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2012 annual club membership guide

We are here to help you get the very most out of your Exclusive Resorts Club membership. Your Member Services Manager serves as your day-to-day advisor, ambassador, and advocate at the Club, and is available to help plan your next vacation with us, handle the details for your future travels, and answer any questions you may have. You should view your Member Services Manager as your dedicated resource on anything related to your membership, no matter how big or how small!

we are here for you

Our Member Services team is available seven days a week. Should you require assistance outside of business hours, our after-hours member support team is available 24/7 and can be reached at 303.226.4031 (or by calling your Member Services Manager’s direct line and following the prompts). Of course, standing behind your personal Member Services Manager is an entire team of service professionals, all committed to providing you with consistently exceptional luxury vacation experiences, trip after trip, year after year. We like nothing more than learning what you enjoy most about being a member, and where we can do even better. Please be sure to let us know your ideas and suggestions! how to reach us todd harris

Senior Vice President Hospitality & Member Services 303.226.4022 e x c l u s i v e r e s o rt s

1515 Arapahoe Street Tower 3, Suite 300 Denver, CO 80202 united states international


800.447.8988 303.226.4900

2012 annual club membership guide “Not what we have, but what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance.” —

e p ic u rus

Dear Members: Welcome to our inaugural Annual Club Membership Guide! Exclusive Resorts is about orchestrating once in a lifetime vacations every time you travel with us, creating discovery and delight to share with those who matter most within your world. We strive to be a catalyst to help you experience new things, capture the moment, and live life to the fullest. But there is also a practical side to Club membership, a set of “ins and outs” that can help you take full advantage of all we have to offer. This Guide is intended as a resource to help you do exactly that.


For example, do you know the three things you should do to maximize your opportunities to reserve the Club vacations you most want to take? Or how to ensure you don’t miss out on any of the benefits of our expansive Member Benefits program? Or how to use your membership to donate to your favorite charitable organization? You will find tips on these topics and many more in this year’s Guide, together with answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive from members and a wealth of other useful information.

As part of our commitment to serving you better, we also want to remind you of a basic truth about the Exclusive Resorts experience: the best way to maximize your enjoyment of your Club membership is to work closely with your personal Member Services Manager. This team of dedicated service experts is the heart and soul of our organization and can make every experience you embark on with us more fun, more eye-opening, and more memorable. Our entire team is committed to helping you enjoy your best year yet of Club travel in 2012. If there is anything we can do to make your vacations particularly special, please be sure to let us know. I hope you enjoy this inaugural issue of our Annual Club Membership Guide, as a practical roadmap for helping you use the Club to discover and explore more of the world. If you have any questions, or ideas on information we should consider including in future editions, your Member Services Manager would be delighted to discuss them with you. All the best,

todd harris

Senior Vice President Hospitality & Member Services 2



contents setting the stage

making the most of the club

The One And Only Club


Top 10 Club Member Questions & Answers


Our Next Chapter Continues


Sharing The Club Experience


New Starts Now 14

Open Up Their World: Club Travel With Kids


Can’t Miss Club Destinations For Families


Make Your Favorite Charity Smile


Community And Communication


Your Suggestions And Feedback


When You Want More: Flexing Up And Upgrades


service that starts with you

A Trusted Relationship


Your Ambassador And Guide


Your Private Staff On The Ground


discover the wide world

A World Of Vacations


Residence Collection 32 Once In A Lifetime Journeys


Destination Of The Year: Spain 2013


Resort Alliances 40 Member Events 42 Member Benefits 44 Discover Getaways 48 Exclusive Escapes 50 Introducing Portico 52

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setting the stage

s e tt i n g t h e s t a g e


“This is a vacation that we would have never put together on our own. After completing the trip you are definitely aware of all the little details the Club takes care of that are priceless!” — michael brinati, club member since 2006

When you think of Exclusive Resorts, your first thought may well be of our peerless collection of hundreds of residences in leading destinations all around the world. But over the years, we have evolved to offer so much more—adding new and exciting ways for you to live the moments you have dreamed of all of your life. Today we are the one and only Club that combines luxury villa vacations, members-only experiential travel, immersive cultural journeys, VIP events, and world-class privileges and benefits into a single, seamless membership. Why not try them all?


residence collection: Each of our more than 350 luxury residences has been customdesigned and thoughtfully furnished with our members in mind, providing all the privacy and comforts of home. Each is located exactly where you want to be, in the middle of all the best there is to see and do. And at each, you enjoy access to luxurious services and amenities like private beach clubs, personal ski concierges, world-class luxury spas, championship golf courses, and more.

Every year we handcraft a selection of “best of the best” journeys in the world’s most beautiful and interesting destinations. We then add our hallmark advance planning, personalized service, and hassle-free convenience, so even the most complex trips are easy, and even the most remote destinations are welcoming and comfortable. Best of all, we change the far-flung destinations every year, offering a new slate of extraordinary membersonly experiences from which to choose. once in a lifetime:

destination of the year: Our newest luxury vacation experience explores the culture, cuisine, and pageantry of a fascinating part of the world each year, beginning with the many wonders of Spain in 2013. With superb accommodations, customized itineraries, and VIP members-only programming combined into a selection of irresistible itineraries, we will bring you face-to-face with the rhythms and traditions of this fascinating country—from Goya to Gaudi, Rioja vintages to tapas delicacies, bullfighting to flamenco, and ancient Moorish history to unrivalled architecture.

Through our Resort Alliances, our members enjoy access to exquisite accommodations within a growing collection of elite private clubs around the world. Whether you want to golf on The Old Course in St Andrews, hike the majestic Alps, or explore the ceaseless wonders of Asia, this innovative program means you can explore even more of the world through your membership. resort alliances:


Each year we offer an incredible lineup of one-of-a-kind luxury experiences that are nearly impossible to enjoy outside of the Club. These superb events combine privileged access to prestigious sporting, luxury lifestyle, and entertainment extravaganzas with members-only programming found nowhere else. In 2012, this unique program has members mingling with NFL alumni at Super Bowl XLVI, sitting beside the runway during New York Fashion Week, watching the Kentucky Derby from a private infield suite, plus much more.

member events:

How do you know you have joined a truly exclusive, world class club? One indication is the caliber of privileges and benefits you receive as a member. With Exclusive Resorts, you enjoy elite status and premier access with a wide variety of leading luxury brands through our unmatched Member Benefits program, including DeltaŽ Air Lines, Avis, Wynn Las Vegas—and our newest partners United Airlines, Butterfield & Robinson, and acclaimed chef Alain Ducasse. member benefits:

expert tip from our member services team

Our Member Events are uniquely easy to attend, because they do not require an Advanced Reservation to book. Which means that, even if you have already planned all of your Advanced Reservation travel for 2012, you can still join us for an event (or two!) before the year is through. Call your Member Services Manager for event details and availability.

bintan, indonesia A Banyan Tree Resort


No guide to getting the most out of your Club membership would be complete without a reminder about the new enhancements and flexibility we introduced in December 2011 as the initial part of our Next Chapter initiative. These new membership features make the Club easier than ever for our active members to use and enjoy—and we have more on the way for 2012!

OUR NE X T CHAP T ER Continues

You may share your membership with a designated friend in membership years you elect 40 or more days, and gift weeks of Club travel to friends of your choosing if you have 50 or more days.

expanded sharing.

Your membership may be inherited by a direct family member (your or your spouse’s parent, sibling, or adult child, as well as your spouse) upon death, at no cost. inheritability.

Your membership may be transferred at any time to a direct family member (your or your spouse’s parent, sibling, or adult child), for a small transfer fee.


enhanced reservation features.

• If a Club residence is available within 14 days, you can book it if you have the required days—no matter how many Space Available Reservations you already hold. • You can participate in new releases, even if you do not have the necessary days and Advanced Reservations, then choose which reservations to keep. • You can maintain twice as many reservation requests with our Cancellation Watch List tool as you have Advanced Reservations, giving you even more opportunities to book the trips you want most.


Fees for Exclusive Escapes excursions with our partner Butterfield & Robinson, as well as Member Events during the second half of 2012, will be payable by a combination of Club days plus a per diem (similar to our Once in a Lifetime program).

more ways to use your days.

high-demand inventory. We will employ a Residence

Allocation System release for booking Tuscany in the summertime, with a release in September 2012 for summer 2014 reservations. Look for details on these enhancements throughout this Guide. Please also keep in mind that these are just the beginning—moving forward, we plan to continue introducing more new ways to use your membership. In other words, our Next Chapter is still being written, every day.


t h e s ta r t o f a n e w l o o k

As you leaf through this Annual Club Membership Guide, we hope you notice a new “look and feel” on display. We have been hard at work reimagining all that the future holds for Exclusive Resorts. As part of that process, we have also been reimagining how to creatively express the special feeling that comes with being a member of the Club—that feeling of delight, of discovery, of a dream coming to life. It is the feeling that so many of you have told us began with your very first Club vacation, when you walked into your residence and realized that yes, this was going to be an entirely new way of traveling. We hope you like what you see!

n e w s ta rt s n o w


a c r e at i v e v i s i o n f o r t h e f u t u r e

One of the most significant expressions of all that Exclusive Resorts offers is our public website at To maximize the momentum we have built over the past year, we plan to unveil a gorgeous new site in June 2012. Rich with stunning photography and immersive descriptions of the more than 60 diverse places you can travel with the Club, it will be designed to reflect the full spectrum of the Exclusive Resorts experience—not only for our members and those interested in membership, but for all who dream of vacationing throughout the world in one-of-a-kind luxury style.

anguilla, british west indies





“Exclusive Resorts is the best thing we ever did for our family!” — jessica kartzinel , club member since 2006

Exclusive Resorts offers a luxury vacation lifestyle unlike anything else in the world, providing access to hundreds of luxury villas, unique travel experiences, and VIP events located in breathtaking locales all around the globe. Members often tell us how much they enjoy exploring our extensive variety of vacation choices, but at the same time many of them also tell us that is not the main reason they love the Club.


