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Career as a Court Reporter Court reporters play a critical role not only in legal proceedings, but also at every meeting where the spoken word must be preserved as a written transcription.

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Court reporters usually create word for word transcripts of speeches, conversations, legal proceedings, meetings, and other events when written accounts of spoken words are essential for communication, records, or legal proof. Court reporters play a critical role not only in court procedures, but also at every meeting where the spoken word must be conserved as a written transcript. Type of Work: Court Reporters write out audio files from legal procedures into written form. A court reporter normally works for law firms, insurance companies or legal services facilities. Court Reporters duties are sometimes undertaken by legal secretaries or paralegals that perform other duties in addition to transcription. There are several methods of Court Reporting such as Stenographic, Real-time Court Reporting, Electronic Court Reporting, and Videotaped Transcription. Qualification and Training: If you want to become a Court Reporter, you should take classes in court reporting, dictating notes, language composition and grammar rules, sophisticated typing or legal terms. Courses generally result in certification which can help you sheltered a position. Online Courses are also available which can help if you need flexible study hours due to work or other commitments. Some States require court reporters to be legal representative publics. Others require the Certified Court Reporter (CCR) designation, for which a reporter must pass a State test administered by a board of examiners. The NCRA (National Court Reporters Association) also offers the designations Certified Real-time Reporter (CRR) and Certified CART Provider (CCP). These designations promote and distinguish proficiency in straight away converting the spoken word into the written word. Licensing: Licensing laws differ from state to state. Some states define the duties of a Court Reporter as correspondent to those of a paralegal or legal subordinate. As these are strictly regulated fields, these states necessitate certification for legal transcribers, too. Legal transcriptionists who wish to advance to work as a court reporter will also need to complete a state licensing exam. Skills and Expertise: The most essential attributes of court reporters are excellent listening skills and a broad understanding of complex legal terminology. They should also have excellent spelling and fast, precise typing skills. Proper training or experience of business law and the ability to multi-task are also important. Employment and Career Development: About 60 percent of court reporters work for State and local governments, a reflection of the large number of court reporters working in courts, legislatures, and various agencies. Most of the remaining wage and salary workers worked for court reporting agencies. About 13 percent of court reporters were self-employed. With further training and experience, a court reporter can go on to pursue careers as legal assistants or paralegal workers. Earnings of a Court Reporter: Both compensation and compensation methods for court reporters vary with the type of reporting job, the experience of the individual reporter, the level of certification achieved, and the region of the country. Official court reporters earn a salary and a per-page fee for transcripts. Many salaried court reporters supplement their income by doing freelance work. Freelance court reporters are paid per job and receive a per-page fee for transcripts. CART providers are paid by the hour. The average salary of a Court Reporter as of July 2010 was $33,000, according to indeed, the job and salary information website. Executive Reporting Service, a Certified Court Reporting Company, provides services like real time court reporting, Language Interpreter or translator, video conferencing and other Court Reporting Services all over in Florida. For more details, visit

Career as a Court Reporter  

Court reporters play a critical role not only in legal proceedings, but also at every meeting where the spoken word must be preserved as a w...

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