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Thursday • November 15, 2012 •


Obama: Americans are looking for consensus, coalitions Barack Obama As I said on Tuesday night, the American people voted for action, not politics as usual. You elected us to focus on your jobs, not ours. And in that spirit, I’ve invited leaders of both parties to the White House this week, so we can start to build consensus around the challenges that we can only solve together. And I also intend to bring in business and labor and civic leaders from all across the country here to Washington to get their ideas and input as well. At a time when our economy is still recovering from the Great Recession, our top priority has to be jobs and growth. That’s the focus of the plan I talked about during the campaign. It’s a plan to reward small businesses and manufacturers that create jobs here, not overseas. It’s a plan to give people the chance to get the education and training that businesses are looking for right now. It’s a plan to make sure this country is a global leader in research and technology and clean energy, which will attract new companies and highwage jobs to America. It’s a plan to put folks back to work, including our veterans, rebuilding our roads and our bridges, and other infrastructure. And it’s a plan to reduce our deficit in a balanced and responsible way. Our work is made that much more urgent because at the end

of this year, we face a series of deadlines that require us to make major decisions about how to pay our deficit down — decisions that will have a huge impact on the economy and the middle class, both now and in the future. Last year, I worked with Democrats and Republicans to cut a trillion dollars’ worth of spending that we just couldn’t afford. I intend to work with both parties to do more — and that includes making reforms that will bring down the cost of health care so we can strengthen programs like Medicaid and Medicare for the long haul. But as I’ve said before, we can’t just cut our way to prosperity. If we’re serious about reducing the deficit, we have to combine spending cuts with revenue — and that means asking the wealthiest Americans to pay a little more in taxes. That’s how we did it in the 1990s, when Bill Clinton was president. That’s how we can reduce the deficit while still making the investments we need to build a strong middle class and a strong economy. That’s the only way we can still afford to train our workers, or help our kids pay for college, or make sure that good jobs in clean energy or hightech manufacturing don’t end up in countries like China. Now, already, I’ve put forward a detailed plan that allows us to make these investments while reducing our deficit by $4 trillion

At a time when our economy is still recovering from the Great Recession, our top priority has to be jobs and growth.

Boston City Councilor Tito Jackson (R) and state Democratic Party Chairman John E. Walsh participated in a recent community forum at Darryl’s Corner Bar and Kitchen to discuss the presidential election and state politics. (Don West photo)

Warren’s win fueled by high black voter turnout Yawu Miller Last spring, the Massachusetts Democratic Party was on the ropes. The state’s most popular and charismatic politician was Republican Senator Scott Brown, Republican candidates were gearing up to expand their gains in the state’s House and Senate and Democrats were still smarting from Attorney General Martha Coakley’s defeat in the special election she lost to Brown in 2010. As election results rolled in on television screens across the Bay State last Tuesday evening showing Harvard Professor Elizabeth Warren with an eight-point lead

over Brown, the state’s GOP insurgency fizzled along with the hopes of former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. In the end, the Elizabeth Warren campaign prevailed with the help of what many say was the most extensive and sophisticated get-out-the-vote effort in history. In Boston’s black and Latino communities, where support for Democratic candidates is far higher than the state average, the get-out-the-vote effort was in full swing Tuesday, with the Warren campaign, unions and communitybased organizations mounting an impressive effort to push turnout. “There was a real, conscious effort to put resources in commu-

Consensus, continued to page 18

nities of color,” said Steve Tompkins, who worked as a senior policy advisor on the Warren campaign. Tompkins and others from the campaign crisscrossed the state in the weeks leading up to the election, formulating plans to turn out voters. On Election Day in Roxbury, Democratic activists saturated Boston’s black, Latino and Asian communities, knocking on doors, making phone calls and dropping literature to remind people to vote. At Warren’s Grove Hall office, dozens of volunteers manned phones, distributed campaign literature and gave orders to campaign volunteers who hit the pavement in Roxbury. Warren, continued to page 20

Obama’s victory: An historic tipping point Lawrence D. Bobo For a year I have been telling people that the 2012 presidential contest is far more important than the 2008 election. Yes, in 2008 America elected its first African American president in Barack Obama. This was a profoundly historic achievement no matter how you figure it. But that outcome, to borrow some apt social science jargon, was over-determined.

Here’s why: George W. Bush was a lame duck incumbent in 2008. No matter what, he was out. His failed presidency involved a deeply polarized nation, two misguided wars, the massive incompetence and indifference seen in Hurricane Katrina and an imploding economy. In such a context, a Democrat, any Democrat, was expected to win. And, indeed, virtually all of the arid econometric models that fore-


Civil War reenactors march along Tremont Street in the City’s Veterans Day Parade on Sunday, Nov. 11. (Patrick O’Connor photo)



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2 • Thursday, November 15, 2012 • BAY STATE BANNER

Straight talk with comedian Charlie Murphy pelle’s Show,” and who makes him laugh these days.

When I first saw you do stand-up it was with the “I’m Rich B… Tour” with Bill Burr and Donnell Rawlings. How has your comedy evolved since then? I found my voice. I figured out what I wanted to talk about. When I first started, I was trying to figure out what the audience wanted to hear. Now I tell them what they want to hear. I have more life experiences to draw from as well. I’ve learned to talk about my family, raising my kids as a single dad and the passing of my wife.

Comedian Charlie Murphy performs a stand-up routine. (Photo courtesy of 3000 Eyes Entertainment) Colette Greenstein Charlie Murphy — you hear that name and automatically think of the “Chapelle’s Show” skit “Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories,” based on his real-life encounters with Rick James and Prince in the 1980s when he worked for his brother Eddie Murphy as his security guard. Murphy became a household name as a result of his appearances on the critically-acclaimed “Chapelle’s Show” on Comedy Central. Since his rise to fame, Murphy has gone on to become a successful stand-up comedian and has ap-

peared in movies such as “Lottery Ticket” and “Our Family Wedding” and on the TBS series “Are We There Yet?” He also voiced the character Ed Wuncler III on the Cartoon Network’s “The Boondocks” and is currently in Los Angeles filming Ashton Kutcher’s prank show, “Who Gets The Last Laugh,” where celebrities prank regular people and a celebrity guest directs each episode. Charlie will direct and star in an upcoming show. Murphy was at The Wilbur Theatre in Boston last Friday and answered several questions via email about his stand-up career, “Chap-

Has your brother, Eddie Murphy, ever given you any feedback or advice about your stand-up? Advice? No. But he pulled my coattail when I was tripping about bombing on a show very early in my stand-up career. I called him like at 3 a.m. one night after a show and told him I bombed. He said, “Who do you think you are?” I said, “What do you mean?” He said, “Richard Pryor bombed. Cosby bombed. Red Foxx bombed. I’ve bombed.” So I’ll ask you again, “Who do you think you are?” That conversation put things into perspective for me.

“Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories” was one of the funniest skits on

“Chappelle’s Show.” Did you ever think it would have the impact that it did?

of celebrities and stars. Is there anyone you’ve met that you were starstruck by?

When we shot it, I didn’t think it would amount to much. I mean, I knew what we shot was funny but it wasn’t until we shot the wraparounds and I saw the audience’s reaction that I knew we had something special.

Starstruck? [President] Obama. I met him in an airport in Chicago. This was when he was still a senator, and he had this presence that was almost regal. I was impressed by him. [I] still am. He’s an incredible role model for young black males and for men in general.

You’ve traveled all over the world performing. How have international audiences received your comedy? Audiences around the globe receive my comedy just like American audiences [do]. My comedy is universal. We’re all human. Everyone takes a sh*t. I love overseas crowds. They give it up big time. They show a lot of love.

How did your autobiography, “The Making of a Stand-Up Guy,” come about? Simon and Schuster came to me to do, basically, a “True Hollywood Stories” book. I didn’t want to do that. I wanted to tell my story. And of course there were some Hollywood moments revealed, but I didn’t want it to be a book about Eddie or my [celebrity] friends. I wanted people to know me, to understand where I came from and why and how I got to be where I am right now.

You’re known for rocking hats both on and off stage. How many do you own? Would you consider your own line of hats? Wow. I don’t know. I never counted. Actually, a hat line has come up and we’re looking into a partnership for that.

You’ve been in the entertainment business a long time and have met a lot

Who makes you laugh? My brother. Tracy Morgan. Chris Rock. Arsenio [Hall]. Martin [Lawrence], to name a few.

Who do you think are some of the funniest comics doing stand-up today? There are a lot of funny guys out there and they’re all my friends. Eddie Griffin, Tracy Morgan, Katt Williams, Kevin Hart, Donnell Rawlings — I mean the list goes on and on.

You started doing standup when you were 42. Any advice for someone who’s starting out in comedy today? Stay onstage. If you’re serious about this, you need to get onstage a much as possible. If you want to be good, stay onstage and study some of the greats. Develop your own voice, but know who came before you.

What upcoming projects can we look forward to? We’re developing some TV show ideas and reading scripts for films. Meanwhile, I’m working on developing my online presence with my YouTube channel — CharlieMurphyTV1 via Shaquille O’Neal’s YouTube channel, Comedy Shaq. Look out for segments like “Charlie Murphy’s Rant” and “The World According To Charlie Murphy.”

Thursday, November 15, 2012 • BAY STATE BANNER • 3

Blacks and Hispanics lost $1 trillion in home equity Charlene Crowell Among the 10.9 million homes that went into foreclosure between 2007 and 2011, more than half of the “spillover” cost to nearby homes has led to a $1 trillion loss in home equity for African American and Latino families, according to a new report by the Center for Responsible Lending titled “Collateral Damage: The Spillover Costs of Foreclosures.” The report said, “Families impacted in minority neighborhoods have lost or will lose on average, $37,084 or 13 percent of

America,” said Wade Henderson, president and CEO of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights. “Communities of color — which have been targeted for years by predatory lenders and abused for years by mortgage servicers — have been practically drowning. Until policymakers get serious about reducing foreclosures and restoring meaningful home ownership in all communities, a full economic recovery will likely remain out of reach.” Compounding the problem, communities of color still suffer from stark wealth gaps when compared to whites. Earlier this

nearby property values, foreclosures also result in myriad other costs, such as lost revenues to local governments, neighborhood blight and increased crime. “Families who lose a home cannot tap home equity to start

a new business, pay for higher education or secure their retirement,” the report stated. “Loss of a home also removes a financial cushion against unexpected financial hardships such as job loss, divorce or medical expenses, and eliminates the main vehicle for transferring wealth inter-generationally.” Janet Murguia, president and CEO of the national Council of LaRaza agrees: “The wealth drain triggered by foreclosures is continuing unabated, hurting Latino families and other vulner-

able communities the hardest. We’re calling on policymakers to show strong leadership in stopping the foreclosure crisis and making fair and sustainable housing a national priority.” Charlene Crowell is a communications manager with the Center for Responsible Lending. Renounce the pride of wrong identification, which is also company. Follow the example of the saints: root out anger, desire, and greed. Respect authentic scriptures, and always meditate on the Lord. Expect nothing from others.