They love it, they tell us, because of the trusted relationship they have with their Member Services Manager and the confidence they have in our skilled Onsite Concierge teams. Together, these expert service professionals give them exactly what they are looking for on each vacation: personalized advice they can count on, seamless planning they can trust, and local insights that are always spot on—all of which adds up to complete peace of mind. At its heart, the Club’s distinctive service approach begins with understanding everything we can about you. Our mission is to listen to your personal story and take it from there, to anticipate what will make you happy when you travel, to create settings for connections, generosity, and discovery. In short, we want to make your vacation dreams come true—while also inspiring you to explore new territory beyond your familiar horizons.



The trusted relationship between our Member Services Managers and their members makes Exclusive Resorts utterly unique. It is the main reason so many of you have told us that once you began to travel with the Club, there was no going back to any other way of vacationing. In fact, our surveys tell us that our happiest members are typically those who stay in touch with their Member Services Managers frequently and in-depth.


Some of the personalized services your Member Services Manager can provide are listed below, but please do not hesitate to ask if they can assist with any aspect of your membership: • Building a knowledge base of your family’s preferences to personalize your Club experiences. • Advising you on how to maximize your enjoyment of your membership, including how best to use the new flexibility and enhancements of our Next Chapter initiative. • Guiding you in your use of our ER Compass® members-only website. • Recommending specific residences, destinations, and travel experiences to match your interests. • Reserving your Club vacations—whether in one of our hundreds of Club residences, or through the many other luxury travel experiences we offer. • Coordinating with our Onsite Concierge teams to create customized itineraries. • Assisting your family members and guests in traveling with us through our sharing features. • Helping you keep current on Club news and take advantage of new privileges and benefits. • If and when you are ready to explore opportunities to travel even more with us, advising you on your options for upgrading your membership.


expert tip from our member services team

Be sure to use the Cancellation Watch List tool on ER Compass! It is a great way to maximize your opportunities to reserve the vacations you most want to take. “The Cancellation Watch List� section of this Guide (see pages 9293) features some incredibly helpful tips for using the CWL. If you are not familiar with the CWL, your Member Services Manager would be happy to schedule a personalized orientation.

theresa barrett Member Services Manager


When you arrive for each Club vacation, our goal is for you to feel relaxed and at home from the very first moment. No stress, no hassles, no worries. Just a stretch of unhurried time to bask in the company of those who mean the world to you. So our Onsite Concierge teams collaborate with your personal Member Services Manager to anticipate your every need.


Our concierges possess deep knowledge of their destinations, which ensures your experiences are as local as you’d like them to be, tailored to your specific interests with insider insights. And their focus is on your time, and your convenience. On your ski weekend in Vail, you start on the slopes instead of in the equipment rental line, because your concierge pre-arranged your equipment with a rental expert. On your Laguna Beach getaway, balloons and a cake are waiting in your residence to welcome you back from your son’s birthday dinner. And in London, your concierge has those hard-to-find theater tickets in hand upon your arrival so you can surprise your budding-actress daughter. Below are just a few ways our Onsite Concierge teams can help make your Club vacations easy, convenient, and relaxing, so that you don’t just travel the world, you experience it as never before. • Planning your ground transportation prior to your arrival. • Providing pre-arrival grocery shopping service. • Coordinating our daily housekeeping service to meet your schedule. • Arranging reservations for restaurants, shows, spas, tee times, and more. • Leveraging our local expertise and relationships to create customized itineraries perfect for you and yours. • Scheduling in-residence services ranging from private chefs to spa treatments. • Helping to plan family reunions or other milestone events and celebrations. • Preparing special touches to surprise and delight you and your guests.


expert tip from our member services team

Let your Onsite Concierge know your detailed travel information in advance. They can then provide you the best possible experience upon your arrival, throughout your stay, and at your departure. You can submit your arrival and departure info by visiting your Reservation Summary page on ER Compass, clicking the Transportation tab, and completing the Transportation Details form. Or by sending an email, if you prefer!

septimia lechintan New York, NY • Onsite Concierge





“We have gone on more vacations than we otherwise would have, to places we would probably never have thought to explore—and we love it.” — michael herring, club member since 2007

To help bring your luxury vacation dreams to life, Exclusive Resorts offers a carefully curated collection of more than 60 sought-after destinations around the world. And what’s more, we introduce exciting new places for you to explore each and every year!


No matter where you travel with us—from Maui to Vail, Costa Rica to Paris, Broadway to the Kentucky Derby, the African savannah to the wonders of Asia—you are sure to encounter unique settings ideal for sharing unforgettable moments full of beauty, laughter, and joy with those who matter most. Plus, every trip you take is easy and hassle-free, because you are never without the warm, thoughtful, intuitive assistance of the best service team in the business. All of which elevates your Club vacations to something so much more than ordinary luxury travel. With Exclusive Resorts, your time away becomes a lasting journey through cherished moments so rich and meaningful that you know— even as they are happening—that you will hold them close for the rest of your life.


residence collection once in a lifetime destination of the year resort alliances member events


The hundreds of multimillion-dollar homes in our Residence Collection are everything that hotel and resort accommodations are not: private, spacious, and designed solely with our members in mind. Exemplified by our most recent addition—six ultra-chic private villas at the stylish Viceroy Anguilla— they envelop you in luxury from the moment you step through the door.

residence collection

When selecting homes for our collection, we never forget that, while vacationing is a time to be together, you never want to feel crowded. So our custom-designed residences give you room to spread out and relax. Most are large enough for big families and gatherings of friends, averaging 3,500 square feet of living area, with additional large outdoor private spaces. They feature gourmet kitchens to showcase your culinary wizardry. Expansive great rooms to play games, watch movies, and spend time together. Enough bedrooms to invite everyone along (and you can even reserve two residences side by side for extra-special occasions). And in many destinations, you can take a dip in your own private pool just outside the door. We also know that no luxury vacation would be complete without exceptional amenities. That’s why you’ll enjoy access to world-class resorts like The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman; Montage Laguna Beach; Sea Island; and more when you stay with us—complemented at every turn by our signature service that takes luxury and elevates it to sheer bliss. Innovative architecture. Eye-catching design. Stylish local décor. World-class resort amenities. The perfect homes for vacations you will remember for the rest of your life.


rosewood little dix bay, british virgin islands



Anguilla, British West Indies

Sea Island, GA

Laguna Beach, CA Island, HI

residence collection

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Turks & Caicos

Tuscany, Italy


The Abaco Club,

Los Cabos, Mexico •

Kohala Coast, Big

Kapalua Bay, Maui, HI

Miraval Arizona, Tucson, AZ

Scottsdale, AZ

Bovey Castle, Devon,

The Links Cottages at The Lodge

Sailing aboard The World

New York, NY • Paris, France • Chicago, IL • Las Vegas, NV

San Francisco, CA


Rosewood Little Dix Bay,

Kiawah Island, SC

Carnegie Abbey Club, Newport, RI

at Doonbeg, Ireland

Bonita Beach, FL

Real del Mar, Mexico

Miami Beach, FL



London, England

Vail & Beaver Creek, CO

Whistler, British Columbia Steamboat Springs, CO


Wailea, Maui, HI

Peninsula Papagayo, Costa Rica

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

British Virgin Islands Bahamas

Deer Valley, UT

French Alps

Telluride, CO

Snowmass, CO

Lake Tahoe, CA

lake tahoe, ca


When you are ready to explore new territory, our Once in a Lifetime journeys will take you to far-flung corners of the world with the same trust, comfort, and ease of your luxury vacations within our Residence Collection. Each year we carefully compose a collection of unique “best of the best” experiences in the world’s most beautiful and fascinating places, always incorporating member feedback and suggestions from previous trips. We then add customized programming together with our hallmark advance planning, personalized service, and hassle-free convenience, so even the most intricate trips are easy, and even the most remote destinations are welcoming and comfortable.

once in a lifetime journeys

This year our exceptional lineup of Once in a Lifetime journeys will take members to “bucket-list” places like Brazil, Southeast Asia, Namibia, and even a cruise along the Italian coast. You can broaden your horizons ever further in 2013, with a cultural journey of India by private plane, our most luxurious safari ever in Botswana, or an exploration of Argentina’s Mendoza wine region and the mystery of the Atacama Desert in Chile. Our Once in a Lifetime journeys are released for reservation simultaneously during the first quarter of the year, through a special two-week Residence Allocation System release, approximately 12 to 15 months in advance of the first travel dates (i.e., experiences kicking off in summer 2013 were released during the first quarter of 2012). In addition to Club days, each experience requires a daily per-person fee, designed to cover most meals, cocktail receptions, equipment, private guides, custom excursions, and gratuities. Your Member Services Manager can advise you on remaining availability for our upcoming 2012 and 2013 journeys—these special experiences are very popular and book fast!


