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Special charger for 12-volt golf trolleys Golf Charger

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Golf Charger Special charger for 12-volt golf trolleys Fully automatic and easy to use An electric golf trolley makes any round of golf an even greater pleasure. You can concentrate on your game, without having to pull your bag around the whole course. The Golf Charger is a special charger for golf trolleys. Regular charging extends the battery’s service life and keeps it fresh. As a golfer, you know that planning

is crucial. With a fully charged battery, you know your trolley will work when you need it. The Golf Charger is an excellent modern battery charger. It is primarily intended for charging 12 V valve-regulated AGM/GEL batteries, sizes 15 to 85 Ah, but can also be used to charge other types of leadacid batteries.

The charger is fully automatic and easy to use – simply connect it and the charger does the rest. It also has a built-in temperature compensator that adjusts the charge power depending on the surrounding temperature and prevents overheating. The charger is spark-proof and protected against faulty assembly and battery faults.

Technical specifications Input voltage

220-240 VAC +/-15 %

Input current

Max 1 A

Back current

≤1 mA

charging voltage

13,7 - 15,5 VDC at 25ºC

Charging current

Max 4 A

Ripple voltage

Max 70 mV

Ambient temperature

- 40 – + 50 ºC



Type of charge

6 step, I1 , I2, I3, I3/U, U, Uh Uh: 13,7 V (Maintenance charge)

Lead-acid battery types

AGM/GEL, standard batteries

Battery capacity

15 – 85 Ah


Battery cable 1700 mm. Power cable 2x0,75 mm2 1800 mm

Dimensions (L x W x H)

225x50x50 mm

International Protection rating



0,5 kg Ampere (A)





Volt (V)


Exide Technologies, with operations in more than 80 countries, is one of the world’s largest producers and recyclers of lead-acid batteries. Exide Technologies provides a comprehensive and customized range of stored electrical energy solutions. Based on over 100 years of experience in the development of innovative technologies, Exide Technologies is an esteemed partner of OEMs and serves the spare parts market for industrial and transportation applications. GNB Industrial Power – A division of Exide Technologies – offers an extensive range of storage products and services, including solutions for telecommunications systems, railway applications, mining, photovoltaic (solar energy), uninterruptible power supply (UPS), electrical power generation and distribution, fork lifts and electric vehicles.



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Exide Technologies takes pride in its commitment to a better environment. Its Total Battery Management programme, (an integrated approach to manufacturing, distributing and recycling of lead-acid batteries), has been developed to ensure a safe and responsible life cycle for all of its products.