins Welcome! “The Pink House” 2410 Bayshore Road Villas, NJ 08251 609.886.2703 email

Page 72

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Page 73

Get Ready For The Best Season Yet ADVERTISING FEATURE


AVING had such a mild winter thus far (minus that recent snowfall) one could almost think it is spring in Cape May. And wouldn’t that be nice? Because with thoughts of spring comes the gearing up of the 2012 Cape May Stage season, and this year is lining up to be the best one yet. The season opens with the east coast premiere of a brilliant play called Uncle Jacques’ Symphony, written and directed by the award-winning Dominic Hoffman. The show explores some extraordinary people set in the exciting jazz world of Chicago in the 1950s. Next up is God of Carnage with a cast that includes six time Emmy Award winner Justin Deas from Guiding Light, along with the beautiful and talented Fiona Hutchison and powerful John Viscardi, whom you will recognize from films and television as well as the country’s most respected theatres. The show is a “ninety minute thrill ride to the most dangerous place on earth: parenthood.” A new version of The 39 Steps, the longest running comedy in Broadway history, comes next. Again, the cast includes some favorite actors from the past along with the founder of the LABrynth Theatre in New York. And the plot? Mix a “Hitchcock masterpiece with a juicy spy novel” and what you’ve got is a “fast-paced whodunit!” Time Stands Still tells the story of a female photo-journalist who returns home after getting injured in a war zone, and the

Some of the happy attendees of Family Week at the Theater, in which Cape May Stage is participating this March. The exclusive workshops offered during this time, including the highly anticipated Intro to Theater workship, include events for theater lovers of all ages. repercussions of that experience on her relationship with her lover. It’s a performace sure to resonate with audiences. Plays about Emily Dickinson and Edgar Allen Poe celebrate two of America’s revered writers in exciting theatrical productions. And to end with something lighter, the Cape May Stage season will close with A Tuna Christmas set in Tuna, Texas, because a little silliness is good for the soul. This is the year to subscribe, and to make it easier, Cape May Stage is offering different packages available for different bud-

COMING UP AT CAPE MAY STAGE 15th Annual Stages Festival

March 1 to March 31 Discounted Tickets

gets and schedules, everything from a three play flex-pass to an opening night premium subscription. Beginning March 5, Cape May Stage will also offer free acting and theatre classes in Cape May and Cumberland Counties as we participate in the New Jersey Theatre Alliance’s annual Family Week at the Theatre and Stages Festival. Check out the full schedule on Call (609) 884-1341, or go online to order subscriptions. Here’s to spring!

«Call (609) 884-1341 for more information

Taking Center Stage Acting Workshop

March 5, 6, 12, 19 Locations Vary, Free

Half-Price Preview Of “Uncle Jacques Symphony”

Friday, May 11 8pm, Tickets half-off

This column is made possible through the generosity of Second Stage Series sponsors Chris and Dave Clemans as part of their support for the arts in Cape May

Page 74

Thursday, February 16, 2012

12/31: New Year’s Eve At SeaSalt Restaurant

Pat Gamboro, Nita Santosh

Gary Bolon, Maria LaBreche

Angelina Battista, Pat Gamboro


Visit Exit Zero on Facebook... You could have some fun and possibly win some great prizes

Help Us get to 5000 Likes!


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Page 75

Bird Droppings


The weekly report from the world’s birdwatching capital... by Seymore Thanu

IRDS are nature’s most obvious emissaries. We marvel at their power of f light; we delight in their colors and song. But some birds excite us more than others and few draw more awe than birds of prey. In ancient times these aerial predators were worshiped, regarded as deities. Today, their images adorn the emblems of nations (including our own) and their names are borne by professional sports teams (Atlanta Falcons, Philadelphia Eagles, even the Seattle Seahawks — guess they thought the Seattle Osprey’s didn’t have quite the same effect!). Few places can boast the numbers and diversity found in southern New Jersey each winter. Our coastal marshes and bordering uplands are a stronghold for the burley Red-tailed Hawk, the arctic Roughlegged Hawk, the forest-dwelling Redshouldered, and the elegant, ground-hugging Northern Harrier. Waterways like the Maurice and Cohansey Rivers attract dozens of wintering Bald Eagles and hardly a

sizable woodlot exists that doesn’t harbor Cooper’s Hawks or its smaller cousin the Sharp-shinned Hawk. Falcons are a common, roadside attraction. Why is the Delaware Bayshore so attractive to such an assortment? Food and habitat. The region’s wealth of unspoiled, unpopulated natural areas offer birds the privacy and prey they need.

A skilled birder might scan the marsh and bordering uplands and find 10 or 15 birds of prey in a single binocular sweep. Like all great natural resources, these birds need our protection and our respect. The best way to insure that they remain part of our environment and our natural heritage is to protect the habitat they need and respect their right to live as nature has designed. If we do this we’ll truly have something to celebrate because every day, and every trip to witness these birds will be a raptor festival. With luck, and a bit of skill and good binoculars or spotting scope, you can find the Red-tailed hawk, often seen perched on the edge of woodlands and along highways. In February, adults are courting. Watch for birds circling close together, sometimes touching talons. And look out for the Northern Harrier, the quintessential marsh predator, recognized by its low, cruising f light, and white rump patch and celebrated for its spectacular

Continued On Page 78 ?

by mentioning this ad.