the americas

Argentina & Chile: Buenos Aires, Mendoza & The Atacama Desert Brazil: Rio de Janeiro, Iguaรงu Falls & The Amazon U.S. National Parks: A Family Adventure in Utah Vancouver and The Gulf Islands: A Family Expedition


Ireland: An Enchanting Family Experience Italian Cruise: Food and Wine


Botswana: Luxury Safaris Namibia: The Namib Desert and Ongava Safaris



the pacific

Bali, Borneo, & Singapore: A Cultural, Spiritual, and Ecological Expedition Fiji: The Wakaya Club and Spa India: A Cultural Journey by Private Plane New Zealand: A Family Adventure Southeast Asia: Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos 37

Our new Destination of the Year program gives you the opportunity to explore the culture, cuisine, and pageantry of a fascinating part of the world each year— beginning with Spain in 2013. It’s yet another way to experience the best the world has to offer with Exclusive Resorts.

d e s t i n at i o n o f t h e y e a r : s pa i n 2 0 1 3

From Goya to Gaudi, Rioja vintages to tapas delicacies, bullfighting to flamenco, and ancient Moorish history to unrivalled modern architecture, you will explore the very best Spain has to offer. All of this, of course, is combined with luxurious accommodations, completely customizable itineraries, and special membersonly programming. You will discover more than you have ever imagined, with our expert staff guiding you every step of the way. Like our Once in a Lifetime journeys, you will be able to reserve vacations within our Destination of the Year program using your Club days, plus a daily per-person fee specific to each intinerary to cover most meals, cocktail receptions, private guides, custom excursions, and gratuities.


expert tip from our member services team

We plan to share our truly special Spain 2013 itineraries in late May—each will immerse you within a distinct region or theme unique to this fascinating country. We will then open our inaugural Destination of the Year trips for reservation requests with a special Residence Allocation System release in June. Watch for our Exclusive Living member newsletter with all the details!

la alhambra, granada, spain


We are pursuing innovative new strategies to bring you an even greater variety of luxury vacation opportunities—and in the process, we are opening whole new areas of the world for Club travel. Our Resort Alliances program epitomizes our approach. Through it, we have begun to partner with a carefully chosen collection of elite private clubs, bringing you 16 new places to explore and enjoy in Asia, Europe, and beyond.

r e s o rt a l l i a n c e s

Our alliance with The Eden Club, a luxurious private retreat in St Andrews, Scotland, is an excellent example. Exclusive Resorts Club members have access to elegant residences at The Eden Club’s estate, just minutes from several of the most prestigious golf courses in the world. They also enjoy cuisine from a Michelin-starred chef, an exceptional array of luxury amenities and outdoor activities, and access to premier golf tournaments through The Eden Club’s outstanding members-only events program. In similar fashion, through our alliance with Banyan Tree Private Collection you can enjoy impeccably designed luxury villas in 13 leading destinations across Asia and beyond, including Phuket and Koh Samui in Thailand; Tibet; Bali; and the Maldives. And our newest partnership—with The Hideaways Club, the leading European-based destination club—affords you even greater selection when it comes to vacationing in Europe, thanks to the addition of luxurious chalets in the French and Swiss Alps.


expert tip from our member services team

In addition to the best of St Andrews, The Eden Club also offers nearly 40 exceptional golfing events each year at the world’s finest private clubs. Through our unique alliance, Exclusive Resorts members are entitled to participate in these private events, playing courses most golfers only dream about. Members who took advantage of this special benefit in 2011 gave their experiences rave reviews! Your Member Services Manager can provide details on the specific events that are available, and provide assistance with reservations. You can also learn more about these events at

st andrews, scotland


Now more than ever, you can enjoy the hottest shows, sporting matches, and family adventures through our one-of-a-kind Member Events program, where you don’t just get access, you get exclusive treatment. Think seats in the VIP section—plus a backstage pass. Or a private guided tour—after hours, when the public has gone home. Every detail is arranged and taken care of for you. All you have to do is arrive, and you’ll have something to talk about for years to come.

member events

This year we are offering more than a dozen exceptional Member Events, each with our world-class service to take your experience to a new level. At the Super Bowl, we did more than score tickets to the big game—we also invited our members to an NFL alumni party. At our Broadway, Behind the Scenes event, members not only took their seats at the top musicals in town—they also enjoyed a private cabaret hosted by a Tony award-winning Broadway legend. And at our Kids Take Walt Disney World® Resort event, a special dinner with your children’s favorite characters is only the beginning. Just wait until you see their faces when you tell them they will have after-hours access to the best park rides and attractions. They will feel like they own the place! Please consult with your Member Services Manager regarding reservations for upcoming Member Events. Note that a daily per-person fee applies for each event (typically covering selected meals, cocktail receptions, and transportation), as well as the use of Club days.


luxury lifestyle

Broadway, Behind the Scenes (March, New York, NY) The Kentucky Derby (May, Louisville, KY) New York City Fashion Week (September, New York, NY) Annual California Wine Tours (September/October, San Francisco, CA)

for the fans

Super Bowl XLVI (February, Indianapolis, IN) The NCAA Final Four (March, New Orleans, LA) The Masters Tournament (April, Augusta, GA) The U.S. Tennis Open (September, New York, NY) Formula 1 Grand Prix (November, Austin, TX)

personal best

Triathlon Training Camp (April, Scottsdale, AZ) Annual Member Golf Tournament (November, Lake Tahoe, CA) Deep Sea Fishing Tournament (November, Los Cabos, Mexico)

family adventures

Kids Take D.C. (July, Washington, D.C.) Kids Take Walt Disney World速 Resort (October, Orlando, FL) Family Olympic Experience (December, Deer Valley, UT)


As a member of Exclusive Resorts, you automatically receive privileges with an unparalleled group of leading luxury brands—benefits that would otherwise take several years of customer loyalty to achieve. Instead, with the Club, you are immediately their top customer. If you haven’t already, be sure to talk with your Member Services Manager about how to take full advantage of our valuable Member Benefits partners.

member benefits

Enjoy preferred access and seating at select restaurants from one of the world’s most celebrated chefs. Locations include New York, London and Paris. For reservations—whether you’re traveling with the Club or on your own—please contact your Member Services Manager.

alain ducasse enterprise

american express executive travel desk Let a group of expert travel counselors coordinate your travel needs, with the opportunity to earn double Membership Rewards points when booking air travel using an eligible American Express Card. This benefit is available for Club vacations as well as your other travels— call 615.277.5189 or e-mail for more information.

Enjoy comprehensive, executive-level benefits when you enroll in the invitation-only Avis Chairman’s Club program, including preferred pricing, automatic upgrades, guaranteed availability, complimentary vehicle delivery to private air centers, and valet return. To enroll, fax your completed Exclusive Resorts Avis Chairman’s Club application (available on the Avis page under the Ground Transportation tab of the Member Benefits section of ER Compass), to 1.773.894.1975. avis chairman ’ s club

Club members enjoy discounted rates on personalized private transportation services from the global leader in chauffeur services. Carey International operates in more than 550 cities and 60 countries, and ensures you will experience the same impeccable service and personalized attention—customized to your personal travel preferences—wherever and whenever you travel. To reserve chauffeur services through Carey International, visit their page under the Ground Transportation tab of the Member Benefits section on ER Compass for the link to their dedicated Exclusive Resorts booking site. You can also call Carey directly at 888.207.0216 (be sure to reference the Exclusive Resorts account number—WA819605—to secure your discounted rate). carey international

Eligible Exclusive Resorts members receive Bonus Medallion Qualification Miles (MQMs) within Delta’s SkyMiles® program, equating to instant Medallion® status. Privileges available through SkyMiles® include complimentary upgrades, priority check-in and boarding, waived baggage fees, mileage bonuses on all qualifying flights, and more. To take advantage of this benefit, send your Delta SkyMiles® number to your Member Services Manager. If you do not already have a Delta SkyMiles® account, your Member Services Manager can help you create one.

delta ® air lines


Exclusive Resorts members enjoy access to the private jet network that has set the standard for personalized service, safety, and operational excellence in private aviation for more than 25 years. Privileges include a 24/7 dedicated reservation line, industry-leading flight concierge service, and a variety of options for purchasing private jet travel, from point-to-point flights to an Exclusive Resorts-only discount on the purchase of a Delta Private Jets Card, which can be used for both private and commercial travel. You can also request real-time quotes with Delta Private Jets through the convenient quote-generating tool available on ER Compass. To book private jet services or purchase a Delta Private Jets Card, call Delta Private Jets directly at 855.DPJ.4ERC (855.375.4372). delta private jets ™

expert tip from our member services team

We invite you for a private consultation with your Member Services Manager to ensure you take full advantage of our valuable Member Benefits program. Find out more about how our partners can introduce you to new luxury experiences and make your vacations—both with the Club, and on your own—easier than ever. You will also learn about eligibility guidelines and information we need to fully “activate” your benefits. Your private session will be fast, informative, and rewarding—and will almost certainly result in you discovering exciting benefits you are not yet using!

