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Beyond A Levels

The Futures Programme Alongside our core academic programme, at Exeter School we offer a number of high quality and wide ranging opportunities for pupils which focus on preparing them for their life beyond Sixth Form. In addition to A Levels, there are a number of important skills all pupils need to develop in order to ensure their desired future options remain open to them. To this end, we have developed a coordinated ‘Futures Programme’ of engaging lectures, workshops and other activities for Sixth Form pupils, which take place in dedicated timetabled slots. Each activity is focused on developing one or more of three key strands essential for future success; employability, careers and university. Employability This focuses on the development of the appropriate skills, attitudes and values in preparation for the path a pupil may wish to take in the future. This strand includes practical workshops (such as ‘Producing the perfect CV’ and ‘Presenting with Confidence’) as well as broader sessions on leadership and wellbeing (including our Mindfulness workshops developed in conjunction with the Mindfulness in Schools Project). Careers This strand focuses on developing our pupils’ understanding of the nature of the labour market and of all the different careers options open to them. It also includes opportunities to receive specialist careers advice from those already working in their desired field. This includes our highly successful specialist advice for Medics, and our ‘“Help!” I haven’t a clue’ workshop for pupils unsure about their next steps. University As part of this strand, pupils receive guidance on course and university choices, and develop their understanding of the UCAS application process. This includes our successful programme for pupils who wish to apply for very competitive courses and/or highly selective universities. (There is more information about Higher Education and Careers Advice on page eight). In order that all pupils receive the greatest benefit from this innovative programme, they are able to plot their own path over two years through their own special and unique series of different activities. The pupils themselves decide which workshops will be the most beneficial to them. As part of the Futures Programme, there are also a number of landmark events throughout the Lower Sixth year, including a Careers Convention, the Higher Education Forum and a Lower Sixth Careers Conference. Additionally, when pupils return from examination leave in the summer term, they will all take part in a series of special events (alongside starting the second year of their A Level academic study). These are fun, active and very productive, and will further develop the three strands of employability, careers and university. These special events include team building and leadership activities and the ever-popular Business and Enterprise Day. For more information about this exciting and innovative programme, please see the Futures Programme insert included with this booklet.


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Sixth Form Options Booklet  

Sixth Form Options Booklet