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How to survive... visiting home Kate Gray offers a guide of how to cope with being homeward bound PLANNING on going home any time soon? Best of luck to you, you brave soul. There’s two ways it can go: either your parents will cling to you like leggings on a comfort-eating snorlax, or they’ll have turned your room into a gym-slash-sex den. Either way, you’ll find yourself longing for the weary indifference of your nearest and dearest at university, who throw you zombie-eyed hungover stares as you ask them why they’re drooling into their cereal. One of the most dramatic changes will be that of nutrition. We’ve all had those evenings where you’ve managed to convince yourself that Cup-a-Soup is a proper meal if consumed from a bowl, or where your cupboard is barer than your own arse at the SSB, and suddenly that furry thing in the back of the fridge is looking quite appetising. In my first year, I found myself standing in the CoOp near my halls, face-to-face with a packet of ham that told me to “treat myself to fine quality food”. I don’t know anyone who would consider ham a delicacy for a start, but more importantly, if I have bought any ham that is a self-proclaimed ‘treat’, I have bought the wrong ham. On a student budget, it needs to be something with a slogan more along the lines of “Well, at least it’s edible! (Now with 50% less eyeballs!)”. However, once you walk through the magical por-

tal that is the front door of your house, you’ll find yourself surrounded by exotica such as branded cereal, chicken that doesn’t come in a can, and meat without a ‘may contain facial features’ warning. You’ll feel like a sultan as your parents force-feed you multivitamins and lard in an effort to make you look vaguely human, but just remember you’ll have to return to the slums of student poverty eventually.

“And that’s how I ended up watching the entire Barbie films. Not proud.” Now for a harsh truth, children: you will not do any work while at home. Do not bother taking eight bags packed tighter than a squirrel’s nostril with books that you won’t even look at, because realistically, when you have a choice between reading an incredibly dull text about how some guy said something mildly important several centuries ago and Sky Movies, I think we all know who’s going to win. And that’s how I ended up watching the entire back catalogue of Barbie films. Not proud. Coming to university has in fact been an eye-opener for me, because it

led to the realisation that the sentence “he’s quite attractive, he’s only missing three teeth” is not a good thing. Returning to a village where the most exciting thing that’s happened recently is Maureen’s hip operation is a dramatic change from Exeter, where it’s not really been an eventful week unless at least two of your housemates have done it on the kitchen table after getting thrown out of Arena for being so drunk that they made Charlie Sheen look like a teetotal Amish man on antibiotics. It can be a bit of a culture shock, so make sure that you’ve begun to acclimatise to returning home from the butthole of Britain by spending the week beforehand turning every conversation into how excited you are about tractors and incest. Again, not proud. I guess my point is that you can’t really win. I’m sure your parents love you very much, but they also love not doing your laundry. Likewise, I’m sure you’re loving the independence of uni – you can say naughty words and stay up past 11! – but sometimes it’s nice to go home and sleep in a bed that’s not made of concrete. Enjoy it while you can, because soon you’ll be a proper adult, having to engage in terrifying things like budgeting, cooking Christmas dinner and responsibility in general. God help us all.

Exeter’s independent eateries

Roseanna Stone gives the low-down of how to avoid chain eating WHEN Exeter students flock back to university we bring with us not only our brains but also our wallets. Spending on shopping, drinking, eating and entertaining ourselves, there is no doubt that we’re quite a big influence on the local economy. Despite this, some Exeter restaurant owners have expressed their dismay that relatively little money sees its way to the local independent businesses, who find themselves struggling in the recession. While chains like Nandos and even Boston Tea Party continue to ride out the economic storm, smaller enterprises are struggling to get by as people tighten their belts. (Yes, sorry to burst the Boston bubble, if you didn’t know, it’s a chain and not just an Exeter thing. There are a whole string of them in the west country. Visit Bath, Worcester or Salisbury and you’ll find one. And Bristol’s got four.) There are of course a couple of independent eateries that do see plenty of student clientele; Harry’s is popular for special occasions and there is, obviously, the legendary Firehouse. I wouldn’t want to criticise Firehouse (all hail the holy Firehouse), it is undoubtedly fantastic for both the belly and the wallet. But its popularity can be its downfall, and getting a table can be an almost impossible task on some nights. There are plenty of other great local places to grab a bite that aren’t so well known about ...



