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On Passport Personal Lease Example:

208 3-dr Active Puretech 1.0 68 Deposit: 36 Payments Optional final payment:

THE NEW PEUGEOT 208-2015 RE-ENERGISED PRICES FROM: £12,295 on the road

Summer already, where does time go?


t only seems 5 minutes ago we were writing to you in May, and here we are halfway through summer and heading for another plate change! Peugeot’s major story is the New 308 Gti was unveiled at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in July. Fast but frugal , the 5-door hot hatch should hit the showroom around October/November? Make sure you watch the teaser video!

Our main feature is an interesting insight in to the world of Mike Fairholme. Mike is a world renowned designer and painter of crash helmets, having worked with many of the greats of Formula One. A new feature we have introduced is video links that now open on top of the magazine. This feature works quick and is easy to navigate, so look out for those video buttons! Many thanks to the response for ‘You and your Peugeot’ pictures. Please keep them coming, we will feature them next time around. Regard

PS.. If you enjoy motorsport don’t miss our back page video!

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We have many low rate finance offers this quarter including 0% APR finance on the 3008. Their are too many to mention them all, so please contact us if you don’t see an offer that suits you?



PEUGEOT COMPETITION PAGE -----------------------------------------Win a holiday to Mexico plus more


MIKE FAIRHOLME INTERVIEW -----------------------------------------F1 Crash Helmet designer


THE NEW 208 GTi -----------------------------------------208 Gti is here, details plus video


PEUGEOT GRAND TURISMO -----------------------------------------Peugeot design concept game car


PEUGEOT 308 GTi -----------------------------------------Peugeot reveal their latest Hot Hatch


PEUGEOT NEWS -----------------------------------------The bits we just didn’t have space for


NEW 208 UNCUT-UNLEASHED -----------------------------------------208 with adrenaline-fuelled action…


YOU AND YOUR PEUGEOT -----------------------------------------We asked and you responded NEW VIDEO BUTTON -----------------------------------------Look out for these buttons to play Video. Opens on top of magazine

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THE PEUGEOT 308 GT Stand Out From The Crowd This Summer

Exterior Features Sequential LED direction indicators (in lieu of fog lights), Diamond 17” Alloy wheels, LED lighting, Lowered ride eight (7mm at front, 10mm at rear), Digitally amplified engine note.

Interior Features 9.7” Touch screen, Perforated leather GT steering wheel, Driver Sport pack: increased responsiveness of power steering, engine & gearbox to aluminium accelerator pedal, Red instrument panel display of dynamic parameter information: acceleration, power delivery & turbo. GT Floor mats.

Comfort and Convenience Peugeot Open & Go system (keyless entry) Driver Assistance Pack: Dynamic Cruise Control, Emergency Collision Alert & Emergency Collision Braking System

Prices start from £24,095.00 HB & £ 26,845.00 SW. Available with 1.9% APR Representative Finance & FREE 3-year servicing

TELEPHONE: 02380 407400

Mike Fairholme has been designing and painting helmets since the mid 80’s We caught up with him recently to find out just how he finished up working alongside several Formula One World Champions. Mike, the question on my mind is how you came to have a career designing and painting race helmets, after all,it’s not the type of job you see advertised every day? As a youngster, I attended my first F1 race in 1968, the Oulton Park Gold Cup. That year was when Gold Leaf had arrived on the Lotus and over the following years Yardley BRM in 1970, I became attracted by the car's graphics. That influenced me to go through Art College during the mid 70's. At the time I rode an old Norton motorbike and when wearing a crash helmet became compulsory, despite lots of people complaining about loss of freedom (of choice) I couldn't wait to get a helmet so I could paint it! For my finals exhibition, I designed the colour scheme for a race team called Jan Van Racing. There was a humorous element because it was a team of Lady Drivers & they were "supported" by Playtex. I was also the only student who displayed something in 3D & it was quite surprising how well it was received, and as you can probably guess, it was of course a helmet.

Rubens Barrichello Jordan Peugeot 1995

Europe, the level of promotion was different and it would mean promising riders and drivers in junior categories could receive free products & services, if they made successful requests.

That helmet got me noticed at the local Kawasaki dealer. The manager was friendly with a helmet importer for AGV helmets and soon I was undertaking short runs of bespoke helmets for the supplier.