Page 76

Thursday, February 16, 2012

want an ad that...

Only $250 for an unmissable two-page spread like this... Contact Jason at (609) 770-8479 or

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Page 77

POPS? We also have smaller ads... and we can make them pop too... they just won’t be quite as, you know, poppy!

Page 78

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bird Droppings ? From Page 75 aerial displays (called “sky dancing”). In late February, some females may already be displaying over their marshland territories. Without a doubt, you’ll see Bald Eagle; large and lordly, they are often seen perched along watercourses. Remember, only the adults have white heads and tails. Immatures are dark chocolate with white patches. More than likely, you’ll also spot Sharp-shinned and Cooper’s Hawks. These woodland species are distinguished principally by size (and the size of their prey). Quick and agile, these bird catching specialists are easily attracted to bird feeders (but not for the seed). A real treat would be glimpsing an American Kestrel; since it’s habitat is in decline, so is the species. But this colorful, mourning dove-sized falcon is often seen perched on utility lines. Other winter raptors you could find include Red-shouldered Hawk around woodland swamps; and the strikingly patterned Rough-legged Hawk, a bird of open marsh; Merlins and Peregrines are uncommon but present, and Golden Eagles and Northern Goshawk are occasional winter residents. The first step to finding these birds is

also the most gratifying: get outside! The Delaware Bayshore is bisected by a wealth of roads that cross or lead out into open marshlands. Many are paved and a few are serviceable dirt roads. You can pick up a free birding map at the Cape May Bird Observatory that will orient you toward key vantage points, or you can pick up a copy of Birding Cumberland (by Clay Sutton) also available at CMBO. You will need binoculars; that’s a must have. If you don’t have binoculars, do not rush out and buy them before you visit CMBO. There are hundreds of makes and models in the marketplace with hundreds of different prices, but only a small percentage are designed to work in the bird watching arena. A spotting scope is also very useful for studying distant birds. Again, don’t rush out and make an expensive purchase you will probably regret without stopping by CMBO. Once armed and strategically positioned at the end of a marsh road, park and scan the open marsh and surrounding woodland edge. Your eye will naturally be drawn to low, hunting birds of prey, most probably Northern Harriers. The pale underparts of perched Red-tailed Hawks will stand out against the dark backdrop of trees. The dark forms of Bald Eagles

will stand out against the tawny backdrop of a winter marsh. The trick to finding winter birds is often a simple matter of finding open water. Good places to check include the impoundments south of the town of Dividing Creek (Maple Avenue) and the impoundments near Port Norris/ Bivalve (Strawberry Avenue). Mornings, late afternoons or early evenings, when birds are traveling from roosting to feeding areas or actively feeding, are best. Consider joining the organized trip to Turkey Point on February 19 and again on February 26. Plus, there’s Nightfall at Corbin City Impoundments on the 26th. Just head over to the Cape May Bird Observatory, located at 701 East Lake Drive overlooking Lake Lily in Cape May Point (609.884.2736). It’s open 9:30am to 4:30pm every day but Tuesday. Seymore Thanu is none other than New Jersey’s own Pete Dunne, Director of the Cape May Bird Observatory and Chief Communications Officer for New Jersey Audubon. Pete uses his talents and energy to make the natural world real for others. Author of several books on and about nature (available at the CMBO) he weaves information, insight and even fantasy into a net that captures minds and hearts. He has written for virtually every birding publication and for The New York Times.

20% OFF EVERYTHING in the Exit Zero Store* now thru February 28, 2012

(609) 770-8479 109 Sunset Blvd., Cape May Open Daily 10am-5pm * not including subscriptions and gift certificates

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Page 79

12/31: New Year’s Eve At The Grand Hotel

Tony and Joan Truesdale

Doug and Elaine Young

Bob and Cindy Schialabbe



WCFA-LP • Serving the Lower Cape with Jazz and More.

Page 80

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Saturday, February 18th, 2012: 6pm-10pm • CONGRESS HALL, CAPE MAY • HORS D’OEUVRES • DINNER • DANCING • CASH BAR T o benefit the C ape M ay C ounty H istorical S ociety 1920s dress or costume ENCOURAGED, but not REQUIRED Door Prizes

Tickets $75

Prizes for best costumes

Call the Historical Society at 609-465-3535 for more information

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Page 81

12/31: New Year’s Eve At The Grand Hotel

Sherrie Hanagan, Katlyn DeLaney

The Hienkels

Krista Iames, Kristen Morey

Dale Billstein, Teresa Farrell

Dr Robbins, Joan Robbins

Joe, Charlotte


FRANK SHIELDS Benefit Saturday, February 25: 6-10pm VFW Hall, 419 Congress Street, Cape May $20.00 in advance $25.00 at the door.

Frank Shields has been battling cancer for 9 years.

TICKETS Last July 2011 he had a flare-up and has been out of work. FOOD, BEER, AVAILABLE Since then he has needed consistent medical care. WINE, AT DOOR PRIZES, Our goal is to alleviate some of the stress in his life. THE VFW! 50/50 AND Please come out to support him in his time of need. MORE.

