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The platform to grow, connect and equip SMME businesses. March - April 2020 - Issue #5


( D I A M O N D B E R R Y C R E AT I V E A G E N C Y )


Nhlanhla Dabengwa

Charllote Mpofu Gugulethu Ncube





Mellisa Tshuma


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Charllote Mpofu

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EDITORS NOTE Mellisa Tshuma



t’s our fifth issue and we are delighted that you are here to learn more on networking, growing your business and be motivated by the different stories that are told by unique individuals in this issue. We are in awe about the feedback that we have been getting and how these profiles and nuggets have been enabling various individuals to shape up their companies. The world we live in is constantly changing and various economic, social and political factors are having both positive and negative impacts to our lives and business’s. It is therefore important to learn to adapt to the new ways of life and get new ideas on how to keep your company in the race. Research more and bring in a team of innovative thinkers that will bring in fresh ideas of how to pull through. Starting a business can be an enigmatic task that requires much discipline and focus. Ego and high self-esteem should be done away with, for with such your business will only go down the drain or in circles. The wise once said, there is nothing new under the sun, what you are doing or experiencing has happened to others before you. Hence

Mar-Apr. 2020

...most entrepreneurs tend to have in common that desire to create livelihood from a passion rather than an obligation.

it is important to ask those before you how they overcame some obstacles to get to where there are today. Being egoist and pretending to know everything will only lead to severe consequences that could have been avoided if advice was taken from others. These and other lapses are what slows down the growth rate of a business. One thing that most entrepreneurs tend to have in common that desire to create livelihood from a passion rather than an obligation. Most entrepreneurs have followed the famous advice of Marc Twain, “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Find a work-life balance that will enable you to be living to satisfy both worlds. Unearth time out of busy work schedules and devote it to something that you truly love and value, it will certainly refresh your mind and energize you and it will start showing in your work as well. Happy people run happy businesses and produce happy results! Market research is important in any business venture as you get to know where they are gaps in society. A good entrepreneur will research where there is a gap and fulfill that

need by providing to society what is duly needed. Our cover story is about a distinctive individual who has a zeal for technology and entrepreneurship and aims to serve society through providing practical solutions to their technological needs and problems. Andrew Chikomba is a unique personality who has used his wit to provide honest solutions on technology and is the founder of Gemwitts Enterprises. We live in a digital world and it is important for each company to invest in the most appropriate technology for your company. So feast your eyes and warm your hearts with this immaculate issue as we take you to a journey of growth and self realisation of the things you have been doing right and wrong. Be inspired, be motivated!

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Manager’s Remarks

MANAGER’S REMARKS Nhlanhla Dabengwa

Be The Boss of Your Mind.

A very warm welcome to our fifth edition and the first for 2020, this time around I really want to focus on how to be the boss of your brain, rather than letting it master you.


he brain is a powerful tool which controls us as human beings and feeds into our habits as the bible says “As a man thinketh so he becomes”. After struggling with controlling my mind at some crucial point, I took it upon myself to diligently research and find out how to be on top of my thoughts to maximise on efficiency, I found interesting revelations which prompted me to talk about this now. You may have tried to control your thoughts at one time or another. With the aid of self-help books, perhaps you really tried to “Be Positive” and “Show Negativity the Exit.” And this may have even worked for a while. But sooner or later, you probably found yourself back at the starting point. There is another way: to become the CEO of your own mind—skilfully directing it to live in harmony with the other players of self, body, and

6 | Exhibitors’ Corner

(left) Nhlanhla Dabengwa. (right) Andrew Chikomba.

spirit. If you follow the six steps below, you will be the master of YOU in no time at least it has been working for me:

Step 1: Listen and Acknowledge Like all good leaders, you’re going to have to listen to your disgruntled employee and acknowledge that you’re taking its message seriously. Minds, like people, can relax and let go when they feel heard and understood. Practice gratitude and thank your mind for its contribution. “Thank you, mind, for reminding me that if I don’t succeed in making more sales, I might get fired.” “Thank you for telling me that I may always be alone and never find love and have a family.” “These are important areas of life, and I need to pay attention to them, and do my best to take advantage of every opportunity that comes up.

Mar-Apr. 2020

Manager’s Remarks


as the bible says, as a man thinketh so he becomes.

I also need to learn from past experiences so I don’t keep making the same mistakes.”

Step 2: Make Peace With Your Mind. You may not like what your mind does or the way it conducts itself. In fact, all that negativity can be downright irritating sometimes. But the fact is, you’re stuck with it and you can’t (and likely wouldn’t want to) just spew it away. We can take reference and a lesson from the bible where upon the Israelites and Palestines which may illustrate our relationship with our mind’s negative thoughts. These two old enemies may not have liked each other’s way of life but for progress sake they stuck with each other. If they wage war on each other it would be distractive and people would get hurt and stifle progress. When that occurs, they have a lot less energy to focus on building the health and happiness of their surroundings. Just as living in peace would be progressive for both nations, so would making peace with your mind. Accepting that negative thoughts and feelings will be there, and that you can’t control them, can allow you to focus on your actions in the present moment, so you can move ahead with your most important goals without getting all fouled up. You don’t necessarily have to like the thoughts or agree with them; you just have to let them be there in the background of your mind, while you go out and get things done.