Aux Lyonnaise • Paris, France


destination cellars Destination Cellars provides wine, food, and travel enthusiasts with exclusive and personalized

access to the most prestigious vineyards and winery properties around the world. As an Exclusive Resorts member, you have access to a “wine portal” where you can buy vintages unavailable to the general public, and the privilege of reserving Destination Cellars experiences a la carte, without purchasing a full membership. And if you fall in love with your Destination Cellars experiences, you can access additional benefits should you decide to become a full-time member. For more information, contact Destination Cellars directly at 866.957.8678 or

member benefits

Thanks to exclusive benefits and preferred pricing on services from Luggage Forward—the premier door-to-door luggage delivery service to more than 200 countries—your cumbersome golf clubs, skis, and baggage can be waiting for you in your Club residence when you arrive. To schedule luggage delivery services through Luggage Forward, visit or call 800.998.0280.

luggage forward

& airmed international Take advantage of this premier, comprehensive, and fully customized medical coverage program that combines the expertise of Mayo Clinic with global air ambulance services, to ensure you enjoy peace of mind no matter how far and wide your travels take you. Or opt for standalone coverage through AirMed International. Annual fees apply. To register, visit

mayo clinic preferred response

united airlines Eligible Exclusive Resorts members enjoy complimentary Elite status in United’s MileagePlus program, affording you valuable benefits including mileage bonuses, access to United’s Priority Services, complimentary upgrades, preferred seating in Economy Plus, complimentary checked baggage, and more. To enroll, send your United MileagePlus number to your Member Services Manager. If you do not already have a United MileagePlus account, your Member Services Manager can help you create one. vinfolio Designed by collectors for collectors, Vinfolio is dedicated to being the most trusted online resource to buy, sell and manage fine wine. There are only two ways to acquire status in Vinfolio’s Priority Program—as one of their very top customers, or as a member of Exclusive Resorts. To access the online enrollment form, please visit the Vinfolio page under the Lifestyle Benefits tab of the Member Benefits section on ER Compass.


private access from wynn las vegas Exclusive Resorts members enjoy special privileges through Private Access from Wynn Las Vegas—an invitation-only program that provides front-of-the-line access to entertainment, dining reservations, and concierge services at both Wynn and Encore resorts. When you book a reservation at one of our Vdara residences, your Member Services Manager will arrange to have your Private Access membership card sent to you in advance of your stay. Of course, these privileges are also available when you are traveling to Las Vegas on your own—just request a membership card from your Member Services Manager.

The World Series. The NBA Finals. Championship golf. The big game for your favorite college team. As a member, you enjoy convenient access to great tickets for the world’s most coveted sporting events. Simply name the game you want to attend, and we will deliver choice tickets to your door. Call your Member Services Manager for all the details. exclusive resorts ticket service

For more information about the privileges available through our Member Benefits program, please visit the Member Benefits section under the ER Club House tab on ER Compass.


Our Discover Getaways program helps you discover new favorite places, giving you reasons to explore Club destinations you may not have visited before.

d i s c o v e r g e t aw ay s

Here’s how it works. Periodically we announce special offers featuring benefits you can take advantage of in certain destinations during specific time periods. These offers typically include enhanced membership value (such as stay three days, only use two), plus exclusive deals from local vendors (e.g., a “two for one” special at a luxury spa). During the program’s first year we featured popular destinations like Lake Tahoe, Sea Island, Tuscany, Scottsdale, Ft. Lauderdale, Los Cabos and Real del Mar. We make the initial announcement of each Discover Getaway in our monthly Exclusive Living newsletter. Details are then posted in the Announcements section of the ER Compass homepage and on the Destination Overview pages. These special trips are first-come, first-served, and following your reservation your Member Services Manager will make the adjustment on ER Compass to confirm you receive the enhanced membership value.


expert tip from our member services team

One of the Club’s best Discover Getaways yet is running from July 1 to August 19 throughout our three Mexico destinations (Esperanza and Punta Ballena in Los Cabos, and Real del Mar beside Punta Mita). Enjoy 3-for-2 days usage, special deals on spa treatments, and other benefits when you travel with us to Mexico this summer.

real del mar, puerto vallarta, mexico


The next time you travel with us to Paris, let us create a whole new travel experience for you with a customized multi-day excursion to the Normandy coast. See the historic American Sector D-Day beaches and bridges. Walk along Omaha Beach with a Resistance fighter. Even participate in a hands-on painting lesson in the Impressionist town of Honfleur.

exclusive escapes

All of this and more is at your fingertips through our Exclusive Escapes excursion program. Working with our partner Butterfield & Robinson, the acclaimed leader in global adventures and personalized travel planning, we have designed trips like this private Normandy coast excursion as seamless add-ons to your Club vacations. In addition to Exclusive Escapes itineraries in France, we have also developed immersive excursions for members in Costa Rica and Tuscany. For more details, please visit the Exclusive Escapes brochures posted on each of these destination’s overview page on ER Compass. Each multi-day Escape includes accommodations at leading hotels and resorts, access to the highlights of the region, gourmet cuisine, expert guides, and more than a few locals-only secrets. Best of all, each has been custom-tailored specifically for our members, combining Butterfield & Robinson’s vast travel expertise with insights and recommendations from our own Onsite Concierge teams. So it goes without saying, these special trips and itineraries are truly members-only, unavailable outside of the Club. Exclusive Escapes are integrated seamlessly into your membership experience, with the same convenience and peace of mind you value so highly on your Club vacations, and an approach that applies your Club days (plus a daily fee amount) for applicable fees (similar to our Once in a Lifetime program). The next time you have an upcoming reservation to travel with us to Paris, Costa Rica or Tuscany, don’t forget to consider adding an Exclusive Escape!


expert tip from our member services team

Each Exclusive Escape can be enjoyed exactly as we have designed it or, if you prefer, we can work with you to customize your Escape to suit your personal areas of interest. Want to add a side trip to the town in France where your great-grandparents were born? Or visit an especially picturesque village in Tuscany? The choice is yours— just tell us what you want to see and do.

capri, italy


Portico is a new club—separate and distinct from Exclusive Resorts—launched in February 2012. Designed to bring our extensive luxury vacation expertise to a broader market, Portico is targeted at travelers who aspire to the incomparable Exclusive Resorts experience.

introducing p o rt i c o

Portico is also designed to add a seamless new vacation option for Exclusive Resorts members, providing access to an extensive collection of new homes around the world in destinations like Bora Bora, Rome, Nantucket, Rancho Palos Verdes, Sonoma, Greece, and the Dominican Republic, to name a few—with the trusted service of your Member Services Manager at every turn. After all, while there is nothing like an Exclusive Resorts vacation, sometimes you may want to supplement your Club travel with other types of trips. Perhaps you would rather have a two-bedroom suite at a luxury resort for a particular visit, rather than a four-bedroom Club residence. Or maybe you want to travel to a destination outside the Exclusive Resorts Residence Collection. Or you want to travel at a peak time and have not planned in advance. Portico solves all of this for you. One of the best things about Portico is that if you join, you can use your Exclusive Resorts Club days to pay the nightly fees for Portico travel (or pay cash, at your election). The value of each of your Club days will be based on the current per-day Annual Dues that you pay. Any amounts owed to Portico for your trip above the Club days you apply must be paid in cash. For example, if you book a three-day Portico trip that costs $2,500, and your per-day Annual Dues are $1,000, you may apply one, two, or three Club days to your trip. If you choose to apply one or two Club days, you would then pay the $1,500 or $500 balance in cash. If you choose to apply three Club days, you pay no Portico nightly fees at all.


It’s also fun to note that, with Portico’s variable pricing model, nightly fees for some Portico homes will be well under your per-day Annual Dues during certain times of year. This means in some cases you will be able to use a single Club day to pay for a multiple night vacation with Portico! here is some fine print: you cannot apply more Club days for a Portico trip than the number of days in the trip. And of course, you can only use Club days for Portico travel within the membership year for which you purchased them. If you are interested in exploring the many advantages of supplementing your Club vacations with a membership in Portico, your Member Services Manager will be happy to assist you.

portico initiation fee waiver for exclusive resorts members

Portico is initially waiving the $10,000 Initiation Fee for Exclusive Resorts members who choose to join now, so you and your family can access this new portfolio of homes for just the $2,500 Annual Membership Fee. If you would like to learn more, please contact your Member Services Manager.




making the most of the club


“We had an absolutely wonderful trip. A very special family time. We finally got our college student all to ourselves for a full week. Everything was so great, he loved it.” — peggy newton, club member since 2008

Our team of Member Services Managers personally answers thousands of member questions each year. To share the benefit of their answers, we asked them to compile this list of “Top 10 Club Member Questions.” Need help with a topic not addressed here? Your Member Services Manager is available at your convenience to walk you through your question in as much detail as you would like.


how do i maximize my opportunities to book the most popular destinations during peak times ?