Suddenly I didn't have to look for customers, as there was a pre-determined list coming to me from Arai Helmets. They had realised that car racing attracted a growing amount of coverage on TV and it was important to have top drivers using their products too, but instead of trying to get established stars of F1 wearing the helmets, they had a good idea to target the aspirant drivers in lesser categories as some would eventually progress and become the new generation in Grand Prix Racing.

The Manager of the dealership became a good friend, he was quite a successful bike racer and I went along to meetings to help. I finished up designing his helmets, fairings, leathers and transport that got me noticed in the paddock. Soon I had a healthy number of customers giving me helmets to work on as So was it the Arai contract well as other graphics jobs too. that eventually led you into the world of Formula one How did your association with then? Arai Helmets come about ? Yes, from 1988 and for the next I was at a key race at Donington five years I had a huge variety of in 1984 and I met the then boss both bike racers and car drivers of the new European office of to work for, but eventually as the Arai. He told me, he needed demands from the world of someone to develop the brand Motorsport became greater, I and he believed a quality helmet was asked to concentrate on four should have quality paintwork. wheels and through the 90's I Because the brand was new to usually had at least 8 or more F1

drivers to supply with my services. It turned my world completely upside down because I'd frequently be chased for the next helmet by some of the different teams. It presented me with a great opportunity to be involved with many successful and famous F1 drivers, but my responsibility to Arai was to keep up regular supplies, meet deadlines and ensure a consistently high quality finish. Of course producing high profile work attracted attention from other drivers who also wanted to use my services. It became quite difficult for what was essentially a one man operation responsible for all painting with just a couple of helpers for prep, finishing and the admin. From memory I think it was 21 consecutive seasons of F1 from 1987 until 2007 and over the course of that time, more than 60 individual F1 drivers wearing helmets, I'd painted. The high points of course were being involved with the Champions, the winners and some, who even if not the most successful were just fabulous people to work with. Continued‌

One of those World Champions you mention was Nigel Mansell, how did that association come about? Nigel had worn Arai helmets when he joined Williams in 1985 & the helmets were painted in Japan, but because I was also employed on other work for them, very often I had to make alterations to sponsors & produce a few replicas for the team's use.

tially used but supplemented with more from Japan. It became quite a familiar task, as this process repeated for 1993/94 when Nigel drove Indy Cars in the USA. When he returned to Williams for his four Grand Prix in the 94 season because my previous experiences adapting the designs worked I just painted whatever he needed for the year.

It was always a pleasure working with Williams because they trustWhen he moved to Ferrari in ed me, but Nigel’s final F1 season 1989 the design needed altering meant I was working in conjunc-

crash helmets, another World Champion. Mika was managed by Keke Rosberg and Ortwin Podlech through his junior seasons & into F1. I had already worked on helmets for their other driver JJ Lehto, and they knew my work. I was painting for Mika when he was in F3. There were a couple of seasons with Lotus, before he joined McLaren. For a couple of years he changed from Arai, but came back when David Coulthard became his team mate. For several years I painted both McLaren drivers, and it was nice to have the back to back World Championships with Mika wearing my designs. The Senna connection must have been brief as 1994 was the year of his fatal accident at Imola?

to accommodate the style of their main sponsor (Marlboro) and I was asked to produce a prototype. I understood the Arai factory painters in Japan would copy this for other helmets, but the first one did race in Brazil & Nigel had a dream debut by winning his first race with Ferrari.

tion with McLaren. Most people understand that team has a regime of "control" and it was an interesting experience as a certain team principal thought he knew better than the driver what his helmet should look like, telling Nigel he should drop the Union flag & his name, so it can be replaced by a team sponsor!

When he returned to Williams for Your relationship with the 1991, a similar thing happened, I McLaren Team also included was making prototypes again, ini- painting Mika Hakkinen’s

Before the 94 season had started, I was asked to a briefing with Williams Commercial and Rothmans. The meeting was for them to explain how they wanted the branding to appear. Primarily I was only concerned with the Arai helmets of Hill & Coulthard who was their test driver but because of the good relationship with the Williams team, I was also asked if I could produce a pair of Shoei helmets for Senna to use for the press launch & early-season tests.

