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ATTN: Board Members!! Our next meeting will be held at 10:30 AM on Thursday, October 6th at the Lafarge Training Facility (2520 Paul Avenue, Atlanta).

As some  things  will  stay  the  same,  others  must  change, and such is the case with the Masonry As‐ OCT. 13 –16 - FALL OUTING & MANsociation of Georgia and its focus for 2012.    POWER FORUM IN DESTIN  

The board  of  directors  recently  met  to  discuss  the  future  of  MAG  and  its  preservation  during  these  NOV. 3 - CRAFTSMANSHIP AWARDS uncertain  economic  times.    I’ve  been  doing  some  DINNER! reading, and while it is comforting to know that we  are  not  alone,  it  still  doesn’t  make  it  any  easier  to  DEC - TBD contemplate  and  come  to  terms  with  the  difficult  choices that we have had to make.    ADAPT: Change; alter; modify; adjust; vary; It is with deep regret that I must announce the tem‐ amend; bend; rework porary  suspension  of  our  apprenticeship  training  - To change something to suit different condiprogram, effective at the end of this year.  MAG has  tions or a different purpose eight dedicated students in the program, and they  - To become used to a new environment or will  complete  the  current  semester.    Although  the  different conditions program  has  made  significant  strides  in  recruit‐ ment, professionalism, networking, etc., the board  has  determined  two  additional  key  components  Although  this  is  a  temporary  suspension  of  our  that  must  be  present  to  insure  the  success  of  the  apprenticeship  training  efforts,  Jamie  will  need  to look for alternative employment as of Decem‐ program, neither of which is currently present:    ber  31.    If  you  know  of  any  job  opportunities,  ‐  Sufficient  funding  to  continue  to  support/ please send them her way and help us spread the  sustain the program  word  that  she  will  be  available.    She  is  accom‐ ‐ Job placement after the initial training year  plished  in  many  different  areas  (other  than  ap‐   prenticeship)  and  would  be  glad  to  furnish  you  With  the  widespread  erosion  of  market  share  in  with  her  resume.  Just  email  Jamie  at  Georgia, the board will direct MAG’s efforts toward  or  call  her  at  promotion  in  2012.    It  is  critical  that  masonry  is  678‐873‐1097.  perceived as the right choice in the design and build    process.    Through  our  combined  efforts  to  influ‐ If you would like more information about MAG’s  ence  this  choice,  more  masonry  products  will  be  change  of  focus  from  training  to  promotion  in  used in design, more masonry products will be sold,  2012,  please  contact  Michele  at  the  association  and more masonry professionals will be needed to  office  or  any  of  your  MAG  officers  and  board  install the products.  This will bring us back around  members.  They will be glad to answer any ques‐ to the need for apprenticeship training, so not only  tions you might have.  the  materials  are  of  the  highest  quality,  but  the  You must be up to date with your dues for 2011 to installation and installers are, too.   

Jamie Buck has worked tirelessly as our Apprentice‐ ship Training Director for over six years overseeing  our  program  and  developing  relationships  with  metro  Atlanta  school  systems  and  business  part‐ ners.    She  has  an  excellent  work  ethic  and  can‐do  attitude  as  well  as  the  ability  to  recruit  and  moti‐ vate individuals to do their best. 

remain an active member in good standing with the association. If you have any questions about your company’s renewal, contact Michele at 770-310-1885.

If you have reinstated your membership, please review your listing on the website and contact Michele via email with any updates or changes .



Masonry Association of Georgia - 2011 Fall Outing The Palms of Destin, Florida October 13-16, 2011 Please return this form and your registration fees today, so we can adequately plan for our events. The deadline for hotel rooms is September 30, and no rooms will be held for us after that date. Please call The Palms of Destin directly at 877-447-3767 to reserve your room today and tell them that you are with the Brick Industry Group. Our preferred room rate is $129 and this is for a JR. TWO Bedroom CONDO. Your per person package includes: Thursday evening Welcoming Reception and Cocktail Party, Business Meeting, Saturday Evening Cocktails & Banquet, and long-sleeved t-shirt. There is no additional charge for children unless they attend the banquet.

REGISTRATION FORM FOR 2011 MAG Fall Outing Cancellations: If you must cancel up to fourteen days before the event, your money will be refunded; however, any cancellations after that date may incur a cancellation fee.


$150.00 per EACH MAG member $100.00 per each spouse/guest

$_________ $_________

COMPANY NAME: __________________________ CONTACT NUMBER(S): _______________________ MAG MEMBER NAME (FIRST/LAST)


NOTE: These t-shirts are for registered guests only. Please indicate sizes below:

Adult M____ Adult L____ Adult XL____ TOTAL: ___

Golfer Name


Cell Phone

 Golf will take place on FRIDAY, October 14th with tee times. The course is Bluewater Bay Golf Club. Check it out by clicking on the name of the club.

GOLF TOURNAMENT: (modified scramble)

$125.00 per person


(Complete and return attached form) $ _________

TOTAL ENCLOSED: Please return to:

$ _________


Masonry Association of Georgia, Inc. DEADLINE: September 30, 2011 885 Long Branch Circle, #100 Sugar Hill, GA 30518 770-310-1885 2011 FALL OUTING COMMITTEE: Keith Duncan (Pyramid), Chair; Jim Kelley (Block USA), Golf Coordinator; Kami Rogers (Boral Building Products), Social Coordinator; Michèle Huber (MAG), General Flunky.