For more information contact: Dwight 780-5041 or Tracey 780-4037 SPECIAL THANKS TO THE CAPE MAY VFW

Page 82

Thursday, February 16, 2012



s e m i T k l a w d r a Bo UNCES for outlook Summer pe a c y Se the jer



UNTY E M AY C O P A C • 2 11-201


aters at raging W re tu n e v d a eysers, iver fun with g for 2012 r y w il e m N fa j to N in oD, expedition WIlDWo an endless and more! n o s e s c st fa e u k g c ro , re invites lo p ex a grotto to waterfalls,

AT ThE M O O R l BAl citing

nd new ex , Nj - a bra D o o 0-22, 2 W D WIl ods april 2 o w d il W e th cing wh coming to llroom dan a b f o m th y Dance ence the rh front views. h c a e b l fu ti entho in the beau ceanfront p o s u o ri u x lu lly tra stars at the professiona r u o l. te o re e atmosphe american h ing, positiv it c ci x n e a n d a m te o crea ballro in s e u iq n h o c d relax by the latest te the best an m o fr rn a le feet, es. ning beach



ports ar j - Beach S N , D o o p WIlDW an ever. ca and better th r tournam r e g ig b re a cce ch Blast So r club’s Bea ’s so popula It . 2 2 e n ju f o ’s weekend 3th. morey d for july 1 le e u d e e p h a c sc l is nua the 10th an m so e w a sponsor of his rnament. t b Soccer tou tures 5 v 5 a fe t n h eve s lt u d a s Shore beac plu -8 to u 18, and girls u milies an fa ir e th and participants orey’s pie ackage to m cean o weekend p o Waters and and raging t picnic h aturday nig delicious S . ic pavilion Beach picn 13th this nd of july e k e e w e h t aments i rosse tourn yers ut!, c o a e l ip h c W a n e o B y la s and famil s lacrosse p a with friend ament give e slopes to d n and e a th e w n h e w n to o a d d a t go he ad firs game in e s, e h si th s a st y o e jo n u a n g e e at oc at sends cer slide th ver the east a six-lane ra s from all o of Wildw nish. m fi a d e il t w d n wet a beaches gress of pete on the track the pro to d the waterpa n a s il oreysp ell as enjoy for deta w .m s w a w dwo w it n, vis famous Wil constructio day and the e evening. ments in th

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Page 83

The Dating Column


Stella Dixon’s take on romance on Old Cape Island

’VE met a man, fallen in love, and now I’m living happily ever after. Nah, but wouldn’t that be nice? Because then I’d have something to write about. Right now, I’ve got nothing. No whirlwind romance. No dates. Not so much as a bad pick-up line since I last sat down to write this column. Okay, that’s not entirely true. I had one guy kiss me last week. He is gay. But, on the upside, I’ve had plenty of time to troll the internet for ideas, and I did come across this little gem: A study printed in the journal Psychological Science determined that men don’t understand women. The research focused mainly on sexual cues. For instance, a man looking for a short-term sexual encounter is likely to overestimate a woman’s desire for him. The more attracted he is, the more he overestimates. This would have been funny, except that I have no room to laugh. The lack of understanding is a twoway street. So, just for the fun of it (and because I’m sitting at my desk during the week of Valentine’s Day, instead of out being wined

and dined), here are some of the things I don’t understand about men... 1. Their ability to ride a bicycle without squishing, you know, it. 2. Their ability to juggle multiple women. I feel guilty using multiple drycleaners. 3. Their fear of rejection. No risk, no reward. 4. Their lack of understanding about the importance of foreplay.

5. Their wars. If women ran the world, there would be no such killing. And especially no such killing with penis-shaped missiles. 6. Their ability to kiss.... or have sex... or have so much as a conversation without thinking about it, analyzing it, rehashing it and generally driving onself crazy wondering what it all means. 7. Their sports-related crying. If you’re not going to cry at the birth of your first child, it’s not okay to cry when your team loses. 8. Their sports-related movies. Sure, Rocky won, but he’s likely suffering permanent brain damage. 9. The hole in their pajama bottoms. I mean, is it really that hard to pull your waistline down when you need to go? 10. Their obsession with high-fives, lesbians, and size. Just because the wrapper says magnum does not mean you are. Because there is no such size as magnum. Until next time, happy Valentine’s Day. I hope your holiday brings more understanding than mine.

Dennis J. Spilker Manager/Funeral Director N.J. Lic. No. 4038

David M. Danaher Funeral Director N.J. Lic. No. 3285


• New Construction • Hot Water Heating Systems & Boiler Repairs • Service Work • Turn Offs & Turn Ons • Remodels • Gas Pipe Installations • Hot Water Heaters

Proudly Serving the Cape May Area for Over 30 Years! Fully Insured & Bonded

“Cherishing Life’s Moments”

609.884.3793 “Continuing A 90 Year Tradition Of Serving The Cape May and Lower Township Area.”

