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The Electoral College

THE Electoral College system is unique to the United States. There is a reason for this: it’s bonkers. Herein lies a brief Republicans Expected Republican States % 47 explanation to help if you are feeling a 48   little lost: Swing States The USA is divided into states Democrats which are split again into districts. In an American general election, the votes matter at state level, rather than district or nationwide. Each state elects a parPREDICTED ticular number of electors on a winnerWOMEN’S Others takes-all basis – apart from Maine and VOTE: 4   Nebraska which elect proportionally NEW – who then (normally) vote for whichHAMPSHIRE ever candidate the voters chose. Out Republicans Electoral Votes: 4 % 50   of the 538 electoral votes that this 46   A Democratic state system creates, an absolute majority at its core, New Hampshire of 270 are needed to win. The number has voted for every winning of electors per state is based on the post-war Republican Democrats president. The polls have number of Congressmen they have, been neck and neck here for which is calculated by adding the two weeks, with everything so Senators that each state has to their PREDICTED close this could make all the proportional number of RepresentaOthers HISPANIC differerence. tives in the House. So New Hampshire VOTE: 8   has two Senators and two Representatives, giving them four electoral votes while California has 55 because of its Republicans % 53 Representatives and two Senators. 38   55   Sometimes the precise numbers adjust slightly because of population shifts, but certain states are often viewed as Democrats Electoral Votes: 18 more important than others when they Being the largest state have more votes to offer. that no one is prepared Swing states join the equation here. to call, Ohio is the state that For example, Oklahoma is a state ReMOST IMPORTANT will determine this election. publicans can rely on, and many states ISSUES: Electoral Votes: 29 The Buckeye State suffered in Seen as the typical swing are solid like this for either party. These Economy the recession, as the motor state, Florida has been seen as the key to are the ones that are often ignored. industry took a huge hit and 26   32   electoral victory for years. The Sunshine Conversely, the states which see most damaged Obama’s standing State handed Bush victory by the attention (money for state parties, canhere. But it is still far from clear Others % narrowest of margins in 2000. This time whether this is enough to hand didate visits, etc) are those which are however, Romney has taken a significant a victory to Romney, who has not automatically safe, which swing as 17   10   lead in the polls here, indicating Florida taken a lead on the economy there are multitudes of voters who are Medicare Jobs 15   may hand its electoral votes to the loser. and jobs. independent or only weakly affiliated to a party. Think Florida, Ohio, PennsylDeficit vania. The votes of these states are important to candidates. less horses and bayonets”. The system has its flaws. It encourment of humour within the 90 minutes. the economy and taxation; it certainly ced debater in President Obama, most In something of a turnaround from ages an often-vicious two-party race, expected Romney to come off badly in wasn’t as entertaining as the Repub- Most polls narrowly handed Obama the opening battle. Polling suggested lican Primaries but it was a whole lot the victory, although nowhere near as the opening night it was Romney tak- which is why we rarely hear of anyone a narrow but decisive lead for Obama more relevant. Even the most fanatic of conclusively as Romney had won the ing up the more submissive position. other than the Republicans and DemoIn broad terms they agreed on many crats, and it is possible for a candidate and the election looked almost sown Obama fans couldn’t claim a win here issues, leaving little manoeuvre room to win the popular vote but not the and with round one gone Romney had up. to distinguish the candidates. Obama’s Presidency (see Al Gore and George W. revived his campaign with a crucial “Obama’s best was his record on foreign policy, however, is Bush in 2000). and decisive victory over the President. rebuttal to Romney’s “Romney came out swinging So there are problems, that much one regarded very differently to his doThe race tightened as Obama faced criticism of the US having against a lethargic and is clear. Votes and outcomes are usually mestic one. serious pressure to deliver something fewer battleships now than passive President - attacking While most in the US see him as vastly distorted, it promotes costly more substantial. Round two was a in 1916: ‘well, Governor, his track record on job something of a serious let down on the campaigns, many voters feel like their bloodier and more evenly contested we also have less horses and vote is wasted and one state can have creation and the soaring economy, they are far more approving affair. Both frequently resorted to bayonets” the deciding power over all of the of his diplomacy around the globe and levels of public debt” petty attacks, ambiguous accusations others (like Florida in 2000, or even handling of terrorism. and denials for the purpose of cheap Nevada in the final season of The West Again the majority of polls and Wing). However, it is also enshrined But Romney came out swinging point scoring. While discussing gender first stand-off. The final debate shifted the agen- news sources handed the victory to in the revered US Constitution and against a lethargic and passive Presi- equality in the work force Romney said dent – constantly attacking his record he went to women’s groups to try and da from domestic to foreign policy. President Obama. Romney however unlikely to change any time soon. on job creation and the soaring levels resolve the problem of a lack of female Encouraged by his more aggressive has by and large held his own against However, it cannot be denied that the of public debt. He shrugged off his applicants and they gave him “binders stance in round two, Obama shot out his opponent and scored an impressive Electoral College system can help to the traps with continuous attacks lev- first round victory. The voters defi- make for an exciting, down-to-the-wire, reputation as cold hearted and robotic full of women”. I’m not sure he wants to associ- elled at his opponent. His best was his nitely trust him more on the economy, often photo finish of an election night. with a pitch full of patriotism and compassion for America and its people. He ate himself too closely with the kind rebuttal to Romney’s criticism of the although he still has yet to fully con- And, from the looks of things, we may be in for another of those this time comfortably held his own in a lengthy of people who keep such things (serial US having fewer battleships now than vince them on other important issues. around… IMOGEN WATSON and detailed joust over the direction of killers?), but it provided a rare mo- in 1916: “well Governor we also have The race is on.

to win



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2012/13 Week 6 Issue 599  

Students are struck by a spate of attacks in Exeter, and we launch our Save Our Sreetlights campaign. Screen review the new Bond film, while...

2012/13 Week 6 Issue 599  

Students are struck by a spate of attacks in Exeter, and we launch our Save Our Sreetlights campaign. Screen review the new Bond film, while...

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