— Swami Muktananda

“Communities of color ... have been practically drowning. Until policymakers get serious about reducing foreclosures and restoring meaningful home ownership in all communities, a full economic recovery will likely remain out of reach.” — Wade Henderson their home value.” By comparison, the overall average American homeowner affected by nearby foreclosures will lose only 7 percent of their home value, or $21,077. The most recently available census data shows that African Americans and Latinos comprise less than 30 percent of the nation’s population. Yet together, neighborhoods of color shoulder more than half of the $1.95 trillion in the drain on neighboring property values as a result of foreclosures. “CRL’s report is troubling evidence of how much the economic cost of foreclosures [is] spilling over into communities all over

year, the U.S. Census Bureau found that African Americans, Latinos and Asian-Americans together lost nearly 60 percent of median household net worth from 2005-2010. Over that same period, median net worth for white families dropped by 23 percent, about a third of the loss rate for people of color. With fewer investment portfolios and lower earnings, the hope to build wealth for communities of color often rests with the value of their home investment. As troubling as the report’s findings are, the report also acknowledges that it does not cover all the negative impacts of foreclosures. In addition to reducing

Operation Warm in collaboration with The Boston Foundation and Boston Housing Authority kicked off a 5,000 winter coat giveaway to Boston’s children. The kickoff started at The Center for Children and Families at the Tobin Community Center and Yawkey’s Boys and Girls Club in Roxbury. The events were held on Nov.10. Third from left: The Boston Foundation’s VP Programs Robert Lewis, Jr., stands with executive members of the Mayor of Boston’s office to kick off the giveaway. (Tony Irving photo)

4 • Thursday, November 15, 2012 • BAY STATE BANNER

Established 1965

Obama’s victory, GOP’s failure After a long, hard fought political campaign, those who win understandably savor their victory. Conversely, those who lose often suffer the indignity of perennial post mortems. It is to be expected, then, that those who supported President Barack Obama are elated. Unfortunately, some conservatives who supported Mitt Romney have been guilty of racially hostile remarks. It is such an attitude that contributed to the Republican defeat. The election of Obama to a second term reinforces the concept that race will not be a barrier to high public office. That is good reason for blacks to celebrate. Some years ago many Americans believed that no Catholic should be president. They thought if a Catholic were elected, that would change the seat of power from the nation’s capital to the Vatican. Al Smith, a popular New York politician and a prominent Catholic layman, decided to challenge that belief. In 1928, he won the Democratic nomination for president but he lost the race to Herbert Hoover. It was not until 1960, 32 years later, that another prominent Catholic, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, ran for president and won. He demonstrated that the fear of papal supremacy was a mere fantasy. However, it is important to note that Catholics still celebrate the memory of the man who first challenged the discriminatory prohibition. Last month, the Alfred E. Smith Foundation celebrated its 67th annual event at the Waldorf Astoria. Special guests were President Obama and Gov. Romney. It was a formal white tie and tails affair. While Al Smith had an outstanding career in public service — he was elected governor three times — he is remembered most for his opposition to religious discrimination. The foundation was established after he died in 1944, so that people would always remember his efforts to expand opportunities for Catholics. How can it be unreasonable for African Americans to be elated over the effect of Obama’s recent success in dismantling racial discrimination in the nation?

The greatest insult is that blacks voted for Obama only because he is black. That implies both that Obama is incompetent and incapable of fulfilling his presidential duties and that black citizens are unable to vote mindfully to secure their best interests. Neither assertion is valid. The first claim is patently absurd. Obama is the only black president for whom African Americans have ever been able to vote. Prior to Obama every presidential candidate has been white, yet blacks still voted. In 1960 when John F. Kennedy ran against Richard Nixon, a Republican, Nixon tallied 32 percent of the black vote. However, when Barry Goldwater opposed the Civil Rights Act in the next election, Republicans got only 6 percent of the black vote. Lyndon Johnson received 94 percent of the black vote. That is one point higher than the 93 percent for Obama in 2012 in the battleground states. Clearly, African Americans are aware of issues of importance to them and they vote accordingly. Most blacks would be unlikely to vote for someone with the views of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas just because he’s black. Anyone with doubts about President Obama’s competence need merely review the effectiveness of his campaign strategy. Although Romney was supposed to have keen analytical skills that were developed in the business world, his plan failed. Both Obama and Romney had determined that the results in nine swing states would decide the outcome of the election. On Election Day, Romney firmly believed that in accordance with his staff’s calculations he had won, when in fact only one of the key states, North Carolina, went Republican. It is a wonder how Romney could have so miscalculated the outcome in eight swing states. At any rate, Obama got it right and demonstrated superior competence in an important aspect of the presidency. Blacks, Latinos and Asians, as well as liberated whites were wise to vote for the stronger and more competent candidate.

Well, I still say FORWARD is the wrong direction.

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LETTERSto the Editor Time to Reinvent Yourself? Have you met your strategic goals for 2012? 2011? 2010? With the end of 2012 rapidly approaching, planning personal and professional goals for 2013 has become a priority for people in business and entrepreneurship. In planning for professional and personal goals for 2013, honesty is key. When your strategies aren’t working, the goal must be to figure out something new. This may be the time to reinvent yourself for the upcoming year. Reinventing yourself is when you come to realize that the person you are, the career you are in, or the business you lead no longer fits with your future. These are the times when you must reassess who you are and what you are doing, come to terms with the things that aren’t working, and completely reinvent. This is the point when the artist throws out the original canvas and starts again on a new canvas. If you reach the point where you feel you must reinvent yourself or your business, consider these three key strategies: Start with a clean slate. Trying to hold onto certain strategies that may have worked for you in the past is the surest way to prevent a

reinvention. Start off with the mindset that the old you doesn’t exist anymore. Nothing you have done to this point happened or matters. Decide what you want to be. Remember, that thing you want to be can’t be the same as it once was. This is a tough reality to grasp because most of us spend so many years dreaming about achieving that one given thing. When it doesn’t work out, it’s tough to let go of the old dream. But here, we’re coming up with a new you, and that new you must do some soulsearching to determine what the best new path might be. Get out and take action.

With most things in life, the first step is always the toughest. When you reinvent, that first step tends to be even tougher. But don’t let your fear cause you to drag your feet. Don’t stall. Don’t wait. Get out there and take action! The important thing to remember is that you’re not the first person to reinvent yourself. Keep that in mind when it comes time to go back to the drawing board and you will be in better position to make the honest, accurate and appropriate decisions that will lead to greater success in the future. Dr. R. Kay Green CEO/President of RKG Marketing Solutions

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Thursday, Thursday, November January 15, 3, 2012 2008 • BAY • BOSTON STATE BANNER • 5


OPINION GOP hardliners peddle more delusions Earl Ofari Hutchinson GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney got more white votes than any other GOP presidential candidate since George H.W. Bush in 1988 and he still lost. He trounced President Obama among white males, senior citizens, rural voters and self-identified Christian evangelicals and he still lost. GOP ultraconservative congressional and Senate candidates and incumbents were heavily bankrolled, got lots of media ink and in more than a few cases seemed to be shoo-ins for election. And they still lost. Yet, in the deluge of soul-searching, hand-wringing and finger-pointing at what went so haywire for the GOP, one would never know that any of this happened. The parade of GOP hardliners peddle the delusion that Romney and GOP ultraconservative candidates lost because they weren’t conservative enough, or their self-inflicted gaffe wounds did them in. They denounced any talk from the GOP party leaders of re-messaging, mounting an aggressive outreach to minorities — even Hispanics — and making a reversal on immigration. This is more than a flight of fancy that the GOP can win future national elections if they hue to hardcore conservative views and back candidates that do. It’s pure self-serving delusion. Now here’s the reality. Every conservative GOP candidate since Barry Goldwater’s loss to LBJ in 1964 has spouted hard conservative lines in the primaries and then quickly moved to the center when they want to win. Romney much too belatedly did the same. He softened his positions on immigration, was silent on gay marriage, soft-pedaled his budget cuts of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, and did a photo-op at an inner-city charter school. If he hadn’t done that, it would have been an Obama landslide. There were tip-offs of that real possibility. A 2011 CNN poll showed that a big majority of Americans had a more unfavorable view of the Tea Party than they did when it burst on the scene in 2009. A poll later found things had gotten even worse. Half of Americans said the more they heard about the Tea Party, the less they liked it. A bare one-quarter said they liked it the more they heard. The disaffection crossed all income and educational lines, and GOP hardliners that included lower income whites. will continue to win Before Obama’s win and the GOP losses, numerous polls and surveys some local elections repeatedly showed that the major- ... but winning ity of Americans want Congress and the race for the the Obama administration to work in tandem to solve the big ticket prob- White House will lems of the economy, joblessness, be permanently off and debt reduction, and stop the limits to them. saber rattle of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid that has been the trademark of the GOP egged on by the Tea Party. The majority of Americans are now supportive of gay marriage and immigration reform, and they are appalled by the racial pandering, bigotry and birther and school transcript attacks on Obama. Even if Romney had won, the 2012 election would likely have been the last national election in which a GOP white male candidate could win by relying exclusively or primarily on conservative white males, and rural and outer suburban white voters. The nation’s racial, ethnic and gender demographics that GOP hardliners laugh away were evident before this election in states that Obama won in 2008 that for decades have been gimmees for the GOP. For a brief moment a decade ago, GOP leaders had a faint notion that times were changing and that the party had to get out front of the ethnic and gender changes to be competitive nationally. Bush spouted diversity and had a bevy of black faces on and off stage at the GOP national convention in 2000. His appointment of Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice and Alberto Gonzales and an aborted attempt to nominate a woman to the Supreme Court was a veiled attempt to put window dressing to his diversity pitch. In 2004, Bush went one step further and partially reversed the GOP’s longstanding opposition to any softening on tough immigration crackdowns. He embraced comprehensive immigration reform, spent millions on Hispanic voter outreach campaigns and courted Mexican government leaders. It worked. Bush got more than 40 percent of the Hispanic vote and low double-digit support from African American voters in the must-win states of Ohio and Florida. This was just enough to ensure his stay in the White House. Tea Party leaders and GOP ultra-conservatives are banking that they can recapture the momentum that they appeared to briefly have in 2010 when they captured a crushing majority on Congress. There are still lots of Americans who think the idea of smaller government, caps on spending and debt reduction are noble goals worth fighting for. Tea Party types can still from time to time play the subtle race and gender card to appeal to some whites. Meanwhile, GOP hardliners will continue to win some local elections in mid-America’s suburban and rural areas, but winning the race for the White House will be permanently off limits to them — though this won’t stop them from peddling their delusion that the America they longingly pine for still exists. Earl Ofari Hutchinson is an author and political analyst.

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Why do you believe President Obama was re-elected?

He is smart, courageous, a humanitarian. He surrounds himself with intelligent people, and the American people can sense he genuinely cares about them.

People aren’t stupid. I think folks realize the mess he was left to deal with will take time to clean. We’re not there yet, but [we’re] close.

Ekua Holmes

I believe there was always a broad base of support for him throughout the country. He speaks to every segment of the population while Romney doesn’t.

Kevin Johnson

Diana Kelly

Visual Artist Roxbury

Director of Community Action Roxbury

Maloney Properties Randolph

He’s about fighting for the people and Romney was about fighting for businesses.

He’s all for the people and making it better for them.

He was a better candidate. Give him four more years and he’ll turn things around.

Melissa Howell

Larissa Patterson

Larye Glover

Business Manager Dorchester

Dancer Dorchester

Makeup Artist Dorchester

INthe news Michael Taylor The Board of Trustees of the Urban College of Boston recently appointed Michael Taylor as president. The former official in the Massachusetts Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development and past president of the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology has a decades-long history of leadership in workforce development and education. Appointed director of the Office of Business Services within the state’s Office of Labor and Workforce Development, Taylor oversaw services for the 190,000 employers in the Commonwealth. Prior to the position at OBS, Taylor was appointed by Gov. Deval Patrick to lead the Department of Workforce Development (DWD). At DWD, Taylor led a staff of 1,200 to mitigate the impact of the global fiscal crisis on the workforce system. Taylor began his professional career with ABCD Boston as a

community organizer in the D Street Public Housing Development. He earned his Bachelor of Science in psychology from Boston State College and a Master of Education from Harvard University.

UCB is a non-traditional college broadly recognized for its success in providing educational and professional opportunities for diverse and under-represented individuals.

6 • Thursday, November 15, 2012 • BAY STATE BANNER


To deal with lab scandal, re-examine the drug war Matthew Segal and Raquel Ronzone With the elections now behind us, one of the top priorities for getting our house in order here in Massachusetts should be dealing with the scandal at the state drug lab — and that means re-thinking the war on drugs. Let’s be plain about it: The war on drugs is a failure, and the scandal at the drug lab, in which thousands of cases have been tainted

of all African American males in the country are disenfranchised — challenged to navigate systems of voting, job procurement, education, public services and housing with the lifelong label of misconduct — as a result of felonies, many of which are due to drug possession convictions. So it’s alarming that so many proposals for dealing with this scandal simply assume that we should just keep doing the same things over, such as retrying people

tainted cases will take years. Instead of all that, here’s what we propose: First, prosecutors should drop all drug cases involving defendants who were not charged with violent crime or weapons offenses. “The warehousing of non-violent drug offenders,” Gov. Patrick declared, “has proven to be a costly failure.”

