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EDPA Takes Action to Reopen the Exhibitions Industry By H. K. Wilson


mid the global pandemic, EDPA is leading the charge to reopen the industry and allying with partner organizations to achieve this common goal. EDPA president Amy Sondrup says, “Reopening the exhibitions industry is not a passive activity. I am so proud of the way our members have stepped up to be proactive in

many different areas, which will help to make reopening happen sooner rather than later.” She adds, “I think we were all excited and happy to see that CES plans to be a live show in January 2021.” On June 3, Global Exhibitions Day, EDPA members affirmed their commitment to advocacy for the exhibitions industry. For them, advocacy



means direct action, contacting legislators to bring the cause of the exhibitions industry to the forefront. EDPA supports these two bills before the House of Representatives: HR6697: The Local Chamber, Tourism and 501(C)(6) Protection Act, which modifies the Paycheck Protection Program implemented by the Small Business Administration in response to COVID-19. The bill expands the program to encompass organizations with 300 or fewer employees that (1) operate under section 501(c) (6) of the Internal Revenue Code (other than a professional football league), or (2) are a destination marketing organization engaged in promoting communities and facilities to businesses and leisure travelers. HR6800: The Heroes Act, responds to the COVID-19 outbreak and its impact on the economy, public health, state and local governments, individuals and businesses. EDPA also endorses GBAC STAR, the cleaning industry’s only outbreak prevention, response and recovery accreditation for facilities. GBAC is a division of ISSA, the worldwide cleaning industry association. Its 20-part GBAC STAR Accreditation Program helps facilities establish a comprehensive system of cleaning, disinfection and infectious disease prevention. Most

major US convention centers enrolled in this program as soon as it was announced. EDPA and the EDPA Foundation have contributed $25,000 to the GoLIVETogether initiative, which has raised more than a half-million dollars to date. GoLIVETogether provides advocacy, statistics and tools, such as this infographic, to demonstrate the contributions the exhibitions industry makes to the economy.According to Chris Griffin, EDPA vice president, regarding the Industry Advocacy and Future Workforce Initiative, “There is nothing like ‘community’ to lift people up and remind us what we can do when we rally around common goals. The tradeshow and event industry is nothing if not a community. We deal with crisis, obstacles and challenges in our day jobs. And when the stakes are as high, as they are right now, there is no more impressive group of people to be working with.” Due to space limitations, to read the rest of the EDPA Chapter Recap Roundup, please visit our website and use EDPA in the search box.

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Exhibit City News - July/August 2020  

Exhibit City News - July/August 2020  

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