Step 3: Realize Your Thoughts are Just Thoughts Most of the time we don’t “see” our minds. They just feel like part of us. There is a concept in psychology which is termed as being fused with your thoughts. To be fused means to be stuck together, undifferentiated. You feel like your thoughts and feelings are YOU, and so you accept them unconditionally as the truth without really looking at them.

Mar-Apr. 2020

If you think oh well am a bore and failure, what happens to you? This kind of simplistic logic seems to prevail because we can’t see our own minds. In actuality, our thoughts are passing, mental events, influenced by our moods, states of hunger or tiredness, physical health etc all this is telling us is that our thoughts are like mental habits and, like any habits, they can be healthy or unhealthy.

Step 4: Observe Your Own Mind The saying “know thine enemy” is also applicable to our relationship with our own minds. Just like a good leader spends his time walking through the offices, getting to know the employees, so do we need to devote time to getting to know how our minds work day to day. Call it mindfulness, meditation, or quiet time. Time spent observing your mind is as important as time spent exercising. When you try to focus your mind on the in and out rhythm of your breath it may sometimes wander a lot and bring about memories which you have to guard against. Your mind if left unchecked, it can take you out of the peacefulness of the present moment, and into a spiral of worry, fear, and judgment. Mindfulness doesn’t only mean noticing when your mind wanders but also exercising the ability to bring it back when it does.

Step 5: Retrain Your Mind to Rewire Your Brain There is an old and rather wise saying: “We are what we repeatedly do.” On that very same token what your mind spends time dwelling on or patterns of thinking which we usually become. In our brains, connecting thought processes together in unique, entrenched patterns. When certain brain pathways, connections between different components or ideas are frequently repeated, neurons in our brains begin to “fire” or transmit information

together in a rapid, interconnected sequence. Once the first thought starts, the whole sequence gets activated. Over time, you can begin to change the wiring of your brain so your part of the brain that feeds positivity, sets goals and plans may be able to influence and shut down the negative patterns in our minds, this takes practice and training your mind to rewire the brain.

Step 6: Practice Self-Compassion The self-compassion translates this concept as “A healthier way of relating to yourself.” While we can’t easily change the gut-level feelings and reactions that our minds and bodies produce, we can change how we respond to these feelings. Most of us were taught that vulnerable feelings are signs of weakness to be hidden from others at all costs. But this is dead wrong! There is research-based argument that suggests expressing your vulnerability can be a source of strength and confidence, if properly managed. When we judge our feelings, we lose touch with the benefits of those feelings. They are valuable sources of information about our reactions to events in our lives, and they can tell us what is most meaningful and important to us. Emotions are signals telling us to reach out to for comfort or to take time out to rest and replenish. Rather than criticizing ourselves, we can learn new ways of supporting ourselves in our suffering In Conclusion therefore, to be a successful CEO of your own mind [Your Employee], you need to listen, get to know your employee, acknowledge its contribution, realize it’s nature, make peace with it, implement a retraining or employee development program, and treat it kindly. It will repay you with a lifetime of loyalty and service to the values and goals that you most cherish.

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Cover Story

By Loveness Mpofu


emwitts Enterprises has remained one of the leading suppliers of LED Lighting Solutions in Zimbabwe. The company offers lighting solutions for mining environments to household lighting, as well as Scalable Off-the-grid power Solutions for industrial and domestic applications. They also supply some of the latest Computer and Gaming Accessories as well as numerous other tech gems. Founded by the City of Kings’ most prolific upcoming entrepreneur, Andrew Chikomba, Gemwitts Enterprises started as a small ICT consultancy Company, providing IT Support, designing websites, and supporting ERP Systems amongst other things. Along the way they clinched deals with Sunde-Electronics (Chinese Manufacturer) and Lumme LED (Hungarian based company). That’s when the company evolved from pure consultancy to include hardware distribution of Thin Clients and became the sole distributor of the Lumme brand in Zimbabwe. The company has since advanced to the supply and installation of solar equipment being involved in delivering to hospitals, corporates, schools and private homes. “We saw a gap in the market emanating from the “global” energy crisis, thus we ventured into LED Lighting Technology: which are lighting solutions that create the most amount of light, using the least amount of energy and with a very long lifespan,” Andrew says. Late last year (2019) he was awarded the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, which is a subsidiary of the Megafest Business Awards. Recently, he has also been awarded the Mandela Washington Fellowship that is part of the President Obama Young African Leader’s Initiative. This speaks volumes of his success as a business manager, his drive and his business acumen, particularly in this hostile economic environment. Describing the culture of the

Mar-Apr. 2020

company, Andrew says: “We are trustworthy Next Generation Entrepreneurs who are ambitious and talented. One could say we are “misfits” who are dedicated to providing innovative solutions to people’s problems using renewable and appropriate technology wherever possible.” According to Andrew, Gemwitts stands out from its competitors because of the quality of their service. This is reinforced by their customers who say their presentation is beyond compare. “Most of our products come with a warranty because they are authentic. We give immediate assistance to our customers if they have any aftersales issues with the products. Our LED lights which have a longer life span of 25 to 50 years are actually given up to five years warranty. Then the general household lights, are given a one year warranty. Our Solar panels carry a 25 year warrantee, you can leave them in your will for the next generation,” he says. Like any established business, Gemwitts has its challenges in engaging with the market. He says: “We normally sell products that are not on the market and thus market penetration takes longer than it should as we conscientise customers of the benefits of the products .It is only when people start seeing the need of such products that we start having big sells. However, we sometimes also have the latest gadgets and the hype of these always keeps us on our toes.”

go looking for “” Don’t millions to start a project, start small and be faithful to your business...

