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We all know that worrying about money doesn't make you richer, it just gives you migraines. So it is important that you learn how to stop worrying about money so that you can focus on getting rich. Recently I was spending a lot of time worrying about money and finances, I was really stressed about my financial situation. Then one day when I was at work in the space of half an hour I lost all my vision because of a migraine. I then got a splitting headache and it took me almost a week to recover. By worrying about money I didn't solve any of my money problems I just made my life worse and missed a week of work where I could have at least earned some money. Worrying about money doesn't make you rich, in keeps you poor. By worrying about money you are constantly focusing on the worst case scenario and your mind is not looking for solutions to your problem, it is just stressing about the problem. I think we all know that we think more creatively when we are not stressed, and when we think creatively we create solutions to our problems. So how do you stop worrying about money so that you can begin to find solutions to your money problems? Look For Solutions When you are worrying you are not thinking about solutions to your problems. But you need solutions in order to stop worrying. So by worrying you are actually creating a vicious cycle of worry and lack of money. Instead you need to focus on finding solutions. Maybe you can find a way to decrease your expenses, maybe you can find a way to earn more money, maybe you can find a way to use other people's money to get rich because you have none. When you find yourself worrying start to look for solutions to your problems. Pray The bible says that you should not worry, and that when you do find yourself worrying you should pray instead. I have found this extremely useful when I find myself worrying about money (which happens from time to time). As soon as I start to worry I life up my prayers to God asking him to provide for me financially, I also ask him to help me find creative solutions to my money problems. I don't pray that my worry would go away, I don't pray that I would win the lotto or that all my problems will go away. But I pray that God would give me the tools to get out of this situation and the ideas to solve my problems. I suggest that when you start worrying about money you life up a prayer to God. It does wonders.

Have An Investment Plan A lot of people get the most stressed about money when there is a crash in the market. These people do not have a financial plan and all they know is that they have lost a lot of money and thus this brings about a great deal of stress. By having a financial plan you can know where you are going, you can take into account the fact that markets go up and markets come down, and you can ride each up and down with ease knowing that you are working towards a goal. One of the things I suggest when you create your investment plan is to look for investments that generate cashflow. If you purchase investments for their cashflow instead of capital gains then it doesn't matter as much if the market goes up or goes down because you make money either way. For example, if you buy positive cashflow rental real estate when the market goes up you make money from capital gains, and when the market crashes you make more money because rents go up. So by having a plan to invest for cashflow you can seriously reduce stress. I always recommend seeing a financial planner before investing, I am not an investment advisor, I am merely writing this to educate you not to offer investment advice. So as you can see worrying about money is a useless waste of time and there are ways that you can minimize worry so that you can get on with your life and get on with becoming rich. You can't enjoy life when you are spending all your time worrying, you also can't enjoy life with a major stressed induced migraine. So take the time to stop worrying about money and instead focus on following a plan to become rich.

Becoming financially free in just 5 years is possible for anyone. It doesn't matter what your current financial situation is, you can become rich and never have to work again in just 5 short years. You don't need a high paying job or a get rich quick scheme, you just need real training on creating real strategies for getting rich. Go to and sign up now to start you free training on "How To Get Rich Without Making More Money". Don't waste any time, start training yourself to be rich today by signing up for your free teaching.

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==== ==== Make 2012 A Panic, Stress And Anxiety Free Year, Free Yourself From This Affliction

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