How much has helmet design and painting changed since you first started? At the end of the 1980's generally it seemed that six helmet’s was enough per driver, but I recall in 1993 both Prost & Hill had twelve each with deliveries spread across the season. Sometimes, as was the case with Barrichello at Ferrari, it was planned to have a helmet per race. Quite possibly this wasn't based on needing one per event, but following a marketing led example by Ruben's then team mate Michael Schumacher. Their idea was a helmet would be specific to a race, giving it a defined status in memorabilia terms. Many of the designs back then could be looked on today as iconic & certainly many are memorable

because of their simplicity or purity. You can close your eyes and think what does a Coulthard helmet look like? Most people could describe it and a few probably draw it, but I doubt that would be as easy if you were asked the same thing about one of the current F1 drivers. Today helmets are more of an artistic exercise & seldom with any meaning, whereas I was producing a design which was often a graphic description of something relevant, like Mansell's Union flag theme or Coulthard's Scottish Saltire. Back then it was easier to identify a driver flying past at 100 mph by his helmet design, so the helmet worked on different levels & that appeals to my designer's mind rather than the helmets of today that have so many mid tones & overlays, that you can't pick them out easily.

And finally, do you have a favourite helmet design, one for whatever reason is special to you? It's difficult to pick a favourite from so many, but some of them had something special.

It was nice to paint Damon Hill helmets because I'd watched his father as a kid and of course the design carried over. In more recent years, I enjoyed working with Allan McNish because we had personal contact and he trusted me to develop small themes on his design. At a glance the helmet looked quite straightforward, yet there was many tiny details added that were only revealed when you saw it close up. Mike was talking to Allan Priestley. You can view some of Mike’s work at his website.

NOW ONLY AVAILABLE FROM STOCK The worthy successor to the Peugeot 205 GTi, the 208 GTi delivers bold lines, a Dynamic Interior and powerful performance.

TELEPHONE: 02380 407400

Excitement is back. GTi is back.


he launch of the 208 GTi brings the Peugeot legend right up-to-date. Feast your eyes on the dynamic contours and glistening chrome highlights of the tailgate and 3D grille engraved with dynamic Peugeot red. The remodelled headlights and the GTi’s signature rear spoiler add an exciting finishing touch.

Inside the head-up display and small steering wheel, offers the driver comfort and intuitive access to the controls. The driver's hands rest naturally on the small steering wheel, in full-grain perforated leather with red stitching. The driving position is straightforward, with the left hand instinctively drawn to the satin-finish chrome gearstick.

With its checkerboard grille, enhanced with Peugeot lettering, its red brake callipers and diamondeffect hubcaps as standard, the 208 GTi proudly shows off its sporty genes. Its compact design is emphasised by the enlarged wheel arches, the unique side skirts and elegant chrome-finished rearview mirrors. On either side of the black gloss rear skirting, with chrome detailing, the trapezoidal double exhaust affirms controlled power.

At the front, the 208 GTi features halogen headlights with a rectangular internal structure, equipped with flat guide latest-generation light guide technology. The indicators and daytime running lights feature LEDs (Light-Emitting Diodes). These surround the main beam headlights and give the 208 GTi a feline, eyecatching appearance. To view video click the image below.

Peugeot 208 GTi Prices from only £19,145 on the road.

Engine size 1.6 THP Carbon Dioxide CO2 emissions 139 g/km Urban drive cycle 34.4 mpg Extra Urban drive cycle 60.1 mpg Combined drive cycle 47.9 mpg Acceleration 0-62 mph 6.8 sec Maximum speed mph 143 Opposite page. 208 GTi by Peugeot Sport. 1.6 e-THP 6 speed £ 22,940.00 otr

Peugeot Vision Gran Turismo has today been unveiled for the GT6™ video game, exclusive to PlayStation®3. Designed with a 1:1 power-to-weight ratio (875kg and 875bhp) and the ability to go from 0 to 62mph in just 1.73 seconds, Peugeot's new supercar promises a unique driving experience for Gran Turismo 6 (GT6™) gamers. With more than 15 cars already featured in the Vision Gran Turismo line-up, Peugeot has risen to the latest challenge of Kazunori Yamauchi, the man behind the flagship driving game, who tasked automotive manufacturers with designing a unique car commemorating the game's 15th anniversary. Peugeot designers teamed up with Peugeot Sport engineers to craft an outstanding supercar that has all the hallmarks of a high-performance endurance racer, brought to life in glorious high definition in GT6™. At first glance, the Peugeot Vision Gran Turismo reveals a striking monolithic silhouette, sculpted to sweep aside air resistance, standing just 104cm tall, with the notable absence of nearly any aerodynamic features. The body design alone is enough to effectively stick the car to the road.