Gemwitts Entreprises is currently composed of a team of eight employees. The company believes in hiring few people and making sure they are treated properly by providing sustainable remuneration packages and developing their abilities in wherever they are working. “We at Gemwitts have a gifting for identifying potential and talent, therefore if our budding candidate can read and write and use a computer, then we have hope in molding them and leading them to achieve their full potential whilst revealing their gifting at Gemwitts,” Andrew says. The company is definitely growing and taking over the technology front. Andrew’s advice to aspiring business people is to step out of your comfort zone and listen to that still small voice that’s urging you to follow your dream. “I would also say that what you have right now is enough to start your business. Don’t go looking for millions to start a project, start small and be faithful to your business, plough back into it, nurture your business step by step and you will succeed,” he says.

Andrew Chikomba and Team

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DEBT VS. EQUITY FINANCING Morris Mpala (Managing Director MOB Capital).


fter having a great idea and that idea gives birth to a company that will under a normal trajectory elevate and grow. A time comes when your funding is not adequate enough to start or carry on your business thus you might search for funding outside your business or outside your personal savings. This is part of growth and is expected. Let’s explore the areas of funding that might be at your disposal. At this juncture I will focus on these two methods of financing your small to medium business. Debt and Equity Financing “Debt” involves borrowing money to be repaid, plus interest, while “equity” involves raising money by selling interests in the company.

1. Debt Financing. Debt Financing as defined by funding post “means when a firm raises money for working capital or capital expenditures by selling bonds, bills, or notes to individual and/or institutional investors. In return for lending the money, the individuals or institutions become creditors and receive a promise to repay principal and interest on the debt” If when you go via the route of securing a loan to finance your business. These debt instruments might be in the form of cash, goods and it could even be leased machinery. Your business will borrow a certain amount to be paid back on agreed terms. It could be agreed on periodical terms or it could be a lump sum at the end but these terms are agreed prior to getting into the debt arrangement. Or machinery could be advanced then repayment terms agreed on. Advantages. • No transfers of shares or ownership is effected it’s just a debt obligation the

10 | Exhibitors’ Corner

• •

• • • • •

company has towards the creditors of the company In some instances, it’s ideal to finance short term requirements with debt Debt instruments still leave directors with limited liability towards the debts incurred by the company i.e. is to the company not directors in their individual capacities Owners still enjoy ownership and control Once debt is extinguished no further obligations General debt is easy to manage Debt is tax deductible Debt financing is easy to go about than equity financing

Disadvantages. • It can be expensive and really cumbersome to manage • Could lead to debt over hang • In some instances, it can be addictive to the detriment of the of the company’s cash flows. Debt could choke your business and creates perception risk on the business • Its short-term nature might affect cash flows upon withdrawal of the advanced funds • In some instances, directors are personally liable

2. Equity Financing. Equity financing as defined by Investopedia “is the process of raising capital through the sale of shares. Companies raise money because they might have a short-term need to pay bills or they might have a long-term goal and require funds to invest in their growth. This is when a third-party buys part or whole of the company. This could be by buying shares into the company or by providing goods or services to the company that would be valued and given shareholding.

Advantages. • It’s cost effective as it’s not interesting bearing • It provides long term patient funding to companies which business doesn’t have to pay back if business fails as risk is on the investor • Some partners could bring connections and much need expertise into the business. • It improves business cash flows as no interest or debt to be paid to investors. Disadvantages. • Some equity financing has strings attached to it and decision making becomes consultative in nature. • It comes with losing influence, control and power by incumbent directors/ shareholders in a company as equity dilutes decision making powers of existing directors. • Time consuming, much effort to find the right partner. • Raising equity capital relatively difficult than debt • It could be more costly if you get demanding investors. The choice one makes whether to do debt or equity financing is just a matter of choice of existing shareholders and their management approach to financing vehicles in their respective companies. It’s power, influence and voting rights of existing shareholders of the company that is at stake and that determines which route to take. In general debt financing is ideal for small requirements for working capital. Equity financing ideal for huge funding gap especially when company envisages growth potential.

Mar-Apr. 2020



March 2020

Who are we?

Product Differentiation

Farmhut is a crowdfunding agrobased platform assisting the smallholder women farmers. We raise money through our crowdfunding platforms, partner with Insurance giants to mitigate risk of losses. We innovate smart-farming technology to overcome the impact of climatic change. We have an agro Ecommerce platform that markets value added commodities from our farmers and also links our farmers with the ready markets removing the middlemen.Agriculture is the future of Africa and we believe it is the next best thing. Supporting agriculture through its major stakeholders(women), leads to an unimaginable productivity. Together with our innovative technology and our partnerships, we believe Farmhut stands ready to solve most of the Africa’s greatest challenges, funding,climatic change and access to premium markets.We have a diverse, passionate team of young energetic people who are always looking at the new improvement. This we believe combined with our panel of advisers is our greatest.

