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29 October 2012 |




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Increase in bike thefts across campus Beccy Smyth News Editor THERE has been a recent wave of bike thefts occurring on campus since the start of the current term. Police have been made aware of six cases of bike theft since the end of September, and explained that ordinarily, they receive an average of six reports of stolen bikes across the entire year. The thefts have clustered mostly around halls of residence and Stocker Road. Police said that in general, targeted bikes were either left unlocked, or were secured with insufficient and weak locks that made it easy for thieves to cut through. Sarah Bloor, University PCSO, commented: “Bike thefts have increased across the country. The harder you make it for a thief to steal your bike, the less likely it is for them to attempt to take it.” Bloor added: “Always make a note of the bike frame number and take photos of your bike, this will make it easier for the police to trace and return your bike”. Estate Patrol has also offered students a number of pieces of advice: “Use the very best quality bike lock you can afford - D locks are recommended. You should use secured bike sheds where possible, but if one is not

available, secure your bike at dedicated bike racks. “Lock your bike in full view, try and secure the frame and both wheels, and remove the saddle if you can.” Some students, who have been victims of bike theft, have reported they have been dissatisfied with how the University has dealt with the relatively common problem over the last two years. Kate Gray, a past victim, believes

that the University may not be active enough in dealing with bike thefts. She stated: “My bike was stolen at the end of first year, from a locked bike shed on St Luke’s. Despite the fact that the University had provided the bike shed, they offered little to no help on the matter and were uninterested in the theft of not just my bike, but several others as well.” A third year student, who has also been a victim of a bike-related theft, stated: “Having had my bike light sto-

len, I contacted Estate Patrol who explained to me there were no cameras facing the bike rack. Considering that bikes and bike lights are by no means cheap, the University needs to make a concerted effort to halt bike thefts.” Estate Patrol has stated that students should contact them, as well as the Police, if they are a victim of theft on campus. To report an off-campus theft, the police should be contacted directly.

Photo: Joshua Irwandi

First ‘Opportunities Week’ gets underway Simon Dewhurst Senior Reporter THE first ever Opportunities Week at the University of Exeter begins today (Monday). The event aims to help students broaden their horizons and stand out from the crowd when applying for graduate jobs. The week is primarily targeted at undergraduates, many of whom will have a break from their usual teaching schedule. Organisers are encouraging students to take advantage of an exciting and varied programme of activities

prepared by the University, individual colleges and the Students’ Guild.

“Opportunities Week is a really fantastic innovation that will give our students a real chance to gain a competitive edge” Corony Edwards, Head of Educational Quality Events will be taking place across both the Exeter and Cornwall campuses with opportunities to learn new skills, improve your CV and engage in thought-provoking debates. Many of the sessions will be linked

to the Grand Challenges programme being run for all first year students. The scheme is being launched by naturalist and television presenter Nick Baker with the week, also featuring talks from other leading experts and academics. The project hopes to build students’ transferable skills whilst educating them about the research carried out by the University and how it affects the world today. Imogen Sanders, VP Academic Affairs hopes the new initiative will emphasise the importance of employability. She stated: “The Guild are working alongside the University this year to make sure that students are getting the

most out of their spare time while at Exeter, and are prepared for the challenges they will face after graduating. “Research we have undertaken has shown that the second most important reason students participate in Guild activities is because they want to increase their employability and Opportunities Week is there to facilitate this drive.” Corony Edwards, the University’s Head of Educational Quality and Enhancement said: “Opportunities Week is a really fantastic innovation that will give our undergraduate students a real chance to gain a competitive edge in terms of their academic achievements and employability.”

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2012/13 Week 6 Issue 599  

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