Prosecutors who wish to target violent crimes should do so separately, rather than assuming that all drug defendants threaten public safety. Second, prosecutors should drop all cases involving police officers or prosecutors who had improper communications with Annie Dookhan, the chemist at the center of the scandal. Chemists were not supposed to have had pre-testing contact with anyone possessing a vested interest in the outcome of the testing — such as the prosecutor on the case — because of the risk that such contact would influence the chemists. Yet there are allegations that pros-

ecutors and police officers often reached out to Dookhan. Third, prosecutors should drop all tainted cases involving defendants who have served at least half of their sentences. The injustice was done, and they should not have to continue serving tainted sentences as they wait for a resolution to the scandal. The one bright spot in this scandal is the opportunity it presents to admit the failings of the war on drugs — not to repeat and reinforce them. Matthew Segal is legal director and Raquel Ronzone is communications specialist at the ACLU of Massachusetts.

The war on drugs is a failure, and the scandal at the drug lab is just the latest example of how this war has failed. by the alleged mishandling of evidence, is just the latest example of how this war has failed. Let’s also be plain about the fact that the war on drugs has been particularly hard on the African American community. One of every three African American men between 20 and 29 is under the jurisdiction of the criminal justice system. Fourteen percent

convicted of non-violent drug offenses. If it didn’t make sense in the first place, it makes even less sense to do it again, with new, bigger price tags. Gov. Deval Patrick has already requested $30 million for the scandal from the state legislature, and that is just a first installment. Ultimately, the current path will cost millions more, and re-litigating

Legendary singer and six-time Grammy Award winner Natalie Cole joins Action for Boston Community Development President/ CEO John J. Drew and Sharon Scott-Chandler, ABCD executive vice president, following her fabulous performance at ABCD’s 50th Anniversary Gala at the Boston Marriott Copley Place on Nov. 2. (Don West photo)

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Voters have spoken — will Washington listen? Jeff Klein The elections are over and people across the Commonwealth are celebrating (or grieving) for the candidates they supported. Question 2 on assisted suicide was defeated; Question 3 legalizing medical marijuana was passed by a large margin. But another ballot question on voters’ preference for federal budget priorities also passed, even more overwhelmingly, though it received much less attention. By a three-to-one margin, Massachusetts voters sent a clear message to both Democrats and Republicans in Washington about the federal budget. The ballot measure calls for no cuts to Social Security, Medicare, or other vital programs; investment in jobs; an end to corporate tax loopholes and to the Bush cuts on taxes on high incomes; withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan now; and redirection of military spending to domestic needs and job creation. Meanwhile, politicians from both parties are said to be preparing to negotiate a “Grand Bargain” that would cut Social Security, Medicare and programs for the poor with only token tax increases on the rich. Massachusetts voters are saying loud and clear that our representatives in Washington should resist any such deal. The “Budget for All” ballot question passed by 661,033 to 222,514 votes, winning by a wide margin in every district and all of the 91 Mas-

By a three-to-one margin, Massachusetts voters sent a clear message to both Democrats and Republicans in Washington about the federal budget. sachusetts cities and towns where it appeared on the ballot, ranging from most of Greater Boston to Holyoke, Norwood, Lawrence and Fall River. In Boston, Question 4 won handily in every precinct — including those few in Dorchester and South Boston where Scott Brown beat Elizabeth Warren. Overall, where it was on the ballot, the budget question got more votes than almost any of the candidates running for elected office. The attitudes expressed in the Budget for All vote are no isolated fluke of our Massachusetts electorate. National polls are unanimous in showing higher support for job programs than for deficit reduction. Both Republicans and Democrats also favor higher taxes on the wealthy and Big Business. And there is a universal preference to reduce military spending rather than cut programs like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. The truth is that our country is not “broke” and we are not facing any short-term deficit crisis. The real problem is the increasing concentration of wealth in a relatively small proportion of the population — the 1 percent or even .01 percent — who are paying historically low rates of taxation not seen for generations. Wall Street wrecked the economy and the rest of us on Main

Street are paying the price, with high levels of unemployment and stagnating or even falling wages and job benefits. Military spending is also at an all-time high, far outpacing even what we spent at the height of the Cold War when the US faced a super-power rival. Nor is Social Security “going bankrupt” — and it has contributed not one dime to the current budget

deficit. The program is fully funded for another 20 or 30 years and can be permanently fixed with minor additional revenue. In fact, the projected rise in Social Security spending due to an aging population would increase the annual cost of the program by much less than the money wasted on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The Labor Movement, which

was instrumental in winning the election for President Obama and Senator-elect Elizabeth Warren, is mobilizing to fight the cuts, but has been hesitant to call for reducing military spending. However, the reality is that there will not be enough funding to invest in jobs unless we move toward a sensible level of security spending that is more in line with the actual threats we face. Massive Cold War-styled weapons programs and 1,000 military bases around the world do nothing to make us safer but waste the funds we need to rebuild our domestic infrastructure and put millions of people to work. Dollar-for-dollar civilian spending creates many more good jobs than weapons production. And

there is plenty of work that needs to be done that can employ industrial workers who are now making armaments we don’t need. As President Obama said often during his re-election campaign, “It’s time for some nation-building at home.” The people of our state have voted to prevent cuts to programs that benefit us all, to end the wars and reduce military spending, while asking the wealthiest to pay their fair share in taxes. We urgently need to invest in jobs. Now it’s time to make Washington listen. Jeff Klein is a retired local union president and a member of Dorchester People for Peace.

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GOP voter suppression sparked black turnout Roland Martin As political pros, journalists and pundits pick over exit polls to study how and why President Obama beat Mitt Romney for the presidency, a lot of the attention has been showered on the Latino turnout, gender gap and voters under 30. The African American turnout has largely been overlooked, seen by prognosticators as a no-brainer for President Obama. There was never any doubt he was going to receive the overwhelm-

ing majority of black support. In 2008, Obama won 95 percent of the black vote, with black women voting at a higher rate than any other group in the country. But six to nine months ago, numerous Obama campaign workers were privately expressing concern about the enthusiasm level of black voters, and about whether the massive 2008 turnout could be equaled. They hoped registration efforts and get-out-the-vote drives would kick in at the right time. Re-electing the first black president was clearly a

motivating factor for African-Americans, but what also should be noted is the Republican Party’s efforts to enact voter suppression laws. Not only were black folks angered and shocked at Republicans’ blatant attempts at voter suppression in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, Virginia, Texas and other states, they exacted revenge at the ballot box. Conservatives have valiantly tried to assert that voter ID laws, trimming the early voting days and even eliminating early voting on Sundays was a prudent and practical decision that had nothing to do with black, Hispanic and young voters, or anyone else. But anyone with half a brain could see that the GOP was desperate to upend the coalition that proved so pivotal to Obama in 2008. All over the country, GOP-led legislatures and governors rushed to pass voter ID laws, only to see federal courts reject a number of them that clearly weren’t thought through properly. In Ohio, the voter suppression tactics were outrageous. After public pressure mounted to stop the practice of extending early voting in GOP-leaning counties and cutting them in Democratic-leaning counties, Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted had no choice but to equalize early voting periods. Such decisions, frankly, ticked off

black activists, politicians, and Civil Rights groups to the point their voter registration campaigns went into overdrive. Social media played a role as every new voter suppression effort was exposed, setting off a litany of complaints. In Florida, Republicans stopped allowing early voting on the Sunday before Election Day, with no explanation as to why. In 2008, black churches marched a massive number of congregants to the polls, led by their slogan, “Souls to the Polls.” The GOP clearly didn’t want to see that happen again. Obstacles like these rekindled the feeling among many African Americans of the tactics enacted

Obama on Tuesday, Florida residents were still standing in line to vote, some places in the rain, doing their part to push back. According to NAACP president and CEO Ben Jealous, the organization registered 432,000 voters, a 350 percent increase over 2008. The president’s reelection wasn’t about one group over another being the deciding factor. It was a collection of voters from varied backgrounds that made the difference. The GOP should recognize and accept that its voter suppression tactics were not only roundly defeated, but were decimated. It was the late Civil Rights activist Fannie Lou

Not only were black folks angered and shocked at Republicans’ blatant attempts at voter suppression in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, Virginia, Texas and other states, they exacted revenge at the ballot box. during the Civil Rights Movement to keep blacks from voting. So pastors, deacons and laymen pushed and prodded their members to cast absentee ballots, and pushed hard for their members to stand in lines that during the early voting period can last as long as eight hours. In Ohio, activists hit the salons, barbershops, recreation centers and churches to rally voters to do their civic duty. Black radio stations were enlisted in the battle to protect the sanctity of the ballot. Even when the networks were calling the election for President

Hamer who famously said, “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.” Black voters, and others, were sick and tired of the GOP trying to keep their votes from being cast by passing onerous laws, and they responded in an amazing way, matching the historic turnout of 2008 and bringing to life the Civil Rights anthem, “Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around.” CNN’s Roland Martin is a syndicated columnist and author of “The First: President Barack Obama’s Road to the White House.”

Enjoying themselves at the Action for Boston Community Development 50th Anniversary Gala at the Boston Marriott Copley Place on Nov. 2 are Larry Lucchino, president and CEO of the Boston Red Sox; Lucchino’s wife, Stacey; Bob Elias, ABCD director of Government and Industrial Relations; Charlie Titus, vice chancellor for Student Affairs at UMass Boston; and Donna Latson-Gittens, principal and founder of Causemedia. More than 1,200 supporters celebrated ABCD’s 50 years of providing pathways out of poverty and listened to six-time Grammy Award-winner Natalie Cole sing “Unforgettable” and other stirring favorites. (Don West photo)

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in[OLMix with Colette Greenstein

In Your Face… Mario Testino’s In Your Face exhibit — currently on display at the MFA — is colorful, stunning and fierce. The renowned celeb and portrait photographer, whose images have been featured in “Vogue” and “Vanity Fair,” shares photos of supermodels and international superstars such as Kate Moss, Gisele Bündchen, Madonna and Lady Gaga from his portfolio spanning 30 years. Also in the collection were photos of Gwyneth Paltrow, Brad Pitt, David Beckham and Tom Brady, to name a few. As evidenced by the massive, striking photo of Jennifer Lopez clothed as

a boxer hanging in The Gund Gallery, Testino’s exhibit celebrates not only beauty but the human body and spirit. It’s lush, bold, brass and in your face.

Comedian Earthquake shakes things up… The comedian known as Earthquake, neé Nathaniel Stroman, got his start doing stand-up comedy while he was an enlisted sergeant in the U.S. Air Force. His philosophy? “This has to work, ain’t no plan B.” Well, the father of three has made it work and has been very successful in forging his path in comedy. Since his start in the mid-1990s,

Earthquake has appeared on radio (The Howard Stern Show), TV (Comedy Central, HBO, “Chelsea Lately”), and in film (“Clerks II”). In 2006, Earthquake voiced the character Root the Rooster in the animated film “Barnyard” and its spinoff TV series. A year later, he landed the recurring role of Uncle Mike on the CW network’s “Everybody Hates Chris,” and in 2010, he was one of the highlights of Shaquille O’Neal’s stand-up special “All-Star Comedy Jam.” I chatted briefly with Earthquake over the phone as he touched down at LAX from a weekend gig in Mississippi. In between laughter, we talked about the Presidential election, the Los Angeles Lakers and his comedy routine.

You’re originally from D.C. and a supporter of President Obama. Did you follow the campaign? Of course. I didn’t want the brother to lose his house.

The last few months it’s been all about the election. Have you included more politics in your stand-up? No, not really. It’s whatever I find is funny.

You’ve talked about your dislike for the Lakers. Any thought on the Lakers firing Coach Mike Brown? They couldn’t get rid of Barack so they got rid of the next black

man they could find. All brothers with a job out there should be worried [laughs].

How did you feel the first time that an audience laughed at your jokes on stage? Was it a rush? It was a rush. Definitely a rush. It was the high of all highs.

Who has been the biggest influence on your comedy? I don’t really have any person that I look to. God and myself. [Going into comedy] was the best decision I made.

If your children wanted to follow in your footsteps, would you encourage or discourage them? Neither. I just want them to do what makes them happy.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? It’s like that question, “What’s the key to success?” There ain’t none. The only person who was special was Jesus because people came to see him.

Who makes you laugh? A lot of people. Eddie Griffin. Kevin Hart. Corey Holcomb.

What advice would you give to an upcoming comedian? As part of Berklee College of Music’s Latin Music Studies program, salsero Luis Enrique spent the beginning of the month teaching a clinic on Latin music to Berklee students. At the end of the class, Enrique headed a team of student musicians and gave concertgoers at the Berklee Performance Center something to remember. (Tony Irving photo)

Be who you are. My advice would be to be original. They already have an Earthquake.