There are several ways to maximize your opportunities for booking in-demand reservations. First, be sure to enter the Residence Allocation System process whenever a destination you would like to visit is released. Second, make your reservations as soon as your desired travel dates roll into the two year window on ER Compass (see the “The Weekly Calendar Roll-in” on pages 88-89 of this Guide for more details). Third, if you are not initially able to book the reservation you want, be sure to ask your Member Services Manager to enter a Cancellation Watch List request for your desired destination and dates. why does the er c ompass page sometimes say that the reservation i recently made is


does that mean my reservation is at risk ?

Don’t worry, your reservation is secure! Newly made reservations always show a status of “pending” in ER Compass until your Member Services Manager confirms them for you, but they are not at risk during this period. “Pending” status indicates a booked reservation that will be confirmed, not a temporary hold of any sort. You do not need to worry about your “pending” reservations being released back into ER Compass before they are confirmed.


3. what is an advanced reservation ?

An Advanced Reservation—sometimes referred to as an “AR”—is required when making a reservation that falls outside of your Space Available Reservation window, and within the two-year window shown on the ER Compass reservation calendars. Each membership year, you may use one Advanced Reservation for every 10 Plan Days you have chosen for that year (e.g., you may use two Advanced Reservations in a year for which you have chosen 20 Plan Days). Each Advanced Reservation may be used to reserve a maximum of seven days, on a Sunday-to-Sunday timeframe. how do i know when to book something as an advanced reservation or a space available reservation?

To best utilize your Advanced Reservations, we suggest you use them well in advance to book vacations that are highly dependent on specific dates or destinations—such as scheduled school breaks, special milestone celebrations, or to fulfill your promise to take your golfing buddies to Sea Island on a particular long weekend! Space Available Reservations are ideal when your dates and destinations are more flexible. The “Historical Occupancy Information” table on the Club Communications page of ER Compass is a useful tool for gauging which destinations often require the use of an Advanced Reservation—see the last column titled “% of AR Days,” which indicates how frequently the destination is booked on an Advanced Reservation basis.

what is a non - priority holiday reservation ?

Non-Priority Holiday Reservations are reservations for Holiday Week travel booked 180 or fewer days in advance of the arrival date, but outside your Space Available Reservation window. Practically speaking, Non-Priority Holiday Reservations require an Advanced Reservation for booking, but do not require a Priority Holiday Reservation for booking. However, please note that only members who have purchased Priority Holiday Reservation access are able to reserve Club residences during Holiday Weeks within the Non-Priority Holiday Window (all members may do so within their Space Available windows).

why do advanced reservations need to be booked within a sunday - to - sunday timeframe ( rather than saturday - to - saturday ) ?

The purpose of the Sunday-to-Sunday timeframe is to preserve complete weekends for reservation on a Space Available basis. If Advanced Reservations could be booked Saturday-to-Saturday, members using Space Available Reservations for weekend trips would have to check-out on Saturday to accommodate new arrivals. On balance, we believe preserving flexible weekend trips is the best course for encouraging easier, more frequent Club travel across the whole membership. who can travel on their own

(i.e .,

without me needing to be

how do i adjust the dates of a reservation i have

present ) under my club membership ?

previously made ?

Lots of people! That’s because Family Sharing is a standard benefit of all Exclusive Resorts memberships. Through it, you can gift “unaccompanied” Club vacations to your parents, siblings, and adult children who are at least 23 years of age—as well as those of your spouse or partner—at no additional cost. Many of you have told us this is one of your favorite parts about being a member! Your Member Services Manager can also provide information on additional sharing privileges available during membership years you elect 40 or more days, through which you can share Club travel with a wider circle. (See the “Sharing the Club Experience” on pages 60-61 of this Guide for more details).

Once you make a reservation, you must contact your personal Member Services Manager to change the dates, or to shorten or extend your reservation. This requirement is in place to ensure your reservations are not accidentally cancelled during the modification process. what is the cancellation policy for my reservations ?

Your Cancellation Policy varies depending on the type of reservation you have made. To avoid cancellation penalties, a Space Available Reservation must be cancelled at least 30 days in advance of your arrival date. An Advanced Reservation must be cancelled at least 120 days in advance of your arrival date. If you fail to cancel a Space Available Reservation more than 30 days in advance, the Plan Days originally applied to your Space Available Reservation will be forfeited. If you fail to cancel an Advanced Reservation at least 120 days in advance, the Advanced Reservation and Plan Days originally applied to the reservation will be forfeited. Holiday Week reservations have their own cancellation requirements.

when will the club add more places for members to explore ?

Every chance we get! In 2011 alone, we added six new villas at the ultra-chic Viceroy Anguilla, four new homes at the Links Cottages at The Lodge at Doonbeg, access to 14 additional destinations through alliances with The Eden Club and Banyan Tree Private Collection, eight new Once in a Lifetime journeys and more than a dozen membersonly Member Events. In addition to announcing details of our inaugural Destination of the Year immersive travel program in Spain for 2013, we also plan to bring members another rich and diverse selection of new luxury travel opportunities over the course of the year. Be sure to watch our Exclusive Living member newsletter to get first word as they are unveiled.


One of our core beliefs is that travel is a fundamentally generous activity—generous to the self in expanding your horizons, to those who journey with you, and often to those you meet along the way. Hand-in-hand with this belief is a conviction that travel is about sharing. That is why Family Sharing privileges are a standard benefit of all Exclusive Resorts memberships.


Through Family Sharing, you can gift “unaccompanied” Club vacations to your parents, siblings, and adult children who are at least 23 years of age—as well as those of your spouse or partner—at no additional cost. So it is easy to send your brother and his family on their own one-of-a-kind vacation in Costa Rica, or your parents for a special 40th wedding anniversary celebration in London. Many of you have told us this is one of your favorite parts about being a member! Beyond our Family Sharing benefit, you may also be entitled to enjoy expanded sharing privileges during membership years that you elect more days of Club travel, giving you opportunities to share the unique Exclusive Resorts experience with a wider circle of your family and friends. • In membership years you elect at least 40 days, you may share your membership with one friend you designate to the Club in writing, so that they may travel with the Club unaccompanied by you. • In membership years you elect at least 50 days, you may also gift one week of unaccompanied Club travel to a friend of your choosing. • In membership years you elect at least 60 days, you will have two weeks of unaccompanied travel to gift to your friends, so you can treat them to their very own Club vacations. We know that hosting your loved ones on their own Club vacations is a terrific feeling, so we hope you find this enhanced sharing flexibility a valued and useful benefit.



Exclusive Resorts makes vacationing with children easier (and more fun!) than you ever thought possible. One reason is that in most of our homes we provide complimentary items like Pack ‘n Plays, high-chairs, kid-friendly dishes, and board and video games. But the real advantage we offer when traveling with children is the many services your Member Services Manager and Onsite Concierge can coordinate to ensure the trip is smooth for you and a home run with the kids:


• Let us create a personalized itinerary with activities tailored to your children’s specific interests—maybe a snorkeling outing? Private cooking lessons? Mountain biking? Tickets to a Broadway matinee? Just tell us what they love to do, and we’ll take it from there. • Of course, we can stock the refrigerator with all their favorite snacks. • We love to help plan birthday parties and other special celebrations. • We will handle the details of enrolling them in the world-class onsite kids’ programs offered in many of our destinations. • Our concierges are experts in coordinating ski rentals, ski school, and even private lessons when you head to the mountains. • Say the word and we will have bikes waiting when you arrive (to help them burn off that restless energy!). • We can even arrange to have your kids’ favorite games, toys, or sporting equipment ready for them at your Club residence. • And of course, we will be pleased to arrange a nanny for as many nights as you would like!


expert tip from our member services team

Make sure to keep an eye out for our Annual Summer Kids Contest, when we invite our youngest members to share their favorite Exclusive Resorts vacation experiences. In the past, kids have sent us photos, essays, and even videos to show what they like most about traveling with the Club. It’s a wonderful contest for us because we have so much fun hearing about all of the fantastic memories being created, but it’s even better for the kids—because we give away some really great prizes to the best entries!


Members often ask us about the best Club destinations for families. Virtually every place on our map offers wonderful opportunities for children to explore their surroundings and indulge their passions, but here are a few especially kidfriendly destinations you should be sure to explore:

can’t miss c l u b d e s t i n at i o n s f o r fa m i l i e s

This beloved coastal retreat along Georgia’s shore features five miles of private beach— perfect for friendly sandcastle competitions—combined with nature cruises on the inland waterways, shelling excursions, horseback riding, swimming, crabbing, fishing, and their world-famous bingo. And we didn’t even mention the Camp Cloister children’s program, arcade, movie theater, playgrounds, and old-fashioned ice cream parlor…you get the idea!

sea island, ga:

bovey castle , devon , england : Bovey Castle reinvents the best of British country estate living, pairing luxurious accommodations with plenty of family-friendly activities and excursions. Watch your kids learn the art of falconry from an expert. Or listen to them describe how they made apple cider and honey while you played 18 holes on the private golf course. Then cast a line alongside them on a fishing outing, or visit the historic port of Plymouth for a day exploring Britain’s nautical history. The opportunities for family fun are endless. wailea , maui , hi : Located adjacent to the celebrated Grand Wailea Resort & Spa, our residences at Ho’olei put the best of Maui’s Wailea Beach just steps from your door. When they’re not enjoying the beach, trying their hands at surfing or snorkeling just off-shore, your kids will find Grand Wailea’s Wailea Canyon Activity Pool unbeatable. The Activity Pool consists of nine free-form pools spanning six levels and featuring everything from a lazy river, waterfalls, and five different slides to a Tarzan pool complete with rope swing, the world’s first water elevator, and more.

