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Hi and welcome to our first 2016 newsletter. So much has happened since out last edition and most of it was of the wet and windy variety! 2016 has got off to such a good start for the Peugeot Marque, including and exciting Dakar 2016 victory for the 2008 DKR. You will find a report and video in this edition. As well as the 2008 victory, we have news of the exciting New Peugeot Traveller, that will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in March., But you won’t have to wait that long as we have some early images of it. Further news will follow in the coming months.

I would like to thank Motoring Journalist Gareth Butterfield, for letting us use his independent review of the 208 GTi. Gareth was a big fan of the 205 Gti, and was keen to compare the two cars. Finally I would once again like to thank you for helping us to archive Peugeot’s highest dealer award, Guild of Gold status. Your customer feedback helps determine the top dealers in the country and I guess you must like us! Until next time….

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In this edition, we have added a variety of stories related to the Peugeot Marque, and one of my favourites is news that the 205 Gti, a car close to many Peugeot owners, has been voted the top hot hatch of all time, those of you who were fortunate to have owned one, won’t be surprised!



PEUGEOT 208 GTi ----------------------------------------------Gareth Butterfield Test Drives the GTi


ARTHUR BENJAMINS ----------------------------------------------A profile of the Artist


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PEUGEOT 205 GTi ----------------------------------------------The award winning “Hot Hatch” winner


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PEUGEOT-TOTAL “Dream Team” ----------------------------------------------2008 DKR Wins Dakar 2016


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Balanced, elegant and refined, the 108 3-door has been designed to be perfectly at home in the city. With a turning radius of just 4.8m, it’s perfect for those tight spaces, and the driving position has been brought forward, allowing you excellent vision in every direction. The engine choice on the 108 includes Peugeot's PureTech. This 3-cylinder petrol engine technology delivers energetic drive and performance, excellent fuel economy and low CO2 emissions. It’s the result of intelligent, innovative engineering, which combines reduced weight materials with the efficiency of direct fuel injection to give you maximum pleasure behind the wheel, at any speed, for less. Prices start from £8,445 on the road and £10,695 for the TOP! Finance example and fuel consumption figures available By clicking this link.

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Motoring Journalist Gareth Butterfield has a passion for cars. As a previous owner of the award winning 205 Gti, he was excited at the prospect of a week getting to know The New Peugeot 208 GTi DAY ONE I MUST admit I’m fairly excited about spending a week in the Peugeot 208 GTi. It’s been around for quite a while now and has won high praise among motoring journalists for putting the spark back into the French firm’s hot hatch range. I have fond memories of its greatgrandfather, the 205 GTI which is now something of a 1980's icon. The models that followed succeeded in their own right, but the hot ones never quite matched the sparkle of the original, wild and raucous 205 that really did set pulses racing. I’ve read a lot about the 208 GTi’s welcome return to that form and, while it hardly feels like a back-tobasics car as I climb inside the beautifully appointed and very upmarket interior, there are some wonderfully sporty touches. Take the red leather stripe at the top of the beautifully-sculpted steering wheel. Any car geek will

know this pays homage to a piece of insulating tape. Utterly pointless but completely exciting. It’s one of many little red “bits” I find as I look around the cabin, bearing the sort of smiling, exploring gaze, a six-year-old has when he’s just set eyes on the mountain bike he got for Christmas. And these red bits remind me of the 205. It might be a million miles away in terms of technology and build quality from the 80's hot hatch I fell in love with as a child, but the designers definitely had a picture of it on their desk when they penned this new car. DAY TWO MY first journey in the 208 GTi is a drive home on a familiar road with its familiar bends and undulations and it doesn’t take long to realise the car’s intentions. Not that the standard 208 is a dull thing to drive, but the GTi is incredibly sharp, willing and visceral. Oh, and then there’s the engine. It’s a heavily tweaked version of the 1.6 lump found in lesser models and the wonderful little Citroen DS3.