Ever wandered into a large firm with many serious faces and doors and you’re unsure who and when to ask about your problem? Ever walked into a financial institution and you’re asked to provide equity you do not have? Ever struggled why your yields are reducing nomatter your efforts?If so the you’ve wandered right! With FARMHUT all these challenges are a myth! You can do business with us from the comfort of your home through any platform of choice as they’ll always be someone attending to you. Moreover, we do not require any equity for money loaned! To top it all, we offer free smart-tech solutions and a market for you, all at very reasonable rates. Why not try us TODAY!

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Skies Las Palmas FC Youth Academy was founded in October 2015 by Marvelous Bonasi holder of the US Soccer 11v11 and 9v9 Coaching Licenses as well as Electrical Engineering Techncian and Gremah Siphosenkosi Ndebele holder of the Brazilian Level 4 Coaching License. Skies Las Palmas FC Youth Academy is an affiliate of Zimbabwe Football Association Bulawayo Province U20 league.

About Us Skies Las Palmas FC Youth Academy is a sports academy which seeks to provide a platform for young people to showcase their talent through sports and education. With the main sport being soccer/football we seek to introduce more sports so as to accommodate a diversity of sports. The academy seeks to promote a sober character, good conduct amongst youth. The academy also seeks to create a God fearing society as well as promote and preach the gospel of education through sports. Since 2015 the academy has gained popularity with the young individuals both female and male of the local communities around the city of Bulawayo.

Our Goal Our goal is to build bridges between cultural divides. We seek to create equal opportunity for all young individuals despite their economic, social or religious background. We believe that these young individuals are the future.

Objectives • The thrust of the academy is premised on the development of competences {knowledge, skills, attitudes} and promotion of national identity including inculcating values of Ubuntu/Unhu/ Vumunhu. • To give equal opportunity to every child regardless of their background and social wellbeing. • To have a transformation of the player’s spiritual stand through sports. • To have a smooth, efficient and effective junior development team in the years to come. • To showcase talent at larger and broader platforms, to get Skies Las Palmas FC players on the footballing radar, regionally and abroad.

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Mar-Apr. 2020


WHY TRADE IN THE UK? UK Trade With Africa: Why Zimbabwean companies should export to Britain?


ritain is leaving the European Union, a region that represents 53% of its total Imports ($467 billion). Although British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, has advocated for a hard Brexit (no trade deal with the EU) parliament has voted to have a Trade deal post Brexit meaning that some industries in the EU may be affected but not completely hindered by trade barriers. Either way, what can be guaranteed is that this figure of imports from the EU will drastically fall, as the trade relationship changes. This gives reason to the UK’s desperate attempt to strengthen new and old trading partners with initiatives such as the very first UK-Africa Investment Summit on the 20th January, and Theresa May’s Africa tour, that we saw in 2018. This is all to fill the import gap that the EU will leave, also adding to the growing UK demand for new products with a diverse market. In figures, Britain imported over US$669.6 billion in 2018 alone, making it the 6th largest importer of goods in the world. Only 2.9% of those goods came from Africa, demonstrating a huge potential for African companies. This potential is demonstrated in Zimbabwe as well with a 276% increase in exports from US$30 million in 2012 to US$112 million in 2018. UK Imports from Zimbabwe range from mange tout peas, black fermented tea, oranges, unmanufactured tobacco, fresh avocados, sculptures, fresh peaches, fresh nectarines, fresh raspberries, passion fruit and jewellery, clothing, processed food amongst many other manufactured

Mar-Apr. 2020

goods. UK fresh fruits imports alone, constituted an estimated total of US$3.7 billion in 2018, each range growing between 1.9% and 9.9% from the previous year. Britain needs and wants to trade more with the continent to fill the growing demands and of course the gap left by the EU, giving an exceptional opportunity for Zimbabwe. As put by Britain’s Department for International Trade (DIT) office led by Mr. Tom Hill ““Africa is an increasingly important continent to the UK’s prosperity and security interests”. The Zimbabwean government has responded swiftly to this new UK position, with an already drafted bilateral trade agreement in preparation for BREXIT. But, at present Zimbabwe enjoys the Interim Economic Agreement, which implies duty - free, quota free market access to the UK. With this in mind Trade With Africa ltd has been set up as a private sector UK based trade facilitation agent, to cater to African SMEs with practical access to market channels, market research and consulting in the whole export process. Trade With Africa ltd is committed to having a tailored approach to each

SME looking at both conventional and creative open-minded approaches to overcoming challenges of exporting to the UK from Zimbabwe or other African countries. The company is well researched and understands the British business culture to enable Zimbabwean companies’ efficient establishment of deals with UK retail buyers. It is contracted by the UK’s largest exhibition organizer and 12th largest in the world, to organize African companies for exhibiting at their shows. There are two main trade shows throughout the year that Zimbabwean SMEs can expect, both of which will guarantee at least six direct meetings with the UK’s major retail stores, so not to depend only on footfall. Additional to that Trade with Africa ltd holds a data base of over 51 trade shows, and growing, that Zimbabwean SMEs can take advantage of depending on the sectors. To find out more you can visit www. tradeswithafrica.com or contact the Director on Whatsapp +44 (0) 7799376764.

