Exhibit City News - March/April 2017

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Tradeshow Trends: 2017 and Beyond Trade shows are a great marketing tool, enabling you to create a personalized experience for a targeted audience, all within a controlled environment. The days of old where vendors showcased products under a mundane structure with a few lights and a couple of sales executives are long gone. Instead, an original, well-thought out experience, strategically customized for the demographics you’re looking for, is the way to go—and something which specialized companies such as ourselves can deliver.

Virtual Reality—It’s the buzz word of the moment, and shows no signs of slowing. 36 Mar/Apr 2017 Exhibit City News

But what’s the best way to create the greatest impact, effectively drawing visitors into your space so they can participate, but also educate themselves about you and your product? While the materials, as well as all the bells and whistles that come to mind can help, it all really comes down to the experience—a unique, memorable experience. Or more specifically, a hands-on experience that attendees can take home with them and talk to their friends about. An experience which lends itself to a story, a “You won’t believe what I saw,” kind of story. There are a few trends of late that are integral to creating an experience which drives results and sales. Virtual Reality—It’s the buzz word of the moment, and shows no signs of slowing. Think about it as a method for creating an immersive experience, and consider how you might use Virtual Reality to enable attendees to submerse themselves into an environment you created. Lead them into your product like never before, wow them, as

you educate them. In the coming years, companies will begin to market themselves more and more with this technology; growing libraries of content that can be ever-changing. In short, it’s the “new, cool tech” that can be customized for both the business developer and the attendee.

Get social, get active— Exhibit spaces will intertwine social marketing mobility more and more in the years to come. Interacting with attendees and engaging them to participate via social media, email marketing, touch screens, and customized apps will gain priority. The end result is an increased means

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