Page 84

Thursday, February 16, 2012

: g in n r a e L a ic r e m A e e We S H

T e ac h in g through

E a r ly A m e r ic a n “ i V is it s ”

is to ry

seum offering A 19th century living history mu technology to offer ng state-of-the-art videoconferenci learning programs. a variety of interactive distance available nationwide! Adaptable to all grade levels and Programs include: - A typical day in an An Early American School Day Early American rural school. origins and history The Story of Old Glory - The of the American Flag. of modern objects Past vs. Present - A comparison and their 1800s counterparts. the life of a Gone For a Soldier - A day in Civil War infantryman. at Almost Was) Four Great Inventions (And 1 Th mboat; steam locomotive; Explores the creation of the stea and difference engine, an daguerreotype camera; telephone al computer. 1832 attempt to build a mechanic tion of the role of the lora Hearth and Home - An exp 0s housewife with an domestic arts practiced by the 180 luding hearth cooking. emphasis on food preparation inc primarily including Fiber Arts - A domestic program ions. weaving and spinning interpretat

Also Offering: Field Trips to the Village! • Junior Apprentice Program! • A One-Room Schoolhouse Experience!

720 Route 9, Cape May | (609) 898-2300 | Endowment funds and monies for this project have been awarded from the NJ Cultural Trust in the Department of State. The Education Program is also funded in part by the Friends of Historic Cold Spring Village and PNC Foundation.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Page 85

12/31: New Year’s Eve At The Grand Hotel

John, Adriane

Nick Rotindo, Dana Zeiner

April and James McHeffey

Charles and Valerie Harman

Mark Harris, Susan Roes


TOP NOTCH TREE CARE 427 James Street, Erma

481-7420 ISA Certified Arborist Fully Licensed & Insured Free Estimates Reasonable Rates


Matthew Notch PN-6107A

Consulting Pruning & Planting Cabling & Bracing Removals

Over 30 Years Experience Serving Cape May County and The Islands

Dave's Detailing

No Job Too Small. Licensed and Insured

(609) 886-9015 NJ Lic# 13702A

609-741-7174 Serving All of Cape May County

The detailing service that will come to your home or office

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Around The Avenues And Alleyways Of Cool Cape May PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV

Cut Costs, Not Comfort! Switch to Natural Gas and save up to 60% on your energy bills! Margie and Charlie say “Hay, Cape May!”

Call 1-800-822-WARM for more information.

The West Side Market cew

George, Vince, Linda at Vincenzo’s Little Italy

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Page 87

George Washington would have subscribed... What about you?

Only $50

For 47 awesome issues... and 5 of them in glorious full color! Call (609) 770-8479 or order online at

Page 88

Thursday, February 16, 2012

12/31: New Year’s Eve At The Grand Hotel PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV

VINTAGE ELEGANCE & MODERN COMFORT 606 Columbia Ave., Cape May 6BR, 6(new) BA, c/a, gas f/p, o/s shower, furnished. $1,200,000

CANYON CLUB UNIT #1003 902 Ocean Drive Lower Township 2BR, 2BA, gas f/p, c/a, Pool & Tennis Courts on site. $550,000

CLASSIC VICTORIAN 818 Washington St., Cape May 6BR, 3BA, 2-half baths, screened porch. $899,000

TIDES CONDO, UNIT 203 9 Jackson Street, Cape May 2BR, 1BA, c/a, furnished, pool, excellent rental. $509,000

CHARMING COTTAGE 515 Ocean Ave., Cape May Point 3BR, 3BA, wood burning fireplace, c/a, full basement. $789,000

BEACH FRONT “BARONET CONDO” 819 Beach Avenue, Cape May BARONET 2-F 1BR, 1BA unit on 2nd fl rear. Excellent rental history. $319,000

Bev and Phil Gerlach, Tom Brown, Ann Dewitt

Jim and Judy Greene, Joan and Carl Sayers

HOME ON QUIET CUL-DE-SAC 4 Arthurs Court, Erma 5 BR, 2.5 BA, multi-zone heat/air, deck, porch, att garage, storage attic, outside sprinklers. $479,000

HARBOR FRONT CONDO with BOAT SLIP 1520 Yacht Ave., Cape May DEVIL’S REACH UNIT #201 3BR, 2BA, pool on site, central air. $524,000

Dedication... Excellence... Professionalism

(609) 884-5800

739 Washington St, Cape May OPEN DAILY

Monday thru Saturday 9am to 5pm Sundays 11am to 3pm

Mario Ceserini, Lia Kennedy, Gary and Carolyn Townsend

Thursday, February 16, 2012

12/31: New Year’s Eve At The Grand Hotel

Page 89 521 North Broadway, West Cape May

PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV Great price, great location, This home is being used as a Duplex, but could be converted into a single family home. This home is located in a commercial zone, which allows for retail uses, lot is L shaped and fronts on Broadway. The first floor consists of living room, 2 bedrooms, large eat-in kitchen, dining area, Florida room, nice big basement holds washer and dryer. The second floor apartment is one bedroom, large living room, kitchen & two entrances. $429,000.

Darcy G. Dickenson GRI,SFR Broker/Salesperson 609-602-4122 direct 609-884-2700 x14 office 609-884-0788 Fax


Theresa Senico ABR, CRS, GRI, SRES 609-408-4655

Realty, Inc.