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old calling potential prospects can be frustrating and hard. Whether you are doing it in person or on the phone, its your job to warm up a potential customer. This process can be exceedingly difficult, especially if its not something you are used to. Cold calling is a very lucrative tool to meet up and engage new prospects you wouldn’t have otherwise met in a traditional setup. Here are 7 cold calling tips to help improve your closing rate:

1. Focus all your questions on your client, not yourself. 2. Plan all your questions in advance 3. Don’t follow any cold calling scripts 4. Don’t overwhelm your prospect during the first meet 5. Don’t attempt to sell on your first cold call 6. Keep your prospect relaxed 7. Find out what benefit will make your prospect buy from you.

14 | Exhibitors’ Corner

Mar-Apr. 2020


Focus All Of Your Questions On Your Client, Not Yourself In your initial contact with the prospect, focus all your attention and your questions on the prospect. Don’t talk about who you are and what you do, or about your company or any other companies. Remember, it is about them, not about you. Client-centred selling is professional selling. You are only selling professionally when you are talking to your client about his or her wants and needs.

Plan All Of Your Questions In Advance More Information = More Sales In cold calling, the more information that you can elicit, the easier it will be for you to qualify the prospect and then go on to make a sale. This is where questioning is so important. Your questions should be thought out carefully in advance, and organized in a logical sequence, from the most general to the most specific.

Don’t Follow Any Cold Calling Scripts Once you have a positive response from a prospect to your opening question, you then ask him questions about his business, his market, his budget, and so on. Very often, people will give you all of this information in exchange for the benefit that you promised in your opening question. To get the answers to these problems from your prospect, ask questions such as the ones in these cold calling scripts below: 1. “If you could magically eliminate three of your biggest problems in your business or market, what would they be?” 2. “If you could create the ideal situation for your business, what

Mar-Apr. 2020

would you change?” 3. “I’d like to schedule a meeting with you in person to discuss your business needs and how my product will benefit you. How does Wednesday at 2PM sound?” Always remember, that cold calling and sales in general, should be very personal. You should focus on your customer’s needs as an individual on a case by case business. This is how you build relationships with your customers and have long sales relationships to come. Using cold calling scripts can make the call feel less personal and this is something you want to avoid.

Don’t Overwhelm Your Prospect During First Meeting When you are “cold meeting” a prospect for the first time, a strategy is for you to “go in naked.” What this means is that, at the most, you carry a simple folder rather than a briefcase full of brochures or samples. If the prospect is interested and wants a presentation and more information, you can always go back to your car to get what you need and bring it in. But, when you go in without a briefcase you lower the stress of initial sales resistance and cause the prospect to relax and open up to you sooner.

Don’t Attempt To Sell On Your First Cold Call On your first call, you should never attempt to sell. Focus on information gathering. Unless you are selling something inexpensive that requires little thought, you want to interview the prospect by asking questions. Take notes and tell them you will come back to them. Focus on building the relationship and coming across as friendly, genial and non-threatening.

Keep Your Prospect Relaxed The longer that your prospect remains relaxed, and the more he opens up to you, the more likely it is you will make the sale in the long run. A relaxed prospect will ask questions and give you a head start to having an informed diagnosis on their needs which is half way into a sale.

Find Out Exactly What Benefit Will Cause Your Customer To Buy From You With each customer, there is a key benefit that will trigger buying desire and cause the customer to purchase your product or service. At the same time, there is a key fear or doubt that will hold the customer back from buying. Your initial job in your first cold call with your prospect, and the key to qualifying them, is to find out exactly what benefit will cause this customer to buy from you, and exactly what fear or doubt might hold this customer back from buying from you.

BONUS TIP: Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For More There is a biblical saying that goes “You have not because you ask not” Don’t be afraid to ask. “Ask” is the magic word for sales success. If you are open, honest, and genuine, and ask out of curiosity, you will be amazed at the answers you’ll hear. Prospects will ofter give you all the information that you need to make a sale. The key for you is to ask. Follow these 7 cold calling tips to help maximize your sales, generate better leads and create long-lasting relationships with your customers. What was your first cold call like? Notify the editor on editor@excomag.co.zw your feed back might help a soul.

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“” 1. Failure is preparation So l thought l knew exactly what l wanted to be when l grow up. At primary school, l wanted to be a waitress because l thought l would have a privilege to eat burgers all the time. As l grew older, in my early high school years l realised there was more to life, the interests changed now wanted to be a pilot so l could explore the world but somewhere along the lane l got carried away, all my friends wanted to be doctors, my mother was a nurse and so it felt right for me to be a doctor as well I then decided to major in sciences. I remember the first time l took biology one on one and l got my first and last fail then l dropped the subject after l convinced myself it was not meant for me besides, l was and still am scared of injections. I do not even like hospitals… The moral lesson is, which one is greater, the desire to succeed or the fear of failure? The opinions of those around us cement whatever we think either positively or negatively based on

16 | Exhibitors’ Corner

...give yourself time to breath and grow to be good at your skills. There is a difference between working hard and rushing things...

statistics, what other people think and our surroundings. When clouded with other people’s opinions, we normally make poor choices, leading to failure. Fear of failure has a concrete power in keeping us from doing and saying the things that are our purpose. Sometimes we win, sometimes we learn. Failure and success are measured by the outcome, but if you give it your best, you win. The best way to avoid falling a prey is knowing that opinions are nothing but just opinions, your true self-worth comes from within.

