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TO EXEMPLIFY What if, as a collected group of women, we daily prayed in humility for our families? For our husbands? Our children? Our parents? Our siblings? What if I prayed for you as you prayed for me? What if we looked at our homes as fertile ground? The workplace as our mission field? Got to know our neighbor? Listened to the friend who needed to talk? What if we waited in joyful expectation... before the King of Creation? What would happen if she encouraged her.... to hold on and hold out for more? What if we took Isaiah 61 seriously? And grabbed hold of the good news of the gospel of the glory of Christ? If we ran toward the freedom He offers? Followed in His footsteps? If we were planted like Oaks of Righteousness, displaying God’s glory? What would it mean for the climate of this world if we abandoned ourselves unto Christ for His purposes, His plans, His promises and His passion in this generation? What if, as a collected group of women, we lived lives that glorify? Magnify. Exemplify. His name. Change would come. And Christ would be lifted high. This is our heart, our hope, our humble prayer. Welcome to

Exemplify Online & Magazine. A collected group of women living lives that glorify.

Welcome to Exemplify  

Welcome message from Kristen Schiffman.

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