2505 Bayshore Rd. Villas, NJ 08251 • Broker Daniel J. Senico Cindy, Nancy, Joe

Looking for Buildable Land? Water Views: 130 W Jacksonville, Villas: 65 x 100


134 W Jacksonville, Villas: 75 x 100, water & sewer connected


910 Weeks Landing: over 1 acre. already installed well & septic


8 Tranquility Drive, Cape May: 1 1/2 acres


12 Tranquility Drive, Cape May: .58 acres, corner lot


615 Lawnside Road, Townbank: 60 x 120


609.884.1300 Angela and Nick C., Louise P, Duane G.

805 Pittsburgh Avenue Unit 106, Cape May 2BR/1BA $385,000

Phil, Marlene

403 Reading Ave., Cape May Income Producing Property 3BR/2BA $549,000

RYAN GRIFFIN - SALESPERSON CELL: 609.602.5578 OFFICE: 609.884.1300 EMAIL: DESATNICK REAL ESTATE, LLC 1001 Lafayette St., Cape May, NJ 08204 Todd H. de Satnick, Broker of Record

Page 90

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sol Needles Real Estate

604 MADISON AVENUE, CAPE MAY From the white picket fence to the red brick pavement, this adorable 2 story home could be right out of a Norman Rockwell painting. Tastefully decorated 4 bedroom, 2 bath home you won’t want to miss, convenient to beach and mall. PRICE REDUCED to $639,000.

228 WINDSOR AVENUE, CAPE MAY Semi-detached duplex in great location close to beach and mall. Each apartment offers 3 bedrooms with updated kitchens and baths. First floor apt. offers front screened porch and 2nd floor apt. offers nice rear deck. $597,000.

12/31: New Year’s Eve At The Grand Hotel PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV

Roseanne, Sam, Joseph

512 Washington Mall, Cape May (609) 884-8428 • 800-441-8428


819 BEACH AVENUE, 1I. CAPE MAY Valerie, Pat, Mike, Krista, Kristen

This sprawling 3 bedroom and 2 bath ranch home is set on 1.17 acres with a stunning in ground fiberglass pool with diving board surrounded by beautiful gardens, a privacy fence and your relaxing oasis is set back off of a graceful winding country road. $325,000

The Baronet. Park your car and walk to everything from this generous 1 bedroom, 1 bath with huge walk in closet and open living room/ kitchen/dining area get away. $319,000

1400 Texas Ave., Cape May, NJ 08204 Next to the Cape May Wawa

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Page 91

12/31: New Year’s Eve At The Grand Hotel PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV

Artfully uniting extraordinary homes with extraordinary lives.

116 Broadway, West Cape May Akwaaba By the Sea Owner’s Quarters plus 5 bedrooms, 5 baths $699,000.

927 Beach Ave. Unit 4, Cape May The Sea Mist Condominiums Good Rental History 2 bedrooms, 2 baths $789,000.

715 Lighthouse Ave., Cape May Point Contemporary Home near Lake Lily 4 bedrooms, 2 baths $675,000.

17 Broadway, Cape May Arts and Crafts Home 6 bedrooms, 2.5 baths $1,195,000

Charlie and Laurie P., Tina and Joe G.

Dawn and John Pratt, Steve and Sharon Owens

407 Shore Dr., Townbank Lovely Bayfront Home 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths $825,000.

410 Chatam Dr., Tranquility Charming and Spacious Home 3 bedrooms, 2 baths $279,000.

907 Stockton Ave., Cape May One Block to the Beach 7 bedrooms, 3.5 baths $1,195,000.

7 Herron Ct, Cape May Court House Active Adult Community Townhome 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath with Den $389,000.

Chris Clemans Sotheby’s International Realty

Gloria Schwenk, Julie Strimel, Bill Schwenk, Bill Strimel

Join Us: for sale and rentals Text SIR to 87778 for our Mobile App Christina P. Clemans Licensed Real Estate Broker 1159 Washington St. Cape May, NJ 08204 Email: 609-884-3332 Toll-free 800-828-9751

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

12/31: New Year’s Eve At The Grand Hotel

Doug and Elaine Young

Geri, Karen

Marianne, Scott

Rich, Ellen


HOMESTEAD REAL ESTATE 846 Broadway, West Cape May Toll Free: 888-309-7454 • Local: (609) 884-1888 Dagmer Chew, Broker/Owner

1011 MICHIGAN AVENUE, CAPE MAY This 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath Cape May cottage sits on one of the most tranquil settings in town. This landscaped, tree lined property overlooks the Madison Avenue duck pond. Enjoy spectacular views from your cozy family room with gas fireplace or from your backyard hot tub. Don’t miss this wonderful home filled with charm. Call today! $699,000

1531 YACHT AVENUE, CAPE MAY The moment you enter this custom built, 3 story home on the harbor you will be amazed by the views, the quality of craftsmanship, and the attention to detail. Inside amenities abound, including a state of the art entertainment kitchen with Wolf and Sub-Zero appliances. Outside you’ll find a new bulkhead and dock featuring 3 boat slips. If waterfront living at its finest is for you, than this is the home for you! $2,150,000

118 EMERALD AVE., WEST CAPE MAY You don’t want to miss this lovely Victorian in West Cape May. This property features 4 rental units, 2 of which are occupied with year round, long term tenants. Keep one of the remaining units for you and your family and use the other as a summer rental. All units were renovated in 2007 and feature new kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms. There is plenty of off street parking for all units and each includes its own washer and dryer. Look no further as this income producing property has it all! $674,900

501 LIGHTHOUSE, CAPE MAY POINT This 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath home offers dramatic views of nature as the property is surrounded by a Wildlife Preserve on two sides. The first floor features nine foot ceilings and hardwood floors throughout. The custom kitchen includes a center island and high end appliances. You’ll also find a first floor master suite. The second floor includes two more bedrooms, a full bath, den and office area. If living close to nature is for you make your appointment today! $849,900

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Page 93

Homes Of The Week

Check out these beautiful homes in the Cape May area






You will find that this Grand Beauty meets every expectation. Amenities include: custom cabinets, granite countertops, stainless appliances, granite center island with wine cooler, gorgeous hardwood flooring, entertainment room, heated in-ground pool, patio area, audio system with multiple speakers, multi-level outdoor spaces & intercom system. Just a short stroll to Cape May’s finest beaches. Very strong rental history makes this a great investment property. $1,395,999.