You’re always on the road traveling. How’s your love life these days? I have a girlfriend. She’s from New Orleans. You know it’s love when you let them clean your apartment before you even clean your apartment.

Would you ever remarry? We’re already married. It’s just a formality. We’ve already talked about stuff that you don’t want getting out. It’s a beautiful thing.

Tell us one thing that fans don’t know about you? That I’m sensitive about my jokes. Sometimes my desire for perfection is imperfect.

Do you have any projects coming up that you can talk about? No, not yet, but real soon. But, I’m looking forward to coming to Boston and eating all that Chinese food in Chicopee. Earthquake performs at The Wilbur on Wednesday, Nov. 21 at 8 p.m. (tickets are available at www.ticketmaster. com), and at the Hukelau in Chicopee on Friday, Nov. 23 at 7:30 p.m. and 11 p.m. (

Coming Up… Tonight, Thursday, Nov. 15 The Wilbur presents En Vogue at 8 p.m. The French Cultural Center presents the art exhibit “Paris in Black and White” now through Nov. 29. This free event showcases a series of photos capturing the magic of Paris. Saturday, Nov. 24, The MGM Grand Theater at Foxwoods presents Maxwell in his “World Winter Warm Up Tour” at 8 p.m. If you would like me to cover or write about your event, email me at

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Zooming In On Zemeckis Oscar-winning director Bob Zemeckis weighs in on his latest picture, “Flight”

Kam Williams Born in Chicago on May 14, 1951, Bob Zemeckis won an Academy Award for Best Director for the hugely successful “Forrest Gump,”

which also nabbed Oscars for Best Picture and Best Actor (Tom Hanks). Zemeckis re-teamed with Hanks on the contemporary drama “Cast Away.” Earlier in his career, Zemeckis co-wrote and directed

“Back to the Future,” the topgrossing release of 1985 that landed him an Oscar nomination for Best Original Screenplay and spawned two successful sequels. In addition, he directed and produced “Contact” starring Jodie Foster and the macabre comedy hit “Death Becomes Her” starring Meryl Streep, Goldie Hawn and Bruce Willis. He also wrote and directed the box office smash “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” that cleverly blended live action and animation. And he directed the action-adventure hit “Romancing the Stone,” pairing Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner. In March 2001, the USC School of Cinema-Television celebrated the opening of the Robert Zemeckis Center for Digital Arts. This state-of-the-art facility is the country’s first fully-digital

training center, and houses the latest in non-linear production and post-production equipment as well as stages, a 50-seat screening room and a USC student-run television station, Trojan Vision. Here, he talks about his latest film, “Flight,” a combination special effects and legal thriller starring Denzel Washington, Don Cheadle, John Goodman and Melissa Leo.

What interested you in making “Flight?” I thought it was a wonderful, beautifully-written screenplay with some really interesting, complex characters, including Denzel’s, obviously. I found it to be very bold and very courageous.

Did being a pilot play into your decision to make it? No, not at all. But I would think

that just being a pilot was helpful in creating a sense of realism to the incident on the airplane.

What did you do as a director to show the inner struggle of Whip Whitaker [Denzel Washington’s character] to the audience? Most of the credit for that has to go to Denzel. He really has an amazing talent, and was able to evoke the inner pain that the character was dealing with on a constant basis. I think his entire performance is sort of shrouded in the internal misery that Whip was feeling.

How does a director who is truly gifted in the use of special effects prevent them from overwhelming Zemeckis to page 14

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continued from page 11

the performances of a great actor like Denzel? Well, I use special effects in exactly the same way that I use a camera. They’re simply an extension of the camera, and they’re there just to complement what the actors are doing.

to become a director?


“Bonnie and Clyde.” I saw it when I was in high school. I was being moved emotionally, and I thought, “Well, this is pretty powerful stuff.” And I wanted to find out more about what it was a director actually did. That sort of put me on the path.

A little book by Christopher Hitchens called “Mortality.” It’s a collection of all the essays he wrote during his struggle with cancer.

decision you ever made, and what was the worst?

what do you see? What key quality do you believe all successful people share?

Getting ahold of a really good screenplay.

My best business decision was to get all my money out of the stock market. My worst? I honestly don’t know how to answer that one. I don’t think I’ve made a bad one yet, other than something small. I’ve been pretty fortunate in that regard.

What was the last book you

What was the best business

When you look in the mirror,

What excites you?

My father.

A need to express themselves creatively.

How do you want to be remembered? As a good father.

What message do you think people will take away from “Flight?” I don’t like to use that word “message.” My feeling is, if you want to send a message, you should [use] Twitter. I think the movie is a very human story that everyone can identify with on some level and that, at the end of the day, is a very hopeful story.

What is the best advice you can give to aspiring filmmakers? Yeah, I think the best advice is to get a video camera and just start making movies, little movies, YouTube videos and write. We’re in desperate need of good screenplays.

Do you feel any pressure to measure up to your body of work every time you make a movie? I really can’t worry about that sort of thing. All I can do is just keep doing what I’ve been doing, which is to do movies I’m attracted to. If the screenplay is an interesting story, just go for it.

What film most inspired you

Zemeckis on the set of “Flight” with actor Denzel Washington and crew.

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December 8th “Haiti Cherie” - Haiti PeaceQuilts Reception

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COMMUNITY Calendar Thursday

November 15 Where We Live Simmons College presents Where We Live, a three-person show, of photographs, video and paintings by Milo Fay, Eliza Gagnon and Elaine Spatz-Rabinowitz. Where do we live? We dwell in space, time and in memory. We picture ourselves in places that we yearningly dream of, or perhaps, from which we have escaped, or crave to return. Artists Milo Fay, Eliza Gagnon and Elaine SpatzRabinowitz meditate on our physical and psychic dwellings in their divergent approaches to the idea of “home.” November 15 – December 13 at the Trustman Art Gallery, located on the fourth floor, Main College Building, 300 the Fenway in Boston. Reception November 15 from 5 – 7pm. Closed: November 21 – 23. The exhibit and reception are free and open to the public. Vento Chiaro The Boston-based woodwind quintet acclaimed nationally for its technical virtuosity, intrepid take on the classical repertoire, and educational mission will perform four free concerts around town this fall. Vento Chairo’s four Fall concerts are: Thursday, November 15, 6:30pm, Roxbury Community College; Saturday, November 17, 10:30am, Coolidge Corner Theater. Christian Boltanski The Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts at Harvard University presents Christian Boltanski: 6 Septembres, a three-channel video installation by celebrated artist Christian Boltanski, on view in the Main Gallery through December 20, 2012. Starting with the notion of “I remember” (Je me souviens) and using headlines that had an impact on his life as a point of departure, Boltanski compiled archival newscast footage of events that occurred on each of his birthdays, every September 6th from 1944 through 2004, creating a flow of images that retraces moments in history including the end of World War II and the death of Princess Diana. The viewer can pause images at random, participating in this meditation on memory, death, and the passing of time. Boltanski comes to Harvard to give a Carpenter Center lecture about his work, including the installation on view November 15 at 6pm, followed by a reception with the artist. This exhibition is supported in part by the Consulate General of France in Boston. A special thanks to Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte for their continuous support of contemporary art. Main Gallery: Monday–Saturday 10am - 11pm; Sunday 111pm. Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts, Harvard University, 24 Quincy St., Cambridge. Free.

Saturday November 17 Free First Night Workshops Hawthorne Community Center invites youth, parents,

families, and seniors to create a SEA CREATURE for the 2013 First Night Parade. Light refreshments for registered participants. 9 Fulda St., Roxbury, hyccrox or 617-4270613. Free.

Tuesday November 20 VerBaLizAtiOn B o s t o n ’s l o n g e s t - r u n n i n g open mic gathering bringing the community the finest in poetry, spoken word, rhyme, song and good vibes! 7pm start (doors & open mic sign-up at 6:30pm). All ages are welcome (parental discretion suggested for possible adult language). Hosted by VCR & A.M.B. with featured artist: MARK MERREN. Hibernian Hall, 184 Dudley St., Roxbury/Dudley Sq. Contact: VCR at 617-4807663 or bloodskinland@yahoo. com. Free 2 The public.

Upcoming Copley Square Tree Lighting Mayor Thomas M. Menino, the Boston Parks and Recreation Department, and The Friends of Copley Square will welcome revelers to the annual Copley Square Holiday Tree Lighting on Tuesday, November 27, from 5-6pm. The free event will feature lights provided by Boston Properties and appearances by Mayor Menino, Back Bay resident and WHDH-TV anchor Janet Wu, Santa Claus, Rudolph, and 105.7 WROR personalities along with live entertainment including the Trinity Church Choristers, Boston Children’s Chorus, United States Air Force Brass Quintet, and a holiday singalong. The Old South Church bell will toll when the tree is illuminated. Light refreshments will be provided by local businesses and the Fairmont Copley Plaza will host a family reception immediately following for attendees. A Talk with Rabbi Capers Funnye Join the Northeastern University Jewish Studies Program for a talk by Rabbi Capers Funnye titled, “Exploring Diversity in American and Global Jewish Communities: An African-American Rabbi’s Personal Journey to Judaism.” Funnye, a cousin of Michelle Obama, is rabbi and spiritual leader of Chicago’s Beth Shalom B’nai Zaken Ethiopian Hebrew Congregation. November 27, 7:30pm, Raytheon Amphitheater, Northeastern University. 120 Forsyth St., Boston. Contact Jenny Sartori at j.sartori@ or 617-373-7045. Free and open to the public. Story Hour and Candy Cane Tea The Boston Public Library and The Catered Affair will host a Story Hour and Candy Cane Tea at the Copley Square Library’s Courtyard Restaurant, November 29 from 3:30-5pm. The event is free but reservations are required by calling 617-859-2282.

Cape Verdean melodies: The Cruzamente Quintet Maria Neves Leite, “Lutchinha,” leads the Cruzamente Quintet — an offshoot of the popular all-women Cape Verdean band. Lutchinha is from Sao Vincente, Cape Verde, and famous both in her homeland and abroad. The band’s members hail from many countries. ‘Cruzamente’ reflects the ‘crossroads’ of musical styles of the Quintet: from the traditional morna and coladeira, to the Portuguese fado, to the Brazilian modinha. Thursday, November 29, 6pm, Uphams Corner Branch of the Boston Public Library, 500 Columbia Rd., 617-265-0139, Free. Tree Lighting Mayor Thomas M. Menino and Deputy Premier of Nova Scotia the Honourable Frank Corbett are pleased to announce Boston’s 71st Annual Official Tree Lighting on Boston Common on Thursday, November 29, from 6-8pm. For more information please call 617-635-4505, go to www.cityof, or visit us on Facebook. For Boston Common parking information go to www. John D. O’Bryant AfricanAmerican Institute celebrates KWANZAA Friday, December 7. Contemporary African Dance Class 12–1pm Join us in the Cabral Center for a contemporary African dance class. Learn dance steps and understand how dance and drum rhythms are closely intertwined. Wear comfortable clothing and bring your dance moves. (Open to all) Celebration & Feast: 5pm, Amilcar Cabral Center. For more information, please call: 617-373-4911. Free and open to the public JP CONCERTS Saturday, December 22, starting at 4pm, at St. John’s Episcopal Church, 1 Roanoke Ave., Jamaica Plain, JP CONCERTS presents SING MESSIAH!, with featured soloists Von Bringhurst, soprano; Yakov Zamir, alto; Elijah Hopkin, tenor; James Dargan, bass; and Sarah Hager, organ. The audience is invited to sing the choruses along

with the soloists. There will be an intermission with food and drink after Part One; after which the audience is invited to continue to sing Parts Two and Three. This is the only uncut performance of Messiah in Boston scheduled for this season. It is also the only performance with male soprano and alto as well as tenor and bass. Costumes are optional but warmly recommended. Scores provided thanks to Masterworks Chorale. Tickets are $10 at the door. For more information and d i re c t i o n s p l e a s e s e e w w w.