London may be the perfect first trip abroad for the kids. Many of the city’s museums are remarkably engaging for children (we recommend Madam Tussauds and the Imperial War Museum, in particular). Enjoy the Tower of London, with the Yeoman Warders weaving humorous anecdotes and mysterious legends. Browse the lively Covent Garden shops and the Portobello Road Market, watching your kids taste exotic foods and pepper vendors with questions about priceless antiques. And of course their visit won’t be complete until they take in the sweeping views of the city skyline on a ride on the London Eye.

london , england :


If you’re here in the winter, watch your kids master their downhill techniques under the tutelage of Olympic athletes, then enjoy a leisurely family sleigh ride under the stars. If it’s summertime, spend an afternoon floating on the Yampa River or participating in an authentic cattle drive on a nearby ranch before pulling on your boots and heading to the rodeo in the evening. And no matter the season, the area’s endless open terrain beckons active families to hike, bike, and otherwise explore this pristine corner of the Rockies.

steamboat springs , co :

expert tip from our member services team

Don’t forget our Once in a Lifetime and Member Events programs when planning your family-oriented trips. Each year we tailor selected experiences within each program just for kids—think Walt Disney World® Resort, U.S. National Parks, luxury safaris, and more—setting the stage for moments that are sure to bring out the kid in you, too!

bovey castle, devon, england


Did you know that you can use your Exclusive Resorts days to donate vacations to benefit your favorite charities? This can be a powerful way to provide significant resources to a worthy cause dear to your heart. In fact, over the years, Club trips donated by members have raised millions of dollars, including many individual trips that have been auctioned off at charitable events for more than $15,000 each.

m a k e y o u r f av o r i t e charity smile

A few guidelines apply. You can make one, four-day charitable donation per membership year, and you must submit a Charitable Donation Form at least 60 days prior to the charitable event. Club destinations currently eligible for charitable donation trips include: Bonita Beach, FL

Snowmass, CO

Deer Valley, UT

Steamboat Springs, CO

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Telluride, CO

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Real del Mar, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Los Cabos, Mexico

Peninsula Papagayo, Costa Rica

If you would like to take advantage of this benefit to bring a smile to your favorite charity, your Member Services Manager would be delighted to help get you started by sending you a Charitable Donation Form.


expert tip from our member services team

When you donate Club days, they are deducted from the membership year in which the auction winner actually travels—which might be different than the membership year that the auction event actually takes place. Remember to consider this timing when you decide how many days of Club travel to elect at your annual renewal, so that you will have the right of number of days to fulfill both your donation and your upcoming vacation plans.

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands


Exclusive Resorts members comprise a community of sophisticated travelers like no other. They share a deep curiosity about the world, a commitment to spending time with their loved ones, an appreciation of the good things in life, and a belief that any vacation spent worrying about details is a wasted opportunity. We often hear that connecting with other members is one of the great “hidden” benefits of joining the Club. So we offer a variety of resources to help you do just that, as well as regular communications to keep you up-to-date on the many privileges of membership.


Our luxury vacation experiences are members-only, from Mediterranean cruises within our Once in a Lifetime program, to unforgettable Member Events at the NCAA Final Four and The U.S. Tennis Open. These gatherings provide ample opportunities to meet and network with friendly, successful people who share your passion for travel— your fellow members.

members - only experiences :

Exclusive Living is your main source for Club news. Watch for it in your email inbox to receive first word about exciting new vacation opportunities, member benefits and privileges, destination tips—even recipes from our favorite private chefs! Note that the cover of each issue features a calendar of important upcoming dates, so you can be sure to not miss a thing. You can always review past issues of Exclusive Living on the “Club Communications” page of ER Compass, under the “Club Information” tab.

exclusive living member newsletter :

letters from the club : We use this area of ER Compass, under the “ER Club House” tab, to share important Club updates and information. For example, this is where we periodically post summary financial information, as well as announcements about significant new initiatives such as our Next Chapter and the new club Portico.


member discussion forum : Exclusive Resorts members are not ordinary travelers. Many of you are experts, with deep knowledge of your favorite destinations (not to mention travel-related topics like photography, gourmet cuisine, cultural events, and more). The Member Discussion Forum on ER Compass highlights this collective knowledge, providing a great place to exchange tips on everything from the best restaurants in Paris to the best beaches in Hawaii— and everything in between.

We post new features on our blog several times each week, sharing stories about luxury vacationing and related matters of interest—from restaurant reviews and reports on the latest travel gadgets, to profiles of members and updates on new luxury trends. You can tune in to it all at exclusive resorts blog :

Did you know that as of last count nearly 25,000 people had “liked” the Exclusive Resorts Facebook page? Or that our YouTube channel features more than 35 videos showcasing the Club experience? We maintain a full suite of social media channels, including Twitter, foursquare, and Pinterest pages. Thousands of members and their families use these tools to share their Exclusive Resorts stories with each other and the world. We hope you will, too!

facebook , youtube , twitter and more :

Doonbeg, Ireland


Member feedback is vital to the Exclusive Resorts experience. We pride ourselves on being responsive to your ideas and recommendations. In fact, many of the enhancements we have made over the years have been the direct result of member input. If you have a suggestion for something we can do better, please be sure to let us know—here’s how.

your suggestions and feedback

speak with our staff : We are here to help you realize your dreams. So please never hesitate to let us know what we can do to bring them to life. From your personal Member Services Manager, to our Onsite Concierge staff whenever you are staying in one of our homes, each and every member of our team is committed to making your Club vacations extraordinary. post - trip surveys : We send a short email survey after every trip you take with us, to help us understand how we can serve you even better on future vacations. We hope you will take a few moments to complete these surveys, as they play a key role in our constant effort to provide you the best possible experiences. And of course, if something particularly wonderful happened on your trip, we hope you use this survey to let us know about it! member surveys : We periodically conduct more comprehensive member surveys to better understand how you are using the Club, help gauge additional experiences and programs you would be interested in, and ensure we have the benefit of the entire membership’s input in shaping the future of Exclusive Resorts. We are always appreciative of the passion and time so many members devote to participating in these important information-gathering efforts.

The Member Advisory Committee is a member-elected body that provides input on enhancing the member experience and serves as a channel for suggestions, recommendations, and questions from the membership. Each member is assigned one Committee representative based on the year they join the Club, and another based on the geographic region where they live. Information about the Committee, and your representatives, can be found under the “Club Information” tab on ER Compass.

member advisory committee :


expert tip from our member services team

Passing through Denver on your way to one of our Colorado mountain destinations? Or perhaps coming to town for personal or business travel? Your Member Services Manager would be thrilled to meet you for lunch and take you on a tour of our space in this friendly western city. Matching your face with your name (and voice) always makes the personalized service we strive to provide all the more rewarding. And it’s the ultimate way to hear your feedback about the Club. Just let us know when you will be in town!

bali, indonesia Once in a Lifetime: Bali, Borneo & Singapore


As a member, you know that Exclusive Resorts provides richer, more memorable vacation experiences, with a combination of variety, luxury, personalized service, and convenience that you cannot find anywhere else. If you have ever dreamed of enjoying even more time with the Club, your Member Services Manager can schedule a private consultation to advise you on two easy options to make your dream a reality.

when you want more: flexing up and membership upgrades

flexing up

During some years the world beckons with a variety of special vacations you just cannot miss—personal milestones, family celebrations, trips to reconnect with old friends. Other years, the commitments of your busy life may mean you are able to get away a bit less. We understand that the amount of time you dedicate to vacationing varies each year, so we have designed your Club membership to be flexible and adaptable to meet your changing needs. That is why you typically have the ability to “flex” the number of days of Club travel you elect each year. Your “Base Membership Plan” is the maximum number of days you may elect under your membership. It gives you the best way to take advantage of everything we have to offer—as well as have plenty of days to host your loved ones on their own Club vacations through our Family Sharing benefit—so it is definitely an option worth considering each year at your renewal. You may also adjust your membership plan to a different number of days when you renew, to match your changing travel plans—and also “flex up” your days mid-year if necessary to confirm a reservation you receive through a new release. membership upgrades

If you are already at your maximum number of days and would like to travel more with the Club, be sure to ask your Member Services Manager about our standard upgrade option, which lets you easily add days and valuable features—including an enhanced Space Available window (in most cases), which will apply each year no matter how many days you elect.