A meaty turbo gives it 200bhp and a big exhaust gives it a sporty, purposeful note. If I’m honest, I was expecting something even more raucous. It’s almost as if there’s been some regulations preventing this car from being genuinely bonkers. But it’s quick. Oh, yes, it’s quick. And it’s not just quick, either. It corners like it’s stuck to the road with glue. Its embarrassingly large gear nob is taking some getting used to but the change is positive and short and the comically small steering wheel needs very few turns to lock it over on tight bends. Oh, this is fun. DAY THREE TODAY the wife and I are going to see some friends in Yorkshire, so we’ve got to take the 208 out of its familiar territory in the rural back roads and spend a bit of time on the motorways. We’re staying overnight, so her ladyship needs many suitcases and these fit in the 208’s boot surprisingly well. The boot is the same as the standard 208's and it’s nice and deep. There’s even

plenty of room in the rear seats which is good, because this car is only available as a three-door model. The car rides well on the M1. I’ve got plenty of gadgets to keep me interested, an excellent stereo, a good infotainment system with a simple and effective sat nav and allimportant cruise control. But there’s something niggling at me. At first, it really is a niggle, nothing more, but after an hour of driving, towards the M18, I realise the exhaust note is doing my head in. Confession time… As a youngster I once added a big sporty exhaust to my Fiat Uno. It made it ridiculously loud and I loved it. The Peugeot’s exhaust is nowhere near as loud as that, but it is quite “sporty” and the constant boom has become quite tiresome. DAY FOUR We’re taking our friends out for a ride in the 208. They’re both into their cars and seem impressed by the upmarket feel of the

interior. However, the ride, apparently, is a little too firm in the back. I tried to explain that this was because of the standard 208’s spring rates being increased by around 20 per per cent, along with

thicker and firmer dampers being fitted but neither my wife nor my friends wife could hear me over the exhaust. From the front, my friend and I think the ride is pretty good. We also like the exhaust note and the way the car comes alive at the top of the rev-range, with the turbo kicking in to give it a brutal shove before each gear change. It was a short-lived burst of enjoyment, however, as the pair of now marginally deaf spouses in the rear seats were starting to feel a bit sick. Time to head home. If anything, my friends seem under whelmed. They point out the slightly fussy

styling, the way the fusebox ruins any chance of putting things in the glove box and that boomy exhaust. Philistines. That said, as soon as we turned off the M6 and got onto the Yorkshire back-roads the car simply came alive again. Phew, for a moment there I thought I was getting old! DAY FIVE IT’S back to work today and back to what the 208 GTi does best. Relieving frustration on a stretch of rural blacktop. I’m frustrated, by the way, because the wife doesn’t like it. That’s odd because, it’s orange – her favourite colour – it’s petrol, which is the only fuel she will acknowledge the existence of and it’s sporty. The only type of car she really likes.

Later that day she’s heading out to see some friends and I throw her the keys to the Peugeot. A few hours later she returns, absolutely buzzing. Seriously, I was almost late for work the next day because of the time she spent explaining how brilliant the car felt on the limit and how pin-sharp the steering is and how eager the turbo-charged engine is to help the car head butt the horizon. And then it dawns on me. To really appreciate it you’ve got to drive it. Its flaws are few and far between, but its strengths are unlocked when you take it by the scruff of its neck and give it some punishment. It is, honestly, quite brilliant.

“In all the ways that matter, it’s absolutely brilliant”

DAY SIX AFTER a bit more larking around on my way to work I’m reminded of some of the more mundane things I have to think about when testing a car. Let’s start with fuel economy. I’ve been achieving low 30's when I’m not behaving, and high-30's when I was behaving. Yesterday, during a stint following a tipper-lorry on an A-road I coaxed it to 42 MPG. I really was trying, but it’s not bad for a car tuned to such an extent.

He (and his car) looked like a naughty school boy that hadn’t grown up. As good as the Fiesta is, it’s always going to give the wrong impression.

For a car with 208bhp on tap, it puts out a frankly rather impressive 125g/km of CO2 as well, which certainly impresses me. And, if you really need to ask, GTi ownership starts at a shade under £20,000.

In fact, if it was my money, if I had to choose between the two, I’d pick the Pug. To be honest, the Ford’s handling is slightly better and there are still aspects of the GTi which bother me, but it’s just more my cup of tea.