2. Be in line and stay in line Most people desire success, but the sad truth is that, not all archive it. Success comes from repetition not trying out new things. The fundamental element of success is failure. Genuine expertise belong to an elite few. They seldom have superpowers. They usually have endurance, patience and take longterm view. They also love what they do. Hence, if you find that, do not let it go.

3. Chill When younger we tend to be impatient, but there is really no rush. The career you choose today might not be what you want tomorrow because as we grow, we explore and develop new interests hence it needs to be approached on a long-term basis. Do not feel like you are under pressure because your mates seems to know what they are doing, instead, give yourself time to breath and grow to be good at your skills. There is a difference between working hard and rushing things. Working hard is a great way to impact the world, to learn, to grow and accomplishing something, whereas rushing things always leaves you empty, tired and resentful. There is nothing wrong with taking the slow lane, you will realise the things in your career path that you did not see were there. A career is a marathon not a sprint!

Mar-Apr. 2020

SMME Corner


Inkazimulo Farmers Market is a green grocery retail store operating in Bulawayo which supplies farm fresh produce while breaking bulk tailored to suite any customer from large orders to individual consumers who prefer not to stock. Coming up with creative ways to accommodate busy scheduled people through delivery mechanisms.


ShayBill Energy is an electrical power engineering company established in Bulawayo and specialises in electrical and energy solutions with services mainly consisting of Electrical installations, electrical maintenance, complete solar solutions, Fault Finding and power factor correction amongst other electrical needs.



Somesha is an education startup, based in Zimbabwe and operating in a few schools. The platform partners with the students, parents and schools in Africa to optimise the learning journey using technology. Students can use the Somesha platform to prepare for examinations, watch educational videos, keep track of their records and interact with other students across the African continent. Schools can manage student attendance, payments, timetables, academic records and reports. Somesha aims to reimagine how students across Africa are educated and ensuring fair access of education across the continent.

Thumeza Enterprises is a registered Private Business Corporation. Registered in April of 2018, our Business Registration number is1004/18, with our Business Partner number being 0200242326. On a day to day basis the logistics value chain contributes over 50% to the cost of the end product. This is mainly because of inefficiencies within logistics value chain that contribute to long loading and offloading time, lengthy vehicle queues to load, extended time slots for load consolidation and loss-making empty trips caused by a lack of transparency within the logistics ecosystem. In order to help logistics decision makers, make informed decisions within their organizations that will help cut down on these cost elements, our vision is to provide the data on which transporter has the ability to carry what load, to what direction, and when.

The company is available across all social media platforms and on their website : www.somesha.io

Mar-Apr. 2020


Launched in March 2019, the story of Cooks’ Republic began. As herbs and spices consumption has increased over the years, the need for affordable quality spices has also continued to grow. Cooks’ Republic aims to provide affordable quality produce for all cooks. The company has a vison to be the first choice in the spices and herbs business in Zimbabwe. The republic provides cooks with quality spices, herbs, micro greens and other cooking condiments, that allow their customers to enjoy food from the earth that’s good for the table. Cooks’ Republic stands on five core values that define to the world and themselves on what they stand for and who they are, and these are Passion, Integrity, teamwork, Continuous improvement, customer focus. Surely you must be wondering where to get these mouth-watering products, worry not. Cook’s Republic has an online store and offers delivery to all CBD clients, not only that, their products can be found at Rumtage Fruit and Veg, Ascot Complex at Royal Entertainment, Morning-side shops. Website/online store: www.cooksrepublic.co Mobile -> (+263) 78 636 5563

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Rumyet Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd. Is a wholly indigenous owned Engineering and commodity Broking firm with a global business scope. Since its establishment in 1998, the company has successfully built a tremendous reputation based upon timeous delivery and supply of acceptable quality goods, works and services. We are in a synergic partnership with Msepe Construction to offer a wide range of plumbing and construction services. Msepe Construction services includes general construction, plumbing, tilling, gardening and landscape amongst others. All work we do to the satisfaction of the customer.

What We Do. • Borehole Water Survey • DC Pump Installation • Solar Installation (AC) • Supply of water storage tanks • Tank stands and plant equipment • Free Installations.

Applications. • Agriculture Water Supply • Drinking Water Supply • Drip Irrigation • Livestock Watering • Rural Electrification Contact Details. 100 S. Parirenyatwa. Corner 10th Ave, Bulawayo. +263 292 887 440 +263 773 535 106 +263 774 786 743 Info.rumyet@gmail.com Facebook – Rumyet Enterprises

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Mar-Apr. 2020


DR. BAE Dr. Siduduzo Mphoko

The Exhibitors’ Corner Business magazine sat down with the eccentric Dr. Siduduzo Mphoko, a medical practitioner based in Bulawayo who has a passion for media and love for her city and showcases it to the world through her YouTube Channel called Dr Bae. Let’s get to it.

1. Who is Dr. Bae? Dudu/ Dr. Bae aka Dr Siduduzo Mphoko. A medical doctor. a wife, mother, daughter, sister, last born and a child of God. I am a proud Ndebele girl from the beautiful city of Kings Bulawayo, who carries her heritage, and culture close to her heart.