Ongoing Jamaican Artists: Celebrating 50 years of Independence Under the theme “Jamaican Artists: Celebrating 50 years of Independence,” the exhibition offers a rich and diverse introduction to the visual arts heritage of Jamaica. Featuring fifteen artists and more than 40 works, it honors the confidence, excellence and imagination of painters, sculptors and printmakers for Jamaica on the world stage where they have excelled. The exhibition presents Internationally-recognized contemporary artists Kofi Kayiga, Bryan McFarlane and Peter Wayne Lewis. It also includes Ralph Campbell, Colin Garland, Vernal Reuben, Barrington Watson and Gerry Dunlap. Among Jamaican artists working abroad are Albert Chong and Winsom. Godfrey Makonzi, originally from Uganda but now Jamaican, has several large ceramic sculptures of great distinction on display. Sponsored by the Boston area Jamaica 50th Anniversary Committee and NCAAA, the exhibition extends to Januar y 13, 2013. The National Center of Afro-American Artists, 300 Walnut Ave., Boston. Toddler Drum Circle Toddler Drum Circle series with Cornell Coley will run every Saturday during the school year. 9:3010:30am. Songs, stories, puppets, drumming and cultural info! Ages 1 – 4 yrs old! Spontaneous Celebrations, 45 Danforth St., Jamaica Plain.

Contact: Cornell Coley www.afrola 617-298-1790 cc@afrola Cost: $8, $5 for sibling.

Families Creating Together A free art class for children and parents. Come create art with your child every Tuesday morning from 10:30-12 at the Family Resource center at 1542 Columbus Ave, Jamaica Plain / Roxbury. Please call 617-5221018 if you have any questions. Wheelchair accessible. Handreach Beatbrigade Drum Circle First Tuesday every month. Handreach Beatbrigade Drum Circle starts up for the fall from 7-9pm. No Charge! Bring a drum! Director Cornell Coley facilitates improvisational drumming, drawing from African and Latin traditions as well as certified drum circle facilitation techniques and healing drum strategies. Spontaneous Celebrations, 45 Danforth St., JP. Contact: Cornell Coley 617-298-1790 West African Drum class Master Senegalese drummer Mamadou Lynx Ndjaye teaches all level of Djembe drumming. Thursdays from 7:30-9pm. English High School, 144 McBride St., Jamaica Plain. Contact: 617-359-1552 for further information. $10. Community Cafes A hot lunch and good company for mature adults over 60. Ethos invites mature adults aged 60 and older to come dine with friends, both old and new at any of our 14 locations. Meals are prepared fresh daily and contain one third of the required daily allowance (RDA) for adults. Along with hot, wellbalanced meals, the Café sponsors its own program of social and educational activities. Ethos operates 14 Community Cafés in eight neighborhoods throughout Boston: Back Bay, Brighton, Hyde Park, Jamaica Plain, Mattapan, Roslindale, Roxbury, and West Roxbury. Reservations are required and can be made by calling the meal site you wish to attend one day in advance. To make a reservation and obtain more information on locations, call Ethos at 617-522-6700. A donation of $2 per meal is suggested, but not required.


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Tuskegee Airman Herbert Carter dead at 95 Retired Col. Herbert E. Carter, a member of the original cadre of the 99th Fighter Squadron of the famed Tuskegee Airmen, died last Thursday at East Alabama Medical Center. He was 95. Carter flew combat missions

during the North African, Sicilian, Italian and European campaigns of World War II. “Col. Carter’s entire life was an inspiration to generations of students not only at Tuskegee University but also to youth and adults

throughout the United States, Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia,” said Tuskegee University President Gilbert L. Rochon. “He fought for freedom from tyranny internationally and for freedom from discrimination at home in America.

Smith Leadership Academy Charter Public School presents: Saturday, December 1, 2012

10:00am – 3:00pm

and 2013 New Student Enrollment Sign Up

Vendor Tables Available $25 To Reserve a Table: Text the word TABLE to the number 41513.

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His commitment to excellence and determination to succeed will set the standard for the next generations of Tuskegee Airmen.” Carter also served as a professor of air science and commander of the Air Force ROTC Detachment 15 at Tuskegee Institute (now Tuskegee University) from 1950 to 1955 and professor of aerospace studies from 1965 to 1969. Carter earned a Bachelor of Science degree in 1955 and a master’s degree in education in 1969 from Tuskegee Institute. After his retirement from the United States Air Force, he served at Tuskegee as assistant dean for student services and associate dean for admissions and recruiting. “Col. Carter has left a great legacy,” said Kelly Primus, commander of the Tuskegee University Air Force ROTC. Carter was one of several original Tuskegee Airmen who returned to Tuskegee University to celebrate the film premiere of “Red Tails” in January. Produced by George Lucas, the movie portrayed the experience of the airmen during World War II. Primus said Carter remained a familiar figure on campus, even

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during his later years. “He had spoken to our cadets numerous times about the Tuskegee Airmen’s plight and how they became the ‘best of the best,’” Primus said. “He also reminded them that, as future officers, they must portray the core values and continue to keep airmen’s legacy alive.” Among Carter’s prestigious military decorations are: The Air Medal, four Clusters, Air Force Commendation Medal, Distinguished Unit Citation, European Theater Medal, five Bronze Stars, National Defense Medal, one Bronze Star and the Air Force Longevity Award, and five Oak Leaf Clusters. On June 6, 2004, the president of the French Republic, Jacque Chirac, announced that Carter had been chosen for the Chevalier of the Legion of Honor, France’s highest civilian award. The award was for “outstanding service rendered France during the second World War.” Carter was married for more than 60 years to Mildred L. Hemmons Carter, a pilot who was also counted among the Tuskegee Airmen. Mildred Carter died in October 2011.

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Meek Mill’s debut: More nightmares than dreams

Nas stuns, Hill struggles at House of Blues show G. Valentino Ball

Dart Adams Philadelphia’s Meek Mill has gained a devoted following via his mixtapes and guest verses over the past couple of years. His buzz extended from the streets to the rap blogs to the mainstream rap press and culminated in a record deal with the Rick Ross-led behemoth Maybach Music Group. But it remained to be seen whether Meek Mill could maintain his own identity or if signing with MMG would result in music that sounded exactly like his labelmates’ material. Unfortunately, too many of the 14 songs on “Dreams and Nightmares” bleed into each other. Standouts like “Traumatized,” “Maybach Curtains,” “Young Kings” and “Tony Story Pt. 2” are the few tracks that allow the listener to suspend belief and focus on Meek’s strengths — his ability to paint pictures with lyrics, punctuated by his high-energy delivery. When Meek is forced to go away from his natural Philly-influenced street delivery and make MMG-style, club-centric speedboat music, he instantly becomes a mediocre, dime-a-dozen scream rapper yelling bars over repetitive trap beats. Another problem with this album is the production. The standout songs previously mentioned are also the lone ‘change of pace’ tracks on “Dreams and Nightmares.” Whether the producer is Rightrydas Productions, Jahlil Beats or Cardiak, the beats sound like carbon copies of one

another — and of previous MMG releases. Producer Boi-1da turns out to be one of the record’s shining stars by default, since he produced two of its four best songs. “Dreams and Nightmares” essentially sounds like a rehash of previous Rick Ross, Wale, Stalley and Gunplay material, down to its thematic choices. This is especially disappointing considering that Meek Mill could’ve potentially added a new introspective, lyrical but still aggressive voice to Maybach Music and widened its appeal. Unfortunately, Meek Mill’s Philly sound was drowned out by repetitive production, predictable club bangers, tired themes and an overall lack of imagination. Ultimately, “Dreams and Nightmares” is more of a nightmare than a dream, even with high-profile guest appearances from Nas, Mary J. Blige, Rick Ross, Drake, John Legend and Trey Songz. While there are flashes of brilliance, Meek Mill’s album was undone by the fact that his label and handlers tried to make him fit into their already-established aesthetic rather than letting his uniqueness shine. In the end, there was too much Maybach Music and not enough Meek Mill. Once again, the music industry’s bottom line trumped any real musical creativity. Lyricism: C Production: D+ Themes/Content: D Originality: DOverall rating: D+

If anyone still questions the reach of hip hop, they need only look at the makeup of the sold-out crowd at the Boston stop of Nas and Lauryn Hill’s co-headlining “Life Is Good/Black Rage” tour at the House Of Blues this past Sunday. Diverse doesn’t begin to describe it. Hardcore underground fans were packed in next to middle-aged moms. You had couples that could have met at a Nas show years ago right beside kids that could have been conceived at one. And to see such a diverse crowd for two artists who are heralded for their social consciousness proves music with a message can endure. But how that music and the artists endure is the question. Hip hop icons Nas and Lauryn Hill displayed a stark contrast in their approaches during subsequent sets. Queens, N.Y. rapper Nas took the stage with his six-piece band, which included mixtape legend and producer Green Lantern as his DJ. With nearly 20 years’ worth of material to pull from, Nas faced the daunting task of putting together a set that pleased new and old fans alike, a task he seemed to relish. After a couple of selections from his latest album, “Life Is Good,” Nas went into tracks from his classic debut, “Illmatic.” The

new material was used like interludes between mini-sets of his hitfilled catalog. Anchored by Green Lantern, a live band served his material well, particularly with his newer songs. His iconic work with DJ Premier’s minimalistic beats, on songs like “Represent” and “Nas Is Like,” might have been better off without the rock star treatment. But for the most part, Nas allowed his songs to breathe with the band acting to accent instead of overpower for an overall strong performance. Lauryn Hill, who practically pioneered the use of a live band in hip hop, had a different take. She had the tighter and more precise band, yet her set was uneven. Hill chose to take her tunes and give them radical reworkings. This is nothing new for her. From her time with the Fugees, Hill has always rebuilt her songs, making her b-sides and remixes into must-haves. But the crowd that loved those versions is made up of the most die-hard of fans. In some cases, like her show-opening roots reggae version of “Killing Me Softly,” it worked great. But many times the ska-paced takes on Hill’s “Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill” classics were so different that they couldn’t be recognized until they reached the chorus. Add to that her seemingly constant battle with audio prob-

lems and she appeared to be rushing through songs, which left the crowd lost. Fans seemed to silently pay attention like they were listening to brand new material. The variations were so different that it didn’t allow fans to connect with the music. It was definitely a creative approach, but in her fight to not be a walking karaoke machine, Hill may have pushed the needle too far. It was an artistically sound performance that turned off members of the audience just looking for the hits. By the time she reached her spot on showclosing “Doo Wop (That Thing) and her mic was cut off because of the venue curfew, the crowd had thinned to only the most devoted.

connect with the


18 • Thursday, November 15, 2012 • BAY STATE BANNER

Consensus continued from page 1

On Oct.25, Suffolk University Law School sponsored the 2012 Northeast People of Color Legal Scholarship Conference (NEPOC). Pictured L to R are Elizabeth Trujillo, Lani Guinier of Harvard Law School and Kim McLaurin of Suffolk University Law School. (Tony Irving photo)

over the next decade. I want to be clear — I’m not wedded to every detail of my plan. I’m open to compromise. I’m open to new ideas. I’m committed to solving our fiscal challenges. But I refuse to accept any approach that isn’t balanced. I am not going to ask students and seniors and middle-class families to pay down the entire deficit while people like me, making over $250,000, aren’t asked to pay a dime more in taxes. I’m not going to do that. And I just want to point out this was a central question during the election. It was debated over and over again. And on Tuesday night, we found out that the majority of Americans agree with my approach — and that includes Democrats, independents, and a lot of Republicans across the country, as well as independent economists and budget experts. That’s how you reduce the deficit — with a balanced approach. So our job now is to get a ma-

jority in Congress to reflect the will of the American people. And I believe we can get that majority. I was encouraged to hear Speaker Boehner agree that tax revenue has to be part of this equation — so I look forward to hearing his ideas when I see him this week. And let me make one final point that every American needs to hear. Right now, if Congress fails to come to an agreement on an overall deficit reduction package by the end of the year, everybody’s taxes will automatically go up on January 1st — everybody’s — including the 98 percent of Americans who make less than $250,000 a year. And that makes no sense. It would be bad for the economy and would hit families that are already struggling to make ends meet. Now, fortunately, we shouldn’t need long negotiations or drama to solve that part of the problem. While there may be disagreement in Congress over whether or not to raise taxes on folks making over $250,000 a year, nobody — not Republicans, not Democrats — wants taxes to go up for folks making under $250,000 a year. So let’s not wait. Even as we’re negotiating a broader deficit reduction package, let’s extend the middleclass tax cuts right now. Let’s do that right now. The American people understand that we’re going to have differences and disagreements in the months to come. They get that. But on Tuesday, they said loud and clear that they won’t tolerate dysfunction. They won’t tolerate politicians who view compromise as a dirty word. Not when so

I’m open to compromise. I’m open to new ideas. I’m committed to solving our fiscal challenges. But I refuse to accept any approach that isn’t balanced. many Americans are still out of work. Not when so many families and small business owners are still struggling to pay the bills. What the American people are looking for is cooperation. They’re looking for consensus. They’re looking for common sense. Most of all, they want action. I intend to deliver for them in my second term, and I expect to find willing partners in both parties to make that happen. So let’s get to work. Excerpted from remarks given by President Obama in the White House East Room on Nov. 9.