DAY SEVEN ON my way to work today a Ford Fiesta ST passes in the opposite direction. I’m reminded of how good that car is to drive and the fact it costs a little less than the Peugeot. But the guy behind the wheel looked like a Ford driver.

Whereas my Peugeot really has grown up. It’s matured and got through its problemchild phase and is now good at many things. I’m not saying it’s matured to the point where it will only be seen in corduroy trousers, but it’s way past the shellsuit phase the Ford seems to be stuck in.

It’s fun but in a grown up way. And, by the same token, it’s grown up but has a healthy dose of excitement ready to be let out. In all the ways that matter, it’s absolutely brilliant. You can read more of Gareth’s reviews by clicking this link.


1 .0 L 2 0 8 A cce s P on th ureTech s A/C 68 5 e ro a s d fro m £1 peed 1 ,8 4 5

1.0L P 208 Acti v on th ureTech 6 e 8 e roa d from 5 speed £ 1 2 ,6 45

The Peugeot 208 has had a chic makeover: this compact, nextgeneration city car is now even sportier and more elegant. The New 208 3-door has been finessed in many key areas; with more assertive new styling, fresh exterior colour choices and even more innovative technology to make it stand out from the crowd. Now available with 0% Finance on Peugeot Just Add Fuel® & Passport. Further Information & Finance Example

20 1 .2 L Pure 8 Allure T on th e roa ech 82 5 s d fro m£1 peed 4 ,3 4 5

1 .2 L 2 Pure 08 GT Li T on th ech 11 ne 0 e roa d fro S&S 5 sp m£1 6 ,2 4 5 eed

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Rubens Barrichello Italian Grand Prix 1996 - Jordan Peugeot 196


utch born Arthur Benjamins' desire to become a racing driver never materialised. Instead, he found it more fulfilling to depict than to drive them. In 1973, one of his first exhibitions was in a Rotterdam Ford showroom during a publicity day where he would meet reigning F1 World champion Jackie Stewart, various Dutch and Belgian racing drivers. Also present was an equally young Arie Luyendyk, who would go on to win the Indy 500 twice. Benjamins moved to London in 1974, from where he established himself as one of the leading motor racing artists.


is work was featured in countless UK and foreign newspaper and magazine articles, book illustrations and covers, fine art prints and several television features, including a 5 minutes feature in the “Top Gear� series in 1987. In 1998, his one-man show on Jersey Channel Island was officially opened by F-1 team owner, Eddie Jordan. Benjamins has exhibited extensively in the UK, Holland, Venice and even Malta. His fine art prints continue to sell worldwide. He pioneered the use of Photorealism within motor racing art, a painting style hitherto never associated with this sport. His paintings reflected all the colour, speed and excitement in a manner not exhibited before and it spawned a whole new spate of general motoring artists. In late 2013, Benjamins moved to Phoenix, Arizona from where he would continue to springboard a whole new style of Neoplasticism – a painting movement which had lain quiet since 1944. He would also change his motoring style to a more graphic genre and continue to have a spate of exhibitions in Arizona, California and Colorado. In the relatively short time he has been in the USA, his work is already beginning to attract a serious and dedicated following. For further information on Arthur and his work, you can connect with him on Facebook by clicking here.

Left: Pedro Rodriguez - Porsche 908. Above Left: GulfPorsche 917. Above right: Ayrton Senna. Below: Swede Savage in the STP Red Eagle-Offy Indy Car.


Whilst the New Peugeot reveals a high standard of assertive styling maybe you’d like to add your own refinements? Designed by Peugeot, We have a complete range of accessories that will integrate seamlessly with your New Peugeot. Our high-quality accessories include everything you might need when you go out on the road. From practical equipment like roof bars, boot mats and child seats to technical upgrades for Wi-Fi and satellite navigation, each element is designed to fit perfectly with your New Peugeot. For more information on our accessories range including retail fitted prices, contact the Sales or Aftersales Teams on: 01380 731970 You can also download accessory brochures by Visiting our website.