The central V6 turbo 3.2-litre engine, just behind the driver, feeds its 875bhp to the ground via a six-speed manual transmission and an all-wheel-drive system, comprising front 22-inch alloys and rear 23-inch counterparts. This, coupled with the lightweight design (tipping the scales at just 875kg) and super-responsive steering, makes this the ideal response to the Gran Turismo challenge. In addition to this, the car benefits from phenomenal acceleration, taking it from 0 to 62 mph (0-100kph) in 1.73 seconds, due to its power-to-weight ratio promising one horsepower for every kilo of kerb weight. Deceleration is equally impressive, achieved with four ventilated BREMBO carbon discs (380mm at the front and 337mm at the rear). Virtual drivers will have the chance to take the Peugeot Vision Gran Turismo for a spin in the very near future on no fewer than 40 outstanding tracks with 107 layouts. Available exclusively on the PS3 in six colour variants, the Peugeot Vision Gran Turismo will be released as a part of a free update for Gran Turismo 6.

Follow the #PeugeotVisonGT to stay up to date with all the latest news on the car and experience the exceptional. Stay tuned!

0 - 62 mph in just 1.72 seconds... The Peugeot Vision Gran Turismo!

TELEPHONE: 02380 407400

Passport Example Deposit: £2,800 Payments x 36: £199.42 Guaranteed future value: £7,464 Annual mileage: 6000 miles On the road price: £15,915 Peugeot Contribution: £700 APR 4.9%



THE NEW 2008 URBAN CROSS SPECIAL EDITION Following the success of Peugeot’s 2008 Crossover, a new special edition is announced for 2015 - the 2008 Urban Cross. Based on the Active badge level, but benefiting from enhanced specification, the 2008 Urban Cross is available in either the 1.2-litre PureTech 110hp S&S with 108g/km of CO2 or 1.6-litre Blue HDi 100hp S&S with 95g/km of CO2 emissions. The main focus of 2008 Urban Cross is the strong exterior and interior styling, noticeably with a new and exclusive metallic ‘Emerald’ paint colour. The vehicle also features 17” alloy wheels and Grip Control as standard, along with rear Parking Aid and electric, heated and folding door mirrors. Black door mirrors also add to the distinctive exterior styling. The Urban Cross premium trim, with emerald stitching, is complemented by the leather steering wheel and gearknob, with emerald contrast stitching to further enhance the appeal of the interior. The 2008 Urban Cross special edition is available from £ 16,495.00 on the road.

TELEPHONE: 02380 407400

Developed by fellow enthusiasts - the Peugeot Sport engineers. As a result, the New Peugeot 308 GTi by Peugeot Sport can truly claim to be the ultimate in compact, sporty cars.

The New 308 GTi delivers superb mechanical precision. Sequential front LED turn indicators, top-quality materials, finely calibrated parts.

1.6-litre turbo charged four-cylinder engine. 0-62mph in 6.2 seconds.

‘Race-developed’ 380mm carbon brake discs up front, mounted on aluminium hubs, with four pistons fixed callipers. Bucket seats upholstered in Acantara with red stitched detail.

The New Peugeot 308 Gti 270

Twin Exhaust Pipes & Aerodynamic Deflectors at the base of the Bumpers

GTi sits 11mm lower to the ground than standard 308

19’’ Aluminium Carbone wheels

The 308 Gti is expected to be available in the UK, sometime during October/November 2015 TELEPHONE: 02380 407400

PEUGEOT NEWS IN BRIEF DISCOVER THE NEW PEUGEOT GT Line. With the GT Line versions, customers


can enjoy this strong sporty personality with a more affordable engine. Inside and out, each element is fine-tuned to perfection: premium-quality materials, full-grain leather and optimised design. You'll recognise and appreciate the care and attention that's gone into every detail - and it all adds up to a hugely pleasurable experience for driver and passengers alike. Available in 208, 308, 508 and RCZ including SW models. NEW PEUGEOT GT LINE RANGE

PEUGEOT HAS PARTNERED WITH ROLAND GARROS FOR A 108 SPECIAL EDITION. The partnership is more than 30 years old and Peugeot has delivered the 108 car for modification. The vehicle will be available with a roof on the top, but also as a TOP! cabrio version. The car is based on the 108 Allure model, which is powered by the 1.2-litre PureTech engine. The unit produces 82hp (60 kW) and has emissions as little as 99g/km of CO2. The car is available in two paint finishes , Diamond White and Raven Black . Prices from ÂŁ 12,495.00 otr.