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continued from page 1

cast elections predicted a Democratic victory, with roughly 53 percent of the popular vote. This is exactly what Obama got — even as an African American claiming a major party nomination for the first time in the history of the nation. Why does 2012 matter more? This election is about who controls the terms of an unfolding future. Bush and Republicans were out of power with certainty in 2008. Republicans committed themselves to making Obama a one-term president, partly on the premise that his success was merely a reaction against Bush’s particular failures, not repudiation of the Republican agenda or, at a deeper level, of the ideas and people who would drive the direction of American politics. The outcome of the 2012 election is about telling them they’re wrong.

A new direction The future of America is not simply about the agenda of fundamentalist Christians, or antigovernment zealots or affluent, older white men. This election was about an America that is increasingly diverse. It was about an America that is increasingly made up of people of color, especially Latinos. It was about an America that is tired of tax and economic policies that favor bankers and the very wealthy, as opposed to the middle and working classes and Main Street America. It was about an America that respects the rights of gays and lesbians and women, as well as the right of women to control their own bodies. Let’s be honest — Republicans ran a campaign of retrenchment. The party, despite an effort by Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to claim more moderate positions in the final days of the campaign, ran on the most backward-looking party platform in some time. The party of Romney chose to favor the powerful and privileged, inequality and intolerance, whether the issue was the undocumented among us and how to deal with immigration; abortion and women’s rights; the rights of gays and lesbians; or whether our tax code should continue to privilege the rich and powerful or call for them to carry a greater share of the tax burden. This election, therefore, is an inflection point. It is the consolidation, first and foremost, of a multiracial progressive Obama coalition that is now the dominant electoral force in American national politics. Republicans will never again, so long as their policy agenda remains as it is, command a winning national coalition. Too many fundamental social trends run against it. A mix of more progressive white voters, especially white women, African Americans, Latinos, Asians and other people of color, now sets the national agenda. This is why the Karl Roves, the Grover Norquists and the lunatic Donald Trumps of American politics are apoplectic in rage and disbelief. They do not want to accept that the basic makeup of the electorate does not and will not again sustain their agenda and their claims to power. People who have different outlooks and who look different from them are now going to set America’s policy agenda. And that is a good thing. It is an inflection point because the demographic trends that disadvantaged the Republicans are clear and not changing, and because of the broad dimensions of the Obama victory. Obama carried most of

the coveted and hotly contested “swing” states. He did far better in states like Florida and North Carolina than anyone expected. Meanwhile, in Congress, Republican Scott Brown went down in defeat against Elizabeth Warren, one of the most unambiguously liberal voices to seek a U.S. Senate seat in years. It is an inflection point in the arc of history because an African American president was re-elected even though unemployment was at nearly 8 percent, and Republicans threw absolutely everything at him it was possible to throw, from “You lie!” to their vow to make him “a one-term president,” to driving the nation to the brink of financial insolvency rather than negotiating in good faith over the national debt. Most importantly, in terms of the economy, it is difficult to imagine a set of economic circumstances more favorable for a Republican challenger. And yet they lost, and lost convincingly. Obama and the Democrats are now firmly in charge, despite Republicans’ edge in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Changing values This election was not about Hurricane Sandy. It was not about birth certificates. It was not about who believed most in America. The 2012 presidential election was about the direction of social policy across a whole host of critical issues: the economy, taxes, education, health care, the rights of women, the standing of immigrants and the position of gays and lesbians. It was a choice between trying to hold desperately on to a past that is clearly gone or moving confidently into an uncertain future that we all know, in our hearts of hearts, is the destiny of a great, but changing, nation. It was a vote in favor of Barack Obama and what he has been trying to do for four years. It was a vote, as President Obama put it, that gives new meaning to “the bonds that hold together the most diverse nation on Earth.” Give Mitt Romney credit. In the end, his concession speech was gracious and high-minded. As he said, no doubt to the chagrin of many ideologues in his own party, “This election is over.” And he rightly called for an effort to “reach across the aisle to do the people’s work.” This moment will also be an inflection point in terms of race relations, quite frankly. I say this not because Obama will suddenly pursue an agenda more openly advancing the concerns of black Americans in particular. No. Obama has proven that a black man can rise to the most extraordinary challenges our political process can put before a president and convince a clear majority of the American people to continue to stand with him. This success at being re-elected means far more for deep, transformative change in race in American culture than his 2008 victory, though, of course, 2012 would not be possible without 2008. Many of us — everyone I know — have been anxious and worried for weeks on end. Thankfully, as President Obama put it in his victory speech: “A long campaign is now over.” History just took a decisive turn. The full meaning and breadth of that turn will depend on continuing the work this electoral outcome symbolizes. America is, decisively, headed forward, not back. And that is a very good thing indeed. Lawrence D. Bobo is the W. E. B. Du Bois Professor of the Social Sciences at Harvard University.This article first appeared online at the Root.

20 • Thursday, November 15, 2012 • BAY STATE BANNER

vote effort was the decisive factor in Warren’s victory. “When the polls opened Tuesday morning it was a dead-heat race,” he commented. “She won by eight points.” While get-out-the-vote efforts

sashusetts Association of Minority Law Enforcement Officers, among other events. “People got to know Elizabeth Warren,” said Suffolk County Sheriff Andrea Cabral, who campaigned for Warren. “People care

“People care about the future of the community and they know there’s a difference between the future of Boston with Brown and with Warren.” — Suffolk County Sheriff Andrea Cabral

Steve Tompkins, a senior political adviser to U.S. Senator-elect Elizabeth Warren, talks about grassroots campaigning during a recent community forum at Darryl’s Corner Bar and Kitchen. (Don West photo)

Warren continued from page 1

Next door at the William E. Reed Auditorium, union officials from the Service Employees International Union coordinated get-out-the-vote efforts for union activists, dispatching crews of service workers, building tradesmen and members of communitybased organizations to knock on doors throughout Boston. Darrin Howell, an organizer with Mass Uniting — a unionfunded grassroots action organization — said more than 1,000 volunteers had come by the auditorium to pick up assignments on Election

Day. And that was after many had engaged in months of canvassing. On Tuesday afternoon, the auditorium was buzzing with activity as crews of building trades workers, service workers and community activists circulated through, picking up assignment folders packed with addresses and maps. “This is one of the strongest coordinated campaigns I’ve seen in a long time,” said SEIU 1199 Political Director Tim Foley, who manned a table in the auditorium. The net effect of increased get-out-the-vote efforts, combined with the added push of the presidential election, led to a doubling of the turnout in predominantly black and Latino wards and precincts in Boston over the 2010 Senate special election where At-

torney General Martha Coakley lost to Brown. In 2010, 95 percent of voters in Wards 12 and 14 voted for Coakley, but turnout was light at just 34 percent. This year, turnout and numbers more than doubled with 7,629 voters turning out in Ward 12, up from 3,530 in 2010. In Ward 14, the 11,512 voters who turned out were more than twice the 5,077 who turned out in 2010. Democratic Party Chairman John Walsh acknowledged that the Democratic Party erred in not mobilizing its base in the 2010 special election. “It was a terrible mistake,” he said. “But that was corrected this year, especially in communities of color.” Walsh said the get-out-the-

worked well for Warren in black and Latino communities, her campaign didn’t fare well in some of the city’s white neighborhoods. Brown won nearly every precinct in South Boston and picked up three of the highest-voting precincts in the Cedar Grove and Neponset sections of Dorchester’s Ward 16. Brown also polled near 50 percent in several precincts in Charlestown, the North End and the Back Bay. While Brown campaigned heavily in South Boston, opening his campaign headquarters there, Warren campaigned heavily in communities of color, opening campaign offices in Grove Hall, Ashmont and Lower Roxbury. Warren also showed up to events, including a candidates forum sponsored by black, Latino and Asian organizations, that Brown declined to attend. Warren also made appearances at the annual Juneteenth celebration and a gala sponsored by the Mas-

about the future of the community and they know there’s a difference between the future of Boston with Brown and with Warren.” Walsh cited the work of unions and community-based groups like the Coalition for Social Justice in the South Coast region of the state, Neighbor to Neighbor in central and western Massachusetts, the Chinese Progressive Association and other groups as critical to Warren’s victory. Walsh also noted that a new cadre of black, Latino and Asian activists held key positions in Warren’s campaign, helping her connect with and mobilize the votes in their respective communities. Both the Warren campaign and the Democratic Party learned the importance of engaging with communities of color, according to Walsh. “The changing demographics in this state is not an academic paper to be written,” he said. “It’s a strategy to win elections.”

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:;<:;<:;<:;<:;<:;<: Friday, December 7, 2012 Contemporary African Dance Class 12:00 – 1:00 p.m. Join us in the Cabral Center for a contemporary African dance class. Learn dance steps and understand how dance and drum rhythms are closely intertwined. Wear comfortable clothing and bring your dance moves. (Open to all)

African Marketplace 3:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. Purchase an array of holiday gifts from vendors including: Greeting Cards, Jewelry, Africa Art, Books, Oils & Soaps, Kuba & Kente Cloth

Celebration & Feast: 5:00 p.m. Amilcar Cabral Center For more information, please call: 617-373-4911. Free and open to the public

10 am and 5 pm (no evening service July & Aug.)

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LEGALS INVITATION FOR BIDS The Brookline Housing Authority, the Awarding Authority, invites sealed bids for High Street and Egmont Street Veterans Masonry Repairs, in Brookline, Massachusetts, in accordance with documents prepared by Buck, Smith, and McAvoy, Architects, Inc. The project includes selected concrete and masonry rehabilitation. Construction costs are estimated to be $200,000. Construction is expected to commence in spring 2013 when weather is appropriate for the work.



It is the practice of the Authority to encourage the economic growth of professional services firms through broad solicitation and award of contracts. All capable firms are invited to submit letters of interest in accordance with the instructions presented in this solicitation. Following an initial evaluation of qualifications and performance data, three or more firms considered to be highly qualified to provide the required services will be requested to submit proposals and participate in oral interviews. This is not a request for proposal.

General Bids will be received until 2:00 PM, on Tuesday, December 4, 2012, and publicly opened forthwith. All Bids should be delivered to Brookline Housing Authority, 90 Longwood Avenue, Brookline, MA 02446 and received no later than the date and time specified above.

Richard A. Davey Mass DOT Secretary& CEO

Jonathan R. Davis Acting General Manager and Rail &Transit Administrator

PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT General Bidders shall be certified by the Massachusetts Division of Capital Asset Management in the category of Masonry. All Bids shall be accompanied by a bid deposit that is not less than five percent (5%) of the greatest possible bid amount (considering all alternates) and made payable to the Brookline Housing Authority. Bid Forms and Contract Documents will be available for pick-up at the Brookline Housing Authority, 90 Longwood Avenue, Brookline, Massachusetts as of November 14, 2012. Office hours are 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM. A plan deposit will not be required for one set for each bidder. Additional sets may be purchased for $25. Checks shall be payable to Brookline Housing Authority. Bidders requesting Contract Documents to be mailed to them shall include a check for $35, per set, payable to Brookline Housing Authority, to cover mailing and handling costs. The successful general bidder will be required to furnish a Performance Bond and also a Payment Bond; each bond executed in the full amount of the contract price. Bids and the Contract are subject to the following requirements: M.G.L. Chapter 30, Section 39M, Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968, Equal Opportunity provisions of Executive Order 11246, Non-Discrimination provision of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Labor Standards provisions of the Davis-Bacon Act and related acts and Contract Work Hours Standards Act, and prevailing wage determinations as issued by the U.S. Secretary of Labor and the Massachusetts Department of Labor Division of Occupational Safety. The work performed under this contract is funded, through the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974 and is subject to all provisions and regulations issued pursuant to this act. A briefing for Contractors bidding this work will be conducted at the Rear of 55 Egmont Street, Brookline, MA at 10:30 AM on Tuesday, November 20, 2012. Attendance is strongly recommended but not required. The job sites will be available for inspection immediately following the briefing. Brookline Housing Authority November 15, 2012

MASSACHUSETTS BAY TRANSPORTATION AUTHORITY SOLICITATION FOR ENGINEERING CONSULTING SUPPORT SERVICES The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority is soliciting Professional Engineering Services for the AC Power Load Flow Study. The project will require a thorough power load flow and protective relay device coordination of the Authority's 13.8 kV power transmission system. Specific services will include, but not be limited to, the following tasks: determination of system loading levels, data collection, developing a computer model of the system, running multiple load flow simulations, protective device coordination, and preparation of a study report. Firms having capabilities for this work are invited to submit seven (7) copies of a Letter of Interest to Mr. Michael K. Fitzgerald, Deputy Director of Power Division, Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, 21 Arlington Avenue, 2nd Floor, Charlestown, MA 02129.