2. Why Dr. Bae? I’m a doctor and someone’s bae... hahaha I’m joking. It all started when I was tagged in a photo some years back, and then a few hashtags where added. One hashtag was Doctor Bae. It just stood out to me, and I just decided to use the abbreviated form of doctor...and boom... Dr. Bae

3. What Does Your Channel Aim to Achieve? My aim is to promote my home town for the reasons that I missed it when I was away, its beauty yet simplicity. I want to put Bulawayo on the map. To expose its hidden treasures not only to the local people but to the international world.

Mar-Apr. 2020

4. Any Specific Focus on Content Produced on Your Channel? Yes, the culture, fashion, lifestyle, food, music...and so much more, we have a lot to offer. Bulawayo is very rich and diverse; we can’t keep that to ourselves!

5. Where Do You Want To Take Your Brand in The Next 5years? As far as the Lord will allow me to go. I have so many ideas and ventures I would like to expand such as charity, promoting local talents, and local businesses.... the list is endless.

6. Any Personal Ambitions and How Do You Juggle Your Personal Life and Passion? My main ambition is to give back to the community and make a difference in people’s lives. I believe i can accomplish this using my medical profession and my passion. My sister, Sikhumbuzo Mphoko, is also a medical doctor, and we used to daydream of one day building a medical hospital. When it comes to juggling my

profession and my passion, it is actually not that difficult. Its all about being well organized and having a schedule and making sure one sticks to it. Besides I enjoy both jobs and both are a pleasure.

7. Where Can People Reach Out To You? You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, Email (smphoko@gmail. com)...and can see me in action on my YouTube channel Dr. Bae...and don’t forget to subscribe while your there. By the way I get a lot of messages from people who tell me they have seen me around town, but where either too shy or they were not sure if they could approach me and say hi...please do not be shy! You can come up and say hi, I love meeting new people.

8. One last question Dr. Bae, who does your filming and editing? Mr. Thembinkosi Ngwenya (videographer/editor), and Thamsanqa Ngwenya (photography/ lights). They are the people who are behind the scenes who make things happen.

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any a times’ entrepreneurs or start up business owners find themselves in an island being isolated from the outside world because they are mostly focused on their business and seeing it grow. Just like the mother of a new born baby who is constantly beside her baby to ensure that she is sleeping right and has been fed enough, such is the case with entrepreneurs. They never want to leave their business as they think that the company will collapse if they are not there to check up on it every second. This then makes most of them lose touch with friends and family and other beneficial interactive social events. As much as it is good to be constantly abreast with the happenings of your business it is equally important to balance between your work life and social life. An old saying goes, to succeed at work, get a life. Many reasons for why a work-life balance is important have been stated out which include that it recuperates productivity as you prevent a burn out from working more than necessary. How to do so has become an enigma as business people claim that they cannot be seen mingling with ‘commoners’

20 | Exhibitors’ Corner

Prioritise your time Make sure you prioritise your own time and make sure you create timeline for activities as according to whether they are urgent or important. Have set working hours and stick to them, important rule is do not take your work stuff home. Create some quality time with your loved ones and sometimes create some ‘me’ time. This is important as it enables you to get enough of each

and still be able to commit to your loved ones. Once an individual has understood and figured out what truly matters in their lives, what they want to accomplish, and what legacy they want to leave behind, then it becomes a matter of prioritizing that list and making sure that the things that fulfills and bring happiness in your life are being incorporated in it.

Mar-Apr. 2020



An old saying goes, to succeed at work, get a life. Mar-Apr. 2020

Being in the Moment.

Listen to your mind and body

We all know the picture so well, leaving work with the intention of playing with your toddler or catching up with a friend or doing something completely work unrelated, you sit down to get to your business just in time for that “did I reply to my last email” thought to sneak in. Being in the moment is an act that takes a lot of practice and dedication to master but it is a very beneficial one once you master it. Once you figure out that the more you learn to give a 100% of yourself to the things that you value the most the happier your life becomes. Wayne Dyer once said “The more you give yourself permission to live in the moment and enjoy it without feeling guilty or judgmental about any other time, the better you feel about the quality of my work”.

A poor work-life balance takes a toll on your physical health, not just your mental well-being. Exercise is oh-so-important to de-stress both your body and mind; thanks to the wonderful endorphins it releases. Try and get a half hour every day – even a simple walk can reduce stress and re-energize you. Similarly, meditation and other types of relaxing activities pre or post-work can help you disengage from stressful thoughts about work. Even if it’s just for a bit. When you’re piloting a business, it’s easy to let time get away from you, so plan when you’ll spend time with your family and stick to it. Consider planning hobbies or leisure activities that everyone, including you, enjoys so you can look forward to them and are more likely to honor the plans.

Having a Satisfied Spirit/Mindset.

Learn how to work ‘smart’

This part is one of the hardest one when it comes to entrepreneurs because we always want to give the best that we know we can give. Having a satisfied spirit in this context means knowing when you have done enough for the day and how to turn off the work mode and focus on the other part of your life. It doesn’t mean that you are not able to do more for the day, it just means that you chose to walk away from that project that you know will give you a few extra dollars and focus on the family or another aspect of your life for the moment. People who work for themselves or who run businesses are less likely to take a vacation for example, some of the reasons being the fear of losing out for the week, but if you look at it, if most entrepreneurs really make their own schedule, they should be the ones able to spare those days without hindrance. Having a satisfied spirit helps you manage to say no to that which would defer or alter your happiness and walk away without regret.