PEUGEOT 3-CYLINDER TURBO PURE TECH ENGINE WINS AN INTERNATIONAL ENGINE OF THE YEAR AWARD IN 2015 HONOURS. Winner of the 2015 International engine of the year' award in the 1.0-litre to 1.4-litre category, Peugeot PureTech is advanced 3-cylinder petrol engine technology that offers a drive and performance normally associated with much bigger engines but with significantly improved fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Put simply, a 1.2 PureTech engine gives you the power and performance of a 1.6 litre engine, but the efficiency of a smaller engine.


MARCUS RUTHERFORD FOUNDATION PEUGEOT BOXER NOW ‘ON TOUR’ WITH THE MARCUS RUTHERFORD CANCER FOUNDATION, was established by 22 year old Marcus Rutherford, who was diagnosed with Leukaemia as a fit and healthy 18year-old who sadly passed away in 2012. The van was donated by Peugeot, and converted in conjunction with members of Marcus’s loyal team in and around University College London Hospital. The van will be serving as a mobile cancer awareness information point and will help to highlight earlier diagnosis of those in their late teens and early 20s. You can get further information at:

LOOKING FOR A GIFT IDEA? THEN LOOK NO FURTHER. visit the Peugeot online shop, The home of Peugeot branded products and merchandise. Full of great gift ideas for your friends and family. from model cars, to race shirts and even salt mills, there is something for for every Peugeot fan. Go to:


PRODUCTION PEUGEOT 208 ACHIEVES FUEL CONSUMPTION RECORD WITH 141 MPG AVERAGE OVER 1.337 MILES. A 1.6-litre Blue HDi 100 S&S Peugeot 208 has set a new long-distance fuel consumption record, under the supervision of the UTAC. An impressive 1,337.19 miles (2,152 kilometres) were covered on 9.45 gallons (43 litres) of Diesel, with an average fuel consumption of an amazing 141.2 mpg (2.0 l/100km). This performance was achieved at the end of April on the Peugeot test circuit at Belchamp in France, supervised by the French Type Approval Authority, UTAC.






Finance Example:

Finance Example:

3.9% APR

208 3-DOOR ACTIVE Puretech 1.0 68

208 3-DOOR ACTIVE Puretech 1.0 68

Finance Example:


36 Payments £99.00 Deposit £1,976.00 Optional Final Payment £5,129.00 Total Payment £10,669.00

4.9% APR Mileage Per Annum 6,000



36 Payments £119.00 Deposit £2,750.00 Optional Final Payment £5,431.00 Total Payment £13,462.48 APR 4.9% Mileage Per Annum 6,000

TELEPHONE: 02380 407400


36 Payments £225.00 Deposit £2,840.00 Optional Final Payment £7,054.00 Total Payment £18,693.28

1.9% APR

Mileage Per Annum 6,000




HIRE PURCHASE Finance Example:

3008 ACTIVE 1.2 130 S&S Puretech

HIRE PURCHASE Finance Example:

RCZ SPORT 106 THP NON-METALLIC PAINT Puretech Price otr £20,045.00 Deposit £4,009.16 48 Payments £334.00 Total Payment £20,045.00

0% APR Choose your deposit of between 20% and 75% (minimum 20% deposit) Set your monthly repayments


36 Payments £299.00 Deposit £4,000.00 Optional Final Payment £9,672.00 Total Payment £24,553.00

Irrespective of your motoring needs, we're confident that there is a Peugeot model for you - Small, Medium or Large; Hatchback, Estate or MPV; Petrol or Diesel; Manual or Automatic? We offer a wide choice of stylish, wellequipped, reliable and economical cars, including NIL ADVANCE PAYMENT You can download our current price list to view all our offers. [Price List]

Mileage Per Annum 6,000

4.9% APR

These are just a few examples of the offers we have at present. Please check with our sales team for further details and other offers. Terms & Conditions.


