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Equifax By Adcraft Inc.

Equifax Workforce Solutions booth photo by Exposures, Ltd. Photography

“Daunting… that was the first word that came to mind when I was charged with the task of sourcing a new 20x20 booth” says Kelly Naimo at Equifax Workforce Solutions. Luckily, she could count on the expertise of Shea Blanton at Adcraft, Inc., to guide her through the many possibilities and challenges of this project. In their search for a modern look, flexibility and new technology, they turned to Aluvision for a solution. Combining a wide range of Aluvision’s solutions resulted in a stunning 20 x 20 exhibit that was showcased for the first time at the SHRM Conference and will be reused and reconfigured for many shows to come!

Ino Box

Solution for hanging signs: allows to have SEGs on the inside and the outside of the sign

LED tile 55 P2

Omni-55+ with quickfix

Pixel pitch of 2.8, tool-free connection to frames, flush with frames on front and back & thinnest tile on the market!

A version of Omni-55 that comes in separate profiles and can be easily assembled into frames using the tool-free quickfix connector, making this the perfect solution for any oddsized or odd-shaped frames.

Basic-55 glass frame

Fab-186 bright

The ideal solution for clear infills that sits perfectly flush with your Omni-55 frames

Double-sided lightbox with angled corners


Stylish counter unit with RGB lighting

Corner post

Corners come in a range of options and angles and provide a strong corner connection along with a clean finish

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