Just reduced! This 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath home has a well established rental history. This home features a lovely kitchen with stainless steel appliances, ceramic tile floors, and Corian countertops. The large master suite is on the first floor. Three additional bedrooms are upstairs with a den/tv room which could be used as a fifth bedroom. Outside is a spacious front porch and also a rear deck. $499,900

This 3 bedroom, 3 bath home has had only one owner. Large living room with cathedral ceilings & skylights, kitchen with adjoining dining area, master BR with full bath and walk-in closets. Attached two car garage, new roof, new gutter guards, irrigation system, a 12x16 all seasons room. Asking $295,000.

This modern single story home offers an open and airy floor plan. There is a great room with vaulted celings, hardwood floors, and a gas fireplace. The modern kitchen has maple cabinets, a counter bar and “like new” stainless steel appliances. There are three bedrooms and two full baths. If you enjoy entertaining there is a screen porch, rear, side and front decks and an above ground swimming pool. $279,900

This home features 3 spacious bedrooms with aprivate master suite. The Master Suite has vaulted ceilings, great views and lots of natural sunlight. There are two additional bedrooms and 2 full baths. This home dates back to the 1870’s but had a total renovation in 1996. All systems were updated and the floor plan changed to the current wonderful lay out. $445,000

Heijung Park-Colameco Jersey Cape Realty 739 Washington Street Cape May 609-884-5800

HomeStead Real Estate 846 Broadway West Cape May 609-884-1888

Darcy Dickenson Cape May Realty 311 Pittsburgh Avenue Cape May 609-602-4122

Theresa Senico Apex Realty 2505 Bayshore Rd., Villas (609) 408-4655

Wilsey Realty 501 Lafayette Street Cape May (609) 884-1007






This charming and immaculate 2 bedroom corner Village Greene quad has a recently remodeled kitchen, tile floors, screened porch, large maintenance free front deck. Plus the price was just reduced to $318,000.

This beautifully maintained and upgraded ranch home offers 3 bedrooms and 2 new designer bathrooms. The completely renovated professional kitchen with top of the line appliances, including Viking stove, is a cook’s dream. Walk through the screenedin porch to the large, inviting living room with skylight and fireplace, dining room, and an oversized family room with vaulted ceiling, track lighting, and a second fireplace. $459,000.

Bright contemporary home nestled on a quiet residential Street offering vaulted ceilings and hardwood floors. The open floor plan of the living room , dining area and kitchen lends itself to entertaining, while the separation of the 3 bedrooms offers privacy for the master suite and 2 guest bedrooms. This pleasant sized home is easy to maintain making it an ideal second home, investment property or primary residence It is conveying mostly furnished with a few exclusions. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths $520,000.

Penthouse Units at the Marquis de Lafayette. Amenities such as a pool, on-site restaurant and management, and ocean views. The Marquis de Lafayette in Cape May has instituted a limited Summer Concession on its new 6th floor penthouse suites: The Marquis is offering a $10,000 credit toward 2012 Condo fees for the first two buyers of the new 6th floor penthouse suites. $265,000 - $290,000

Beachfront tranquility with outstanding views of the Atlantic Ocean and Delaware Bay! This immaculate 3 BR/3 BA south side townhouse unit is nestled in a secluded corner of Cape May Point offering complete serenity. Capture sunrises and sunsets from the spacious decks and entertain with charm! The beach pathway, just steps from the front door, creates the incredible seaside living experience. This unique oceanic retreat brings an overwhelming sense of relaxation! $799,000

Coldwell Banker Sol Needles 512 Washington St. Mall Cape May (609) 884-8428

Jersey Cape Realty 739 Washington St., Cape May 609-884-5800

Chris Clemans Sotheby’s International Realty 1159 Washington St. (609) 884-3332

Coastline Realty Carol Menz, Broker (609) 884-5005 1400 Texas Ave., Cape May

DeSatnick Real Estate 1001 Lafayette Street Cape May (609) 884-1300

Page 94

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Saturday, February 18 1-4pm at 11 BEACH #103 Heijung Park-Colameco Broker/Sales

Jersey Cape Realty, Inc

Call on Us for All Your Real Estate Needs! 501 LAFAYETTE STREET, CAPE MAY NJ 08204 TOLL FREE: 877-884-8907 • LOCAL 609-884-1007 FAX 609-884-4407 • WWW.WILSEYREALTY.COM

609.884.1300 554 MAY AVENUE, ERMA Immaculately maintained custom built 3 BR/2 BA ranch home with luxury amenities. Constructed in 2001, this home offers great curb appeal and is positioned on a generously sized 125 x 100 lot. $275,000


Adorable homes in America’s Original Seaside Resort ready for your enjoyment

1440 Missouri Ave., Cape May 4 Bed/ 2.5 bath, internet, beach box, harbor views, upside down house. Sleeps 12, low $900. high $2600. Weekly avail 1442 Missouri Ave., Cape May - 4 BR/2.5 BA, decks, harbor views, Gas Grill, Sleeps 10, Low $900. High $2600. Weekly avail.

