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SHOP to SHOWFLOOR I&D and Event Labor Continued from p. 45 good partner will loan lights to try out, will help an exhibitor make cost-effective decisions and will work to understand an exhibitor’s needs so they can suggest the appropriate fixtures. A vendor, on the other hand, will just sell an exhibitor products. But to have a good partner, one needs to be a good partner, and Cohen stressed how very important it is for exhibit managers to be forthright about their budget. “You’re not going to get good advice if you aren’t,” he says. It doesn’t necessarily take much to create an impact on a display’s appearance, Lowery suggests. For a 10 x 10 display, having a few cool white or neutral white LED standoff lights illuminating banners and stands can be very helpful. Also, color-selectable LED bulbs in floor lamps or recessed lighting sockets can quickly correct poor house light or infuse some

brand colors into the space. He recommends HUE bulbs, which he says are reasonably priced, come in a great range of colors and can be controlled through your phone. LED strip lights are another favorite choice of Lowery’s for pops of color, he says, because they are inexpensive, flexible and easy to use. In general, experts agree that LED is the way to go, especially with the full range of Kelvin colors now available. It can cost more on the front end to purchase LED fixtures, Wright says, but their durability, energy efficiency and cool operating temperature far outweigh the lower purchase price of traditional bulbs. And for those who want to avoid the electrical charges levied for running power to an exhibit, batteries have come a very long way, Cohen says, and can pow-

er a range of devices. They are not cheap to purchase initially, but they will usually pay themselves back over the course of four to five shows, he says. The bottom line is that, while there is a cost to lighting a display, it is necessary for an exhibitor that wants to be noticed, Cohen believes. “You have less than 30 seconds to attract someone’s attention coming down the aisle—you can do it with the ‘wow factor’ of lighting,” he says. “Good lighting that is properly planned truly makes a space stand out, it attracts attendees, and it provides the return on investment that exhibitors need.” Wright could not agree more. “Using lighting well is a great way to stand out in a crowd,” he says. “A dark, drab display will not grab as much attention or get as many visitors as one that is well lit. It’s really as simple as that.”

Philips booth designed by Czarnowski’s Atlanta office; AV infrastructure provided by AVFX’s Lighting Designer Brad Lowery for the annual RSNA (Radiology Society of North America) show in Chicago.

46 January/February 2019 Exhibit City News

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