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Did You Know? spurred on by All 50 states have exhibitions. an opening speech from Senator Chris Coons from 2,000+ 461+ Million NSF B2C Events in of Exhibiting space Delaware who U.S. annually encouraged them, “I know this is a difficult time, but contributed by I am optimisB2B Events to the 1.6 Million 81.3 Million tic that we U.S. GDP in 2019 Exhibiting B2B & B2C Attendees will recover Companies in U.S. annually and we will get through this together.” 9,400+ B2B Events in AdmittedU.S. annually ly, the U.S. www.exhibitionsmeanbusiness.org exhibition, meeting and event industry has a long way er, offered some good news to to go to recover to return to attendees during the virtual its pre-pandemic self. Before event. “I’m very pleased to the coronavirus came along, tell you that in the last couple Go Live Together, an advocacy of weeks, we’ve raised almost effort created by industry busi$500,000 through the Go nesses and associations, says Live Together Coalition,” Duthat as a whole it was supportBois told them. “That money ing 6.6 million jobs, providing is being used to hire a lobby$419 billion in direct spending ing firm that will help us dive in local economies and pumpinto very critical aspects of ing $130 billion into state, local additional legislation.” and federal taxes. The Center In advance of Global for Exhibition Industry ReExhibitions Day, the group search (CEIR) estimates that worked with lawmakers there are 11,400 events hapwho support the industry to pening annually, with 9,400 of generate several pieces of them serving business-to-busi- legislation aimed at helping ness audiences and 2,000 the exhibitions and events operating as business-to-conindustry plus the ancillary sumer shows. businesses that serve it surWith nearly every event vive until it reopens. canceled or postponed for The first bill generally months on end and well into addresses public health and the foreseeable future, the in- recovery including the followdustry is reeling and is going ing components: to need some specific support from the federal government Incentivize a safe restart to help it survive. David of the exhibitions, meetDuBois, president and CEO of ings, and events economy: the International Association »   Create a temporary travel tax credit of Exhibitions & Events and »   Allow businesses to fully deduct one of the cornerstones of the food and entertainment expenses effort behind Go Live Togeth- »   Provide tax breaks for personal

$ 101B

*U.S. numbers: Center for Exhibition Industry Research


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protective equipment and sterilization of facilities »   Enact tax measures to help revitalize U.S. tradeshows and exhibitions

Development Administration grants for DMOs and small businesses to promote healthy travel practices and encourage travel where it is safe.

Extend and enhance CARES Act relief: »   Include Destination Marketing Organizations in the Paycheck Protection Program »   Increase borrowing limits so businesses can withstand an extended period of lost revenues and operational disruption »   Extend covered period for loan forgiveness »   Modify eligibility of the Coronavirus Relief Fund »   Provide additional support for airports and aviation businesses Support community-based economic recovery: »   Provide $10 billion in Economic

The second bill is targeted at relief for chambers, tourism organizations and other 501 (c) (6) organizations that are often supported exclusively by local taxes generated by travelers. The bill would expand the Paycheck Protection Program to encompass organizations with 300 or fewer employees that (1) operate under section 501(c)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code, or (2) are a destination marketing organization engaged in promoting communities and facilities to businesses travelers. “Both 501(c)(6) and DMOs play a critical role

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Exhibit City News - July/August 2020  

Exhibit City News - July/August 2020  

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