The successful Bidder will be required to furnish a performance bond and a labor and materials payment bond, each in an amount equal to 100% of the Contract price. The surety shall be a surety company or securities satisfactory to the Authority. Attention is called to the minimum rate of wages to be paid on the work as determined under the provisions of Chapter 149, Massachusetts General Laws, Section 26 to 27G, inclusive, as amended. The Contractor will be required to pay minimum wages in accordance with the schedules listed in Division II, Special Provisions of the Specifications, which wage rates have been predetermined by the U. S. Secretary of Labor and /or the Commissioner of Labor and Industries of Massachusetts, whichever is greater. The successful Bidder will be required to purchase and maintain Bodily Injury Liability Insurance and Property Damage Liability Insurance for a combined single limit of ONE MILLION DOLLARS ($1,000,000). Said policy shall be on an occurrence basis and the Authority shall be included as an Additional Insured. See the insurance sections of Division I, General Requirements and Division II, Special Provisions for complete details. This contract is subject to a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise participation provision requiring that not less than 3% of the Contract be performed by disadvantaged business enterprise contractors. With respect to this provision, bidders are urged to familiarize themselves thoroughly with the Bidding Documents. Strict compliance with the pertinent procedures will be required for a bidder to be deemed responsive and eligible. This Contract is also subject to Affirmative Action requirements of the Massachusetts Port Authority contained in Article 84 of the General Requirements and Covenants, and to the Secretary of Labor’s Requirement for Affirmative Action to Ensure Equal Opportunity and the Standard Federal Equal Opportunity Construction Contract Specifications (Executive Order 11246). The General Contractor is required to submit a Certification of Non Segregated Facilities prior to award of the Contract, and to notify prospective subcontractors of the requirement for such certification where the subcontract exceeds $10,000.

Joint venture participation will be considered. Firms responding to this invitation no later than 3:00 PM on December 13, 2012 will be considered for selection providing their responses include seven (7) copies of a current Standard Form 330- Architect-Engineer Qualifications Questionnaire for Specific Projects and all firms’ Affirmative Action Plan and Employee Profile.

A Contractor having fifty (50) or more employees and his subcontractors having fifty (50) or more employees who may be awarded a subcontract of $50,000 or more will, within one hundred twenty (120) days from the contract commencement, be required to develop a written affirmative action compliance program for each of its establishments. Compliance Reports - Within thirty (30) days of the award of this Contract the Contractor shall file a compliance report (Standard Form [SF 100]) if:

This project is being funded by federal funds. Consideration for selection shall be based on: proposed team and organization, resumes of key personnel, examples of projects, additional information, personnel by discipline, affirmative action plan/ employee profile/Supplier Diversity Office DBE certification letters, and general evaluation (prior experience with MBTA and other Public Agencies/ overall assessment). Prime Consultant must also submit concurrently the MBTA pre-Qualification Form P-09-002, which is available on the MBTA website Business Center-Contract Administration page. The Authority's DBE goal for this project is 12%. Only SDO-certified DBE firm participation will be attributed to the DBE goal. Firms submitting a Letter of Interest must identify and attach a current SF-330 as part of its submittal for all proposed subconsultants, including DBE firms.


The Contractor has not submitted a complete compliance report within twelve (12) months preceding the date of award, and


The Contractor is within the definition of “employer” in Paragraph 2c(3) of the instructions included in SF100.

The contractor shall require the subcontractor on any first tier subcontracts, irrespective of the dollar amount, to file SF 100 within thirty (30) days after the award of the subcontracts, if the above two conditions apply. SF 100 will be furnished upon request. SF 100 is normally furnished Contractors annually, based on a mailing list currently maintained by the Joint Reporting Committee. In the event a contractor has not received the form, he may obtain it by writing to the following address:

PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT MASSACHUSETTS BAY TRANSPORTATION AUTHORITY SOLICITATION FOR CONSULTANT SERVICES FEDERALLY-FUNDED PROJECTS The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority is soliciting Scheduling and Cost Estimating Services from firms experienced in project cost and resource loaded scheduling and estimating costs in CSI format for public transportation projects on a task-order basis. Each consultant must state its ability to perform the required scheduling and cost estimating services in an independent manner with no conflicts of interest. The MBTA anticipates awarding up to two contracts to those firms whose proposal is deemed most advantageous to the Authority. Services will include but not be limited to: evaluating project goals and objectives as it pertains to schedule and cost issues, identifying schedule and cost issues relevant to a project’s scope and proposed designs, identifying schedule and cost impacts associated with construction activities, including cumulative impacts, performing independent schedule analysis and cost estimating during project planning, procurement, design, and/or construction phases of a project, coordinating with all necessary local, state, and federal agencies for preparation of all supporting documents, and coordinating with MBTA personnel. This project is being funded by federal and bond funds. Firms having capabilities for this work is invited to submit 7copies of a Letter of Interest to Ms. Margaret H. Hinkle, Director of Contract Administration, Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, Ten Park Plaza, Room 6720, Boston, MA 02116. Firms responding to this solicitation no later than 2:00 pm on December 7, 2012 will be considered for selection, providing their responses include 7 copies each of a current Standard Form 330 - Architect/Engineer Qualifications Questionnaire, and Affirmative Action Plan and Employee Profiles for Prime and all subconsultants. Consideration for selection shall be based on: proposed team and organization; resumes of key personnel; work by firm or joint venture members that best illustrates current qualifications relevant to this project; additional information or description of resources supporting Firms’ qualifications for the project; personnel by discipline; general evaluation (prior experience with MBTA and other agencies; overall assessment, proposed staffing, organization, design ability, and specific task related experience.) Additionally, the Prime Consultant must submit concurrently the MBTA Pre-Qualification Form P-09-002, which is available on the MBTA website Business Center - Contract Administration page. Also, to be considered for selection, each firm must submit, with its Letter of Interest, an Affirmative Action Plan, Employee Profile, and most current Massachusetts Supplier Diversity Office (SDO) Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Certification Letters for all participating SDO-certified DBE subconsultants(s), as well as its commitment to the utilization of DBEs in joint venture or as subconsultants so that the Authority's goal of 8% DBE participation is achieved. Only SDO-certified DBE firm participation will be attributed to the DBE goal for this project. Any firm submitting a Letter of Interest must identify and attach a current SF-330 as part of its submittal for all proposed subconsultants, including DBE firms.

It is the practice of the Authority to encourage the economic growth of professional services through broad solicitation and award of contracts. All capable firms are invited to submit Letters of Interest in accordance with the instructions presented in this solicitation. Following an initial evaluation of their qualifications and performance data, three or more firms considered to be highly qualified to provide the required services will be selected for interviews.

Joint Reporting Committee 1800 G Street Washington, DC 20506 Complete information and authorization to view the site may be obtained from the Capital Programs Department Office at the Massachusetts Port Authority. The right is reserved to waive any informality in or reject any or all proposals.

This is not a Request for Proposal. Richard A. Davey Mass DOT Secretary and Chairman


Jonathan R. Davis Acting General Manager and Rail & Transit Administrator


Keith Construction acting as General Contractor for the Washington Park, Boston, MA project seeks subcontractor bids for all phases of work. Washington Park is an existing residential apartment community undergoing renovation and new construction. Work includes sitework, demo, landscape, paving, concrete, masonry, misc. metals, carpentry, insulation, rubber roofing, doors & hardware, windows, GWB, flooring, painting, tub surrounds, appliances, accessories, kitchens, bathrooms, window treatments, signage, fire protection, mechanical, plumbing and electrical. Minority and women’s business enterprises and local Boston enterprises are encouraged to participate. All subcontractors will be expected to make an affirmative effort to hire Boston residents. Interested bidders should contact Keith Construction, Inc. at 781-828-8474. Estimating bid documents are available on-line at our dropbox website by request. Keith Construction is also accepting resumes from local residents of Boston for all construction trades. Persons interested in employment on the Washington Park project should visit the Washington Park Apartments Community Center located at 200 Columbia Road on Wednesday, December 5th and Thursday, December 6th between 9AM and 3PM for further information. NOTE WELL:

Bid documents will be made available beginning WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 2012.


Applicants must be 18yrs. of age and have a reliable means of transportation.


Please specify construction work experience and list any applicable construction licenses and/or certifications you may have.


Filling out an application does not guarantee employment. Keith Construction will provide all applications to our subcontractors performing the work on this project.


Applicants must be willing to submit to a background check.


Local resident are encouraged to apply.


Final job application review and selection will be by our individual subcontractors and not Keith Construction.

The estimated contract cost is $591,000.00. Bid Documents in electronic format may be obtained free of charge at the Authority's Capital Programs Department Office, together with any addenda or amendments, which the Authority may issue and a printed copy of the Proposal form. A proposal guaranty shall be submitted with each General Bid consisting of a bid deposit for five (5) percent of the value of the bid; when sub bids are required, each must be accompanied by a deposit equal to five (5) percent of the sub bid amount, in the form of a bid bond, or cash, or a certified check, or a treasurer’s or a cashier’s check issued by a responsible bank or trust company, payable to the Massachusetts Port Authority in the name of which the Contract for the work is to be executed. The bid deposit shall be (a) in a form satisfactory to the Authority, (b) with a surety company qualified to do business in the Commonwealth and satisfactory to the Authority, and (c) conditioned upon the faithful performance by the principal of the agreements contained in the bid.

Thank you for your interest!

22 • Thursday, November 15, 2012 • BAY STATE BANNER



Commonwealth of Massachusetts The Trial Court Probate and Family Court Department SUFFOLK Division



Docket No. SU12P1672GD


Commonwealth of Massachusetts The Trial Court Probate and Family Court Department SUFFOLK Division

Docket No. SU12P1420GD

In the interests of Samia Leanne Bravo of Dorchester, MA Minor

In the interests of Kassaundra Kassidy Ennis of Mattapan, MA Minor

NOTICE AND ORDER: Petition for Appointment of Guardian of a Minor

NOTICE AND ORDER: Petition for Appointment of Guardian of a Minor

NOTICE TO ALL INTERESTED PARTIES Hearing Date/Time: A hearing on a Petition for Appointment of Guardian of a Minor filed on 09/04/2012 by Wilmarie Bravo of Dorchester, MA will be held 11/26/2012 09:00 AM Motion Located at 24 New Chardon Street, 3rd floor, Boston, MA 02114. Response to Petition: You may respond by filing a written response to the Petition or by appearing in person at the hearing. If you choose to file a written response, you need to:



File the original with the Court; and Mail a copy to all interested parties at least five (5) business days before the hearing.

NOTICE TO ALL INTERESTED PARTIES Hearing Date/Time: A hearing on a Petition for Appointment of Guardian of a Minor filed on 07/27/2012 by Peggy Tinsley of Mattapan, MA will be held 11/26/2012 09:00 AM Review Hearing Located at 24 New Chardon Street, 3rd floor, Boston, MA 02114. Response to Petition: You may respond by filing a written response to the Petition or by appearing in person at the hearing. If you choose to file a written response, you need to:

County of Suffolk date of birth: January 6, 1922. To all interested persons: A petition has been filed by Mary J. Canavan of Quincy, MA requesting to issue a death certificate of Joseph F. Canavan of Boston in the County of Suffolk who died in the year of 1982 his date of birth is January 6, 1922. You have the right to obtain a copy of the Petition from the Petitioner or at the Court. You have a right to object to this proceeding. To do so, you or your attorney must file a written appearance and objection at this Court before 10:00 a.m. on 11/23/2012. This is NOT a hearing date, but a deadline by which you must file a written appearance and objection if you object to this proceeding. If you fail to file a timely written appearance and objection followed by an Affidavit of Objections within thirty (30) days of the return date, action may be taken without further notice to you. WITNESS, HON. Joan P Armstrong, First Justice of this Court. Date: October 23, 2012 Sandra Giovannucci Register of Probate

File the original with the Court; and Mail a copy to all interested parties at least five (5) business days before the hearing.