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Written quotations on request, and remember, You can watch my video by clicking the link below. Just Add Fuel速 is Exclusive to Peugeot. Happy Driving, Jo! FURTHER INFORMATION

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THE PEUGEOT 2008 CROSSOVER 2008 ACCESS A/C PURETECH 1.2 82 Non metallic paint Finance Example: Vehicle Price £13,345.00 Monthly Payments £299.00 Deposit £500.00 Optional Final Payment £6,243.00 Mileage per annum 6,667



Robust yet elegant, the Peugeot 2008 is perfectly at home both in the city or the great outdoors. It takes style cues from the 208 with a floating grille and signature headlights but adds a distinctive SUV twist. Now available with 0% APR on the Just Add Fuel® scheme. Offer details, terms and conditions and fuel consumption figures Please follow this link.


4.9% APR The Peugeot 2008 Crossover is available on Just Add Fuel® - a unique finance package from Peugeot that includes: ● 3 YEARS INSURANCE ● 3 YEARS WARRANTY ● 3 YEARS SERVICING ● 3 YEARS CAR TAX ● 3 YEARS ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE

All in one easy monthly payment. So all you need to do is add fuel and go! PEUGEOT FINANCIAL SERVICES

2008 CROSSOVER From-£13,345 otr

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PEUGEOT 205 GTi THE ‘GREATEST EVER HOT HATCH’ The ‘Greatest Ever Hot Hatch’ was unveiled by triple BTCC Champion Matt Neal at the Performance Car Show following a comprehensive selection and reader voting contest, revealing the overwhelming winner was … the giant-beating Peugeot 205 GTi. The top-ten finalists were displayed as part of new ‘Hot Hatch Nirvana’ display at the Performance Car Show which is part of Autosport International, held at the NEC (National Exhibition Centre) in Birmingham between the 14th and 17th January. A must-see display called ‘Evolution of the Hot Hatch’ features an unrivalled collection of iconic

cars that have come to define and evolve the genre over decades. Hot hatches hold a special place in the hearts of many, and the Performance Car Show is presented by Landsail Tyres in association with Autocar and Following a global poll, the Peugeot 205 GTi emerged as the winner and was duly crowned the ‘Greatest Ever Hot Hatch’. The 205 GTi saw off some of the most popular hatches of all time to claim the accolade, having been part of a shortlist of 50. This shortlist was drawn up by a group of renowned automotive experts from two of the UK’s most respected and notable motoring titles.

Autocar’s Editor-in-Chief, Steve Cropley and Road Test Editor, Matt Prior, Piston Heads Editor, Dan Trent as well as Autocar Contributing Editor and overall curator, Richard Bremner came together to compile the list of contenders, which then went to a public vote. The final top 10 features some of the most iconic and desired cars of the last four decades. The Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evolution 1 finished as a worthy runner up to the 205 GTi, while the most recognised Ford Escort of all time – the RS Cosworth from the mid-1990s – completed a prestigious podium.


THE FINAL TOP TEN 1. Peugeot 205 GTi 1.6 2. Lancia Delta HF Integrale 3. Ford Escort RS Cosworth 4. VW Golf GTi Mk1 5. Renault Clio Williams 6. Renault Clio 182 Trophy 7. VW Golf GTi Mk2 8. Renault 5 GT Turbo 9. Ford Focus RS Mk1

“The Peugeot 205 GTi was unbeatable for its sheer rev-happy, go-hard verve and subtly perfect styling. Lightning-quick gearshifts, urgent power delivery, blade-sharp steering and deliciously driftable handling made the 205 an overnight hot hatch king” Hot Hatch Nirvana curator Richard Bremner

THE PEUGEOT 108 108 ACCESS 3 Door PURETECH 1.2 820 68 Non metallic paint Finance Example: Vehicle Price £8,345.00 Monthly Payments £115.00 Deposit £1,600.00 Optional Final Payment £4,536.00 Mileage per annum 6,667


Peugeot’s stylish compact city car, Introducing the 108 3-door and 108 TOP! Cabrio 3-door. Chic, full of character and with a multitude of options, the hardest part is choosing! Now available with 4.9% APR on the Just Add Fuel® scheme. Offer details, terms and conditions and fuel consumption figures Please follow this link.


