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Every research or study which has taken how to stop worrying as a theme of discourse has despised the act in itself. Most of us are victims of multiple diseases which when diagnosed turn out to be the products of our own fears and anxieties. It is often said that worry is the root cause of all evil and it stands true in most of the circumstances which are faced by us. There are not only physiological effects of worrying but being anxious also causes a considerable amount of psychological damage which is hard to detect and, therefore, repair. The simple reason for this would be that the body shows signs of psychological imbalance much later than a physiological imbalance. Most of the studies that have come out have outlined certain simple methods which when followed would reduce the worry and anxiety, something which seems to hit the patient on a normal basis. The first and the most important guideline for how to stop worrying would involve identifying the root cause of worry. Being muddled by the outcomes of a situation both real and imaginary would under no circumstance improve the situation. Therefore, it is advised to sit down and rationally bifurcate the reasons which have led to the worry peel by peel. This would reduce half of the anxiety which the patient is suffering from since most of the situations are negated and ruled out. After the patient masters this act, he would have a mind which is much more in control and driven by rational thoughts. Therefore, the next step in the process would require the individual to keep a hold on the thoughts which keep flowing within the mind. After eliminating the negative and irrational ones, most of the thoughts left behind are rational and positive. These thoughts are a pre-cursor to healthy and fruitful thoughts which fight any negative thought hitting the mind. These positive thoughts not only improve the health of one's mind but also begin a gradual shift from pessimistic too much more positive and optimistic thoughts. A controlled and balanced mind hardly suffers from the pangs of irrational thoughts and imaginary situations which seem to be out of our locus of control. This is one of the most crucial junctures during the whole process. This mindset also builds the confidence needed to fight and face any situation which an individual is faced with. In spite of the many obstacles which are perceived by following these simple but crucial steps, worry continues to top the charts of psychological ailments which lead to even worse conditions. In fact worrying and anxiety if not treated lead to many dangerous ailments which can hit an individual in any age. The last thing which not many would do is to adopt the habit of maintaining a journal. This is to keep a track of our mental health and how we have faced and recovered from an earlier unhealthy and unstable self. These should be useful guidelines to follow for anyone who wants to know how to stop worrying.

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==== ==== Make 2012 A Panic, Stress And Anxiety Free Year, Free Yourself From This Affliction Below ==== ====

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