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Inked With this collector’s guide for the book enthusiast, take an inspired trip from your nightstand. written by meredith diers




by kay thompson

by ludwig bemelmans

Kay Thompson’s story of the precocious little girl who lives in The Plaza Hotel brings whimsy, humor, and cleverness to its pages. Eloise never wants to be bored and has a blossoming imagination. Both children and adults alike will enjoy following her antics and adventures while living in one of the world’s most famous hotels. What’s more, you can find a portrait of Eloise in the famous New York City landmark today.

As one of the most famous children’s cultural touchstones, Madeline has resonated with decades of American families. The story about the smallest, most fearless girl in the class combines curiosity, playful humor, and wonderful artwork—all of which has proved a children’s classic for more than 75 years. As Bemelmans so famously describes, “In an old house in Paris, that was covered with vines, lived twelve little girls, in two straight lines, the smallest one was Madeline.”

—Simon & Schuster

—The Viking Press


On the Road

The Odyssey

by jack kerouac

by homer

The story of two friends who take a cross-country road trip on a quest for meaning and freedom is full of colloquial prose and rhythmic cadence. Hitching rides and boarding buses, the duo enters a world adrift from conventional society. Through Kerouac’s love of America, compassion for humanity, and young naiveté, this beatnik pilgrimage changed the landscape of American fiction. —Penguin Random House


CURATED / Winter 2020

As one of the oldest recorded stories, this epic travel saga chronicles Odysseus as he makes his way back home from the Trojan War. Hardship, trials, and alluring side trips create the bulk of the story, which is a true test of endurance. A metaphor for the universal life journey, the lyrical prose brings the tale to life and remains a timeless classic. —Signet Classics

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