This vegetarian restaurant on 15 North Street offers much more than just vegetables. Tony and Sue have been feeding Exeter with homemade soups, sandwiches and delicious salads for over 20 years. Other dishes, from tagines to nachos, go nicely with a glass of organic wine. An ideal spot for a light lunch.


To be found on 36-7 South Street, El Bocado has a relaxed and sensuous atmosphere, with the Latin passion really heating up on their live guitar and flamenco nights, which being free are definitely worth a visit. Share a scrumptious paella and a bottle of rioja, or ask the owner, Don, for recommendations on some of the many delectable tapas they have to offer.


The Exploding Bakery works mostly as a café-catering business, but if you pop along to their HQ by the station, at 1B Central Station Buildings, Queen Street, you’ll be able to try some of their daily delicacies. Whipping up a range of incredible cakes, it’s perfect for a quick

treat or a special occassion. You’ll find classic treats alongside some zanier creations including passion fruit and lemon polenta cakes.


Advertising themselves as the ‘Healthy Food Choice’ in Exeter Waikiki has proved that good-for-you food doesn’t have to be boring. Offering inventive wraps, salads and smoothies as well as local Dartmoor venison burgers, there’s plenty to choose from. You can even buy frozen yoghurt with 0 percent fat - what more could you want! Tucked away on 39 Sidwell Street, Waikiki is a great place to stop off on the way to or from town.


Don’t let the exterior of this place put you off, it might not look like the Ritz but venture inside and the food is sure to impress. Serving Turkish mezze, salads and grills, Dinosaur Café is great for student budgets without compromising on flavour. You can find this local gem on 5 New North Road. Photos: Waikiki Facebook, disocverexeter. net, El Bocado Facebook,,


Tweets of the week KATIE HALL @katieaprilouise can’t cook cos the cleaners in the kitchen... #cry REBECCA HOWIE @RRHowie If I ever bump into the person in control of the fire alarm test for lafrowda, so help me... HARRY McCARTHY @harrymccarthy Sure my upcoming article about how we should all get over the ‘objectification’ of promiscuous fancy dress will go down well... BETHAN ROBERTS @bethanaroberts Aldi £2.99 wine. Such a treat IMOGEN ROSSI @imogeneugenia Harrison is a smelly building #somanynerds UNIVERSITY OF EXETER @UniofExeter At least we beat our score from last time! Well done Team Exeter #universitychallenge WILL BATEMAN @thewillbateman Saturday nights at Arena often bear a striking resemblance to the cantina scene in Star Wars, some absolute wronguns out in force tonight

RACHEL BANKS @rachelhbanks I love exeter. Low crime rates, it rains all day and night and lafrowda only just stopped smelling of shit. #unilife #exeteruniversity ANNE-MARIE CLIFFORD @ammersc Eating a sandwich I bought from Poundland #hopeilive #studentliving BEN SEWARD @BenSeward2 Loving exeters mention in fresh meat #rahrahrah CHARLOTTE WINTER @CharlotteWinte1 Might just have to have a granny nap at 4pm #StudentLife GRACE BIRCHALL @missgracebirch finished my essay and it’s not even 8 o clock :) #gangnamstyle AGGIE HOLLAND @THEaggieholland COME ON EXETER #UniversityChallenge although technically as it’s Monday you should all be at Arena IONA SWANNELL @ionaswannel Lenny Lemmy Lemmy #lemmy Follow @exeposelstyle to see your tweets in Lifestyle!

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2012/13 Week 6 Issue 599  

Students are struck by a spate of attacks in Exeter, and we launch our Save Our Sreetlights campaign. Screen review the new Bond film, while...

2012/13 Week 6 Issue 599  

Students are struck by a spate of attacks in Exeter, and we launch our Save Our Sreetlights campaign. Screen review the new Bond film, while...

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