Counsel for the Minor: The minor (or an adult on behalf of the minor) has the right to request that counsel be appointed for the minor.


Counsel for the Minor: The minor (or an adult on behalf of the minor) has the right to request that counsel be appointed for the minor.

To all persons interested in the estate of Norman McLaren of Boston, in said County — a person under conversatorship.


Presence of the Minor at Hearing: A minor over age 14 has the right to be present at any hearing, unless the Court finds that it is not in the minor’s best interests.


Presence of the Minor at Hearing: A minor over age 14 has the right to be present at any hearing, unless the Court finds that it is not in the minor’s best interests.

A petition has been presented to said Court for license to sell a private sale - public auction — certain real estate of said Norman McLaren for his maintenance, and praying that the petitioner may sell at probate sale of said real estate.



IT IS ORDERED THAT copies of this Notice and the Petition for Appointment of Guardian of a Minor be served in hand on the minor; (if 14 or more years of age and not the petitioner), the guardian, the parents of the minor, and any other person if ordered by the Court, at least fourteen (14) days prior to the hearing date listed above.

IT IS ORDERED THAT copies of this Notice and the Petition for Appointment of Guardian of a Minor be served in hand on the minor; (if 14 or more years of age and not the petitioner), the guardian, the parents of the minor, and any other person if ordered by the Court, at least fourteen (14) days prior to the hearing date listed above.

If Service in hand cannot be accomplished on any interested party, IT IS ORDERED that copies of this Notice and the Petition for Appointment of Guardian of a Minor be served on the interested party by leaving at and mailing by regular first class mail to last and usual place of residence of the interested party at least fourteen (14) days prior to the date of the hearing listed above.

If Service in hand cannot be accomplished on any interested party, IT IS ORDERED that copies of this Notice and the Petition for Appointment of Guardian of a Minor be served on the interested party by leaving at and mailing by regular first class mail to last and usual place of residence of the interested party at least fourteen (14) days prior to the date of the hearing listed above.

If the identity or whereabouts of an interested party is not known, IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that copies of this Notice and the Petition for Appointment of a Guardian of a Minor be served on all interested persons at least fourteen (14) days prior to the hearing date by publishing a copy of the Order and Notice once in Bay State Banner, Boston publication to be at least Seven (7) days prior to the hearing date.

If the identity or whereabouts of an interested party is not known, IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that copies of this Notice and the Petition for Appointment of a Guardian of a Minor be served on all interested persons at least fourteen (14) days prior to the hearing date by publishing a copy of the Order and Notice once in Bay State Banner, Boston publication to be at least Seven (7) days prior to the hearing date.

If required, service on the United States Veteran Administration and the Department of Children and Families may be accomplished by regular first class mail at least Seven (7) days prior to the hearing.

If required, service on the United States Veteran Administration and the Department of Children and Families may be accomplished by regular first class mail at least Seven (7) days prior to the hearing.

THIS IS A LEGAL NOTICE: An important court proceeding that may affect your rights has been scheduled. If you do not understand this notice or other court papers, please contact an attorney for legal advice.

THIS IS A LEGAL NOTICE: An important court proceeding that may affect your rights has been scheduled. If you do not understand this notice or other court papers, please contact an attorney for legal advice.

Date: September 25, 2012

Date: August 28,2012

Sandra Giovannucci Register of Probate

Commonwealth of Massachusetts The Trial Court Probate and Family Court Department

Commonwealth of Massachusetts The Trial Court Probate and Family Court Department SUFFOLK Division

Docket No. SU12D2249DR

Divorce Summons by Publication and Mailing Adam W. Perdomo


Jean Perdomo

To the Defendant:

Sandra Giovannucci Register of Probate

SUFFOLK Division

Docket No. SU12P2065PO Citation on General Probate Petition

To the Keeper of Records of Births, Deaths and Marriages of Boston in the County of Suffolk and to the Registry of Vital Records and Statistics of Boston in the County of Suffolk, in the matter of Joseph F. Canavan of Boston in the

If you desire to object thereto you or your attorney should file a written appearance in said Court at Boston before ten o'clock in the forenoon on the 6th day of December, 2012, the return day of this citation. Witness, Joan P. Armstrong, Esquire, First Judge of said Court, this 31st day of October, 2012. Sandra Giovannucci, Register.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts The Trial Court Probate and Family Court Department SUFFOLK Division

Docket No. SU12D2394DR

Divorce Summons by Publication and Mailing Lina P. Carreiro


Rui C. Carreiro

To the Defendant: The Plaintiff has filed a Complaint for Divorce requesting that the Court grant a divorce for irretrievable breakdown of the marriage under G.L. c. 208, Section 1B. The Complaint is on file at the Court. An Automatic Restraining Order has been entered in this matter preventing you from taking any action which would negatively impact the current financial status of either party. SEE Supplemental Probate Court Rule 411. You are hereby summoned and required to serve upon: Lina P. Carreiro, 2 Pilgrim Pl, Dorchester, MA 02125 your answer, if any, on or before 12/27/2012. If you fail to do so, the court will proceed to the hearing and adjudication of this action. You are also required to file a copy of your answer, if any, in the office of the Register of this Court. Witness, Hon. Joan P. Armstrong, First Justice of this Court. Date: October 22, 2012 Sandra Giovannucci Register of Probate

The Plaintiff has filed a Complaint for Divorce requesting that the Court grant a divorce for irretrievable breakdown of the marriage under G.L. c. 208, Section 1B. The Complaint is on file at the Court. An Automatic Restraining Order has been entered in this matter preventing you from taking any action which would negatively impact the current financial status of either party. SEE Supplemental Probate Court Rule 411. You are hereby summoned and required to serve upon: Adam W Perdomo, 121 Woodrow Ave, Dorchester Center, MA 02124, your answer, if any, on or before 12/27/2012. If you fail to do so, the court will proceed to the hearing and adjudication of this action. You are also required to file a copy of your answer, if any, in the office of the Register of this Court. Witness, Hon. Joan P. Armstrong, First Justice of this Court. Date: October 22, 2012 Sandra Giovannucci Register of Probate

Parker Hill Apartments The Style, Comfort and Convenience you Deserve! Heat and Hot Water Always Included Modern Laundry Facilities Private Balconies / Some with City Views Plush wall to wall carpet Adjacent to New England Baptist Hospital Secured Entry, Elevator Convenience Private Parking Near Public Transportation and much more ...

WOLLASTON MANOR 91 Clay Street Quincy, MA 02170

Senior Living At It’s Best

A senior/disabled/ handicapped community 0 BR units = $1,027/mo 1 BR units = $1,101/mo All utilities included.

1 bedroom $1058 – $1250 income must not exceed $41,100

Call Sandy Miller,

Call Today for more details and to schedule a visit...



Property Manager Program Restrictions Apply.


Attractive and Affordable This beautiful privately owned apartment complex with subsidized units for elderly and disabled individuals is just minutes from downtown Melrose. Close to Public Transportation • Elevator Access to All Floors • On Site Laundry Facilities Heat Included • 24 Hour Closed Circuit Television • On Site Parking Excellent Closet and Storage Space • 24 Hour Maintenance Availability On site Management Office • Monthly Newsletter • Weekly Videos on Big Screen T.V. Resident Computer Room • Bus Trips • Resident Garden Plots

Call for current income guidelines Joseph T. Cefalo Memorial Complex 245 West Wyoming Avenue, Melrose, MA 02176 Call our Office at (781) 662-0223 or TDD: (800) 545-1833, ext. 131 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday through Friday for an application

visit us on the web at

Thursday, November 15, 2012 • BAY STATE BANNER • 23

PIGEON COVE LEDGES 13 Curtis Street, Rockport, MA 01966


“Esta institución es un proveedor que ofrece igualdad de oportunidades”

Child Care Positions!

Uno de los mejores de Rockport comunidades de viviendas asequibles, Pigeon Cove es una comunidad de apartamentos diseñado para proveer viviendas asequibles de calidad para las personas mayores (62 +) y / o discapacitados / minusválidos independientemente de su edad en un entorno maravilloso desde 1986. Actualmente estamos aceptando solicitudes para la lista de espera. Para más información o para pedir una solicitud, llame o visite la oficina de administración (de lunes a viernes, de 9:00 AM-1: 00 PM) en 13 Curtis Street, Rockport, MA 01966 978-546-7410 o 978-546-3577 Fax O usted puede acceder a las aplicaciones en

An Accredited Program! LEAD TEACHERS and TEACHERS!

Are you a creative and experienced teacher with a CDA, Associates or Bachelor Degree or EEC qualified?

We Are Looking For You!

Burton F. Faulkner Tower 25 Highland Avenue, Somerville, MA (617) 628-2119

Section 8 subsidize housing for elderly and handicapped. 1&2 bedroom apartments, some wheelchair adapted. All apartments have fully appliance kitchens, wall-to-wall carpeting. A/C tiled baths, recessed patios and more. Modern 12 story building located on bus line, steps away from Central Public Library. Apartments available on an open occupancy basis. Waiting list maintained. Call for an application and eligibility requirements weekday mornings. Minorities are encouraged to apply.

• • • • • • • • •

Large Child Care center open 7:45 – 5:45 Monday – Friday Lots of In-service Trainings Competitive Pay Rate Strong, age-based academic curriculum Computers in every preschool classroom New Natural Playground/Exercise Track Paid Vacation and Holidays New Renovated, air conditioned classrooms Health and Dental Insurance Send or fax resume and cover letter to: Crispus Attucks Children’s Center 105 Crawford Street, Dorchester, MA 02121 Fax (617)445-9939 Attn: Ms. Gladys Smith EEO/AA Employer

Quincy Geneva Housing Corporation is a Massachusetts Non-profit housing corporation formed in 1983. The organization has been granted tax exempt 501(c)(3) status by the IRS and the state of Massachusetts. Quincy Geneva Housing Corporation promotes self-sufficiency by creating affordable housing opportunities and providing additional programs that raise the economic, educational, and social levels of residents in its service area. A primary goal is assisting low and moderate income families and senior citizens to obtain affordable rental housing. QGHC pursues this goal through direct property development and ownership, property management, arranging and providing financing for affordable housing, workforce Development and comprehensive resident services. QGHC is seeking an Administrative Assistant to be responsible for providing support to staff and assuming record keeping, reservation and reception functions. We are seeking an individual who is a strong self starter, capable of working independently, meeting deadlines and possesses strong team skills; proficiency with Microsoft Office software and access data base system, experience in reporting. QGHC is seeking a Director of Residential Services to create, and operate a residential support services agenda that responds to resident supportive services needs, creating the necessary linkages with external agencies and programs directly offering resident needed services; involving residents and providers in reviewing management and operations of the properties and activities in the surrounding community. We are seeking an individual who is a strong self starter, capable of working independently, meeting deadlines and possesses strong planning and team building skills. Please submit resumes to Dr Christopher Thompson by November 23, 2012 Chief Operating Officer, QGHC 320 B Blue Hill Ave, Boston, Massachusetts 02121

Equal Housing Opportunity Handicapped Accessible


Dorchester Phoenix House


ADMINISTRATIVE OPENINGS beginning July 1, 2013 Elementary Principal, Dallin School High School Principal Director of Special Education & Support Services See website for Application Process www.arlington.k12.

Arlington values diversity. We strongly encourage candidates of varied backgrounds, including people of color, persons with disabilities and others to apply.

Recovery Specialist-Full Time/Overnight This is a full time position, including weekends, at the Phoenix House St Mary’s Woman and Children program located in Dorchester. He/she works in collaboration with the Social Worker/ Case Manager to develop and maintain the client’s treatment plan. Advocate recovery by serving as a personal guide/mentor for people seeking or in recovery. Plans, implements, and coordinates an array of comprehensive, individualized services for program participants. Handles administrative support to the program. Individual must have past experiences in a residential treatment program. High School Diploma or Associates Degree preferred

EEO fax 617-379-1715

SUBSCRIBE TO THE BANNER call (617) 261-4600




Bay State Banner 11/15/2012  

Newspaper for the Greater Boston area

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