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Exeter School AN INTRODUCTION TO THE SIXTH FORM The Sixth Form is an exciting time and one to really look forward to. They are important years for which pupils have chosen their own academic programme and, later on, decide on their next steps in education that will then lead on to interesting and stimulating careers. The increased depth of understanding required will present new opportunities to learn vital skills, become more independent in their studies and inspire future choices. Extra-curricular options provide an important educational balance and help pupils to build further confidence as well an understanding of how to get on with and get the best out of both others and themselves. This booklet provides information to help pupils with their first step on this journey, that of choosing their A Level subjects. It gives the timescale for doing so, details the processes involved and the guidance and support that is available. All A Level subjects have now been reformed within the past three years. The key change is that A Level outcomes are now determined by terminal examinations at the end of the Upper Sixth. As a consequence, Exeter School does not enter pupils for any external examinations at the end of the Lower Sixth but instead has a rigorous set of internal examinations. Our main academic policy remains; pupils study four subjects in the Lower Sixth (plus the Extended Project Qualification if they wish) and then carry on with either three or four subjects in the Upper Sixth. More detail about these reforms can be found on page 11. As well as always striving to maintain our high standards in academic exams, we do not neglect the many other factors that contribute to the importance of the Sixth Form years. Sixth Formers are making the transition from school pupils to adulthood by developing new skills, forming more of their own opinions and beginning to plan their futures. We offer individual care and advice through our pastoral system. The Futures Programme helps to prepare pupils for the full range of exciting possibilities open to them as they look beyond their A Level studies. The school library provides a superb resource in which Sixth Formers can work independently on their chosen subjects. There are also numerous opportunities to develop sporting and cultural skills, along with chances to take responsibility and show leadership and initiative. This booklet attempts to give a brief flavour of these parts of Sixth Form life within Exeter School. Further detail can be found on our website. I hope that you find this guide to the Sixth Form useful. Should you require any further information or wish to discuss a particular matter, then please do not hesitate to contact me. Dr James Wilson Deputy Head (Academic)


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Sixth Form Options Booklet  

Sixth Form Options Booklet