In an age of useless email threads and meetings about meetings, you must master your focus and learn how to work smarter. It’s easy to unconsciously waste time while at the office, leaving work piled up for you at the end of the day. Prioritization is the number one thing to master if you want to be efficient and productive in your work hours. This links back to the first point about being able to say no. Don’t be afraid to decline meeting invites if your presence isn’t necessary. Set deadlines for each step in each task and stick to them. Block out time in your diary or move to a quiet area to get a presentation done if you need to. Outsource smaller tasks that you feel are a waste of your time. If you’re able to eliminate the ‘faff’ and cut out the noise, you’ll find yourself getting a lot more done in a lot less time.

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very entrepreneur will tell you they are allergic to losses. Nobody starts a business to make losses, but to post profits. There are so many secrets of making profits that most business persons are not armed with. Such secrets are possessed by entrepreneurs who have made it in life. Making profits means traveling a journey towards wealth and financial freedom, which is why you should follow the following rules:

1. Don’t mix friendship with business In order to make profits, the owner of a business should separate friendship with business; this is the only way you can ensure that your business survives. Remember some friends are not happy that you are running the business; some of them may be on a mission to finish you so that you can fall to their standard. Your mind should always focus on business…even if it means losing a friend so as to make profits.

2. Be consistent In business, being predictable is what your customer expects from you. If you are running a restaurant ensure that the food you provide today is the same food you provide tomorrow and in the future. You are allowed to add stock but don’t make a mistake of not preparing a meal that was available yesterday unless no one is ordering it. Always ensure that the opening and closing hours of your business are known to customers regardless of circumstances. If you fail to open today, your customer will move to the next shop and if they find the product is the same as yours then you are likely to lose him.

22 | Exhibitors’ Corner

3. Have the right staff Having the right staff is the key ingredient of a successful business. This group will either chase away customers or build an empire for you. Whenever you are seeking staff, conduct the exercise professionally; mixing bribery, nepotism and tribalism may not help you. It has been proved that most businesses are killed by relatives and people you think they can help you. It’s good to hire someone you are not related because if you do this, you will have all the courage to question him on issues related to the business than a friend or relative. The right staffs always know if they mess up your business, they will face the full force of law and no one will interfere, but in most cases, if your relative’s mess, your community might interfere thus affecting your business.

4. Monitor every coin that comes from the business Business is all about profits unless you are running a traditional church. In order to make a profit, you must monitor every shilling that comes from the business. Every day ensures that stock count is done then ensures that your employees explain each and every detail of the transactions. You may not be physically there but you can have efficient systems to monitor the business.

5. Motivate your employees This is where most business owners go wrong and it has resulted in many businesses collapsing. Once you start treating all employees as thieves, you give them little time to

rest, you don’t motivate them with awards, leave, end year party then know that they will gang against you and kill your business. Employees can be dangerous and the earlier you realize that they are important the better, otherwise, you will regret it! Invest in your employees, give them good salaries and make them feel part of the company, that’s the only way you can see results.

6. Don’t focus on competitors, focus on the product Every business has competitors and if you want to beat the competitors don’t concentrate on what they are doing but concentrate on the quality of the products and services you are offering. If you focus more on competitors you will lose direction and mess up your business.

7. Employ strategy The strategy is an important aspect of running a successful business. Without a strategy, you will not beat competitors.

8. Sell unique products Being unique means standing out. It might take time to breakeven but once you have entered the market and people have tested your product, you will make it

9. Know the taste of your customers Business is all about what customers want. Once you have identified the taste of customers, your business will boom.

Mar-Apr. 2020

902 Pioneer House 8th Ave/Fife St Bulawayo Zimbabwe

1 APRIL 2020 SkyzMetro/Breeze FM Special Advertising Packages The Packages: 1. $1 190.00 A WEEK DJ MENTIONS PACKAGE FOR SME’s. Pay an unbelievably affordable $1 190.00 a week and have your Dj Mention (max 20sec) airing three times a day for the entire week: NB: PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS PACKAGE IS OPEN ONLY FOR CASH PAYMENTS.

This opportunity is open specifically to SME’s with considerably limited advertising budgets, and especially to enterprises such as Night Clubs, restaurants, lodges, butcheries, entertainment spots, clothes & accessories shops etc. 2. SPECIAL RATES FOR EVENTS [WEEKLY CHARGE]


TYPE OF RADIO NO. OF SPECIAL SERVICE SLOTS PER RATE DAY Dj. Mention 4 $1 190.00 Spot Adverts (45sec) 3 $1 700.00 Interview 1 $850.00

Concert [local artists]

Concert [international artists]

Dj. Mention Spot Adverts (45sec) Interview (15mins)

4 3 1

$3 570.00 $5 950.00 $1 700.00

International act in night club

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Church Conference/Concert

Dj. Mention Spot Adverts (45sec) Interview (15mins)

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$850.00 $1 700.00 $850.00

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Exhibitors' Corner Issue 5  

Excomag Issue 5 is out, here to profile various entities and celebrate the remarkable guru in sustainable and renewable energy solutions And...

Exhibitors' Corner Issue 5  

Excomag Issue 5 is out, here to profile various entities and celebrate the remarkable guru in sustainable and renewable energy solutions And...

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