Don’t miss Peugeot’s exciting Uncut, Unleashed video, celebrating the launch of the New 208 with some adrenaline-fuelled action…

The film uses the New 208’s reverse parking camera to create a unique point of view for the action, combining precision driving with action-packed

A breath-taking sequence of skateboard, bike and park our stunts – featuring five incredible performers and Peugeot UK rally driver Chris Ingram.

Keelan Phillips


ally driver Chris Ingram, part of the Peugeot SPORT UK team, took the wheel of the New 208 leading it around a car park, while performers such as skaters Tony Gale and Nathan Morris as well as free-runner Paul ‘Blue’ Joseph carried out some impressive manoeuvres of their own. They were also joined by freestyle BMX rider Keelan Phillips and extreme mountain biker Danny Butler. Using the reverse parking camera Chris could keep a close eye on the action, and steer the New 208 through a precisely timed urban course – every manoeuvre guided by the reversing camera while the action was being captured. Chris wasn’t to be denied finishing with a flourish though, as once the performers were clear of the New 208 he executed a perfect handbrake turn. Chris thoroughly enjoyed playing his part in the video, even though the initial concept put him somewhat on edge. “When I first heard the idea for the shoot,” he explained, “I was quite nervous about driving the 208 backwards through the narrow concrete car park. However, as soon as I put all my trust in the reverse camera it was easy. I didn’t take my eye off the screen once during the entire run which proves what a great tool it is. I’m used to driving rally cars as fast as possible going forwards, but I’m probably a pretty average parker!”

THE PEUGEOT 108 Now With Sweeter Looks And Improved Performance Peugeot's stylish city car extends customer choice. The chic 108, already exceptional value for money in terms of technology, connectivity and features, is now available with Active City Brake and Lane Departure Warning System as an option on Allure and Feline badge levels. Active City Brake alerts the driver to a possible collision when travelling at less than 20mph and, if necessary, operates the emergency brake to completely avoid shunt situations or reduce the severity of an accident in the event that the driver does not react in time. Lane Departure Warning System, activated at 31mph, judges the position of the vehicle in relation to the lines on major roads, alerting the driver via sound and dashboard light should the lines be crossed. New Euro6 compliant engines are also introduced as a direct replacement for previous engines at no increase in cost to the customer, bringing greater efficiency. These include: the 1.0-litre 68hp with 95g/km of CO2, 1.0-litre 2-Tronic 68hp with 97g/km of CO2 and 1.2-litre PureTech 82hp with 99g/km of CO2. Eight vibrant body colours offer a colourful choice, including the all new metallic "French Blue" paint. Customers are encouraged to design a car to fit their style, so personalisation choices are wide and varied and include five interior ambiences, seven personalisation themes and, in addition to the eight body colours available, six new two-tone body colours are now available on both 3 and 5 door models (previously only the 3-door).

108 Now with 4.9% APR Finance See offers page for details.

TELEPHONE: 02380 407400

PREPARE YOUR PEUGEOT FOR A HOLIDAY WITH A SUMMER CHECK It’s always good to be prepared – especially when you’re planning days out or holidays – so why not make sure your car is too? For only £24.99 you’ll benefit from a 23-point check of your car, carried out by our Peugeot-trained technicians. They’ll even top up 500ml of key fluids – that’s the engine oil, brake fluid, coolant, screenwash and power steering fluid covered. You’d probably also like to stay cool and enjoy a great atmosphere when you drive. So why not upgrade to a Summer and Air Conditioning Check and Treatment for just £39.99? It’s good to know your Air Conditioning’s in good health and functioning well – you’ll stay cool and enjoy clean, fresh air while you’re driving. For the Air Conditioning check a Peugeot-trained technician will check your Air Conditioning system, including:

» Heater control and blower speed » Pipes » Pollen filter » Condenser and under bonnet system » Driver belt condition and tension Book your Summer Check or Summer and Air Conditioning Check and enjoy carefree trips over the holiday season. Price includes FREE TRAVEL PACK that includes Travel blanket, First aid kit, hand fan, Peugeot bag and a Frisbee. EXPERT CARE AT A PRICE YOU CAN TRUST.

