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Sixth Form Drama Club Affectionately named the ‘The Ex Players’, the 6th Form Drama Club aims to provide the opportunity for pupils to get involved in more drama, to develop their communication skills and potentially provide an opportunity to achieve a qualification. The creative industries are now worth £8m per hour to the UK economy and is one of the fastest growing sectors; this drama club offers the opportunity to explore this world a little more. Verbal communication and teamwork continue to top the list of desired skills by employers. The Drama Club is here to develop and enhance a number of skills, which would be beneficial in the world beyond education. The activity of the club depends on the numbers and make-up of the group – the group has in the past worked towards staging an informal performance as well as producing a radio play, undertaken a writing course where pupils collaborated, drafted and redrafted short plays under the guidance of Mr Brough (Fringe First winner and West End playwright). This year, pupils are delivering drama workshops to local primary schools to help educate 8-10 year olds on ‘Bullying.’ In addition to this they are writing, filming and editing ‘behind the scenes’ documentaries on all the school productions. For more information, please see Mr Brough. Swunk Swunk is a band comprising some of the best musicians in school, some of whom may have never played jazz music before. The band is an invite-only group, curated each summer by the band's director, jazz guitarist and top session musician Mr Bowen. The band typically comprises rhythm section members (piano, guitar, bass and drums) as well as front line players (typically trumpet, saxophone and trombonists) and a vocalist. Close attention is paid to chamber group ensemble techniques, as well as to the vocabulary of improvisation, within a huge variety of styles, ranging far beyond swing and funk, to frequently include Reggae, Bossa Nova and Hip-Hop. Their many regular events throughout the year include workshops and performances at local primary schools on Field Days, participation in a number of the departments' annual concerts, particularly the annual Jazz Concert, as well as one-off gigs that come into the department, both inside school and in the wider community. For more information, please see Mr Tamblyn.


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Sixth Form Options Booklet