Plan Days


Advanced Reservation

Enhanced Space Available Reservation Window (in most cases)

Expanded Member Benefits (e.g., airline partner status) and sharing privileges in years you elect 30 or more Plan Days



(100% non-refundable) plus Annual Dues

s p e c i a l 2012 i n c e n t i v e s

In addition, if you purchase our standard upgrade option in 2012, you will be eligible to receive the following special benefits: • Enjoy five additional Space Available days during your first upgraded membership year. • Pay just $15,000 (plus Annual Dues) to upgrade, and defer the balance of your upgrade fee for a year. • Use your refundable Membership Deposit to upgrade your membership. When you are ready to explore your upgrade options, we are committed to making it simple and straightforward to get more of all you love about the Club. To learn more about upgrading your membership, including specially tailored options for your individual circumstances, please call your Member Services Manager.

expert tip from our member services team

Did you know that you may be entitled to enjoy expanded benefits from selected Member Benefits partners during membership years that you elect 30 or more days of Club travel, whether you do so by “flexing” or upgrading? And that you are eligible for enhanced sharing privileges in years you elect 40 or more days? Your Member Services Manager can provide all the details.

Tuscany, Italy



insider’s tips to e r c o m pa s s


“This trip really made me realize how truly special the Club is and what an important part of my life it has become.” — patsy chandler , club member since 2004

Our members-only website ER Compass has been custom-designed to help you explore Club travel opportunities, make reservations, confirm details for each of your upcoming trips, discuss your Club experiences with your fellow members, stay abreast of Club news, and more. Since there is so much you can do on ER Compass, we asked our expert Member Services Managers to share their “insider’s tips” on useful tools and areas you may have overlooked, and how to make the most of the site. Read on to hear what they had to say.

ER C o m p a s s h o m e pa g e

er compass home page Whenever signing into ER Compass, it is a good

idea to take a moment to review the homepage, where you can find the latest Club news together with a variety of useful information. Here are a few highlights: remaining balance: The upper left corner of the homepage provides a quick update on the Plan Days and Advanced Reservations remaining for use in your current membership year, as well as the number of active Space Available Reservations you currently have. featured announcement: The main area of the homepage features the

most current Club announcement—these often include information about new membership benefits and privileges, reminders about upcoming travel opportunities and reservation deadlines, and other exciting news. Scroll down the homepage to review a record of past Club announcements. Note that, while the space shows the three most recent news items, if you click the word “Announcements” you can review the full list of postings from the preceding 12 months.


Beneath the “Announcements” area you will find an extremely useful dashboard that shows your Club reservations over the next 90 days, plus upcoming events and deadlines. This is an easy way to stay on top of exciting new travel opportunities!

my upcoming reservations and important dates:



The “Club Information” tab on the top of the ER Compass homepage gathers a variety of useful information in one easy-to-find place. Visit here when you want to double-check some of the basic guidelines and policies that apply to Club membership, connect with your Member Advisory Committee representatives, or catch up on Club communications. Here is an overview of some of the key sections covered by the tab.

the club i n f o r m at i o n ta b

This section contains important information about reserving and enjoying travel with the Club. This includes lists of the Club’s Holiday Weeks and Special Events for the coming two years, a summary of our Cancellation Policies, and fees that apply to certain special types of Club reservations. reservations and cancellations:

The Standard of Conduct and In-Residence Rules applicable to all members can be found here.

in-residence information:

faqs: ER Compass offers several FAQs for your reference, including specific ones for our Residence Allocation System and Cancellation Watch List. For your convenience, you can access all of the site’s FAQs here, in one easy place.

The Member Advisory Committee serves as a member-elected body to provide input to the Club. This page lists the current Committee members by “class year” (i.e., the year they joined) and place of residence, together with email addresses you can use to share your thoughts with your representatives. It also provides information about upcoming and past Committee meetings, including meeting minutes. member advisory committee:

We archive a wealth of past communications and helpful documents on this page, including links to recent issues of Exclusive Living, data on historical occupancy within our Residence Collection, links to our social media channels and Exclusive Resorts Blog, and more. club communications:


Chicago, IL


The “My Account” tab on the top of the ER Compass homepage is one of the most useful areas of the site, providing a variety of helpful tools to help you manage your membership. For example, this is where you can change your login and password information, review your exact use of the Club for each year you have been a member, and create personalized templates that make your pre-arrival grocery orders a breeze. By providing us with the information requested under this tab, we are better able to make your Club travels as seamless and smooth as possible.

t h e m y a c c o u n t ta b

You should always keep the contact information requested here up-to-date and accurate, to ensure we can reach you quickly regarding all aspects of your membership experience.

personal info:

travel preferences: This page gives you an easy way to let us know some of the basics of how you like to travel, including your food preferences and recreational interests. You can also record your Avis Chairman’s Club, Delta SkyMiles®, and United MileagePlus membership numbers, which helps us coordinate privileges for you with these valuable Member Benefits partners. family information: Knowing the family members you travel with is invaluable in helping us anticipate ways to personalize your Club vacations. It also lets us be directly in touch with your family when they are traveling with us through the Family Sharing privileges that come standard with all memberships. guests: Do you have close friends you often host on your Club vacations? This page lets you share information about them with us to help ensure there are no hiccups on your trips. It is a particularly useful tool for members who enjoy expanded sharing options as a result of electing 40 or more Club days. (See “Sharing the Club Experience” on pages 60-61 of this Guide for more details.)


info: This page presents current and historical information about your membership. Perhaps the most useful aspect is the “View Contract Reconciliation” link toward the bottom of the page, where you can review the exact number of days and reservation types you have used during each year of your membership.


Use this page whenever you need to provide updated information for the credit card you wish us to use for your House Account charges.

credit card information:

expert tip from our member services team

The My Grocery Lists page under the “My Accounts” tab allows you to create personalized templates for your pre-arrival grocery orders. Create one for your perfect family ski trip (with marshmallows for the hot chocolate, of course) and another for those unforgettable summer vacations at the beach (be sure to remember the popsicles!). For each reservation you make, you can select the appropriate template for that type of trip, and have your grocery orders done in no time at all.


Each Club destination and Once in a Lifetime experience has its own Destination Overview page on ER Compass, full of useful information for whenever you are considering a trip, or have already made your reservation and are preparing to depart. You can access these overview pages by clicking the “Properties” tab on the ER Compass homepage, choosing “By Destination” or “Once in a Lifetime,” and then selecting the destination or trip you wish to explore.

D e s t i n at i o n Ov e r v i e w s

You should always check the “Know Before You Go” section for your destination before departing on each vacation you take with us. These sections are updated regularly with information from our local Onsite Concierge teams. You’ll find everything from announcements about onsite amenities and facilities, to alerts about nearby construction, to reminders about travel requirements that may be specific to your destination, and more.

know before you go:

We offer an Exclusive Resorts Trip Planner for each destination, with detailed directions to your residence, helpful information about partner resorts, dining and activities recommendations from our Onsite Concierge teams and other useful tips. trip planners:

at a glance: This feature lives up to its name with a snapshot checklist that answers more than 30 basic questions you may have about the destination— from whether you should rent a car for your trip, to information about childfriendly amenities.


The Destination Overview page for each Club destination features an interactive calendar you can use to book your reservations. Dates on the calendars are color-coded to indicate availability, as well as the reservation type required (Space Available, Advanced Reservation, Holiday and Special Events). Clicking a specific residence on the calendar gives you access to photos, floorplans, and more. To streamline your view of the Destination Overview page (and focus just on the calendar), click the grey line running above the “Drag the slider below…” statement in the middle of the page. Presto!

reservation calendars:

expert tip from our member services team

Due to their special nature, trips aboard The World, journeys within our Once in a Lifetime program, and vacations with certain of our Resort Alliance partners must be booked either through a Residence Allocation Release or directly in consultation with your Member Services Manager. Member Events should also be booked directly with your Member Services Manager. We always enjoy helping you select the best of these various luxury experiences to match your personal interests.


Whenever the Club has a new travel opportunity on the horizon, we typically “release” it for initial reservations through our Residence Allocation System (RAS) on ER Compass, to create a level playing field for booking the new inventory. Each RAS allows you to enter up to five requests for the travel dates of your choice. ER Compass then ranks the requests randomly and assigns the reservations. We generally follow the same sequence for every RAS:

the residence a l l o c at i o n s y s t e m

• Residence Allocation System release “reminder emails” are sent to all members on Mondays, with details about the new travel opportunity, the range of eligible reservation dates, and other important information. • The RAS then opens for members to submit their requests two days later, on Wednesday morning at 11:00 a.m. ET, and closes the evening of the following Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. ET. • Once a RAS is complete, your Member Services Manager will contact you to confirm if you were awarded a reservation. This typically occurs the Friday following the closing of the RAS, though in some cases confirmations are sent later. • Any inventory not reserved through the RAS is then released onto ER Compass for normal booking.


high-demand inventory releases

From time to time, we use Residence Allocation System releases to allocate high-demand inventory. For example, as we announced in the December 2011 issue of our Exclusive Living member newsletter, we will release summer 2014 reservations in Tuscany through a RAS scheduled for September 2012—watch future issues of Exclusive Living for specific dates and more information. To preserve Tuscany inventory for this release, the ER Compass reservation calendar for Tuscany will be blocked out as it rolls in week-by-week from mid-May through early September 2012.

expert tip from our member services team

During the first quarter of each year the Club typically conducts two much-anticipated Residence Allocation System releases featuring exceptional vacation opportunities. The first is the release of new itineraries for the following year for trips aboard The World, the exquisite luxury yacht where we offer four residences. The second is the release of a new line-up of Once in a Lifetime journeys all around the globe. These unique journeys are released simultaneously over a special two-week period, approximately 12 to 15 months in advance of the first travel dates (i.e., experiences kicking off in summer 2013 were released during the first quarter of 2012).