Telephone: 02380 407400



PEUGEOT AFTERSALES WHY NOT GET A FREE TYRE CHECK? » Exhaustive tyre check by Peugeot-trained experts of all your tyres (including the spare) » Essential for responsive steering and safe braking » Like-for-like replacements recommended, if necessary » No hard sell – if your Peugeot tyres are still fine, we promise to tell you.


» Interim Service and MOT - £149. As part of our fixed price Range, we offer a range of fixed price MOT and Service offers for Peugeot cars and all other makes and models. Our MOTs and Servicing are carried out by Peugeot-trained experts and we pride ourselves on our commitment to transparency and integrity, Plus, you'll also benefit from our Peugeot Service Promise - striving to offer you the best possible service experience.


» It’s essential to get your timing belt replaced in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. A timing belt failure can cause catastrophic damage to your engine. If you’re unsure, please refer to your Warranty and Maintenance Handbook or call us and we can check for you. Timing belts can fail without warning. So we recommend that you have it checked regularly for signs of wear and tear.

TELEPHONE: 02380 407400



DO YOU NEED TO REPLACE YOUR TYRES We are currently offering a selected range of Matador Tyres, with a 20% discount! Owned by Continental Tyres, they are produced to the same high standards and we recommend them as a replacement for Peugeot Original fit tyres.

155/65 R14 - £47.34 175/65 R14 - £46.28 185/65 R15 - £54.16 PRICE INCLUDES; VALVE BALANCE & VAT

For further Information, call today: Telephone

02380 407400

With the holiday season just around the corner now is the time to arrange a service for your motorhome. We are one of the best equipped Peugeot Dealers in the country to Service/MOT motorhomes of all shapes and sizes. We ensure your vehicle is maintained to the highest standard in accordance with the manufacturer's service schedule. Don't need a scheduled service? No problem, we also offer a travel safety service check for only £39.99! THE FLUID YOUR PEUGEOT BRAKES DEPEND ON » Brake fluid deteriorates over time and needs replacing at least every two years to keep you car brakes working efficiently. Peugeot will put new brake fluid in during your Scheduled Service if required It’s easy to check the brake fluid level for yourself – top the reservoir up to “MAX” if necessary? If you need to keep topping the fluid up, it could mean there’s a leak or that the pads or shoes are worn? We will be happy to check the brake fluid for you if you ever think something may be wrong?

'We support Hamble Motors' Meet the Walsingham family, who responded to our request for pictures of you and your Peugeot’s. That’s mom Beryl with her 2008, Daughter - 108, Grandson - 208 and son with his 107 and… Well that’s Beryl grand daughter on the end and I quote “Boo Hoo, where’s mine” - You never know where the next customer is lol!

SARAH’S STORY On the 29�� May this year, Sarah celebrated her 5�� wedding anniversary thanks to her 106! 7 years ago Sarah had a flat tyre on a quiet country lane when a stranger stopped to assist her. Mark (great guy) fixed the tyre and well…

….Baby number 3 is on the way and this is Sarah & Mark collecting their new car a few weeks ago from us. Congratulations from all at Hamble Motors and thanks for a great story! Do you have a story to tell about your Peugeot? Let us know, we’d love to hear it!

The perfect balance of practicality and style – the awardwinning 308 SW delivers a flexible and comfortable family space that really stands out from the crowd. The 308 SW offers a choice of two turbo charged PureTech petrol engines. Peugeot’s PureTech 3-cylinder petrol engine technology delivers a drive and performance normally associated with bigger engines but with significantly improved fuel consumption.

From: New 308 SW Access 5 speed manual £ 17,145.00 On the Road

Introducing the New 508 SW - a new estate car with more assertive styling plus enhanced onboard technology, resulting in a new and exciting driving experience. Both the handling and the acoustics of the New 508 SW bear testimony to Peugeot's expertise when it comes to driving performance. Top quality car-to-ground connecting components interact with highly efficient engines including the latest generation of Blue HDi engines, plus a choice of manual or six-speed automatic gearbox, to provide a uniquely enjoyable driving experience.

From: New 508 SW Active 1.6 BlueHDi 120 6 5 speed manual ÂŁ24,370.00 On the Road

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Peugeot 208 RX at Goodwood Festival of Speed 2015 FIA World Rally Cross driver James Grint takes on the Goodwood Hill Climb in the Albatec Peugeot 208 RX. Sit back & enjoy!

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Hamble Motors Summer News 2015