739 Washington St., Cape May NJ 08204 Office: 609-884-5800 Cell: 609-602-8641

936 LAFAYETTE STREET, UNIT 5, CAPE MAY Custom crafted by WKR Builders in 2004 this meticulously maintained Quinn’s Court 2 BR/ 2.5 BA townhouse is within close proximity to downtown, the beaches and The Marina District. $535,000

Rentals Of The Week




805 Pittsburgh, #112, Cape May 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath, Sleeps 6 $1050 - $1575 Weekly 15 Broadway, #17, Cape May 2 Bedroom, 1 Bath, Sleeps 6 $1000 - $1900 Weekly

Darcy Dickenson, Cape May Realty 311 Pittsburgh Avenue, Cape May 609-602-4122 •

Wilsey Realty 501 Lafayette Street, Cape May (609) 884-1007

218 Grant St Cape May 4 BR, 3 BA, w/d, d/w, cac, internet, sleeps 14. Low $2000/High $4600

721 Page Street, Cape May Year Round, 1 bedroom, 1 bath 2nd fl. apt. $750/mo. plus utilities. Sec & ref. required.

419 Lincoln Avenue Cape May Point 3 BR, 2.5 BA, w/d, d/w, cac, internet, sleeps 6. Low $3000/High $3400

118 Emerald Avenue, West Cape May Year Round, 1 bedroom, 1 bath 2nd floor apt. with washer & dryer. $850/month plus utilities. Sec and ref. required.

Jersey Cape Realty 739 Washington Street, Cape May (609) 884-5800

Homestead Real Estate 846 Broadway, West Cape May (609) 884-1888 •

902 Lafayette Street, Cape May In the heart of town and close to everything. Tastefully decorated. 3 BR 2 BA

402 Gorham Avenue, North Cape May Year Round. $1,100 Month + Utilities 2 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom. No Pets.

104 Howard Ave. (1st floor), Cape May Reasonably priced quality vacation rental spot. Very close to beach, town & entertainment. 3 BR 1.5 BA

406 Baywyn Avenue, Cape May Beach Year Round. $1,250 Month + Utilities 4 Bedrooms, 1 Bath. Small Pet OK

Inquiries to rentals department at Jersey Cape Realty, 739 Washington Street, Cape May • 609-884-5800

Coastline Realty 1400 Texas Avenue, Cape May (609) 884-5005

214 Stites Avenue, Cape May Point 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, Single Family home sleeps 6. $1800-$2800 per week.

1003 McCullum Avenue, Cape May 4 bedroom, 2 bath home just a few blocks to beach, sleeps 10, a/c, $2,000 - $2,600/week.

211 Harvard Avenue, Cape May Point 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bath single family, Sleeps 8. $1600-$3350 per week.

315 Alexander Ave., Cape May Point 3 bedroom, 2 bath home close to beach, sleeps 6, c/a, $1,500 - $2,150/week.

Chris Clemans Sotheby’s International Realty 1159 Washington St., Cape May 609-884-3332,

Coldwell Banker Sol Needles 512 Washington Street Mall, Cape May (609) 884-8428 •

201 Beach Ave., Unit 22, Cape May Steps from the beach! 4 BR / 4.5 BA, sleeps 8 people. $3200-$5200 / week.

Visit to book your summer rental early.

17B Park Boulevard, West Cape May 2 BR / 2 BA quad unit, sleeps 6 people. Located close to downtown and beaches! $500-$1000 / week. Desatnick Real Estate, LLC 1001 Lafayette Street, Cape May 884.1300,

Theresa Senico Apex Realty 2505 Bayshore Road Villas, NJ 08251 (609) 408-4655

Thursday, February 16, 2012

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A Little Bit About Exit Zero Publishing Who we are, what we do, and where we go