Miraval Arizona, Tucson, AZ


The reservation calendars on the Destination Overview pages of ER Compass look forward over a two year period. Each Thursday night at 10:00 p.m. ET, the reservation calendars roll forward one week, opening an additional seven nights for reservations within the two-year window. Reservations are available on a first-come, first-serve basis as the calendars roll forward. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when making a reservation during the roll-in.

T h e W e e k ly Calendar Roll-In

• Members are limited to one ER Compass log-in per membership during the weekly calendar roll-in period (Ultra members are permitted two logins). This limited log-in period applies from one hour prior to the start of the release to one hour after (i.e., from 9:00 p.m. ET to 11:00 p.m. ET). • While your personal Member Services Manager is more than happy to make reservations for you, they are not permitted to do so during the two-hour Thursday evening calendar roll-in period (9:00 p.m. ET to 11:00 p.m. ET). This restriction helps ensure a fair and level playing field for all members. • You should be logged into ER Compass by 9:45 p.m. ET, in preparation for the 10:00 p.m. ET roll-in. • Be sure to have one destination and one residence in mind to focus on, and pull up the calendar for that property in advance of the 10:00 p.m. ET roll-in. • As 10:00 p.m. ET approaches, refresh your browser. Repeat this until you see the Sunday of the week you want appear on the calendar. Once that Sunday is visible, click on the arrival date that corresponds to the residence you prefer. • Remember that you must also choose a departure date to secure your reservation.


• When using the “Browse Calendars” function, you may only browse calendars for up to five destinations at a time. We recommend that you strategize with your Member Services Manager in advance of the roll-in to make sure you know exactly which five destinations interest you most. • Do not hit the refresh button on your browser when booking a reservation during the weekly roll-in, even if you feel that the system has slowed down. Refreshing will take you back to the beginning of the reservation process.

Los Cabos, Mexico


Once you have confirmed a reservation for an upcoming Club vacation, the Reservation Summary Page becomes your dashboard and clearinghouse for efficiently coordinating details with our Exclusive Resorts team—as well as sharing the excitement of your upcoming trip with your family and friends! summary tab: This tab summarizes your reservation details, including your confirmation number, the street address and phone number of your residence, check-in and check-out times, the dates of your reservation, and more.

t h e r e s e r vat i o n s u m m a ry pa g e

You can use this page to let your Onsite Concierge know about transportation arrangements you have made on your own for your trip, such as flight information and rental car reservation details. You can also use it to let them know what transportation arrangements you would like their assistance with, such as a chauffeur service to and from the airport. This information allows your concierge to ensure the most seamless and hassle-free experience possible. Please note that you will not be able to enter transportation information or submit transportation requests within 48 hours of your arrival—if you are within 48 hours, please communicate with your concierge directly regarding your transportation requirements.

transportation tab:

itinerary tab: This tab recaps basic itinerary details for your trip, with a link to a downloadable version of your

customized itinerary as prepared by your Onsite Concierge. Of course, your concierge will also email you a copy of your itinerary, just prior to your arrival, and will include a copy in your welcome materials upon check-in. requests tab: Use this tab to let your Onsite Concierge know any special requests you have for your upcoming trip—whether it’s your preference regarding the thermostat setting in your residence for your arrival, or help planning a surprise celebration or welcome gift for a guest who will be joining you. We ask that you submit these request five days prior to your arrival. guests tab: We always like to know who will be traveling with you on each Club vacation so that we can provide

suggestions for activities that may interest your group, and best prepare your residence to accommodate you and your guests. If you have shared information with us about the people who travel with you most on the “Guests” page within the “My Account” tab on ER Compass, you will see their names in the list of “Potential Attendees” on this page, and you will be able to add them to the list of guests who will be in-residence for a specific reservation. If you are bringing new guests with you on an upcoming Club trip, you can edit your list of guests at any time by clicking on the “Add / Edit Guest List” link at the bottom of this page. 90

This tab allows you to select and edit grocery lists from customized templates you have created previously (see “The My Account Tab� on pages 82-83 of this Guide), or create new grocery lists for each vacation. With very few exceptions, no delivery charge applies for grocery lists submitted at least 48 hours prior to your arrival.

grocery tab:

& friends: This feature allows you to post a note about your upcoming Club vacation on your Facebook page, and also send details about your reservation via email. This second feature is particularly useful when traveling with friends who do not have access to ER Compass, as it allows you to easily share destination and residence information, images, floorplans, your grocery list and itinerary, and more.

share with family


Our Cancellation Watch List (CWL) tool is a great way to maximize your opportunities to reserve the vacations you most want to take with the Club. That is because more than one-third of the reservations on the ER Compass calendar are ultimately cancelled as members adjust their travel plans, with many automatically matched to other members by the CWL. If your desired reservation is not initially available, you should promptly submit a CWL request by clicking on Reservations from the ER Compass homepage, My Reservation Wish List, and the sidebar tab labeled Cancellation Watch List. Once you submit your request, ER Compass takes it from there, automatically emailing you if a cancellation results in your dream trip becoming available to book.

t h e c a n c e l l at i o n w at c h l i s t

There are a few things you should know to put the CWL to best use. First, at any given time you can have a maximum number of CWL requests “in the system” equal to two times the number of Advanced Reservations you have that membership year. Second, unlike reservations, which if cancelled too late may incur cancellation penalties, there are never penalties for cancelling CWL requests, which means you should try to continually use all of your available requests. Here are some additional insider tips for using this powerful tool (courtesy of Club member Eric Robinson): use the


lead time ” parameter on the cwl to submit requests for space

available reservations before your space available window opens .

The best way to illustrate this tip is with an example. In June, a member with a 60-day Space Available window decides he would like to travel to the Club’s residences at the Trump International Hotel & Tower in New York in October, on a Space Available basis. The member knows from consulting with his Member Services Manager that his desired dates may be fully booked by the time his 60-day Space Available window opens in August. So he submits a CWL request now, entering 60-days as the “Maximum Lead Time” parameter (this assures he will not be offered a match before his Space Available window opens). This lets him get into the CWL queue right away, rather than waiting until his Space Available window opens, maximizing his chances for a match. Keep in mind that you can always narrow, but not broaden, your CWL request before it is matched. So in the example above, there is no downside for the member in making a broad initial CWL request that includes both Park Avenue Place and Trump International Hotel & Tower in New York. As his Space Available window and 60-day Maximum Lead Time parameter approach, he can decide whether to narrow his request to just one property, or leave it broader. And of course, his Member Services Manager can keep track of all of this for him!


use multiple cwl requests to maximize your options for a particular vacation .

Again, an example makes the point. In June, a member decides he wants to take a beach vacation in either Los Cabos or Real del Mar the following March, with Los Cabos as his first choice, but neither destination is currently available for the particular week. If he submits a single CWL request listing both Los Cabos and Real del Mar, he may first get a match for Real del Mar that will automatically cancel his CWL request, losing his place in the CWL queue for Los Cabos. Instead, he can submit two CWL requests for his desired dates: one covering both Los Cabos and Real del Mar, and the second just for Los Cabos. That way, if he receives a match in September for Real del Mar, he can accept it—but still retain his CWL request for Los Cabos to see if he obtains a match within the cancellation window for the first reservation. Either way, he has a great beach vacation lined up. use a cwl request to change to a preferred residence within a destination .

Here is one more great tip. A member already has a weekend reservation at Park Avenue Place in New York, but would prefer a residence at the Trump International Hotel & Tower for his trip. He can submit a CWL request for the same dates as his reserved weekend, specifying the Trump residences, to seek a match. Since no cancellation penalty applies when switching residences within the same destination, he can leave his CWL request in place up until four days before his arrival—maximizing his opportunity to reserve his preferred residence.

New York, NY


We have saved perhaps the most important message in this inaugural Annual Club Membership Guide for last. To all of our members—thank you.


For choosing us. For inviting us into your lives. And for trusting us with something so pricelessly valuable that expressing it in words hardly does it justice—the precious vacation time you set aside to spend with the people who matter most. Each year since our founding—one decade ago—we have been fortunate to have many of you tell us that joining Exclusive Resorts was one of the best decisions you ever made. Nothing would make us happier than to have each and every one of you share that same sentiment ten years from now. But of course, it’s what will make you happy that occupies our every waking moment. So be sure to tell us: where do you want to go, and what do you want to do, the next time you set your sights on the horizon? We look forward to welcoming you and your family, all around the world.



Information current as of 5.02.12. Club membership is subject to terms and conditions of Club Membership Agreement. Reservations for specific days, destinations and events subject to availability. Once in a Lifetime experiences, certain services, amenities and other benefits may require additional fees, may have limited availability and are subject to additional terms and conditions. Portico membership requires additional fees. Current club destinations, residences and resort alliances subject to change. See for more information. Exclusive Resorts and the Exclusive Resorts flower logo are registered service marks of Exclusive Resorts, LLC. Š2012, Exclusive Resorts, LLC. All rights reserved.


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2012 Annual Club Membership Guide  

Exclusive Resorts - 2012 Annual Club Membership Guide

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