4.9% APR The Peugeot 2008 Crossover is available on Just Add Fuel® - a unique finance package from Peugeot that includes: ● 3 YEARS INSURANCE ● 3 YEARS WARRANTY ● 3 YEARS SERVICING ● 3 YEARS CAR TAX ● 3 YEARS ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE

All in one easy monthly payment. So all you need to do is add fuel and go! PEUGEOT FINANCIAL SERVICES

2008 CROSSOVER From-£13,345 otr

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Packed with equipment to make your time on the road easy and fun, the New 3008 is where you want to be if you’ve got a long road ahead. Peugeot Connect means you’ve always got your personal music at your fingertips, while the Head-Up display gives you vital driving info at eye-level and a rear view camera for easier reversing make for an even safer drive.

The stylish 3008 Crossover gives you the best of both worlds - a practical, comfortable family vehicle with an adventurous spirit. 3008 - The road to sensations!Now available with 0% APR on the Just Add Fuel® scheme. Offer details, terms & conditions and fuel consumption figures Please follow this link.

3008 ACTIVE £20,295 otr


Peugeot Financial Services hire purchase package means you can buy a brand new Peugeot and pay it off with fixed monthly payments. And with our 0% offers, you won’t pay any interest at all. The Peugeot 3008 Crossover is available 0% APR representative finance on selected models over 4 years. Choose your deposit of between 20% and 75% (minimum 20% deposit) Set your monthly repayments. GE ERY MILEA E IV L E D D VE A USE 0 ON TH ….. WE HA A SAVING OF £4,00 S S E R P P AILS STO ABLE WITH LL TODAY FOR DET IL A V A 8 0 30 ICE - CA ABOVE PR

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DELIVERY MILEAGE CARS & DEMONSTRATOR SALE FEATURED CAR PEUGEOT 2008 5dr 1.2 VTi 82 BHP ALLURE Finished in Metallic Aluminium with Black/blue Cloth

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Demonstrators & Nearly New Cars & Vans For Sale. Demonstrator cars represent excellent value for money with big savings over the cost of new prices. They are essentially new cars, but at a significantly reduced price. Many of our demonstrator cars are only 3-4 months old, before they are offered for sale and they usually have very low, mileage. Not only can you save up to several thousands of pounds over the cost of a new car, you still get all the benefits of the remainder of the manufacturer’s 3 year warranty. We quite often have delivery mileage car offers available with BIG Savings! Please check with the Sales for further details. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information above. Images are for illustration purposes only and are not the exact car.



FEATURED CAR PEUGEOT 108 5dr ACTIVE 1.0 Finished in Metallic Grey with Multicolour Cloth

FEATURED CAR PEUGEOT 208 5dr ACCESS 1.0 Vti 68 Puretech Finished in Metallic Aluminium with Black Cloth

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NEW PRICE: 15,440 SALE PRICE: £13,995 SAVING: £1,445

NEW PRICE: 11,695 SALE PRICE: £10,450 SAVING: £1,245



FEATURED CAR PEUGEOT 108 5dr 1.2 ALLURE TOP! Finished in Metallic Raven Black with Black Cloth

FEATURED CAR PEUGEOT 208 3dr ACCESS 1.0 Vti Puretech Finished in Metallic Aluminium with Black Cloth

NEW PRICE: 13,090 SALE PRICE: £11,395 SAVING: £1,695

NEW PRICE: 11,695 SALE PRICE: £9,450 SAVING: £2,245

Looking for a Used Peugeot and can't find that right car for you? Let us know what your ideal Peugeot is and we will try to find it. We have access to hundreds of used Peugeot cars and we may be able to help?