Established July 4, 2003, proudly inspired by the late, great Pennywise magazine. Exit Zero Publishing is owned by Jack Wright and Jason Black. We also publish high-quality books as well as this fine periodical. Telephone: (609) 770-8479 Fax: (609) 770-8481 E-mail: Website: Mailing address: 109 Sunset Boulevard Suite D, Cape May, NJ 08204 Editor/Publisher: Jack Wright, Advertising Manager: Jason Black, Staff Writers: Kate Chadwick, Diane Stopyra, Arts Editor: Tom Sims Photographers: Aleksey Moryakov, Sandy Maloney, Gabi Urda Graphic Artist: Doree Bardes Distribution People: Stephanie Grubb, Amy Wingate, Evangeline Wentletrap Columnists: Catherine Dugan (activities), David Gray (Old Fogey) Labeler: Mary Smith Every Thursday, Exit Zero is delivered to around 300 places. Get it delivered to your home in a plastic mailer. It’s $50 for 47 B&W issues, plus five in color. Call (609) 770-8479 to subscribe. DOWNTOWN CAPE MAY Swain’s, Mariah’s, Guardian, Cape Savings Bank, Collier’s, All Irish Imports, Cape May Stage, Wilsey Realty, Pat Jackson Jewelers, Celebrate Cape May, Go Fish, Sea Weeds, Cape Orient, Fiber Arts Yarn Shop, By The Sea Realty, Oyster Bay, Cape May Welcome Center, Depot Market, Congress Hall, Victorious, Pink, Star Inn, Bayberry Inn, Bank of America, Victorian Hotel, SOMA Art Gallery, Magicbrain Cybercafé, Island Grill, Primrose, Center For Community Arts. WASHINGTON STREET MALL The Original Fudge Kitchen, Mary Ann’s, Dellas 5&10, Lace Silhouettes, Center City Mall, Casale’s Shoes, Free Shop, Happy Baby, Jackson Street Boutique, It’s a Breeze, Madame’s Port, Swede Things, Cucina Rosa, Whale’s Tale, Ella's, Italian Garden, Andrew’s Ltd, Jackson Mountain Café, Love The Cook, Bath Time, Ugly Mug, Pilot House, Caroline Boutique, Kaleidoscope, Coldwell Banker, Colors, A Ca Mia, A Place On Earth, Between the Lines, Good Scents. WASHINGTON STREET Southern Mansion, MAC, Chris Clemans’

Sotheby’s International Realty, Billmae Cottage, Thomas Webster Inn, Inn at the Park, City Hall, Sturdy Savings, Washington Inn, Dr Feldman Dentistry, Jersey Cape Realty, Victorian Towers. BEACHFRONT King’s Cottage, Blue Moon Pizza, Coachman’s Motor Inn, Carney’s, Martini Beach, Virginia Hotel, Mad Batter, Poor Richard's Inn, Inn at 22 Jackson Street, Saltwood B&B, Windward B&B, Uncle Bill’s, Ocean View Restaurant, Sandpiper, Hotel Alcott, Summer Station, The Original Fudge Kitchen, Montreal Liquor, Montreal Inn, Capri Motor Lodge, Periwinkle, Grand Hotel, Palace Hotel, Mission Inn, Angel by The Sea, Peter Shields, Hotel Macomber, Marquis de Lafayette. COLUMBIA AVENUE Columbia House, Sun Bank, Dr Gorny, Victorian Abstract, MP Myers, Cape May Day Spa, Twin Gables, Henry Sawyer B&B, Linda Lee, Brass Bed Inn, Mason Cottage, Mainstay Inn, White Dove Cottage, The Manse B&B, Merion Inn, Cliveden Inn, Pharo’s B&B, Summer Cottage, John F. Craig House, Majestic Star. GURNEY/OCEAN/STOCKTON Avalon Coffee, Cape May Beach & Kite, John Welsey Inn, Louie’s Pizza, Beach Massage, Inn of Cape May, Beauclair’s, Queen Victoria, Fairthorne, Bamboo Shack, Cheeks, Cape May Library, Freda’s Café, Victorian Lace, Camelot Hotel, Bedford Inn, Chalfonte Hotel. EAST CAPE MAY Nature Center, Model Cleaners, Cape May Laundromat, Wawa, Coastline Realty, Cape Bookkeeping, Shear Sunsations, Rizzo Chiropractic, C-View Inn, Century 21 Gilmartin. WEST CAPE MAY VFW, Godmother’s, Cape May Bakers, Higher

Grounds, Tea By The Sea, Cape May Linen Outlet, Flying Fish Studio, CVS, Albert Stevens Inn, Weddings by the Sea, Kate’s Flower Shop, Seaside Cheese Company, Kasey’s Kanines, Cape Fitness, Dr Goldstein Dentist, Cheeks, Artizan Salon & Spa, Westside Market, Cape Island Home and Garden, Bella Vida Café, Flanegan’s Framing, 7-11, Copper Fish, Homestead Real Estate. SUNSET BOULEVARD The Bird House of Cape May, Butterfly Tea Room, Cape May Wicker, The Exit Zero Store and Gallery, Accent on Beauty, Cape Winds Florist, Cape May Bird Observatory, Cape May Point Post Office, Sunset Beach Gift Shop. ROUTE 109 South Jersey Marina, Lobster House, Tony’s Marine Supply, Sea Gear Marine, Captain’s Cove, Cape May Whale Watcher, Lucky Bones, Tony’s Pizza, Cape May Antique Center. NORTH CAPE MAY Laundromat, North Beach Gym, Heart to Heart Flowers, Le Gates, Harpoon Henry’s, Mr. J’s Music Shop, Cape May–Lewes Ferry, Gorman’s, Hair Cuttery, Italian Affair, Cape May Veterinary. OFF THE ISLAND The Canyon Club, Harbor View Restaurant, Axelsson’s Blue Claw, Cape Liquors, Moose Lodge, Old Grange, Historic Cold Spring Village, Hawk Haven Vineyards. VILLAS Lower Township Construction, Lower Township Municipal, Apex Realty, Curl Up and Dye, Fish and Fancy, Villas Liquor, Snippers Salon, Jake’s Bar and Grill, Kiddie Closet, Cape Savings Bank, Cohwen’s Ink Emporium, Wawa, Wing It.

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Vol. 10 No. 2 - February 16, 2012  
Vol. 10 No. 2 - February 16, 2012  

A sprightly sheet full of the sprays of the old ocean.