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Sustainable Business

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The Diploma in Sustainable Business is a joint programme of the Institute for Economy and the Environment at the University of St.Gallen (IWÖ-HSG), the Business School Lausanne and is endorsed by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD).


To inspire and train change agents with a broad understanding in global sustainability and provide them with practical skills to develop and implement solutions for sustainability issues in organizations.

One Year Executive Part-time Programme

Objective The programme approaches sustainability from three different perspectives: 1.

2. 3. Provider: IWOE-HSG, BSL and WBCSD Dates: 06.10.2016–17.06.2017 Duration: 26 days Coaching, Consulting project Location: St.Gallen, Switzerland Price: CHF 18'000.– Language: English ECTS: 30 Contact: Aurea Amanso BSL Lausanne, 1022 Chavannes T | +41 (0)21 619 06 06 E | 36 | Executive Education

Global challenges – understanding the sustainability challenges we, as a global community, are facing today and in the coming decades Strategic implications – evaluating how business can contribute to resolve them through innovative strategies Business impact – translating sustainability strategies across business functions

To maximize learning, the modules are designed to touch upon these three perspectives in three action learning rounds. This enables participants to deepen their understanding of each perspective with every round. A new way of learning Learning – in particular in the sustainability field – needs more than knowledge. It also needs practical skills, leading change skills and reflective skills. To achieve this the programme uses an applied, interactive and experiental learning approach. The programme is built on three learning dimensions:


Subject competence – Exposure to the best current knowledge in the global and business sustainability fields provides the foundation for understanding and managing the sustainability challenges. Leading change skills – Implementation and change management skills are critical to bring sustainability to business. To ensure this, the «Leading Change» dimension forms an integral part of the programme. Project experience – Real-life sustainability projects are conducted in a collaborative work space and form the backbone of the programme. These projects are conducted in collaboration with companies, communities or NGOs.

Rather than writing a thesis, you will work in a small team to apply your learnings to a real-life sustainability project.

Structure The programme consists of 13 two-day modules: 1. The big picture of sustainability challenges and Project Kickoff 2. Leading change I and Project Experience 3. Best practices in sustainability strategies 4. Sustainability tools and frameworks 5. Leading change II and Project Review 1 6. Responsible leadership and global Stakeholder Challenges 7. The business case for sustainability 8. Making supply chains sustainable 9. Measuring sustainability performance 10. Leading Change III and Project Review 2 11. Sustainability marketing and communi­ cations 12. Social entrepreneurship & Intrapreneurship 13. Leading change IV and Final Project Presentations

The module overview shows, how subject competence, leading change skills and project experience/reviews are integrated into the programme.

Target group The Diploma in Sustainable Business is open to applicants with a university degree or equivalent. In exceptional cases, applicants without a degree may be accepted. Applicants should have at least three years of professional experience at a higher management level, or a minimum of 6 years of working experience (not necessarily in business only). We seek leaders and change agents who wish to bring sustainable thinking and action to business. BSL Lausanne recognizes fully this degree as part of their MBA and EMBA programmes. The programme is designed for you if you want to: • •

develop your skills to work in the sustainability field as a specialist in business, public office or nongovernmental organizations work in an existing or new business that embraces sustainability through innovative products or services; or independently as a consultant or entrepreneur integrate sustainability into your existing area of responsibility or into main line functions such as product or project development, sourcing, operations, marketing or communications become an expert in the field, as a sustainability officer, sustainability analyst, sustainability consultant, in sustainability integrated business development or project management

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Gesamtprogramm Weiterbildung Universität St.Gallen 2017  

Wir laden Sie herzlich ein, sich im vorliegenden Gesamtprogramm über die neuesten Entwicklungen und Weiterbildungsangebote der Universität...