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“Some 26 years after its previous success on the epic event, Peugeot has won the Dakar Rally for the fifth time in the French marque’s history. The two-wheel drive Peugeot 2008 DKR has triumphed with its most illustrious crew on the event: Stéphane Peterhansel and Jean-Paul Cottret”


his victory is the latest chapter in a compelling story of motorsport success for Peugeot, which includes four Dakar wins in Africa between 1987 and 1990, as well as success in various other events that include the Le Mans 24 Hours, Pikes Peak and the World Rally Championship. This win will go down in history for PEUGEOT, which triumphed at only its second participation in South America. A total of three PEUGEOT 2008 DKRs reached the finish ramp.

An overall result like this would never have been possible without all the team members helping each other, or without those real heroes in the shadows: the indefatigable mechanics. Cyril Despres, who drove an excellent rally in only his second participation on four wheels and contributed to one of Peugeot’s seven onetwos, also became a guardian angel for his team mates, helping them out of trouble on more than one occasion. These made for powerful images, which have contributed to the Dakar’s

legend of sportsmanship and fraternity. The duo of Stéphane Peterhansel and Jean-Paul Cottret in the number 302 PEUGEOT 2008 DKR called upon all of their experience to seal another win at the finish ramp in Rosario. This is not only their sixth win together, but the 12th win in total for Peterhansel – a six-time Dakar motorbike winner – 25 years after his debut triumph. The Frenchman has further extended his winning record and ensured that his status as ‘Mr Dakar’ is beyond doubt. Continued.

Three of the four Peugeot 2008 DKRs entered have reached the finish. Carlos Sainz and Lucas Cruz were the leaders with just four days to go, but were not able to join their team mates on the finish ramp – having made a key contribution however to the result.

Peugeot has won the Dakar on just its second participation in the South American event. The 2008 DKRs claimed nine stage wins out of a possible 12, including seven one-twos and two one-two-threes.

A CRACK TEAM With a 9500-kilometre route in two weeks through Argentina and Bolivia, taking in extremes of weather and altitudes that peaked at 4800 metres, Team Peugeot Total took on a fearsome challenge with one of the most accomplished line-ups ever seen in Dakar history. With 17 Dakar victories between them, the crews of Stéphane Peterhansel/Jean-Paul Cottret, Carlos Sainz/Lucas Cruz and Cyril Despres/David Castera were joined by nine-time world rally champions Sébastien Loeb and Daniel Elena, making their debut on the event. A TECHNICAL CHALLENGE All the crews gave it their best shot at the wheel of the PEUGEOT 2008 DKR. Peugeot’s engineers learned several valuable lessons during their first participation in South America last year, and worked non-stop ever since to improve the car. Lower, wider, longer and more powerful, the new PEUGEOT 2008 DKR didn’t take long to show the extent of its potential. The car kept faith with its two-wheel drive configuration against the traditional 4x4s, and was instantly at ease on every type of surface, underlining the effectiveness of the technical choices that were originally made. TWO WEEKS OF UPS AND DOWNS The Team Peugeot Total crews claimed the lead of the rally right from the first proper special stage. Using all of his traditional rallying expertise, Sébastien Loeb was the first to claim a stage win, and by the time the rally reached the rest day at Salta, following some challenging stages at high altitude in Bolivia, the top-three line-up consisted of Loeb, Peterhansel and Sainz. The second week of the rally offered further adventures with a more varied route and both Sebastien Loeb and Carlos Sainz bid farewell to their hopes of victory, because of a roll and a mechanical breakage on stage 10 respectively. Cyril Despres had already been delayed on stage five so it was Stéphane Peterhansel who emerged as Team Peugeot Total’s main contender for victory. The Frenchman seized the advantage on the 10th of 13 stages, with a cushion of one hour at the head of the field. He then just had to manage that advantage all the way to the finish.

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308 5-DOOR GT LINE HB PURETECH 1.2 E-THP 130 S&S Non metallic paint Finance Example: Vehicle Price £21,645.00 Monthly Payments £329.00 Deposit £1,060.00 Optional Final Payment £8,858.00 Mileage per annum 6,667


The award-winning Peugeot 308 is stylish, daring and Intuitive - perfect for those who know that streamlined doesn’t have to mean low-tech. Now available with 0% APR on the Just Add Fuel® scheme. Offer details, terms and conditions and fuel consumption figures Please follow this link.