Masonry Association of Georgia Fall Outing 2011

SPONSORSHIP FORM Your Fall Outing Committee is committed to keeping costs reasonable this year while keeping our quality high! We couldn’t do this without our sponsors. Did you know that this year’s three-day event is 29.5% LESS per person (excluding golf) than our last Fall Outing in 2008? This is due to a decision to change venues and your committee’s eye on the bottom line to encourage more members to attend. We want you to join us! Please consider your company’s involvement and take a minute to help make this year’s outing a success. This year, there are two levels of sponsorship:

$200 LEVEL – too late!! $100 LEVEL – your company name will be recognized All sponsorships include signage at scheduled events, in arrival packet and recognition in our newsletter and on our website. If your logo is in a .jpg format, send it to the association office, and we can include it with the sponsorship information!

 $200 SPONSOR - closed out  $100 SPONSOR  $____ other amount Our deadline for sponsorships is September 19th to have logo on t-shirt. If your company would like to sponsor an entire event (excluding golf prizes), please contact me!

 My check is enclosed.

 Please bill my company.

Thank you for your support! See you in Destin! Masonry Association of Georgia 885 Long Branch Circle, #100 Sugar Hill, GA 30518 770-310-1885—voice




COMPANY: ___________________________________ CONTACT: __________________________________




MAG 2010-11 Craftsmanship Awards by the numbers: 6 contractors 16 projects Ranging from $150,000 to $3.4 million Who will take home the Award of Excellence for 2010-11 projects? Which project will be recognized as an Award of Merit? Mark your calendar now for the November 4 meeting to be held at the Doubletree (Lavista Rd).

The new LEED 2012 draft is underway. Throughout the U.S., LEED and other codes and standards continue to be adopted that could directly affect your business whether you are a designer, supplier or contractor. The difference this time is that the provisions in most of these standards are mandatory. Green building is now a requirement in many locales. And while in general this is a good thing, the language found in many of these standards often narrowly defines “green” and can stifle innovation. Your participation is essential if we are to create truly sustainable buildings. You should be aware of these recent developments and how they could affect your business. Much of this information is technical in nature, so I have provided links to articles for the full story:

Green Building Risks: What You Need to Know Minimum green building standards promulgated by the International Code Council (ICC) and American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) may dramatically impact the U.S. construction and real estate markets. Read more in this artic l e a t h t tp : / / w w w . d i n s la w .c o m / green_building_risks/.

Understanding the Implications of Green Building Codes and Standards on the Concrete and Masonry Industries




The ACI Fall 2011 Convention taking place Oct. 16-20 in Cincinnati, OH will include a session on recent changes to building codes and standards that affect product selection, design and construction of concrete and masonry components. This technical session will explore trends and content in building codes and standards that may impact the construction of green and/or sustainable buildings. View a listing of presentations from this session.

New Bricks Promoted for Disaster-related Construction A new type of sand brick has 2.5 times as much tensile strength as concrete, says the Japanese company that developed it. It can be manufactured in a minute and takes a day to harden. The "CO2 Structure" is solidified using carbon dioxide, and an epoxy binder is added to increase the bricks' tensile strength. The bricks could prove useful in emergency situations such as building shelters for the quake and tsunami victims in Japan, according to this Inhabitat article.

Students Use Cannon to Test Hurricane-grade Materials Using a cannon on loan from the University of Florida, students from Florida's Seminole Community College tested the ability of various building materials to withstand a hurricane. They found that foam blocks, reinforced with concrete, and concrete blocks outperformed wood. Read more and watch the video at WESH-TV (Orlando, Fla.).

OUR MISSION STATEMENT: “The Masonry Association of Georgia, Inc., is committed to education, integrity, and Masonry Association of Georgia, Inc. 885 Long Branch Circle, #100

fine craftsmanship. By providing instruction and proper training, we support quality, longevity and cooperation among those

Sugar Hill, GA 30518

in the masonry industry.”

Office Phone: 770-310-1885 Training Center: 678-873-1097 E-mail:

We’re on the Web!

Spread the word - Masonry puts QUALITY first.

We’re on FACEBOOK, too! Just sign on to FB, and go to Masonry Association of GA, Inc., then “LIKE” us.

2011 FALL OUTING!!!!

There’s still time to sign up for the MAG Fall Outing October 13-16 in Destin! DEADLINE: THIS FRIDAY, SEPT. 30

Keith Duncan, Pyramid Masonry, is heading up the committee, so please contact him or Michele with your verbal or written commitment as soon as possible. We will meet during the SE Manpower Forum.

See Registration form and more details on PAGES 2-3!

House Bill Targets Costly EPA Concrete Manufacturing Rules A bipartisan group of House lawmakers introduced legislation last month that seeks to ease Environmental Protection Agency restrictions on the cement industry. The bill specifically addresses three rules affecting manufacturers of Portland cement. The Portland Cement Association estimates the rules could cost more than $5.4 billion and could potentially cause 18 plants to shut down by 2013, according to this article.

Got an idea for a dinner program? Is there a really cool new product you want to share? Just call Michele in the association office, and she’ll set it up!

We are pleased to announce our 2011 MAG Fall Outing Sponsors!

Amerimix Block USA Boral Building Products Cemex Holcim Lafarge NA Quikrete

Off the Wall, October, 2011  

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