0% APR The Peugeot 2008 Crossover is available on Just Add Fuel® - a unique finance package from Peugeot that includes: 3 YEARS INSURANCE 3 YEARS WARRANTY 3 YEARS SERVICING 3 YEARS CAR TAX 3 YEARS ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE

All in one easy monthly payment. So all you need to do is add fuel and go! PEUGEOT FINANCIAL SERVICES

308 Range From-£15,195 (HB) otr

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New For 2016


The is a sneak view of the NEW Peugeot Traveller that will be hopefully available sometime in 2016. The Traveller will be unveiled on the Peugeot stand at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2016. The Traveller will be available in MPV versions for private use and in shuttle versions for business use. By the time our next magazine is out, we should have a lot more information on the Peugeot Traveller. We think it looks a Winner!

Contact the Sales team more information and updates. TELEPHONE: 01380 731970


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Official Fuel Consumption in MPG (l/100km) and CO2 emissions for the Boxer range are: Urban 29.7 – 43.5 (9.5 – 8.5), Extra Urban 30.7 – 48.7 (6.5 – 5.8), Combined 37.7 – 43.5 (7.5 – 6.8) and CO2 emissions 199 – 180 (g/km). For the Bipper range are: Urban 49.6 – 60.1 (5.7 – 4.7), Extra Urban 74.3 (3.8), Combined 62.8 – 68.9 (4.5 – 4.1) and CO2 emissions 119 – 109 (g/km). For the Partner range are: Urban 30.0 – 58.9 (9.6 – 4.8), Extra Urban 48.7 – 65.7 (5.7 – 4.3), Combined 39.8 – 64.2 (7.1 – 4.6) and CO2 emissions 164 – 115 (g/km). For the Expert range are: Urban 32.9 – 37.2 (8.6 – 7.6), Extra Urban 42.8 – 48.7 (6.6 – 5.8), Combined 39.2 – 44.1 (7.2 – 6.4) and CO2 emissions 189 – 168 (g/km). MPG figures are achieved under official EU test conditions, intended as a guide for comparative purposes only and may not reflect actual on-the-road driving conditions. Offer price is basic price less dealer contribution, where applicable, including delivery, number plates, Government First Registration Fee and Vehicle Excise Duty. Excludes VAT. Metallic paint optional at extra cost of up to £400. Offer applies to qualifying Peugeot Vans ordered and delivered until 31.03.2016. Offer subject to stock availability Grip Control available on all Boxer models, all Expert panel vans, all Partner vans (excluding Electric) and The Bipper S and Professional.

PEUGEOT BUSINESS From a range of award-winning Peugeot cars and vans, to fixed price parts and labour, there’s nothing we can’t make easier and more economical when it comes to maintaining business vehicles. Our dedicated Local Business Specialist will advise on suitable options and specifications, finance arrangements to suit your needs and tax-efficient advice, we’ll even come to you to discuss your business needs. And with a dedicated Business Service Advisor and a team of specialist Peugeot technicians, we’ve got the resources you need for all your after care. We also offer vehicle collection and delivery during servicing periods, plus supplementary vehicles to keep your operations on the road. Contact us to find out more.

BIPPER VAN from £8,995 Monthly rentals from £139 + VAT with

PARTNER VAN from £10,415 Monthly rentals from £149 + VAT with

EXPERT VAN from £13,280 Monthly rentals from £169 + VAT with

Peugeot Contract Hire*

Peugeot Contract Hire*

Peugeot Contract Hire*

TELEPHONE: 01380 731970

BOXER VAN from £15,549 Monthly rentals from £210 + VAT with Peugeot Contract Hire*

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LOOKING AFTER YOUR EVERY NEED Irrespective of your motoring needs, we're confident that there is a Peugeot model for you - Small, Medium or Large; Hatchback, Estate or MPV; Petrol or Diesel; Manual or Automatic? We offer a wide choice of stylish, well-equipped, reliable and economical cars, including NIL ADVANCE PAYMENT You can download our current price list to view all our offers. [Price List]

Fussell Wadman Peugeot News February 2016  
Fussell Wadman Peugeot News February 2016